Katytlyn Campbell was a normal 16 year old, just like most of the other Superiors, when she suddenly discovered that she had superpowers. Immediately deciding to be a superheroine, she put on a Guy Fawkes mask and began a crusade for justice, using her Green-Lanternesque construct abilities and size manipulation to punch out criminals all over her home town of NYC. When she heard about the founding of the Superiors, she jumped at the opportunity to become a founding member, and fought as a Superior until her death at the hands of the Hate Monger.

Tier: 7-A, 5-C with Superior Mode.

Name: Katylyn Campbell, AKA The Wasp

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Origin: Superior

Classification: Super Powered Human

Attack Potency: City Level +

Speed: Hypersonic when shrunken and flying

Lifting Strength: Human on her own, hundreds of thousands (Perhaps millions) of tons with constructs.

Striking Strength: Mountain Level

Durability: Human on her own, Mountain Level with shields. Hard to hit though.

Stamina: Above average human

Range: Line of sight

Standard Equipment: None. Just her costume, nothing special about that.

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: Just a human if caught off gaurd, overconfident.

Powers and Abilities: Light construct creation, flight, size manipulation, the ability to control flying insects (Flies, bees, wasps, ect), energy blasts, super speed.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Attacking with constructs of all kinds, and she prefers flashy, interesting constructs, simillar to Green Lantern.

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