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Billions of years ago ruled two beings, Densetsu and Medlex, the God of Righteousness and the God of Evil. These two beings had an everlasting grudge against each other. Everything Densetsu would create, Medlex would destroy. Eventually, Densetsu went on to create Planet Virgo, a planet of harmony. Medlex was banished and not allowed to interfere with the planet at all. Alongside with life, Densetsu created Cosmic Energy; an energy that all beings in Planet Virgo possess and can freely manipulate to their whim after unlocking it. Then emerged two forces that were formed from Warriors, whom were the supernatural beings of the planet. There were the Dream Warriors and the Nightmare Warriors. The duties of the Dream Warriors was to keep peace and harmony, while the Nightmare Warriors’ duties were to get rid of the Dream Warriors to create a society that is better in their eyes.

Superstar Expedition is a Kirby fanon webcomic created by DreamcrosserSquad.

The webcomic stars Shifuto, Surasshu and Alpha; three new Dream Warriors who work together as a team to stop the forces of evil.



Cosmic Energy: A form of energy that is abundant all over Planet Virgo that all beings possess that is also multi-purpose, but can only be used when it is unlocked, however; the powers Cosmic Energy holders possess are separated into two categories.

Affinity: One of the two categories Cosmic Energy is split into. Affinity allows a Cosmic Energy user to use a special power that ties in hand with their personality. For example, Shifuto can enhance his speed and Surasshu can heal his teammates.

Element: One of the two categories Cosmic Energy is split into. Elements allow a Cosmic Energy user to control one of the 7 Elements: fire, water, lightning, earth, wind, light and darkness.





Power of the Verse

Although its power isn't the most notable, it's still quite impressive, possessing characters ranging from City Block level to Mountain level with Supersonic to Hypersonic speeds, and two Planet level top tiers. The verse doesn't possess much hax, however characters such as Medlex possess High-Mid Regeneration and Densetsu possesses Type 5 Immortality, Elemental Manipulation and Creation.









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