Siren-Head (SuperNatural)

Photo Of Siren-Head in height comparison to an Electrical Pole, I do not own this photo, originality goes to Trevor henderson

How did Sirens exist back in ...something B.C.?Tyler King


Entity 1799 or “Siren Head” is an Unnerving appearing Entity, it is a pending-class Entity, it is typically seen in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Florida, in Summary; The more tornado-prone Countries in the U.S., and more prominently seen in rural, wooded areas. Siren head serves as a Minor Antagonist in the Central POV and an Anti-villain Character in the Facility POV Of SuperNatural .


Siren Head’s Origins are unknown, but it is Confirmed He was Here since Ancient times, after a classified Picture was leaked showing a cave drawing of siren head being attacked by Our Ancient Ancestors with swords, spears, and Bows. There are even multiple drawings that date back to the 1700s depicting Siren head in the background camouflaged in plain sight, even during the 20th century war times, photos have been taken without notice that siren head was in the background, one of which shows him camouflaged and standing behind a logging group. But the strange thing is that the photo was taken in Europe, having a possibility that siren head is not one creature but a small-numbered species, which was later confirmed by an ROF team in Oregon, discovering “a Siren-head” what is currently designated as “Entity-2290” or “Siren-Head 2.0”.


Siren head typically behaves Animalistic in Terms of Survival Tactics, it usually lures victims in by mimicking voices of people’s Family Members, Friends, or even Deceased Friends/Family, In summary; using Deception and subterfuge to confuse prey. Since siren Head usually appears in rural, Heavy forest areas, it usually preys on Hikers, Travellers, Rangers, smaller creatures, Animals and Children. Despite siren head being classed and described as hostile, sometimes it acts neutral if its completely satisfied of its hunger, but it still doesn’t mean its docile just a mere contact, Communication, or Attack on the creature will almost-immediately attack the person. Siren head usually communicates via broadcasts from around the world and from unknown dates and compile multiple of them together into creating a sentence, however all the sentences it says always result with a distortional-sound in every word said. When Sleeping the Sirens Play White Noise, and/or Morse-Code Noises, A few Morse-code words recorded translates to “Disturbance”, “Soundless”, “ZZZ”, and “Night”.


Siren Head Stands at a height of 41.3 Feet (12.5 m), It’s Body is a Burnt-Tan Colour, and its body is extremely skinny and bone-like in Stature & Appearance, including its torso showing its Ribcage already. It’s skin resembles that of rusted metal, however it is in-fact extremely deteriorated and mummified Skin turning into a brownish colour. And as the name Shows, The Head Of The Creature is Composed Of a Stick-like Bone Appendage sticking out of the neck area and has 2 Siren-Shaped Mouths sticking from The Sides Of the appendage (And are the only metallic Parts of its body), both of Which allow siren Head to speak in two voices, there are these veins that nearly wrap around the appendage and connecting to the Siren-mouths, this resembles wires connecting to the Sirens, the veins also wrap around the chest cavity. It’s Appendage can rotate 360° allowing the sirens to eerily blare out its Noises from all directions. Its Limbs are disturbingly slender with areas separated in-two like the bones of Arms, the Arms in Particular stretch down to its Legs about several Feet above the ground when standing still, with claws that are Unnervingly Long. Despite the Impossibly slender stature, siren Head does not struggle in moving, Capable Of reaching Bipedal walking speeds of 22 mph. It’s sirens can release disturbing noises that range from, tornado Sirens, Air Raid Sirens, Broadcasting, Static, to Police Sirens, one of its more prominent noises was the sound of a broken tornado siren mimicking the one heard in Chicago. The sounds it produces depends on its emotional, Physical, or Mental state, this gives it a “Voice”.

Documented Stats

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Name: Unknown, Entity-1799, Siren-Head

Age: Estimated to be 44,000 Years Old or More (The discovery of 4 different Cave paintings depicting Siren-head changed the S.C.A.’s view of what this creature is)

Gender: Unknown, Referred to as Male

Classification: Pending-Class Entity, Ancient-Being

Themes: Chicago Siren Remix

Status: Active

Combat Stats

Tier: 8-C Physically, High 8-C Potentially

Powers And Abilities:

  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics
  • Large Size (Type 1) (Standing at 12.5 meters (41 feet), tall as an average telephone pole)
  • Regeneration (Low, Mid, Possibly High-Mid ) (It’s regeneration is extremely rapid, so much so that an Opening from a direct explosion will be patched up In matter of seconds)
  • Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3)
  • At-least Memory Manipulation (Capable Of Seeing it’s prey’s memories/mind in just seconds then copying the voice)
  • Enhanced Physiology (Its Arms Are disproportionate, it doesn’t even have a Real head with eyes or a brain)
  • Resistance to Small-Arms/Medium-Calibre Fire, Electricity, Technology Manipulation (Literally deflected a barrage of Bullets from Semi-automatic assault rifles,
  • Illusion Manipulation (Was capable of creating a human illusion of a Dying man, that jump scared Elliot, the illusion-man dislocated his own jaw nearly a foot wide.)
  • Fear Manipulation (Just seeing Siren-Head Face-to-Face Pierces fear into its victims minds)
  • Stealth Mastery (Can easily blend in with Forest surroundings due to its skinny stature & rusted Brown Colour, Can move almost so silently unless it’s pursuing/chasing its prey.)
  • Technology Manipulation (Hijacked/Distorted a Radio Tower Signal, Distorted the Recordings of ROF go-Pros, and Liam’s Camcorder)
  • Enhanced Senses (Comedically, it can see the world in Black & white as if it had eyes despite not even having a real Head)
    • Telescopic-Vision
    • Likely Panoramic-Vision (It’s head was capable of blaring its sirens while rotating 360 degrees)
  • Partial Cyborgization (It’s sirens are the only metallic parts on its body, Several wires wrap and protrude from his body.)
  • Camouflage (Is exceedingly easy to mistake siren-heads stature for a tree)
  • Aura (Recently Developed an aura which induces Negative Ailments/Mental effects to unprotected organisms, such as Temporary insanity, Weakness, and Light-headedness.)
  • Extrasensory Perception
    • Enhanced Sight (Does not have Eyes, or a Head for that matter, but can see the world in black & white, Pinpointed the location of Tyler King despite being completely hidden)
  • Reactive Evolution (just 3 months after it’s encounter with ROF team Thunder-7, it evolved to have increased Durability, Lighter wight, Faster Speed, and Enhanced Senses)

Other Abilities

  • Voice Mimicry - like the Goatman, Siren Head can mimic the voices of human beings, only not needing to hear them to do so, rather copying the voices from the minds & Memories of Its Victims Nearby (Memory Manipulation)

Attack Potency: Building Level (Collapsed a Barn), Large Building Level potentially

Speed: Athletic Human Travel Speed (27 mph), Athletic Human Attack Speed, Peak Human Reaction Speed

Lifting Strength: Class 25 (Easily Lifted a Private Jet onto its side, Demolishing its Right Wing, then tipping it upside down)

Striking Strength: Building Class, Potentially Large Building Class

Durability: City Block Level (was bombarded by ROF Team Blue-9 via Rocket propelled grenade launchers & EMP grenades, only to sustain minor damage)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Several Meters

Intelligence: Below Average+ (Despite it’s hunting tactics being animalistic and the fact that without a head it has no brain, It seems to understand Human Language, and uses multiple broadcasts to communicate. Not to mention it Capable Of evolving its Durability, Damage, and abilities to deal with future events in concern to events related to sustaining damage prior.)

Standard Equipment: Its Claws, otherwise none notable

Weakness: It seems to be sensitive To Fire, but due to its Rapid Regeneration, The Fire Option can only result to Either Slowing It Down, Or Leaving it Vulnerable and weak, and when limbs get blown or Separated from the body, In Particular The Legs, It will cause it to stumble down but the regeneration still occurs whatsoever.


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  • Its Designation Number “1799” is a reference to the Date of the First Siren ever invented somewhere before 1799 by John Robinson.
  • Siren-Head originates from the mythos of a man known as “Trevor Henderson”.
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