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The Superior Ant/Giant Man is Brayden Wade, a fairly average 16 year old dude, with the exeption of the fact that he woke up one morning with superpowers. He could shrink to the size of an ant (or smaller, with a little practice) and still keep his original strength, he could grow to 50 feet (or larger, with a little practice) and have the proportionate strength of an ant. He could communicate with crawling insects, as well as all types of ants, and command them to do his bidding. He was also a genius. This made him an extremly useful member of The Superiors, which kinda made up for the fact that he created Ultron.

Tier: 8-C at ant size, 7-B at giant sixe, ten times that with Superior Mode.

Name: Brayden Wade, Ant Man

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Origin: Superior

Classification: Super Powered Human

Attack Potency: Wall Level at ant size, City Level - at giant size.

Speed: About 100 MPH at any size, plus subsonic++ speeds leaping at ant size.

Lifting Strength: 49000 tons at giant size, about 250 at ant size

Striking Strength: Large Building Level at giant size, Wall Level at ant size.

Durability: Human at ant size, City Level at giant size.

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Range of his arms. At 70 feet, that puts his arms at about 35 feet long.

Standard Equipment: None, other than his suit, which, unlike the original Ant Man, is purely cosmetic.

Intelligence: Genius Level +. He is also superhumanly intelegent, which in "Superiorian" means, "the generally understood laws of science need not apply."

Weaknesses: Rather weak in ant size. As a giant, he is an incredibly large target.

Powers and Abilities: Size manipulation, can telepathically control ants.

Notable Attacks and Techniques: WIP

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