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The users of this ability are capable of manipulating, distorting or bending the space-time continuum which is also known as the four-dimensional space. Based on the general relativity, "manipulation of space" is practically the same as "manipulation of time" due to space and time existing as a single continuum. As such, a user of either ability could essentially allow them to distort the other.

Space-Time Manipulation is very similar to Spatial Manipulation; with the main difference being the additional dimension of time being manipulated. Spatial Manipulation is to control the three dimensional space, while the fourth dimension is known as time. By controlling the four dimensional space, one is controlling both distance of space and flow of time simultaneously.


There are two types of Space-Time Manipulation.

Type 1: The type one of Space-Time Manipulation allows users to manipulate the space-time around the user. The users of this type of Space-Time Manipulation are only capable of doing certain things with the power and are usually incapable of manipulating Space-Time on a Universal Scale. They may be capable of creating rifts in space or worm holes which basically connects two points in the space-time continuum in order to travel from one location or time-period to another; they may be capable of distorting any matter and energy that reside in the section of targeted limited space. Basically, since the users can control time they would naturally be capable of stopping time; accelerating it or slowing it down in a limited space, etc.

Type 2: The second type of Space-Time Manipulation makes users capable of controlling the entire space-time continuum of the universe or controlling the entire universe itself to an extent, some may even be of extreme cases by being able to manipulate the space-time of other universes or even whole multiverses. Users of this ability are capable of negating any event that has happened and reverting it back to the state that it was previously in, they can control the various aspects within an area of space, such as matter, placement, time flow, etc.


  • Cannot affect those who are spatial-temporal locked.
  • Some users may only be limited to affecting space-time around the user or on a local area rather than on a universal scale (see Type 1 above)
  • Some techniques may ironically have a time limit (e. g. A time stop that lasts for five seconds).


  • Yvonne Park (Abnormalverse)