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The Super Mario Bros Z. Universe is an online web movie series, created by Alvin-Earthworm. The series takes characters from the Super Mario games and Sonic the Hedgehog games and puts them into sagas similar to those found in the Dragon Ball series.

Power of the Verse

The SMBZ verse as shown in early episodes contains characters who seems to closely resemble the power of the Super Mario characters (excluding the Galaxy games) putting most characters around Tier 8, and when Power Ups are involved such as: Cape Mario, Fire Sonic, and Metal Bowser, characters are in Tier 7.

A major problem with the series however is that it is nowhere near done, leaving most of the characters far from their fullest potential. Another problem is that some characters have only been hinted at appearing while currently not making a physical appearance in the series.

Supporters / Opponents of the Verse







Main Protagonists

Other Protagonists

Bowser's Kingdom

Smithy Gang

Other Antagonists

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