Toothless is a Night Fury, a near-extinct species of dragon in the How to Train Your Dragon universe. At one point, the Superiors were inexplicably transported into this universe and were gifted with their own dragons (the attributes of whom will be explained later) and were stuck there for nearly a year. It was there that Chase Thompson finally cracked interdimensional travel, and from then on the Superiors and the people of that universe could freely meet. Which was convenient considering the instant friendship between Bodie and Toothless, as well as between their respective masters Laven Smart and Hiccup Horridius Haddock. This went farther than simple comradarie, as Toothless was the one to finally kill Carnage, the ultimate enemy of Spider Man, who had killed those closest to him in the past.

Tier: 8-A in normal mode to 7-B in full power mode.

Name: Toothless

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Origin: How to Train Your Dragon

Classification: Night Fury, Dragon

Attack Potency: Large Building Level + in one shot. Multi City Block level in several shots, which would only take about a second each. All abilities are doubled or more in Full Power Mode.

Speed: Supersonic + while flying, possibly much higher. Perhaps hundreds of MPH on foot.

Lifting Strength: About 1-10 tons.

Striking Strength: Large Building Level +

Durability: Town Level or slightly higher. Can overcome mind-control, as in the cases of the Bewilderbeast and Carnage.

Stamina: Superhuman. Can fly hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles at nearly his top speed without breathing hard, and once ran tens of miles in a short ammount of time without being winded too bad.

Range: Line of sight. (Has the eyesight of an average human)

Standard Equipment: Saddle and tail flap which he needs to be able to fly. Needs a rider on him to fly. Tony White designed a mechanichal version which Toothless could use without a rider, but Toothless was too connected to Hiccup, and rejected it.

Intelligence: Human or higher. Acts like a combination of a puppy and a kitten, but underneath that exterior, he has all the brains of any average person.

Weaknesses: Needs rider to fly. Also, very few people have mastered Hiccup's complex flight system.

Powers and Abilities: Flight, Superhuman strength, speed, stanima, and durability, fires concentrated fireballs, which hit with more force then heat, radar, the ability to fire sonic pulses, a strong bite, and, assuming he is not defeated in one-on-one combat with another dragon, the ability to command other dragons in battle. Can activate full power in times of great stress (So far only when Hiccup is in danger) which auguments all of his abilities greatly.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Dive bombing techniques, a cat-like tackle/pounce, and a massive bombardmant of fire bombs. Also, just what you would expect from a cat-like dragon.

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