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Subaru Natsuki is known across the Re:Zero world as the King of Sin and the Reaping Sage. Titles granted to him after he killed and absorbed the witch factors of all 6 of the previous sin archbishops and reduced the world's population by nearly 12% alongside his comrades. He is stated as being one of the most dangerous people in the entire world, and one of the only beings in Re:Zero capable of defeating Satella alongside Reinhard, the Sword Saint.

Unlike his canon counterpart, soon after entering the Re:Zero world, Subaru was unable to let go of his pride. In this timeline, Subaru was left to face Elsa alone, which ended up with him dying dozens upon dozens of times over, eventually coming to see her as an impossible-to-beat opponent and finally calling out for Reinhard for help. And after seeing Reinhard defeat Elsa effortlessly when he'd tried dozens of times with no hope of even hurting her, he becomes hopelessly enraged at the situation, swearing to himself that he'd become the person he thought he was upon entering the Re:Zero world: An overpowered isekai protagonist. While also keeping his promise to protect and save Emilia.

However, his own strength eventually lead him down a dark path in which he'd do anything and fight anyone to get stronger, which wound up in him getting Emilia killed. However, by the time he realized what had happened from Puck, his save point had already updated. With Emilia gone, Subaru felt isolated and alone, and began slowly going insane as he was forced to swallow the fact that he'd never be able to save her, nor himself again. In a rage, Subaru left everything behind aside from his most loyal companions and went on a rampage throughout the Re:Zero world, but was eventually stopped and defeated by Reinhard after killing over 10% of the total world population.


This version of Subaru is a lot more prideful, competent, and cocky than his main canon counterpart, as to be expected given the far superior skills, abilities, and intelligence he eventually obtains through his extreme usage of Return by Death. He believes that if he sets his mind to it, he can do pretty much everything. And he will in fact do anything to appeal to his own goal of ultimately making Emilia king, and becoming the strongest being in the Re:Zero world, no matter how selfish or stupid that may be. However, he still retains that essence of Earthly humanity and innocence that ultimately defines his character.

In this timeline, Subaru also makes it his duty to fight right alongside his comrades in his schemes as opposed to his more backseat support role in the main canon. He aspires to be someone who can battle with greats, and through his immense amount of training and abuse of his ability, he eventually became strong.


Subaru is nearly identical to his canon counterpart, retaining his slick black hair, scary sanpaku eyes, and mostly average face. However, his build is more akin to someone like Al, being quite a bit bigger and more muscular due to his immense training in martial arts over multiple different loops. This gives him a slightly more intimidating appearance, though he remains of average height, standing no more than 173cm (5 feet, 8 inches) tall. Shortly after saving Elsa from the Lugnica guards, he ditched his track suit for in favor of something more appealing and intimidating: Subaru wears a slightly oversized, black hooded suit, similar in style to Emilia's hooded robe and certain witch cult attire, with orange undertones and highlights painted over it to match his classic track suit color scheme. He wears black, heavy duty shoes made from the skin of mabeast which he regularly travels in. After contracting with a minor spirit, Subaru bought a red crystal to store it in which he wears around his neck with a silver chain, completing his appearance.

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 10-A, likely 9-C, possibly 9-A, higher with weapons. 8-C to 7-B, possibly 6-C with magic. High 6-A, likely 5-B, possibly 4-C with Authorities | 9-A, likely 8-C, higher with weapons. 8-C to 7-B, possibly 6-C with magic. High 6-A, likely 5-B, possibly 4-C with Authorities. Low 2-C with the Authority of Envy

Name: Subaru Natsuki, The King of Sin, The Reaping Sage, Archbishop of Envy

Origin: Re: Terrorizing Another World from Zero! (A fanon Re:Zero timeline made by Phoenks)

Gender: Male

Age: 26 (Physically), Over 100000 (Mentally)

Classification: Human, Sage, Archbishop

Powers and Abilities:

Peak Human Physical Characteristics, Magic, Enhanced Senses/Extrasensory Perception (Having experienced death so many times, Subaru has developed an acute nose for danger. Subaru was able to see the Unseen Hands, which were invisible), Genius Intelligence, Analytical Prediction (Able to predict movement based on subtle changes in a person's body language, scent, and "aura". Regularly predicts and reacts to attacks that would have killed him in time to plan his own countermeasures, such as in his many fights with Elsa. Can use his Return by Death to gain further information about an opponent, eventually to a point where he is able to predict every possible move they could make in a certain instance), Instinctive Reactions (In certain situations he has shown to sense and react to oncoming dangers, shown when he instinctively dodged an arrow speeding towards the back of his neck, and when he quickly got out of the way of Elsa's daggers), Experienced Fighter & Weapon User (Spent tens of thousands of lives working on and mastering the arts of armed and unarmed combat alone, effectively adding up to hundreds of years of experience. Could fight on par with Rai, and was stated by Wilhelm to have a technique on par with Sword Saints), Acrobatics, Superhuman Charisma (Easily able to convince a mass of people into agreeing with his plans. Is a great manipulator capable of getting most people in the Re:Zero world to rally in support of him. Can utilize Return by Death to further enhance his appearance to certain people), Immortality (Type 2, 4, and 8; Subaru can push through even deadly injuries. Satella will not allow Subaru to die), Acausality (Type 1; Can remember events after they've been erased from the timeline. Unaffected by his past being changed by the Gluttony authority), Time Reversal upon death (Upon death, Subaru and the entire world will be reversed back to a specific point in time when he was alive), Resurrection via Time Reversal (Return by Death effectively resurrects Subaru and anyone else who died after a specific point in time), Fragrance Manipulation (Subaru constantly has a thick miasma surrounding his body derived from the witches, causing him to attract mabeast. The scent grows stronger every time he dies. However, he is able to conceal this aura temporarily if needs be), and Mind Manipulation (Subaru can weaponize his miasma by having it invade the mind's of any person it touches, driving them insane and killing them) | Same as before, minus Time Reversal, Resurrection, and Immortality

Darkness Manipulation (Can surround one in complete darkness, attacking their minds and souls until they are empty. Can create shadow hands), Telekinesis (Through the usage of shadow hands), Mind Manipulation (Can obstruct a person's mind with Shamak, breaking it apart from its surroundings), Status Effect Inducement (Dark element magic is magic which does things such as obstructing an opponent’s vision, severing them from sound, slowing their movements, etc), Can slow down his own perception of time and obstruct himself from certain feelings, Age Manipulation (Can accelerate a person's age), Power Nullification with E・M・T (Nullifies the effects of magic within its range), Invulnerability with E・M・M (Can sidestep out of the plane of existence, nullifying all attacks in the process), BFR with UI Shamac (Can send targets to another dimension), Transmutation with Minya (Can crystalized targets, making them brittle and shattering them), Gravity Manipulation (Can reduce or increase the effects of gravity on a target. Can be used to fly and create black holes), Portal Creation (Can create portals to and from different dimensions or places), Spatial Manipulation (Can create black holes. Can isolate a small area in space, creating a new dimension in which only this area exist), Time Stop (Can shoot mana arrows which temporarily stop the time of who they hit), Danmaku

Invisibility, Forcefield Creation and Intangibility with Sloth (Can create invisible forcefields in the form of hands that allow him to overpower and crush opponents. These hands can become intangible, allowing Subaru to phase them through walls or even a person's skin), Damage Transferal & Pain Manipulation with Greed (Subaru can make one feel the pain they inflicted on him for themselves, such as when he made Rai feel the pain of having his arm get cut off. Can take damage for his comrades), Clairvoyance with Gluttony (Can see a short glimpse of one's previous events down to their birth, granting him a great deal of information about them), Empathic Manipulation & Madness Manipulation (Type 2) with Lust (Can cause others to feel strong feelings of hate or love for specific targets, including themselves, which has in some cases caused them to commit suicide), Healing, Corruption, and Death Manipulation with Wrath (Can heal himself by sucking in mana from the world around him, which can cause things reliant on it to instantly die, and the world to become more corrupt), Attack Reflection with Pride (Can redirect attacks back at the attacker, amplifying them with his own strength), Memory Manipulation with Vainglory (Can alter memories regarding himself within a person's mind), Statistics Amplification with Melancholy (Can amplify the power of his physical strikes with the power of all those he's killed) | Same as before, Time Manipulation & Dimensional Travel with Envy (Can stop and reverse time. Can create and switch to new timelines)

Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Unaffected by the White Whale's mental attacks. Can keep his sanity intact while using Return By Death, where Louis Arneb was regressed to a child-like state when she tried to steal said ability), Illusion Creation, Possession (Petelgeuse could not take over Subaru's body, and when he tried to, Satella immediately expelled him from it. Contract spirts protect the contractor from being posessed, and can dispel illusions), Pain Manipulation (Completely desensitized to pain after dying so many times. Often inflicts pain on himself or straight up kills himself to start again with no hesitation), Power Absorption (Louis could not steal Return By Death from him), Madness Manipulation (Can stand in the presence of witches without being driven to madness), Causality Manipulation (Pandora is unable to affect him), Time Stop (Can move in stopped time), Curse Manipulation (Unaffected by Capella's dragon blood), and Memory Manipulation (Recovered shortly after having his memories eaten by Louis Arneb)

Attack Potency: At least Athlete level, likely Street level, possibly Small Building level (Even before coming to the Re:Zero world Subaru had always made an effort to stay in shape, exercising every single day. Since coming to the Re:Zero world, Subaru has used his ability to its max potential as a training device, spending dozens upon dozens of lives working his body to its physical limit. Easily one-shot three different thugs in an alleyway in under a second. Pushed back a casual Elsa with his kick and after an immense amount of training was capable of lightly bruising her skin with one of his punches. Could strangle and snap the necks of smaller mabeast and wrestle with bigger ones. Killed a significantly weakened Petelguese with one punch. Blew apart multiple Great Rabbits. Combated and easily overpowered Regulus), higher with weapons (Has a plethora of different weapons like knifes, whips, and swords which he regularly uses to deal more physical damage to enemies stronger than him like Elsa and mabeast). Building level to City level+, possibly Island level with magic (Should be comparable to Beatrice and Emilia's magical abilities after training for (effectively) tens of years in yin magics. Harmed and eventually killed Rai singlehandedly. One-shot both Julius and Garfiel. After even more training he was able to briefly contend with Roswaal before being defeated and was even stated by him to be on par with the best mages in the world. In one timeline he briefly fought against Puck's true form and was even able to damage him before getting frozen. Echidna mentioned that Subaru's magical power was almost at the level of a witches, which would make him comparable to Minerva, who can casually rupture mountains). Multi-Continent level+ to Planet level, possibly Star level with Authorities (With the Authority of Sloth, Subara completely tore apart Roswaal's body, who is able to compete with Puck and is superior to an Awakened Emilia, who both can freeze over Elior Forest. The authority of melancholy allows Subaru to attack with the force of every single person he's ever killed, which would include the likes of Reid Astrea, Roswaal, Julius, and more. Could stalemate Reinhard van Astrea in a fight while utilizing all of his authorities, eventually causing him to draw blood. Reinhard van Astrea is stated to be capable of destroying and recreating both the entire Re:Zero world and the Earth with ease, and could maybe even destroy the sun. With the authority of sloth Subaru can create hands capable of briefly binding and significantly harming even Reid Astrea, who is comparable to Reinhard). Can ignore durability with a variety of skills | At least Small Building level+, likely Building level (Even stronger than before, stated to be beyond the limits of his human body. Comparable to both Rem and Ram in their non-oni forms, though is still weaker than them. Made Elsa bleed for the first time after fighting Reinhard. Comparable to Shaula), higher with weapons. Building level to City level+, possibly Island level with magic (Same as before). Multi-Continent level+, likely Planet level, possibly Star level with Authorities (Was able to kill and seal Satella, who is strong enough to one-shot Reinhard with a casual attack and can easily destroy the entire world by simply existing. Killed Reinhard). Universe level+ with the Authority of Envy (Can create timelines and alter time on a universal scale). Can ignore durability with a variety of skills

Speed: Peak Human, possibly Superhuman running speed (Has a recorded running speed of over 12 m/s after his immense amount of training. Could somewhat keep pace with a very casual and playful Elsa. Outran the Great Rabbits during his first encounter with them. Caught up to a ground dragon on foot, which usually run around 100 km/h) with Superhuman, likely Supersonic combat speed (Blitzed three thugs, killing them all in less than a second. Can throw objects at over 33 m/s. Fought against both Rai and Wilhelm in close combat. His whip can exceed the speed of sound) and Supersonic, possibly FTL reaction speed (Can react to attacks from the likes of Elsa, Roswaal, and Garfiel in time to get out of the way of their attacks. Dodged a full power swing of Reinhard and predicted the movement of Reid Astrea, both of whom can move fast enough to cut through light beams). Supersonic to FTL attack speed with magic (Can fire magical attacks faster than he can actually attack his opponents. Was able to keep pace with Roswaal. Tagged both Reinhard and Reid with his magical attacks multiple times). FTL with Authorities (The Unseen Hands summoned by the Authority of Sloth were fast enough to almost grab and strangle Reid and briefly contended with Reinhard. Can utilize the Authority of Melancholy to briefly amplify his velocity by thousands of times over) | Supersonic (Far faster than before. Can run alongside ground dragons and keep up with Ram) with Supersonic combat speed and FTL reactions (Reacted to attacks from Satella). Supersonic to FTL attack speed with magic. FTL with Authorities

Lifting Strength: At least Athletic Human, likely Peak Human, possibly Class 5 (Increased his grip strength from 70kg to 80kg and his bench-press from 180kg to 240kg after training over multiple loops. Can throw average-sized people tens of meters away. Can shot-put steel balls and crystal shards dozens of meters away, killing nearby opponents. Can lift decently-sized rocks up with some difficulty. Possibly comparable to Al, who is stronger than base form Garfiel Tinsel. Is confident that he is far stronger than the average person and would never lose to one). At least Class 25, likely Class K with the Authority of Sloth (The Unseen Hands can uplift things like trees from the ground with ease and are capable of binding both Reid and Reinhard, who are far superior to Wilhelm. Threw a large Demon Beast the size of a truck into the air) | Class 5 (Overpowered Ram). At least Class 25, likely Class K with the Authority of Sloth

Striking Strength: At least Athlete Class, likely Street Class, possibly Small Building Class (Killed three thugs with one strike each in under a second. Can kill normal humans and weaker mabeast in a single strike from his fist or foot. Can punch with a force of hundreds and even thousands of joules. Managed to bruise Elsa on one occasion and nearly knocked the tooth out of a weakened Garfiel's mouth) | Small Building Class+, likely Building Class (Made Elsa bleed. Considerably weaker than Rem and Ram, though is capable of harming them both. Comparable to Shaula)

Durability: At least Street level, likely Small Building level+ (Has developed extremely tough skin after going through many near death and deadly experiences, taking beatings from those much more powerful than him in certain loops, such as Garfiel. Took a beating from a casual Elsa. Fought off multiple mabeast. Feels confident that he would never lose to a normal human in a fight). Building level to City level+, possibly Island level with Magic Barriers (Blocked attacks from Roswaal and Puck. Should be comparable to the barriers made by Beatrice and Emilia). Multi-Continent level+, likely Planet level, possibly Star level with Authorities (The Authority of Sloth can create barriers in the shape of hands which can block attacks from the likes of Reid Astrea and Reinhard. Melancholy can momentarily grant Subaru godlike power and durability, allowing him to take hits from those physically much stronger than him). Return by Death makes him extremely hard to kill. | Small Building level+, likely Building level (Comparable to Rem and Ram and can take multiple hits from them. Could take a few punches from Elsa, though her daggers still easily broke through his skin). Building level to City level+, possibly Island level with Magic Barriers. Multi-Continent level+, likely Planet level, possibly Star level with Authorities (Blocked attacks from Satella)

Stamina: High physically (Subaru has developed insane amounts of stamina after his many loops of running towards and from death. Fought with Elsa for 3 hours straight, taking minimal breaks every 30 minutes. Trained with Wilhelm until Wilhelm could no longer stand. Regularly fights through having his bones broken, gut sliced open, arms amputated, and more. Even after having over 10% of his body weight eaten by the Great Rabbit in one loop, he was still able to run away for a brief time before eventually getting caught and killed), Immense mentally (Regularly goes through dozens of loops one after the other, dying again and again without ever resting his mind. Can easily stand up and fight even after going through some of the most brutal, inhumane loops. Such as when he was eaten alive by the Great Rabbit or burned alive by Roswaal. Fought Reinhard over 20000 times with minimal breaks every few hundred loops. Out of the 100000+ years he's effectively spent in Re:Zero, he's actually only aged and been in it for 8 years, implying that most of his time is spent in long, continuous loops) | Same as before

Range: Standard Melee Range, Extended Melee Range to Several Meters with weapons (His whip has a range of over 10 meters). Kilometers with magic and Authorities (Can hit an affect people from hundreds of meters away with his powers. Can shoot crystals across an entire town. Comparable to other magic users such as Roswaal) | Same as before

Standard Equipment: His hooded cloak, multiple weapons, and spirit crystal.

  • Elsa's Kukri Blades: Subaru carries exact copies of Elsa's black and white daggers. The white one is thick, heavy, and sharp, capable of cutting clean through skin and bone. While the Black has multiple triangle-like shapes across its edge, giving the appearance of teeth, used to tear through skin and gore opponents rather than slice through them.
  • Oboreru: A whip made from the skin and meat of the 3 Great Demon Beast. It is Subaru's primary choice against most opponents as he can attack from both short and long range, lowering the risk of him being overpowered in close combat, without having to waste as much stamina as he would with a sword or other melee weapon. It is over 10 meters long and Subaru can swing it at speeds faster than sound.
  • The Shadow Sword: One of the Ten Swords of Power and Subaru's preferred blade for combat. It is extremely powerful, capable of easily cutting through Elsa and Shaula's skin, and is enchanted with the Yin magical element, making it a perfect fit for him. The sword is hidden within Subaru's shadow, and can be manifested by him at any time. The sword is completely black in color, making it very hard to see during the night, and it can be used to attack a person physically and through the usage of shadows.
  • Ayamatsu: Subaru's hooded cloak. It reduces the damage he takes from magic by 20%. The hood is also capable of concealing his identity by manipulating one's perception, allowing him to go unnoticed by people who may recognize him.
  • Spirit Crystal: Subaru's red crystal which holds his lesser spirit. It protects him from being possessed or overcome by illusions.

Optional Equipment: Several of the Ten Swords of Power, Meteors, and other weaponry he's collected over his time in Re:Zero.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Has played through hundreds of thousands of different, alternative timelines to gain information, which has added up to thousands of years of experience in nearly all fields of study. Is extremely good at improvising and coming up with complex ideas to defeat stronger and more versatile opponents, such as when he planned to kill both the White Whale, Great Serpent, and Great Rabbit all at the same time, which ended up succeeding. Or when he singlehandedly killed Regulus after figuring out his ability and weaknesses on his own. Subaru often plans ahead for every single situation, using his vast experience and intelligence to decipher the best options in any scenario and outwit his opponents. Subaru is also a master at utilizing Return by Death to its fullest extent, and is not afraid to try out hundreds, if not thousands of different ideas to achieve his goals, such as when he died over 20000 times attempting every conceivable plan to kill Reinhard in one loop, or when he continuously tried out different ideas to save a severely wounded Elsa during a fight with another archbishop, eventually succeeding after over 700 attempts. Is incredibly observant and analytical, able to gauge a person's strength and personality immediately after meeting them, and can even feel the intent of a person simply by being near them, such as when he felt Capella's contempt against him and willingness to kill him, despite her seeming innocent on the outside. Subaru pays close attention to his surroundings and allies at all times, and can pick up even the smallest differences in loops, using even small details to completely change how a scenario plays out. After spending what effectively added up to nearly 10000 years practicing chivalry and swordsmanship with both Wilhelm and Elsa, Subaru became a masterful swordsman and knife wielder, capable of fending off even some of the best in the Re:Zero world such as Rai, Celcius, and Reid Astrea, and is even able to predict movement in combat based on subtle changes in a person's movements and body language. Subaru has also mastered Yin Magic to a level even beyond that of Beatrice and Roswaal, a feat which took him hundreds of years to accomplish as a normal human, creating unique spells such as Sever and Cosos, which can severe and manipulate space and time)

Weaknesses: Subaru is physically weak. Lacks the surplus of magic that many great spirits, magic users, and spirit users possess, making it hard for him to go the long run in magical battles. Has to move/speak to cast magic. Many of his magical abilities completely drain his mana and may even reduce his stamina. Return by Death has multiple penalties, and if his soul is destroyed, he will die permanently. Many of the Authorities Subaru has are limited, can't be used without consequence, and often put a large strain on his body, causing him immense pain and sometimes even death. Often overly relies on his comrades for support, which can cause him trouble if he's isolated. Is often reckless with his life and extremely reliant to the point of purposefully planning his own death in multiple situations.

Notable Attacks & Techniques

Return by Death: Subaru's most notable ability and trump card. It is the single strongest ability in the Re:Zero verse, and for good reason. It allows Subaru to return back in time to a unspecified, unpredictable and uncontrollable "save point" after his death, akin to a video game checkpoint. It happens instantly after he dies, almost as if his conscious was teleported into another's persons body. Subaru retains his memories and experiences even after he's sent back in time, allowing him to inherently know what will happen next in a particular loop. This allows Subaru to see multiple different futures and change his own particular future through redoing the past. Essentially giving him a form of precognition that nobody but him is aware of. To the naked eye, it would seem as if he's either extremely smart or extremely lucky given his decision making and planning. The ability was granted to him by Satella, and is stated to be indefinite so long as she is behind him, making him essentially immortal. Subaru uses this ability to its fullest extent, gaining information through playing out multiple different loops (futures), and abusing the ability in every way to get more powerful.

  • Penalties: Subaru is unable to reveal his ability to others. There are three primary penalties for attempting to do so:
    • Subaru will be forcibly and painfully silenced by the Witch's hand, and, in some cases, die.
    • If Subaru was to tell Emilia about his ability, it would end in her heart being crushed by the Witch's hand. The exact explanation about this penalty is currently unknown, as according to the author, this penalty only affects Emilia and no one else.
    • It will increase the density of Witch Factor at least for a short time, which will draw any Demon Beasts in the immediate area to him like moths to a flame.

Authorities: Various abilities the Witches of Sin, Sin Archbishops and certain other rare individuals use. They are some of the strongest abilities in the Re:Zero universe. Subaru possesses 8 of these authorities: Sloth, Greed, Pride, Gluttony, Melancholy, Vainglory, Lust, and Wrath. Authorities can not be overpowered by Divine Protections under any circumstance, making them some of the few powers capable of harming Reinhard. Subaru has the rare ability to absorb the authorities of those he kills, manifesting them within his body.

  • Authority of Sloth: Subaru gained authority over sloth after killing Petelguese. With Sloth, Subaru can summon up to three invisible arm-like appendages from his body called the Unseen Hands. He can control them telekinetically as if they were connected by nerves. They can extend out of his body to 100 meters and are extremely powerful, capable of binding and harming Reid Astrea. If he focuses enough, the hands can also become intangible, allowing Subaru to interact with things behind walls, or even with organs within a person's body.
  • Authority of Greed: Subaru gained authority over greed after killing Regulus Corneas. With Greed, Subaru can make his opponents feel the pain they inflicted onto him, without actually harming them physically, akin to an illusion. Usually, this catches his opponents off-guard, and they will react as if they'd actually been attacked, allowing Subaru to get the upper hand. The ability is also extremely useful against those with lesser pain tolerance than himself. On top of this, Subaru can transfer the pain/damage inflicted onto his allies onto himself.
  • Authority of Gluttony: Subaru gained authority over gluttony after killing all members of the Gluttony Trio. With Gluttony, Subaru can see into a person's mind, allowing him to recall their past experiences, granting him a great deal of information about them. He usually uses this authority to blackmail, appeal to, manipulate, or predict a person based on what he learns.
  • Authority of Lust: Subaru gained authority over lust after killing Capella. With Lust, Subaru can cause those in his proximity to feel strong emotions of love, hate, and anything in-between for a certain target, which can include both himself and themselves. In some cases Subaru has caused people to kill themselves. The ability does have one drawback, however, being that Subaru can not alter the minds of those stronger than him.
  • Authority of Wrath: Subaru gained authority over wrath after killing Sirius. With Wrath, Subaru can heal himself by sucking in mana from the surrounding environment. Subaru is only able to heal minor injuries such as cuts and bruises. This ability does have a few drawbacks, being that greatly decreases his relationship with spirits, and may even cause them to attack him. By draining mana from the world, he also causes it to become more corrupt, and may even spread bad luck around the proximity, which has caused multiple innocent deaths.
  • Authority of Pride: Subaru gained authority over pride through consuming Typhoon's soul. With Pride, Subaru can reflect magical and physical attacks, sending them back at the attacker. The authority is only able to block attacks for up to 10 seconds before Subaru gives out from the strain it places on his body.
  • Authority of Vainglory: Subaru gained authority over vainglory after defeating and killing Pandora. With Vainglory, Subaru can alter memories someone has of him so long as he's deeply connected with them in some way. Whether that'd be through talking to them, becoming their friend, etc. This ability is limited simply to memories regarding him, and he can not touch the memories someone has with anything else. He is also only able to change one event in a person's mind, and only once.
  • Authority of Melancholy: Subaru gained authority over melancholy after killing Hector. With Melancholy, Subaru is able to briefly increase his strength and durability by binding with the souls of those he's killed through further connecting himself to Od Luguna. This amplifies Subaru's physical strength immensely, making him even stronger than the likes of Sekhmet and Reid, allowing him to compete with the likes of Reinhard for the short period of time he has. Which isn't much, as the ability seems to last no more than a few seconds, and any longer could end up destroying his own soul, which would erase him permanently from the world.

Magic User: In the world Subaru was summoned to, individuals were capable of manipulating magical energy known as mana because of a "gate" that existed within every person's body. This gate would draw mana into a body as well as expel it out, functioning as a kind of faucet for magical energy. Each person possesses a different elemental attribute that allow them to produce magical spells related to that element. Of the six elements, Subaru's designated element is Yin Magic, a fairly rare attribute. After training immensely to become good at magic and reading through thousands of books in the Roswaal mansion, Subaru learned dozens of potent spells and became a master of his element.

  • Minya: A magic spell that creates and telekinetically throws multiple crystal shards that can pierce through defense. Upon contact with anything solid, the shards will break into hundreds of pieces, potentially shredding his enemy apart.
    • El Minya: Same as Minya except the number of stakes can go up to 40.
    • Ur Minya: Creates a purple ring of light around the target that shrinks and binds the target, subsequently spreading across their body. Once the target is bound, a huge purple-blue light appears above the target to destroy them.
  • Shamak: When cast, a blanket of black smoke would erupt from the user that would cover a significantly large area. Any target engulfed by the smoke would completely lose their spatial awareness. Under the spell's effect, the only thing the target could sense was the ground under their feet and any damage done to their body.
    • El Shamak: The target becomes unable to control their bodies while under its effects.
    • UI Shamak: Covers the area in darkness making the opponent unable to tell anything while under its effect, such as where they are sitting or standing, whether or not they are conscious, whether they are breathing in or out, dead or alive, whether they still retained human shape, how to move their arms, who they are etc. Those affected by it can be snapped out of its effects by being hit really hard.