Carrington Little was just a 16 year old kid when his powers emerged, just like most of the other Superiors. His powers were mostly mental, and related to his costume. He gained peak human athletic skills, as well as superhuman skill in martial arts. His costume was comprised partially out of vibranium, a material that can absorb and redirect energy. It allows him to take an infintesimal portion of his suit and use it to "conjure" up a weapon, of almost any sort. He mostly uses dual edged naginata, a bo staff, two knives, or kunai, which explode on contact with an enemy, or on a timer he sets with his mind.


Carrington is a nice, cheerful Afro American, who is really a people person. It is hard not to enjoy his company. As the Black Panther, he is cold, calculating, and strateigic. He is noble, honorable, and dislikes killing low-ranking minions, although he does not hesitate to cut down their leaders. He speaks with the manner of someone who speaks English perfectly, but it is not their native language. He is also hard not to like, but for a different set of reasons.


Tier: 8-A

Name: Carrington Little, AKA The Black Panther

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Origin: Superior

Classification: Super Powered Human

Attack Potency: 8-B with explosives, 8-C

Speed: Peak Human +, with subsonic reactions

Lifting Strength: Peak Human +

Striking Strength: Building Level with bare hands (Not in one hit, but in many), Large Building Level ++ with explosives

Durability: Peak Human + without suit, bulletproof, blastproof, shockproof, laserproof, fireproof, ki proof, sonic blastproof, heatproof, and radiationproof with suit, as well as Large Building Level Durability. (When I say "proof" I mean that it cannot hurt him with anything less than a Solar System Level blast.)

Stamina: Peak Human +

Range: About 100 yards.

Standard Equipment: Suit, plus anything he creates with it.

Intelligence: Above Average Human

Weaknesses: Most of his powers stem from his suit. If an enemy grovels at his feet, he will usually simply walk away, and will often get hit in the back. If his suit is overloaded with energy, it will explode with the force of a hypernova, obviously killing him, and the entire solar system he is in. However, it takes absorbing as much force as that hypernova would release to overload the suit.

Powers and Abilities: Aforementioned abilities. Extremely stealthy.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: Martial arts. Is the fifth best martial artist on earth, after the Black Widow, Taskmaster, and Captain America/Furher, in that order.

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