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'''High Complex Multiversal'''
'''High Complex Multiversal'''
'''Low Hyperversal'''
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'''High Outerversal'''
'''High Outerversal'''
'''True Infinity'''
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Striking Strength is the amount of physical force an individual can deal out. In other words, it is the physical Attack Potency of an individual. It may or may not depend on Lifting Strength.

Striking strength describes the power behind the character’s physical blows. Generally, anything that has to do with the character’s actions instead of passively holding up weights is about this category. While lifting strength is a static value which can be measured in units of weight or mass, striking strength is different. It relies more on “action” which is a combination of speed and mass. As such, striking strength requires a whole different classification system.

For more specific information regarding the meaning of the terms, see our Attack Potency and Tiering System pages.

Following the same convention as Attack Potency, a "+" sign is used as "Mountain Class+", not "Mountain+ Class".

Striking Strength levelsEdit

Below Average Class

Human Class

Athlete Class

Street Class

Wall Class

Small Building Class

Building Class

Large Building Class

City Block Class

Multi-City Block Class

Small Town Class

Town Class

Large Town Class

Small City Class

City Class

Mountain Class

Large Mountain Class

Island Class

Large Island Class

Small Country Class

Country Class

Large Country Class

Continent Class

Multi-Continent Class

Moon Class

Small Planet Class

Planet Class

Large Planet Class

Dwarf Star Class

Small Star Class

Star Class

Large Star Class

Solar System Class

Multi-Solar System Class




High Universal


Low Multiversal



High Multiversal+

Low Complex Multiversal

Complex Multiversal

High Complex Multiversal


High Hyperversal


High Outerversal

See also Edit

Attack Potency


Lifting Strength


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