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Standard Equipment refers to a set of items that a character can be expected to have on hand at any time. When listing a character's Standard Equipment please consider the following guidelines:

  • Equipment listed as standard should be equipment the character has access to in a majority of their canon appearances. This is not to be confused with Optional Equipment, which can encompass anything that the character has owned or made use of for an extended period of time, regardless of whether or not it's usually on their person.
  • If a character lacks a canonical set of equipment, their profile should make note of this. Examples of such characters would be player customizable RPG characters such as Chosen Undead, profiles detailing a type of being as opposed to an individual character like that of the Adeptus Astartes, and composite profiles such as Composite Human. Such characters should have their items all listed as optional, and people who wish to use them in versus threads should preferably specify what items shall be made available to them.
  • For things that a character doesn't have equipped but instead creates or summons indicate after the initial list that the character is "Able to create/summon the following things:", and then a list of said things.
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