The Superior Carnage, birthed in despair and death, with one purpose, and one purpose only. To kill. Particularly, to kill the Superior Spider Man. He was very close to successful a couple of times. Carnage feeds on death, so the more he kills, the stronger he gets, and the longer he goes without killing, the more he starves. He was the only villain who was evil enough to willingly work for the Hate Monger, without being manipualted. He was killed by the Superior Toothess, who had one of the most impressive rage-boosts in series history, and who simply blasted him over and over until he was obliderated. He later appeared as a foe for Spider Man in valhalla when he took the test to be able to enter the magical afterlife. See, Bodie (Superior Venom) for more origin and power information.

Tier: 7-C

Name: Carnage

Gender: Assexual, usually referred to as "it" but also occasionally referred to as "he."

Age: 1

Origin: Superior

Classification: Death-Powered Symbiote.

Attack Potency: Town Level +

Speed: Subsonic

Lifting Strength: Thousands of tons at max, usually closer to hundreds of tons or lower.

Striking Strength: City Block Level

Durability: Town Level +

Stamina: Nigh-Unlimited

Range: A few hundred feet with tendrils.

Standard Equipment: Host (Who can be anyone. Carnage is attracted by both impending death, and by hate, so many hosts in the past have been resentful cancer victims. While Carnage is using a host, the host thinks he is in control, but in fact Carnage is both controling and slowly killing them.)

Intelligence: Below average, can be influenced by intelegence of hosts, as is displayed in the fact that Carnage appeared to be far more intelegent when he took over the Green Goblin.

Weaknesses: Fire, plasma, in particular, as is displayed by the fact that he was able to be killed by Toothless with his plasma blasts, as they were made of both plasma and sonic pulses, another weakness of his. Cannot do much with anything that isn't alive. Also hates electric shock.

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