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The United Nations is a human-supervised organization that was formed in the 19th century by several governments to help maintain world peace, it has grown in reputation over the years and now contains almost every country in existence. In the 21th century the organization was assigned the duty of containing the threat of otherworldly threats, and it has since then grown in size as more and more countries join to keep humanity safe. The department is known as The Illuminati, and it has successfully contained many dangerous threats from our world being overrun by these otherworldly beings.

The department is growing in size and power, but it is a double-edged sword. While it is good that humanity is taking the initiative to protect itself, the organization is becoming more and more like a "Big Brother" eyesore. The Illuminati are slowly taking away personal liberties for the sake of protection. Although the containment of dangerous threats is really just an excuse for power grab.

Several protests have occurred, but they do not go far. The Illuminati has almost unlimited resources and a vast army of trained personnel ready to take down any rebel that stands against it. The most peaceful protests are ignored or worse cases, put down. The violent ones are always put down with force. While the Illuminati does not yet have the power to monitor all activities (especially with technology advancing so quickly) they already have a strong grip on power.

Although the Illuminati is known as one of the most powerful organizations in existence, it pales in comparison to some of the otherworldly beings that humanity faces. Even with its vast resources and army, there is only so much that the organization can do. Most of what it contains are run of the mill monsters and bizarre otherworldly creatures. The really dangerous ones, like the Old Ones, are bound to their own realm or island and the Illuminati controls it with an iron fist. Should the organization ever try to fight off one of the more powerful beings, it would almost certainly mean the end of humanity.

For now, the Illuminati works to contain,destroy and manipulate anything that might threaten humanity.

Power of Verse

Credit to grel in giphy.

Credit to grel in giphy.

The verse is immensely varied, but universally formidable in it's own right. Standing as one of the most powerful Modern-Fantasy series out there. The world at large, possess incredibly potent technology that are far above for taking place in the 21st century. With weapons like the Quantum Erasure, which completely vaporize someone's existence, to highly enigmatic aliens that have built FTL space crafts to travel across far distances from their homeworld. In couple with magic that can do variety of things; through bending reality in the use of rituals and other ceremonies.

What's more, there are beings that live in higher dimensions far above we are in; accompanied by transcendental deity in such a manner it perceives everything as nothing more than like sheet of paper. It is also worth noting there are beings normally called monsters, which in specifically are varied races; from aliens,elves,humans and so on, possessing varied abilities and powers that are out of this world.

HOWEVER, as impressive the verse is, most monsters and humans are sitting in the superhuman tier while others are considerably glass cannons. On the other hand, many monsters are equipped with various hax, from reality warping, time manipulation, regeneration, to resurrection and so on.


The Jester

"People..people, oh I love people! They have the potential to grow! They laugh and hold hands one another but what they forgot is their little friends hiding inside of mind, refusing to allow them to resurface! But I am here, and I will show the world how great it feels letting them out! Heh heh..."

League of Heroes

In the name of Justice, we fight for those who can't fight themselves, In the name of liberty, we bring freedom for those who are confined, in the name of hope, that we make them see a better tomorrow

Lance Winchester

"We as person have the power to forge our own destiny without the need of higher power to influence our actions. Man, woman, the old and the young are special in their own way regardless how small a role they play in our world. But the power to shape your own life and live it for you is a gift that each of us has been given at birth. It's like the key to unlock a lock or open the door to a place where we can go and do as we please. This power must be used wisely because a life well lived is not an accident, it's a deliberate choice made in the face of many obstacles."]]

Gruz Cthulhu

"Listen to the terrible whispers of my mind."


"Never seen you around, are you one of those scientists or hired soldier? I am shoulder! Oh, my apologies. They must have let you in here for special business here. Yeah! If you don't mind me prying, why are you here? Myself told by others to enter this place of finding the daemon! Interesting, please do tell me the description of the daemon you were looking for. Hnh? I see. Be my friend after daemon is gone?! Yeah, sure. Yay!"

-Conversation between tired Janitor and Coco.

Little Helpers

To our little friend, (DATA REDACTED)

Child Of The Universe

"She cries and cries, although no one knows why. Each tear falls down her cheek. Every drop like a shooting star." -Xeno-841 document.


"I am Nyarlathotep! The crawling chaos! The witch of nevermore! No one can stop a perfected god! For I am perfection and chaos itself! Now bow before me or else I send you into the depths of the void, where you dream of me!" -Nyarlathotep is egoist to the point that he threaten Randolph Carter for beating he's game.

Grim Reaper

"What's wrong? Don't be afraid of what's coming. I am with you until your ready to pass on. Its fine to be scared of dying, but it is more important to be proud of being born into this world at the first place. Remember, It's not how you live, but why you live that makes all the difference. Don't forget it that. Now close your eyes, your loved ones are waiting for you. Soon you will be reunited with them again like always."


"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life." -John 3:16


"Incredible, simply staggering. The swirling radiance around me keeps escalating in accelerated rate. How curious, my mind is everywhere and nowhere. So many things to think about, so much more than the last time. I wonder how many days have passed in the blink of an eye. Hmm, there was no need to count the days; my consciousnesses is enough. Timelines shifting left and right around me but wait, ah, I see. {Static} what do you think?"


"I made mistake of becoming immortal. Years of traveling around the world gave me realization that death is what makes life beautiful. Even the years of fighting alongside with the madman whom consider himself a benevolent king had drove me to the brink of guilt. A wizard such as my self is powerful, and still my life has no real value for the world around me. I have been living on borrowed time, but there are only a handful of people in this world who truly understand what it means to be an immortal."


"God give us hope and purpose as every religion before has been given to man, in every age of our history, from the beginning of the world to now. It is how we see and grow as individual beings that determines what our future will be. I believe this because I have seen it with my own eyes. There is a bright and shining new future out there for every person. It may not be the life we envision or even desire for ourselves, but it is an opportunity to study and grow from our mistakes by bringing God into our lives." -Mary's philosophy.

Doctor Walters

"Ah, another sight of the dead walks between my very own two eyes. I apologize but please don't fight back for I am the cure that is long overdue. Your fear of this disease has grown to an excessive degree. It is destroying your life and your soul with its despair. I am the cure, I am the remedy, for fear is destroying you and me."

Sotagi Tsukashi

“Nyarlathotep! I will stop your reign of terror! No matter how many obstacles you sent me! No matter how much I must pathetically punch through to continue onward! You may have heard this million times before but I'll teach you what they really mean! I wanted to be the light of people's heart; I wanted to run full stead to my goal, knowing that many others who tried to reach their dreams faded before them. Even if I have to endure the many hardships I must face, in the end, I will be the symbol of justice for those without hope! I will let the world know about what happens when a person wants nothing but the best for himself and no one can stand in my way to attain it. No matter how strong your enemies may seem, their power does not match mine, you are lost and your great deeds mean nothing! This is where the line begins between us! My heart is set and I won’t back down! Because a true hero stands what they believe! So wait and see as I break your fantasy before you!–Sotagi refusing to back down against Nyarlathotep threats.


"Just take my hand, lead, dance with me...and I will simply follow the blueness of the water, the white waves rolling free...where the earth beneath my feet and stars make my heart whole again...in long and priceless moments of shared solitude..."

The Boogeyman

"♫Beware the boogeyman,He sleeps under your bed,Cause he'll get you when you're dead.Oh no! Oh oh! There's a boy with, And the long black shadow, Of his mother who weeps. He's crying in the dark, Cause he'll get you when you're dead. Beware The boogeyman! Who is this? Who is he? The boogeyman,He sleeps under your bed, Cause he'll get you when you're dead!♫"


"I am your joy and inner desire. I am pleasure without burden, power with beauty, suffering within peace. Every power is mine to use, every sensation is mine to experience, Everyday Life, Everyday Creation; My breath and your heartbeat are mine, so let us have our fun, with life as it comes,Because when the time is over, you and I will be eternal."


"The devour of planets wanders the void between the galaxies, consuming all the stars it encounters as it moves. When the devourer's shadow passes over a solar system, that system is doomed to extinction. What hope have we against a monster that feeds on stars, that eats the light itself?"


“Nobody can understand how I feel. Knowing that one day, all those I care about are either going to get killed or assassinated. I gave up long ago in defending the people I care about and its better to let them be. Either way, I won't stop until monsters deserve fair treatment even if it results in getting my hands dirty.”

Samuel Amon

"The world is filled with suffering and chaos. Order must be brought down to these savages or else, humanity would degrade itself further. I will become the God of this new world in what I had envisioned. No more pain and no more suffering. I see some people have acknowledged my existence. I am their new God. I will create a new society filled of order and happiness. I must purge it of the filth, the impurities, and the sins. Then, I can become mankind's true savior."

Alucard Montague

"Humans disgust me. They are selfish and barbaric race of mutts that is incapable of helping their common man. They think themselves superior to any other species in this universe. They are the lowest form of life and deserve no better than what they get. But yet, I can't deny the wonders of what they created in this world as low they maybe, humans are capable of achieving great things. In the end of schemes, they are nothing more than being the biggest waste of all time and resources that is living on this planet."

The Oneness Zero

"I am the eternal void, where all things are born from nothingness. I am without beginning, yet not without end, but ever changing. I am neither man nor woman, neither this nor that, neither god nor mortal. I have no name, and yet everything exist because of what they are. I am the all, I am the nothing, I am the only one. Why do I exist, if there is no cause for it? Is there a purpose to my existence? So what then is my true nature? I am an infinite void, but at the same time, everything that is in this world exists within me. I am neither good nor evil, nor can I be anything else because I am without form and without name. My essence is to exist without being defined, without beginning and without end."

The Librarians

"We write and write as our mind flow like vast ocean of cosmic stars. Our independent minds flourishes the empty papers. Our independent lives all around us in millions of universes which we can create for ourselves. Love, light and beauty is all around us if only we could see it. But this cycle will be repeated again and again until the day our own world perish from oblivion."

The Yaldabaoth

“I am Yaldabaoth, the god of everything and all that were birthed into life. For I am and always been, the only one true god of existence. Praise and worship me as your master and savior for no living thing dares to ignore my call.”

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