The Superior Universe is the world in which all of the Superior Marvel heroes reside, as well as the home of the Unnatruals and Willpower. It was created as the dying thoughts of Herman Maxwell (In the cannon), a god who accidentally destroyed his universe, and himself, but attempted to make up for it by forming a new "better" universe. The universe is the creation of Stevethebarbarian (In reality), and his pet project. The Superior universe regularly has "crossover events" with other fictional franchises (mostly the ones that Steve likes), and so far they include: Star Wars, DC Universe, How to Train Your Dragon, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and Dungeons and Dragons. It also exists in the same multiverse as Stevethebarbarian's other creations, Dragon Ball X, the Unnatural Universe, Slasherworld, the Godlands, Ect, and characters from both can transport themselves from one to the other via wormhole.

Power of the verse

This verse is significantly powerful, with 8 (or more) universe busters. The Low tiers are human, mid-low tiers are building busters, mid tiers are city busters, mid-high tiers are country busters, high tiers are large planet busters, and the God tiers are universe busters, with the exception of The Above, who is a hyperverse buster, and the Beyonder, who is a multiverse buster. This verse can easily go toe-to toe with the likes of Marvel and DC, and is far beyond the likes of Naruto and Bleach. It is somewhat weaker than the Crossverse, or the Aetherverse (both of which originated on this wiki). The multiverse is defended by the First Responders, the Beyonder, Willpower, and The Above.

Characters - Good Guys

Name \ Hero name

Laven Smart \ Spider Man

Kenna Leionas \ Black Widow

Brayden Wade \ Ant\Giant Man

Tyler Roberts \ Quicksilver

Alexis Campbell \ Hawkeye

Katytlyn Campbell \ Wasp

Brendon Edgar \  Captain America

Carringon Little \ Black Panther

Michael Simpson \ Godzilla

Joseph Ingles \ Human Torch

Chase Masters \ Thing

Tony White \ Iron Man

Mitchel Keiltica \ Hulk

Caesar Hernandez \ Wolverine

Mattew Utzig \ Thor

Chase Thompson \ Mr. Fantastic

Joshua Matthews\ Human Torch

Carl Rorson \ The Thing

Lezeth Able \ Invisible Woman

Noah Smart \ Yellowjacket

Jimmy Hadashi \  Beatbox

Morgan Morman \ Bearded Tremor

First Responders

Characters - Bad Guys

The villains of the Superior Universe have no identities. They simply appeared, one by one, at the beginning of each story. Most of the villains are the same as those of Marvel comics, although some are unique. These that are listed are those that are completely unique to the Superior Universe (or those who I have made profiles for) Each hero has three "prime villains," foes who will attempt to destroy them above all else. Ready made rivals, if you will.

Brown Recluse (Prime Villain of Black Widow)

Alhaiden (Norse God)

Freezer Burn

Fuhrer (Prime Villain of Captain America)

Dokk Okk (Prime Villain of Spider Man




A. R. Tombstone

Carnage (Prime Villain of Spider Man

Green Goblin (Prime Villain of Spider Man)

Characters - Neutral

Deja Vu

Howard Riche

Other Universes - Parallel

James Ryan

Alice Masters

Count Dracula

It That Occurs

The Nameless One

The Shade



The Above



Jason Vorhees

Freddy Kruger






The Party

Dragons (The Adventure)

William Scurry









Majin Buu

Androids 16-18


Other Universes - Separate

Darth Vader

Obi Wan Kenobi

Padme Amidala

Jango Fett

Boba Fett

Luke Skywalker

Leia Oragna-Solo

Han Solo


Hiccup Horridius Haddock

Exio Auditore

Maxwell Kenway

Conner (Assassin)

Edward Kenway

All them DCU guys

All them DBZ guys

Team Fortress 3

A fan video game. Steve made some characters for it.

The Gunslinger

The Commando

The Ninja

The Android

The Knight

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