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ARK: THE ANIMATION (Warning Ear Rape and Ahegao)

ARK: THEME SONG (Epic Theme)



The Ark: Roleplay is an eroge collaborative writing and roleplay verse centered around multiple protagonists created by many different users. Ark is one of the many universes contained in the LYFE system, an infinitely expanding multiverse consisting of many worlds and timelines. The Ark world, specifically, is a magical, fantasy world filled with its own lore, history, and purpose.

Cynthia, Phoenix, Koji, and Valentina, along with most of the other main characters, were brought into Ark after dying in their previous universes, entering and going through with LYFE's reincarnation system. A process in which the soul, mind, and memories are transferred to a new body within a new world. Usually, universes are locked off from reincarnates entering them, sometimes through very specific means, these locks will be removed, and multiple people seemingly from nowhere will start to appear. Those are known as "Reincarnates" by most, and by some, the ones who bring change, as they are usually much more powerful than normal people and often bring forth massive changes in a previously locked off universe.

Ark is far from a perfect world. Around every corner, a conflict existed, waiting to be discovered by any unfortunate soul who happened to pass by. In this case, it was our protagonist. All of whom seemed to have gotten themselves wrapped up in complex situations.

  • Koji: Koji, a stoic vagabond with an ideology that only benefits himself, sets out on a journey to find himself. Arrogant with volatile tendencies, his debut in Ark leaves him to fend for himself; although this doesn't prove easy, as his reliance on instinct supported by his lack of knowledge leaves him to wonder the Ark aimlessly.
  • Phoenix: Phoenix, who was previously a kind, pure soul, was devastated after the death experienced in his previous life. His child had died, and his wife had sacrificed herself for his sake. Due to this, he entered Ark with a bitter taste on his tongue, everything seemed fake to him. The people, the history, the tradition, everything. And although he put up a front, deep down, he hated it all. He wanted to get back at the world. An idea that slowly became more and more prominent throughout his existence, as he began to kill for seemingly no reason, again and again. His personality shifted, he was no longer pure... Instead, becoming someone despicable, someone who'd kill children, rape the wives of men and destroy history. His actions quickly got the attention of one of the world's famous Consentus Dii, Rosa Ferre, known by many as "Satan", as she made Phoenix her apprentice, only causing him to gain further motivation in his goal at getting revenge against the world which betrayed him.
  • Cynthia: Cynthia entered Ark seemingly at random. Her death in her previous life was tragic, and she would have never expected to have gotten a second chance after it, nor did she particularly want one. She quickly found purpose, however, after meeting and experiencing the sadistic asshole who was Phoenix Runihura. He is a mass-murderer with no empathy, and has a horrible hairline. She wanted to kill him to save a world which she thought was doomed. However, just as quickly, she dumped that purpose after uncovering new secrets, finding new people, and experiencing new things. In the process, though, she continued going through increasingly horrible experiences, changing and warping her perspective of life completely. To the point where she nearly gave up before gaining the position, she has now; an Imperial Youkai. Which even now, she isn't sure that fits her.
  • Embla: Embla is a split clone of Valentina after she self destructed. This split her in two, a Valentina who kept the form of the original, and a Valentina who obtained a new form, but kept the memories. She suffered from Schizophrenia, or so she thought, as she registered, and worked at the Drunken Huntsman guild. She meets the party Memento Mori, and decides to join them as she finds a connection with their leader, Shirayuki Honokami. As she joins their travels, she begins learning many forms of magic that would have at one point in her life be easy to her, but now not so much. As the memories she had kept were not hers to know, as there lived another in her body. The schizophrenic voice that hounded her was none other than the original Valentina herself.
  • Lyn: Lyn is a reincarnate from a world of which she was very successful. Having been a doctor, she engineered many forms of medicine to combat any illness a normal earth could create for her. She had a thirst for knowledge, and a hunger for power which she had sated. Unlike the other reincarnates, she did not die to become a member of ark. She was summoned to this world by a mage, which perished after summoning her. She was annoyed with having lost her position of power on the earth she knew so soon after she got it, however she quickly looked at this world with the same idea of conquest. She learned the jargon of the world, and quickly sought out the strongest people in it to teach her how to become that way herself. After learning magic, and seeking the Tyrant Dragons for their emblems of power, she was finally on the way to the strength she craved once more. To earn back what she had lost, an eternity of triumph.


  • The Memento Mori verse created by Crimson Pyre is it's own canon/spin-off directly based on this roleplay, with multiple characters, ideas, abilities, etc resemblant of ones in Ark. However, the two universes are not connected in any way, shape, or form outside of this fact.
  • Ark contains disgusting amounts of gore, violence, sexual, NSFL (Not-Safe-For-Life), and eroge content. Though I try to censor it for this wiki as much as possible.


Mana: Mana is a spiritual, intangible, sacred lifeforce that runs through all beings within Ark. Produced by not only the world but all those exist dependant on it. Originally thought to only an intangible form of life energy, mana has progressively been evolved and weaponized by those who possessed it, forged into a tool to be utilized by anyone, an instrument known by most as magic.

  • Mana Channels: Mana channels, sometimes known as mana circuits, webs, or links, are the wires which mana flows through within the bodies of all who live, acting as a pseudo-nervous system connected directly to both the mind and soul. It holds, produces, and projects the spiritual energy of all things. And when used correctly, it can be utilized to convert this energy into a phenomenon known as magic.
  • Note: There are many kinds of mana that exist throughout different people. Some mana is chaotic, pure, or even deadly given who they exist in, as it is purely based on the host's soul and mind. Mana channels are technically not physical, but can be existent and/or apparent on a being's physical body.

Magic: Magic is the phenomenon produced when one exerts their mana channels to the point of converting spiritual energy into power, resulting in many things, often whatever the user was imagining as they did. It can be used to perform multiple different kinds of physics-breaking techniques, such as elemental manipulation, spatial manipulation, soul manipulation, and lots more. It is unknown who first created magic, but multiple theories exist, all of which involve a party miraculously uncovering the secrets of mana, and using these unconverted mysteries to their advantage, eventually finding ways to break the boundaries of the world, creating phenomenon out of thin air. Since then, many people have also uncovered these secrets, and now, nearly everyone can utilize magic, given effort, time, and talent.

  • Laws: Laws are advanced, sacred magics utilized by none other than the Consentus Dii. Laws are personal, incredibly powerful forms of magic that warp the very fabric of existence, manipulating the concepts, laws, and commands that keep the universe intact. Currently, there are twelve known laws, each of which was given to a different member of the Dii. Used to keep both the people in order and the universe together.
  • Note: It is impossible to use laws without some connection to the Consentus Dii. Laws are indeed considered "Magic" and do require mana to be used.
  • Authorities: Authorities are similar to Laws in the sense that they are advanced, powerful forms of magic that one can use to completely warp the world, but far less potent and absolute. Although they do allow for the manipulation & control of certain concepts, ideas, and reality (Hence the name Authority), they can never compete with the domineering presence and power of the laws. They are also more widely distributed than laws, as many people, notably the witches, are capable of utilizing them, and are not limited to just one group, as people with enough magic experience and potential can unlock them through constant training.

Reincarnate: Reincarnate is the term used to define those who have come from another world into theirs through unknown means. Although the basic definition is harmless and accurate, it is sometimes used as an insult against those who weren't originally born there as a way to make them feel out of place in the world. As mentioned above, reincarnates are usually much more powerful than normal people, and usually have far more potential for growth, having both inherited their memories, and being given a headstart when it comes to ability from the divine questions asked before rebirth. Many are jealous of reincarnates and wish that they didn't exist.

  • Standard Reincarnate Resistances:
    • Conceptual Manipulation (Type 4) (Reincarnates have conceptual forms in the form of data stored and protected by Stacy, an avatar of The Program)
    • Plot Manipulation (Reincarnates are completely immune to narrative altering powers which are unable to manipulate the story to a higher degree than The Program)
    • Information and Data Manipulation (Information, and thus data, is stored within a person's source, embedded within their concept. It is unable to be interfered with unless the inference can bypass their conceptual resistances)
    • Soul Manipulation (The souls of reincarnates are stored in a dimension separate from their physical bodies, untouchable unless the attacker can bypass the barrier between them)
    • Power Modification, Power Nullification, and Power Absorption (Skills are inscribed into the soul which resists any outside interference unless the interference is stronger than the soul's defenses)

The Twelve Basic Magic Elements

  • Fire: Magic relating to the manipulation of fire and extreme heat.
  • Water: Magic relating to the manipulation of water.
  • Ice: Magic sub-genre of water, related to the manipulation of ice, extreme cold, and in some cases, time.
  • Lightning: Magic relating to the manipulation of lightning, electricity, or electrons as a whole.
  • Wind: Magic relating to the manipulation of air.
  • Earth: Magic relating to the manipulation of rock, minerals, and matter as a whole.
  • Nature: Magic relating to the manipulation of plants, animals, and life as a whole.
  • Light: Magic relating to the manipulation of light. Opposite of Dark Magic.
  • Dark: Magic relating to the manipulation of dark. Opposite of Light Magic.
  • Holy: Magic relating to the manipulation of holy, divine energy. Opposite of Unholy Magic.
  • Unholy: Magic relating to the manipulation of unholy, cursed energy. Opposite of Holy Magic.
  • Dragon: An null magic capable of imitating other elements, dealing damage to a target's mind varying based on the person's intelligence.

Note: These are just the BASIC magics in Ark. In actuality there are hundreds of different genres and subgenres of magic in Ark, ranging from time magic to higher dimensional magic.

List of Basic Races/Species by Rank

  1. Leviathan
  2. Angel / Demon
  3. Dragon
  4. Giant / Golem
  5. Ghost / Changeling / Vampire
  6. Elf / Fairy / Werewolf / Kitsune
  7. Orc
  8. Human
  9. Goblin / Dwarf / Skeleton
  10. Slime
  11. Bird / Snake / Fish
  12. Insect
  13. Plant


  • These are just the BASIC species in Ark. In actuality there are dozens of different species, cross species, hybrids, etc roaming around the planet.
  • If one is a hybrid of any of the above races, to find their rank, add the two ranks together, divide them by 2, and round the number to the nearest tenth. Lower is better.

Ark Time System

  • 1 second = 1 real world second/100ms
  • 1 minute = 100 seconds.
  • 1 hour = 100 minutes.
  • 1 day = 20 hours.
  • 1 period = 100 days
  • 1 segment = 10 periods/1000 days


  • 1 day in Ark translates to 2.31 Earth days.
  • 1 period in Ark translates to 243 and half Earth days or 0.63 Earth years.
  • 1 segment in Ark translates to 2315 Earth days or 6 and a quarter Earth years.

Skills, Passives, and Traits

Name Description
Skills (Active Skills) Skills are quite self-explanatory, they are the attacks, spells, and magics people use as tools for their own reasons. It's a broad term as well, containing not just mana or prana based attacks, but also physical, mental, and spiritual techniques. Nearly everyone in Ark has skills, from the humans to the gods. They can be learned through training, hard work, and prosperity, absorbed or stolen via the usage of other skills, or even directly inscribed into one's soul via other special skills. They often become stronger through constant use and may evolve depending on certain factors. There are also infinite possibilities for what skills could be, whether it'd be a secret sword technique, sacred magic, or spells that break the laws of the world, all are classified under this term. However, a skill will never be more than just a skill, a tool, attack, or ability that requires one to have conscious thought (Hence the name active skill), and they are limited in that regard.
Passives (Passive Skills) Passives, otherwise known as Passive Skills, are, to put it simply, skills that are always active, whether or not the user performs them consciously. They have many of the same uses, effects, and requirements, however, they are on 24/7. For instance, while a fireball attack would be considered an (Active) skill, a person who radiates fire would be someone with a passive skill. These abilities can be quite overwhelming for some of the lower-tiers in Ark given that many stronger people have multiple passive skills which may instantly kill those weaker than them.
Traits Traits are unique characteristics inscribed into someone's soul that separate them from the other people in Ark. They often come with their own benefits, detriments, strengths, and weaknesses, and can even contain special abilities reminiscent of those in (active) and passive skills. Such as traits that give people a boost in strength, mana, or even those that grant passive skills. The traits someone inherits are directly based on their own soul, their upbringing, and their antecedents. Including things like the species they end up as, their personality, and their environment. People gain traits over time but usually, stop when they reach full maturity, which in Ark is around 50 periods (79 years).

powerful beasts or possess a powerful core, primarily one that is created by hoarding large amounts of mana and prana.


The Absolute Void

Also known as "The Void" and "Absolute Null." The Absolute Void is the lowest layer of what begins the Ark cosmology. At least, it would be if it was a layer. The Void is neither a layer, a structure, nor even a section of Ark's cosmology. The Void is the absence of all definitions, all dimensions, and all concepts. It is devoid of everything but nothing, and even then, the very idea of "nothing" doesn't apply to it. It is not merely 0-Dimensional, but no dimensional. It extends far below the conceptions of dimensions or otherwise. Down to a point that's indescribable by any human definition, where it then continues spiraling infinitely downwards in a reverse hierarchy that eventually descends to a point where even these hierarchies mean nothing. This is the Absolute Void, an empty, null place. Anything that somehow manages to reach the Void will become nothing alongside it, and will never be anything ever again. The only known, recognizable thing to have ever come from the Void was Nularista [Empress of Null], who rules over all aspects of the place in its entirety. They are the ones who introduced the first "Void Magic," a high-level, complex form of magic that could make anything one with the Absolute Void.

The Tangible Realm

Widely recalled as "The Universe," The Tangible Realm is the physical world in which most real and tangible entities exist. It is composed of the ten spatial dimensions, alongside linear time, creating 11 layers in totality. The composition and structure are most similar to the many theories of Quantum Mechanics, such as String Theory and M-Theory. Due to unknown limitations, physical beings were bound only to the layer of volume [Length, Width, Height]. Each layer above them being incomprehensible and infinitely more complex from the perspective of the last. However, through their immense willpower and evolution, these limitations have slowly become more and more obsolete, as many figured out the secrets of the Tangible Realm and began to breach the barriers between spatial dimensions, eventually stopping at the 10th. Multiple witches and mages also figured out ways of manipulating the 11th dimension of time. They embedded it within their magical abilities, birthing one of the most potent forms of higher magic. Still, the Tangible remains the only domain that physical entities rule over, unable to reach the many structures beyond their grasps.

The Sea of Parallel Realities

Commonly referred to as "The Multiverse" and "The Great Lake," this sea of realities is a massive, all-encompassing structure formed from an uncountable amount of different Tangible Realms. Within the Sea of Parallels exist every universe [Tangible Realm] that is possible within the bounds of the physics and mathematics of the Origin Point [At the top of every parallel ocean exists an origin point, known as the Origin Universe. It represents just a single mathematical possibility in an infinite multiverse of other origin points]. To put it simply, at the very "beginning" of linear time, there existed one universe [Origin Point], but as time began to flow, infinitely more and more universes were created as different possibilities emerged throughout the timelines. These newly created timelines then diverged into infinite timelines themselves, resulting in more and more universes that we refer to as the Sea of Parallel Realities.

  • Note: Many structures known as “Pockets” exist, which are the timelines derived from a specific point in time (Usually the ‘current’ present). These are formed from a countably infinite amount of Tangible Universes. And is usually what entities who can “Destroy the multiverse” are referring to.

The Multiverse

Many mistakenly use the term “Multiverse” when referring to some of the structures below, like the Pockets and Parallel realities. However, in all reality, the real multiverse is far beyond the scope of mere origins, timelines, and universes. The structure of the true multiverse begins with origin points. They are essentially the base of the multiverse. There are an infinite amount of origin points. They range from those slightly different from the Tangible to those with wide-ranging definitions of physics and dimensionality. Though they are all bound by the same concepts of mathematics and platonic concepts as the rest of them, most notably being quantum physics. This is most similar to the theory of Many-Worlds theory of quantum mechanics.

The Boundary Layers

Sections between space and concept. Vima referred to them as the gate separating the multiverse from the binding forces of the world. They are incomprehensibly superior to all forms of dimensionality of the multiverse and spatial structures. But they are inferior to even the lowest level meta concepts. There are an infinite amount of boundary layers, creating a hierarchy of sorts, with each layer being orders of magnitude more complex and incomprehensible than the last one. Vima recalled them as each superseding the last layer in the hierarchy to a degree that it trivialized the very first layer in the structure. In mathematical terms, this ladder can be defined by all inaccessible [Includes replaceable-inaccessible] cardinal numbers each stacked one on top of the other.

The Axiom Hierarchy

The Axiom Hierarchy refers to an indescribable hierarchy of concepts that make up what most presume to be true for all lower elements and structures. It is known as a hierarchy because it contains an indescribable amount of layers encompassing different "Axioms" or "Truths." They are known as concepts that each govern the world at an unfathomably higher level than the other. The main purpose of these is to give meaning to what is below them. Traditional concepts and axioms contained within the Axiom Hierarchy would be the idea of death, identity, duality, and causality. However, no axiom is absolute, as there always exists a higher concept that governs these ideas at a higher level than they do.

  • Note: Despite this structure existing well outside of and beyond all extensions of the multiverse and boundary levels, some of the greatest minds of Ark have learned how to reach and utilize aspects of the axioms and concepts within this layer. Like with the Void, through the means of unfathomably great knowledge, they have embedded much of the ideas hidden inside the Axiom Hierarchy into their magic. Which is now known commonly as "True Magic," with higher variants called "Authorities:" Conceptual and supernatural skills that can manipulate the "truths” of the macrocosm.

The Absolute

The Absolute is the end of conceptual existence as far as we know. Outside of all axioms, above all extensions of concepts exist the very beginning and end of human idealistic ideas. They are known as the Laws, transcendent and Absolute Truths that govern reality to the fullest extent we know. Authorities, Axioms, and the most inclusive concepts are nothing to them in comparison. They are the things that give meaning to all ideas Ark people know. Life, death, duality, just like the concepts, but to an even more unfathomable degree.

  • Note: Through unknown means, twelve of some of the most influential Laws of the Absolute were granted to certain individuals. These beings, known as the Consentes Dii, are some of the strongest entities in the world, capable of manipulating Truth to the fullest degree.

The Endless

The Endless refers to the infinite hierarchies that will continue to endlessly supersede each other above The Absolute, spiraling infinitely upwards to the limit of mathematical hierarchies and theories. The Endless encompasses all logic in its entirety. Beyond simple ideas, concepts, and laws. It is the limit of meaning in the Ark universe.

The Project Folder

To discuss this folder, one must first know what's inside.

  • File: A mathematical multiverse containing an absolute number of mathematical universes. Ark is one such mathematical universe within the Ark File. It contains The Endless and everything below, as well as transcending it all to a degree beyond simple inaccessibility. Files contain all possibilities that could exist within these mathematical universes.
  • Folders: Folders are greater multiverses containing an absolute amount of Files that are deemed to be mathematically similar by The Program.
  • Greater Folders: Even more massive multiverses containing an absolute amount of Folders that are deemed to be mathematically similar by The Program.
  • The Folder Hierarchy: This process of greater and greater folders containing more and more absolute multiverses continues indefinitely, creating a hierarchy of sorts that contains all amounts of mathematical models, systems, and any hierarchy that could be conceived.

The Project Folder encompasses this Folder Hierarchy in its entirety whilst also simultaneously trivializing it alongside all logic within it.

The Program

An entity existing beyond the Project Folder which encompasses everything below. It is completely incomprehensible to anything below to a degree thats impossible to explain with any normal definition or description. Instead, it can only be stated that they are simply beyond what meaning has been established. Despite this, the entity often takes the form of beings who can be understood, one such being the Ark god known as "Stacy," the creator who manages the macrocosm.

Power of the Verse

As expected of a roleplay verse, the power scale is very, very varied. From the low-tiers being Building level to the god-tiers being somewhere around Solar System level, the verse is littered with a variety of powers, magics, and haxs that make for a complex mashpit straight out of the newest overpowered isekai verse.

But let's go back a little bit. Back to the low-tiers. This is usually where all the normal humans, elves, and other common races hang around, along with those of normal or low-levels. Their tier varies depending on multiple factors, but they tend to stay within the Athlete level to Building level+ area of power, with even level-15 humans or elves being able to consistently break through walls, and many of the higher-powered species being comparable to early Phoenix in power. Their speed is also mostly unimpressive, being around Average Human to Subsonic, once again depending on multiple factors, such as their innate potential and level. As for abilities, they do tend to have basic physiological abilities present in most, if not all individuals within the verse, such as magic, accelerated development through leveling, elemental manipulation, psychometry, damage reduction, statistics amplification, and many forms of empowerment. However, hax in this tier is rare, if not completely absent.

Next up, the middle ground mid-tiers. These guys consist of mages, sages, warriors, knights, and other respectable people of considerable position in Ark, along with multiple of the more powerful species and races, such as giants, orcs, demons, and angels. Their power usually varies considerably, even more so than the low-tiers, as many people from the top of this tier would beat the ones from the lower portions of it with nothing but their pinky fingers. For potency, it can range all the way from Large Building level+ to Large Mountain level+, and even up to Island level in certain cases. And in speed, things get quite crazy, going from Subsonic straight to speeds exceeding even light considerably. Powers also become more diverse, and far more potent. Magic and Prana are usually far better utilized, allowing for things like advanced elemental control, soul manipulation, mind manipulation, telekinesis, spatial manipulation, energy manipulation, durability negation, resistance negation, power nullification or absorption, life manipulation, death manipulation, holy manipulation, illusion manipulation, light & darkness, existence erasure, time manipulation & stop, and a LOT more, along with multiple different resistances, and shitloads of passive abilities.

Near the tip of the iceberg, we get the powerful high-tiers, those capable of destroying entire countries if given the chance. They are usually world leaders, combat gods, prodigies, and people who lived long enough to prestige to godlike levels like the witches, great sages, and apprentices of the Dii. Their cap of power is nearly nonexistent, stretching all the way up from Island level to Planet level, and potentially even higher than that. Their speed is also unmatched, nearly everyone at this level is Massively FTL to straight-up Infinite with certain techniques. Their intelligence is also usually far higher than average, given their experience with the world, magic, and people. Combined with all the broken authorities many of them possess, and haxs that come with it, they make for extremely broken characters. Speaking of, many of them have some forms of conceptual manipulation (Type 3), causality manipulation, advanced time manipulation, acausality, immortality (Types 1, 3, 5, and sometimes 8), regeneration (Low-Godly), abstract Existence, genius Intelligence, transduality, physics manipulation, resurrection, gravity Manipulation, and many more advanced versions of previous powers.

And finally, the ones who stand above them all, the god-tiers, the absolute pinnacle of power outside of the actual gods. These are primarily just the twelve consentus dii, along with some secret individuals hiding in the shadows. Their power is above all others, being able to destroy not just Ark, but also the world barrier, which can thank attacks equal in potency to even the largest supernovas, black holes, and any other naturally occurring phenomenon. Putting them comfortably at Solar System level in potency, millions of times stronger than even the strongest warriors. Their speed is truly unfathomable, many in this tier have immeasurable, or incalculable speeds through the usage of certain powers and abilities, and can even move ludicrously faster than light whilst holding back. The powers in this tier become more broken, as usual, gaining even the most powerful haxes, such as law manipulation, math manipulation, conceptual manipulation & destruction (Types 2 and 3), void/nothingness manipulation & nonexistent physiology, subjective reality, truth manipulation, and many more.

BUT, there's more. There are actual gods and other abstracts that exist a layer above both the multiverse, and an exceeding layer. The gods of the roleplay, in order from most transcendent to least; Exen, Flammy, Lucius, Yventhoth, and the program known to man as Stacy, who runs LYFE. They are higher-dimensional in power, with Stacy being an infinite 4-D, Multiverse level+ abstract entity, Yventhoth being +1 layer of that, Lucious being infinite layers above Yventhoth, and both Flammy & Exen sitting at the top, an exceeding infinite amount of layers even above Lucius. They all have the most broken powers in the book, and Exen in particular can even rewrite the plot itself, enforce nonexistent laws, and completely annihilate or erase parts of a narrative, ignoring any possible defense.

Supporters / Neutral / Opponents

Goku Level Supporters:

  • Nameless (This rp has exceeded every single one of my expectations, 11/10 verse phoenix gg this was the most bruh shit I've read. Phoenix, please remember me after you've become famous when adapting Ark into an R-rated eroge visual novel man)

Koji Post Ass Level Supporter


  • Phoenks (As much of a dumpster fire this roleplay got sometimes, I can not deny I had a lot of fun writing it with my friends. It never felt awkward or pressuring to say whatever during our segments, which is something I liked a lot considering I'm not that great at roleplaying. Everyone had such unique characters as well)
  • Crimson (Hey man, I like turtles. In this verse, I can make all the turtles I want)
  • Smashtwig (That's crazy bruh)
  • Somf (This is some pog stuff over here, and you could make swords out of Phoenix's edge. 9.9/10, Phoenix still doesn't have a 1 minute dramatic transformation cutscene yet)
  • RatherClueless (Go check out RaiVerse :v)


  • Pogo


  • Rai (The amount of bs power in this is mind blowing, and even people with big brains can have an anuerism trying to understand the humongous louds of shit we have together compiled under one "rp"-)


Divine Entities

Supreme Beings

Supreme Beings
Flammy Flammy
Law of Reword The Cruel God


The Authors Will of the Authors The Program Yventhoth
The Creators Majestic Presence The Program The Demiurge
True Authors Will of the Authors Stacy Yventhoth

Cosmic Beings

Reality Hijackers

Keepers of Reality

Keepers of Reality
Vima Chara Nularista Onyx
God of Hyperspace Empress of Null
Vima Chara Nularista Onyx

God Tiers

The Consentes Dii

Consentes Dii
Zwei Harvard Cash Vargas Michelle Ferre
Sol Mercury Venus Terra
Zwei Harvard Cash Vargas Michelle Ferre
Lailah Joseph Ferre Cortez Enviernia
Luna Mars Jupiter Saturn
Lailah Joseph Ferre Cortez Enviernia
Anastasia Thetis Bryson Rosa Ferre
Uranus Neptune Pluto Nibiru
Anastasia Thetis Bryson Rosa Ferre

Demon Lords


Witches of Wrath
Witch of Wrath Witch of Cataclysm Witch of Destruction
Witch of Wrath Witch of Cataclysm Witch of Destruction


Mizore Ferre Lilia Ferre Chiyo
Central Master Dread Star Oath of Netorare
Mizore Ferre Lilia Ferre Chiyo

Guild Parties

Acolytes of Bloodlust

Phoenix Runihura Valentina Runihura Xena Runihura Daiki Petrish Aisha Ishtar
The Apollyon The Singularity Immortal Assistant Demon Cow Concept of Sleep
Phoenix Runihura Valentina Runihura Xena Daiki Petrish Aisha Ishtar
Umami Yumi Sanchez Tia Astarte Ishtar
Absolute Bullshit CEO of Horny Innovative Mage Enviernia's Cow
Umami Yumi Sanchez Tia Astarte Ishtar

Emerald Rodríguez Sonya Devi Victoria Chrislime Luna Indigo
Nibiru's Torch Shadow Dragon Breaking Giant Slime Chair Duality Loli
Emerald Rodríguez Sonya Devi Victoria Chrislime Luna Indigo

Vagabond's Aegis

Vagabond Aegis
Koji Komatsu Azalea Aculeus Sakura Izayoi Hanami Izayoi
Dismal Vagabond Aqua Alchemist Sword Saint Shrine Maiden
Koji Komatsu Azalea Aculeus Sakura Izayoi Hanami Izayoi

Memento Mori

Memento Mori
Shirayuki Ferre Embla Feuerdrache Caelum Izayoi Pandora Izayoi Red
Princess of War Norn of the Future Solar Apeiron Your Husband's
Norn of the Future
Shirayuki Ferre Embla Feurdrache Caelum Izayoi Pandora Izayoi Red

Celestial Force

Celestial Force
Cynthia Radell Kier Cassis Will Hitsugaya Adori Jahad
Imperial Youkai Support Slime Ice Serpent Needle Goddess
Cynthia Radell Kier Cassis Will Hitsugaya Adori Jahad

Fuck Off

Fuck Off
Lyn Lapid Phreno Uchiha Jaymes Haven Sachi Haven
Imperial Okami Co-Leader Member Member
Lyn Lapid Phreno Uchiha Jaymes Haven Sachi Haven
Xeno Sigilis Ryno Davinci Kavya Level Irino Sora
Member Member Member Member
Xeno Sigilis Ryno Davinci Kavya Level Irino Sora


Shiro Victoria
Goblin Slime Dissociative
Identity Disorder
Shiro Victoria