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Subjective Reality is the power that allows the user to manipulate the boundary between reality and unreality. It allows the user to induce reality to what is fiction, fantasy or imaginary, bringing them into existance, as well as turning facts, entities and events into unreality, vanishing them as if they were a mere dream or illusion.

Possible Uses

  • Immersion: The user's control over the boundary between reality and fantasy allows it to travel across it, capable to enter in any fantasy or imaginary setting such books, comics, movies, etc.
  • Existence Erasure/Nonexistent Physiology: By turning entities into dreams or illusions, the user is capable of granting Nonexistent Physiology or even completely erase them from reality. In that fashion, is capable to turn fantasy, imaginary and nonexistent beings real.
  • Negation: By making a recent event unreal, the user is capable to undo and erase any consequence produced by it. The user could be capable to negate attacks, injuries and even death.
  • Creation/Summoning: The user is capable of creating and manifesting objects and entities that aren't real at all, and only "exist" in the imagination and dreams of the user and/or other beings.


  • Could be limited to what one can change, as well as the period from what can change.
  • Characters of Transduality (Reality/Unreality) are immune.


  • Crescentia C. Alhazred (EVOLVERSE)
  • All Agents (Starcross)