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Such a wonderful couple...I wonder what would happen if they were...Closer than ever before.
~ Sinistra to both Jayden and Maphuss

Sinistra Halfway Transformed
Awww...What's wrong? Sad that your mama put you in the same rank as some girlies? Ones who you can’t help but fuck In the middle of SERIOUS COMBAT? Good lord! Is this really how you’d treat any woman at any time? “Look at me! I'm Avidor! I got laid and think all woman ever should be punished by men because of it, but am too stupid to realize that stereotypical norms don't mean universal constants. Why...this means that every man in the world is straight and no woman could possibly ever be strong at all, and those who are simply shouldn't be and should change their awful ways! All because I was able to fuck some chick good."
~ Sinistra taunting Avidor

Sinistra Full Transformation
Finally...You're now mine Avidor! This is me in my true terror! How does it feel to be utterly helpless? "A man being dominated by a woman?! That's preposterous!" You said... and now look at you..I almost pity you, but then I remember all of them...and then I don't at all...So...I don't normally do this do you like a giant bird beak pecking at every single last inch of you? What, you haven't experienced that before? Well...Now's your chance~
~ Sinistra after defeating Avidor


Sinistra was once a normal Demon Lord class Demon of Greed created thousands of years ago. When she was young, Sinistra gained a fascination for knowledge, wanting to learn excessively about the bodies of both Angels and Demons, being able to learn how to design and build complex mechanisms to do so in the process. She used many Angels as test subjects for her experiments, putting them through all sorts of tests which quickly resulted in their death such as breaking their bodies down into raw data, taking them apart, among many other methods. In some point in time, she was offered the task of performing tests on a Demon Lord named Maphuss and an Angel Lord named Jayden, due to the fact that they were in love with each other. Sinistra then had the idea to do something special with them. After modifying her machines and contraptions for new purposes, she was able to fuse the two together to create Jayduss, the Nephalem, and she held them hostage for several days simply studying them.

In one battle soon after these events had occurred, the Demon army Sinistra commanded was being held back by the Angels and they soon had to retreat, as they were nearly killed off. With her experiments, Sinistra was able to harness Angel DNA and inject it into herself and the Demons she ruled over, which granted them the power to be able to fight back against the Angel hoards. While they were able to win the battle, the Angel DNA had after effects on the Demons, including Sinistra herself. The weaker Wyvern and Imp Class Demons were soon purified, destroying their bodies completely, while Sinistra, having a much more powerful body, had changed mentally in her ideals and beliefs because of the DNA. She now didn’t want to fight for Angels or Demons, but rather wanted to stop both for what they have been doing. She released Jayduss from their shackles before the other Demon Lords like Avidor took notice of what happened to her and her comrades. She wanted to go with them, but they were extremely reluctant on letting her join considering all she had done to them. It was made even worse by the fact that she didn’t know how to unfuse them. Sinistra had a debt to pay to them, and she wished she knew how to pay it off, but only time would tell if she could figure this out.


Sinistra, throughout the entire story, appears to be a very pale and averaged height middle-aged female in her restrained form. She is extremely skinny and has long, pure black hair. She has a very curvy body frame in general. Her eyes are a somewhat radiant light green color and her pale skin in general is soft and smooth. She has small hands and feet, and keeps her nails on both hands fairly long. She has an obsession for makeup, and will apply it to make herself look more seductive when she desires on either her nails or face. Typically, Sinistra wants to appear beautiful and attractive with her body.. She has a rather odd knack for performing over the top gestures or motions with her body to come off as alluring as possible, and succeeds in doing so a lot of the time.

Sinistra has, likely unsurprisingly, a very large wardrobe of all kinds of different female outfits. Her main outfit that she generally always wears is that of a skin tight, completely black suit, designed to highlight her features she wants to highlight most as well as be flexible in combat due to the foreign material it’s made out of. This covers her entire body all the way down to her hands and feet. Other than this primary outfit, Sinistra is either extremely flamboyant or overly exposed in what she wears. She’ll wear just about anything ranging from large and puffy dresses to very thin bikinis or other revealing clothing. She’s not afraid to show off her skin, given her carefree and somewhat perverted attitude.


Sinistra is, first and foremost, very external and charismatic. She always speaks her mind and is one for the over dramatic and flashy. One of her main defining traits is just how sassy she is to others and will express it usually mocking them by saying what they'd say in a mocking tone. She can get a very good read on people, their actions, and their personalities rather quickly by talking with them or observing them for a bit and uses this to her advantage in her sassiness to really tug and pull on their weaknesses. She's really become a master at this art when meeting Avidor. His ideals for wanting men to rule and woman to be "put in their place" was something she quickly noticed upon working with him and these things were ideals that she could easily make fun of considering how ridiculous they were to her. She has a general knack to tease those around her whether in a playful way or demeaning way just because she simply loves the reactions they can bring out. Though when push comes to shove, her teasing can easily turn into downright insulting very fast. She's very self-aware of when she does this and can control the flow of her words in such a way that it'll make whoever she's talking to tick. She's a master at sass. Always was and always will be.

Arrogant and loud, when she is not teasing someone or being sassy, Sinistra can be quite impatient since she prefers to get things over with as quickly and fabulously as possible without interruption. If there is an interruption, she will be angered easily and will want to just get on with things. She is not one to waste time. When she is presented with a task, she will stop at nothing to do it as soon and quickly as possible. She actually enjoys doing the work she does as it keeps her body and mind flexible and active. Though she doesn't have limitless stamina, so she can tire herself out rather quickly if she overworks herself, but still tries to keep a smile on her face like everything is alright. She is overconfident and quite hopeful that in the end, things will go the way that she wants them to. The only time she could lose hope is If things don't go her way consecutively, where she'll actually show a side she doesn't usually show; sadness and depression. It is very hard for her to lose all hope so this is rarely seen of her but it has been revealed, like when she wanted to make up to Jayduss for all she's done to them but they kept denying her. She lost all hope for a little while...however, her hope wouldn't stay dead forever. If she is capable of doing so, once she plans and finds out how to find a solution, then she will return back instantly and go in with maximum effort. Even if she was on her deathbed, she is hopeful that she'll be avenged by someone in the end.

Due to many tests performed and much study and research over the structure of Angels and Demons alike, Sinistra had gained an absolute greed for knowledge and learning in general. She enjoys studying and learning interesting new things about just about anything. Learning how something properly works or creating and completing something successfully is always a joy for her. Her thirst for knowledge has made her make many brash decisions throughout her life and the knowledge she's gained has lead her to gaining a bit of a superiority complex and becoming arrogant as a result. This combined with her impatience has led her to rush into situations a lot of the time and leads both her and Jayduss' into undesirable scenarios at best. Being captured and chained up at worse. Though as she began to know Jayduss more and learn from their patient, quiet, and calm ways, she's become much more tactful as a result, learning to make more fair and evaluated solutions to situations. Though she still retains a lot of her confidence and is still very manipulative of other’s emotions as usual thanks to her taunting and sassy nature so she can handle situations much better than before.

Being a Demon of Greed, Sinistra constantly wants more than what she has. Before she was infused with Angel DNA, she was obsessed with discovering and studying the bodies of Angels who were captured and brought to her and Demons who deserved to be punished alike. She would go very far with how deeply she researched them and the kind of tests she was able to perform, even going as far as fusing an Angel and Demon together to create Jayduss. She held little remorse for actions, since she was allowed to do it and was happy to gain so much knowlledge in the process, she didn't see a reason why she would feel sorrow for those she tested on. However, after being infused with Angel DNA and gaining a new perspective because of the Angel she infused herself with being that of justice, she felt it would become her sworn duty to make up for all the bad things she had caused to Jayduss and the other Angels. While she still retained a lot of her sass and greed, she would learn over the course of the story to use both more sparingly. She would never change completely, as such thoughts still loomed in her head, but she'd learn to keep it more under control than it used to be. Though, this also had a bad side, since she felt she had to constantly make up for what she did, she can feel under a lot of stress to do so. She really felt awful for what she did to Jayduss and the other Angels, and would only forgive herself if she could repay the debt she owed them. And, knowing her, she would stop at nothing to do so.

Before she was injected with Angel DNA, Sinistra did not understand emotions such as true love or kindness much at all, as such things could be considered preposterous for her to have. Truth be told, she did have these things kept deep down inside of her, but she wouldn't truly realize them until she had Angel DNA injected inside of her. When this happened was a huge turning point. Feelings like actual empathy and compassion for others started to rise because of the DNA getting into her head morally. These newfound feelings led her to releasing the test subject Jayduss from their prison and wanting to help them in general. Because of what she did to them and how they felt, Sinistra realized that she needed to make up for all she did to them somehow. Right then and there, this was where she started gaining a protective and loving nature, and it would only grow larger over time. Her greedy feelings had not been completely overtaken by her love she was capable of developing. No, of course not, she still had plenty of Demon of Greed in her, but over the course of her life and through time spent with Jayduss, she learned to control these feelings more and they would show a lot less afterwards, but still can leak through at times.

In times with Jayduss, Sinistra still has her very teasing nature and will employ it even on them. Though, this is much more playful and loving teasing than the kind she gives to Avidor or practically anyone else for that matter. She was capable of understanding Jayduss' feelings and emotions over the time they spent together and does take advantage of things like the fact that they can be easily embarrassed. Sinistra tries her best to make sure that it's all in good fun and has learned how not to go too far with it like she used to. Her methods of teasing them often breached into many others knowing about what she was saying to really embarrass them, causing them to become legitimately angered with her. She was able to develop passed this in due time, and they became a much more loving couple in general because of it, granted they still had their fights, but really, even the nicest couples in the world do. Most of the time when they argue, it's about minor things like preferences - i.e. Jayduss loves Turkey but hates ham while Sinistra is the other way around - and as such, they never amount to much more than some casual, if not a bit heated, debates that last for a few minutes tops. They have a good back and forth in the way they talk with Sinistra being open and charismatic while Jayduss is internal and shy. It's a classic case of an "opposites attract" dynamic which works quite well for them.

When she had given birth to her child, Jane, Sinistra was put under a lot of responsibility that she wasn't prepared for. Sinistra is extremely carefree and fun-loving, being overly flamboyant and flashy, and this fact leads to the ability to raise and take care of a child to be difficult for her. Usually Jayduss was the one taking care of Jane and treating her properly while Sinistra was off doing whatever she desired most of the time. Pity any time Sinistra was left to take care of Jane as a baby. Since Sinistra wasn't good with kids and had a tendency to get angry and impatient rather easily, she would get quite mad with Jane and usually needed to hire a babysitter to take care of Jane. Sinistra was taught by Jayduss over the months on how to be more caring with Jane, since her Psychic abilities would only grow in power over time leading to babysitters unable to deal with these abilities. Sinistra learned to be more patient with her child, though it was difficult for her to keep it in all the time to deal with the baby. Sinistra was still able to manage with enough practice with Jayduss...dealing with many psychic blasts in the process, and would soon get into the mindset that this was a learning experience for her to gain more knowledge. When Jane grew old enough to walk, speak, and start developing her own opinions, Sinistra used this time to teach her daughter how to defend herself and hone her abilities, focusing on many different techniques and skills she could have, doing this through Jane’s childhood to late teenaged years. Jane considers Sinistra an absolute nutbag, but still well intentioned and doing her best to care for her all things considered.

Along their many travels, Sinistra, Jayduss, and Jane had come across an Angel by the name of Jehola within a distant, lifeless universe. While Jayduss may be Sinistra's lover, Jehola can be considered as her best friend. When they first met, Sinistra was simply enamored by her beautiful looks so much that she considered even leaving Jayduss for her. It was this fact that really conflicted with her relationship with Jayduss and added on the pile of conflicting things that had already existed at this point in their lives. Sinistra didn't reveal this fact right off the bat as it would stay a mystery, though there were several hints to it, such as her leaning up against and smiling while looking at Jehola speak, usually too dazed to not even realize what she was saying. Sinistra and Jehola even had many things in common, such as their charismatic, talkative natures, and even love of knowledge, though Jehola wasn't quite as in persuit of it as Sinistra. When Sinistra revealed that she was in love with Jehola, all of those close to her were in shock. Sinistra had basically said she wanted to break up with Jayduss, and as a result, she went through a large change throughout this. Jehola, being kindhearted and as knowledgeable on life and all other creatures in general, could help Sinistra make sure if this is what she truly wanted. Sinistra, in truth, wasn't entirely sure about loving and wanting to be with Jehola as lovers, since she admired Jehola's beauty but also couldn't simply leave Jayduss alone. It took a long while with many grueling tests and deep thinking on Sinistra's part before she finally grew out of loving Jehola so much just because of her beauty and started to look at the more important things. Sinistra still considered Jehola a best friend because of their constant interactions with each other that made them both happy as well as loving her kindhearted and charismatic personality, but she realized that she loved Jayduss more for being so sweet, soft-spoken, cute, and soft like a flower. Sinistra's still somewhat present lustful tendencies had simply gravitated towards Jehola earlier at that time but shifted after a long while of realization on why she loved Jayduss so much in the first place. This really leaned towards her goal of being able to find true harmony and acceptance with herself.

To wrap everything up, Sinistra is, in general, a very simple person on the outside. She seems like she's just extremely charismatic and a bit on the crazy side. Though while she likes to think that everything will be fine, this is not always the case which has built her overconfidence quite a bit. Her personality really did change quite a bit when she injected Angel DNA into herself and in doing so, would lead Sinistra to a path that she never expected. One where she'd have to look deep into everything about herself and make up for her heinous actions. One where she would be able to accept herself and move passed them.

Personal Statistics

Origin: Demon Distortion

Name: Sinistra

Classification: Demon of Greed with Angel of Justice DNA

Alignment: Neutral Evil in the beginning, True Neutral after taking in Angel DNA

Gender: Female

Age: Over 5000 years old

Date of Birth: December 15th

Height: 5’9” Feet

Weight: 134 lbs

Likes: Science, Technology, The bodies of Angels, Testing on others (Less so post Angel DNA), Guns, Knowledge

Dislikes: Ignorant people, Waiting, Those who mock her, Tormenting the innocent, The Demonic and Angelic, Avidor

Affiliation: Mostly herself, Jayduss

Music: Emiya -time alter-

Combat Statistics

Tier: 7-B | High 6-C | 5-C to 5-A | 4-B | 4-A to 3-C

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (Low-mid; can easily regenerate from having her body parts being demolished as well as many stab wounds), Enhanced Senses/Extrasensory Perception (Trained her senses so she can passively sense when someone is nearby), Genius Intelligence, Weapon Mastery (An expert in all sorts of firearms), Master in Martial Arts (A Gun-fu style she uses mostly with her close-ranged weapons), Soul Manipulation (All of her abilities direct towards the soul), Elemental Manipulation, Time Manipulation with Chrono Varda (Can speed up, slow down, stop, or reverse her own personal time. Time reversal also counts as a form of Healing), Explosion Manipulation and Matter Manipulation with Ekrixius, Electricity Manipulation and Magnetism Manipulation with Astrapius, Information Manipulation with Hermius Syllogi, Ice Manipulation and Absolute Zero with Pagomas, Hellfire Manipulation and Plasma Manipulation with Flogana, Resistance to Mind, Probability, Fate, Sealing, Reality, Death, Power Nullification, Conceptual, Pain, Plot, Magic, Transmutation, Spatial, Void, Soul, and especially Temporal based attacks (All Demons share these resistances) | Same as before only to a much higher level | Void Manipulation and pseudo Black Hole Creation via Dinia, Transmutation with Alagia, Portal Creation, Spatial Manipulation, Teleportation, and BFR with her Portal Gun, Enhanced Physiology, True Flight (By either using wings from her True Form or fully transforming into her True Form), Transformation and Telekinesis (with her full True Form) | Immortality (Types 5 and 8; All demons of this level are above life and death. Reliant on the actions she has performed in the past and present to continue existing), Acausality, Conceptual Manipulation (Her attacks can harm entities on all levels of their existence), Power Nullification and Age Manipulation with Tempus Shots, Regeneration (Low-Godly; Can regenerate from even a tiny fragment of her non-corporeal Soul, though Immortality allows her to take much worse), Pocket Reality Manipulation and Danmaku via Kosmos ton Oplon, Causality Manipulation with Aitia, Intangibility (All demons of this level of power cannot be harmed by normal means), Empathic Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, and Spatial Manipulation with Alithini Armonia, Reactive Evolution (Demons of this level are capable of evolving to gain and counter the resistances of others) | Same as before to a much, much greater level

Attack Potency: City level+ (Can harm other Demon Lords who can tank even the most powerful nuclear bombs created by humans. Creates a nuclear explosion with the Soul Energy ability of Ekrixius.), many of her abilities ignore durability | Large Island level (Comparable to other Demon Admirals. Can match blows with Nathaniel.) | Moon level to Large Planet level (Can fight on par with world eaters who can engulf and take control of moons up to entire planets) | Solar System level+ (Fought on par and defeated Avidor as a Crown Prince) | Multi-Solar System level to Galaxy level+ (Can match Archdemons and Archangels and even grew to the power of Yalderaboth)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic reactions and combat speed (Comparable to Demons who can dodge her own bolts of lightning from Astrapius) | FTL reactions and combat speed (Capable of keeping up with Nathaniel) | Same as previously | Massively FTL+ (Compares to other Crowned Princes and Princesses. Can fly in between Solar Systems in minutes) | Massively FTL+ (Can match Yalderaboth who can travel across large portions of the universe in mere instances)

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Can lift a massive destructive bomb) | Same as before | At least Class 5, likely higher | Stellar (Scaling to other Crowned Princes/Princesses. Can physically lift up Seraphim, who have the mass of a star) | At least Stellar, likely Galactic (Shouldn't be too much weaker than Archangels and Archdemons)

Striking Strength: City Class | Large Island Class | Moon Class to Large Planet Class | Solar System Class | Multi-Solar System Class to Galactic

Durability: City level+ (Compares to many other demon lords. Took many hits from Avidor in their sparring sessions.) | Large Island level (Took a really good punch from Nathaniel) | Moon level to Large Planet level (Fought and traded blows with several other World Eaters of this power) | Solar System level+ (Took many hits from other Crowned Princes/Princesses as well as Avidor) | Multi-Solar System level to Galaxy level+ (Traded blows with other Archangels and Archdemons and survived an encounter with Jesus)

Stamina: Very high (Can fight hoards of demons an travel around for hours on foot without getting tired) | Same as previously | Much higher (Rarely ever gets tired and can fight World Eaters for an entire day straight) | Effectively limitless (Does not require sleep in this state. Can press on even when severely wounded and damaged) | Same as previously

Range: Standard melee range with regular punches and kicks. Up to many kilometers with Guns | Same as previously | Same as before. Up to Interplanetary with Guns. Cross-dimensional with her Portal Gun. | Same as before. Up to Interstellar with her guns | Same as previously. Up to Intergalactic with her guns.

Intelligence: Genius to Supergenius. Sinistra is an expert in crafting powerful firearms for her to use with effectiveness. Her skill with firearms in general is nearly unmatched and she is capable of hitting several precise shots with ease due to her sheer experience with her weapons. She has a complex understanding of both magic and science and can harness both to use her abilities with great efficiency. She can process things faster than the earth's greatest supercomputers and can perform complex calculations on the fly. Not only is she good at understanding the world, but she has become well adept into understanding emotions. This complex understanding has allowed her to become manipulative and clever, knowing what can make others tick and using this knowledge to her advantage. Sinistra is also decent in martial arts and a master at battling in general, being able to reserve and use Soul Energy efficiently and can catch an opponent off guard with her clever tactics.

Weaknesses: Sinistra is extremely overconfident in her own abilities as well as arrogant, and she usually underestimates her opponent, thinking that a barrage of direct attacks are the only things she needs to be able to take them out a lot of the time. Sinistra is also a bit crazy and can be easily taken advantage of if she's lost in the moment. She also has a tendency to rush in without thinking mostly because of her impatience. She, herself, can be easily angered if pushed too far leading her into a somewhat mindless frenzy. Her abilities require Soul Energy for her to use effectively so she cannot simply spam them and must preserve it carefully.

Key: Demon Lord | Demon Admiral | World Eater | Crown Princess | Archdemon


Soul Energy: Sinistra's own fighting spirit manifested into the real world to be able to manipulate and perform supernatural techniques, though it does drain out after a long while to which she'd need to restore by either waiting or fighting a lot more.

Chrono Varda: Sinistra’s primary type of magic that she took the most interest in studying and perfecting, the power to manipulate the personal time of both herself and others. While most time abilities effect a large area around them to manipulate time by slowing it down, speeding it up, outright stopping, or even reversing it, Sinistra reasoned that abilities like these would take up too much Soul Energy for her to use, so she compensated by looking into the specific time of herself, and soon afterwards, other beings on a physical, mental, spiritual, and, much later on, conceptual level. Her skill with this ability early on had only allowed for her to manipulate her own personal time by starting off with either saying or thinking of the phrase, "Chrono Varda" followed by how she'd want to manipulate time. She can perform all the typical abilities a time manipulator is able to on herself, and is capable of controlling what part of the body these effect, so she can focus on specific parts she wants to make faster to use less Soul Energy. This also lets her control her brain so she does not lose memories if she reverses time or potentially accidentally stop herself in time until her Soul Energy runs out. Using sufficiently powerful abilities - such as speeding up her own time three times as much instead of her usual two - drains Soul Energy much quicker so she must be wary on when and how she uses this ability.

Later on when she becomes a Crown Princess, she fully mastered this ability to not only have it affect other demons hit with special bullets known as "Tempus Shots", but do so on a conceptual level, meaning she can essentially control the concept of the enemy in question temporally to do things such as age them exceedingly fast to make them old and withered or age them backwards to the point that they never existed, though Tempus Shots cost lots of Soul Energy in return. Less costly techniques include simply slowing the enemy down in time or even down to a complete halt with enough energy.

  • Time Paradox Creation: Tempus Shots are capable of linking to an opponent conceptually across their entire existence, allowing Sinistra to make changes to even their past and future selves. One would expect that a being immune to temporal paradoxing would simply shrug off said ability, however, this is not the case. Once a Tempus Shot hits them, it completely rewrites them on a conceptual level to be completely affected by changes in any point in time, allowing Sinistra the opportunity to simply kill them in their weakest state.
  • Bullet Time: Manipulates her individual projectiles in time no matter which gun they're fired from. With this ability, Sinistra is capable of doing whatever she can do with her time ability to herself on her own projectiles to make them move faster, slower, stop, etcetera. This ability takes much less soul energy to use as a result of the smaller size of Sinistra's bullets compared to her.

Hermius Syllogi: The existence of Sinistra manifested into the external world. Angel DNA or not, one thing that never changed about Sinistra was her seemingly limitless greed for knowledge, which manifests as an ability that applies to each and every one of her attacks. When she damages an opponent, she is capable of getting information on them, which increases more and more the more damage she does to them, stacking up to the point where she will soon know practically everything about them, including their memories, personality, and abilities.

As a Crown Princess, the information that she gains from dealing damage to her enemies goes even further. She learns about her enemies on a conceptual level, being capable of learning things about them that even they don't know, including every little detail of their life, lost and forgotten memories, and even back to the entire process of their creation. With knowledge on every possible thing about them, Sinistra can easily predict and move according to everything she knows about them, including all of their strengths and weaknesses.

Thimia and Lagneia: Handguns crafted using both her technology and knowledge on magic, these guns, at first glance, appear to be a set of two dual pistols, specifically a 9 millimeter glock, that fire out bullets created completely from Sinistra's magic. Sinistra is exceedingly skilled at using these, being capable of landing perfect shots on practically anything she shoots at. Each gun is come equip with a safety lock, as Sinistra was capable of making both weapons tie directly to her soul, so anyone who attempts to use them can't as they're reinforced and blocked by simple yet powerful magical seals to the point where only entities stronger than Sinistra herself are capable of breaking it, granted it would take quite a while nonetheless depending on how much more powerful they were due to the complex nature of the seals themselves.

However, the most defining factor of these guns is their ability to shift and take new forms based on what Sinistra has programmed into them. See, these guns contain a complex series of magical coding that came from them absorbing information on other guns that she has put inside of them, allowing them to easily shift form to match these guns one to one. Sinistra can constantly shift their forms on the fly, and it's especially convenient that they take next to no magic to use. The information on every gun is already there, she just needs a very minor spell to activate said gun to be able to shift their form. While all of these guns have a primary form that she designed, Sinistra can shift almost any of them to be used the same way as other types of guns such as SMGs, Sniper rifles, Shotguns, among many others. Sinistra is also capable of mixing and matching a lot of these guns together to obtain new, combined powerful effects that cost more Soul Energy from her as a result. Here is all of the guns that Sinistra has crafted:

  • Astrapius: Lightning guns similar is shape and style to her regular ones constructed after fighting demon lords who used this as their main power. With these, Sinistra can fire off shots made out of pure magical lightning which are capable of manipulating electromagnetic bonds in a target to make them all neutral on contact, thus rendering them into a pile of particles. These guns' special power using a plethora of Soul energy allows Sinistra to shoot a charged bullet instantly above her which creates a thunderstorm that constantly shoots lightning bolts onto her opponent before she runs out of energy
  • Pagomas: A twin pair of light blue double-barreled shotguns with the ability to fire out bolts of pure magical ice energy. With these, Sinistra can easily freeze enemies down to exceedingly cold temperatures all the way down to absolute zero itself, freezing their very structure down to the core. Using a huge burst of Soul Energy, Sinistra charges bot guns to tremendous proportions to shoot out so much ice that they create a massive Glacier underneath her foes which freezes anything on contact
  • Flogana: After traversing deep through deadly and demonic mountains, Sinistra was capable of finding material to craft her next set of guns known as Flogana. These aren't guns so much as they are flamethrowers which shoot out completely magical hellfire that are capable of burning at Absolute hot temperatures due to their nature. Using soul energy, Sinistra is capable of turning these flamethrowers into powerful gigantic laser canons which fire out concentrated beams of light onto her opponents, soon vaporizing them completely
  • Ekrixius: A large Rocket Launcher of Sinistra's own design that she created after learning the nature of how explosions work exactly. With it, Sinistra fires out massive rockets that are capable of blowing her foes to atoms if they're caught within the explosions these create. Sinistra can use soul energy to increase the size of this launcher to massive proportions to then jump up high into the air, and launch a tactical nuclear bomb onto all of her foes.
  • Portal Gun: A gun Sinistra crafted to be able to travel cross-dimensional distances in an instant after Sinistra the ability of displacing space into other parts of space. Using a good portion of Soul Energy, Sinistra fires out a portal from this gun that goes to wherever she wants to as long as she is thinking of said location. She can visit locations she hasn't even been to before by knowing of their existence and features meaning she can traverse practically anywhere she wants to. Considering the amount of different universes she's been to, this gives her a lot of options for places she can go to. If she simply shoots herself with this gun, she instantly transports to wherever she wants to go with no portal required and can do the same to enemies to be able to teleport them to a far off universe that they usually can't come back from.
  • Dinia: After defeating a massive beastly demon that could create massive holes in space that erase anything that go inside of them, Sinistra used it's own skin to construct these powerful void rays known as Dinia. Dinia fires bullets that, like the beast she slayed itself, convert whatever they touch into absolute nothingness, including their very soul, leaving nothing left of them. With a larger Quantity of Soul Energy, Sinistra fires out a sort of pseudo black hole that sucks in anything around it to soon be erased from existence. Since these guns are magical weapons tied to her soul, Sinistra does not need to worry about being sucked inside as well.
  • Allagia: A more bizarre edition to her usual guns, created using Sinistra's knowledge on shifting the structure of other entities both physically and magically, this ray beam allows Sinistra to rearrange the structure of an object into something completely different. Though she's only learned to transform objects and other entities into something weaker due to not completely understanding it, she's still working to perfect her skills to allow herself to transform into something more powerful. But anyway, with these ray beams, Sinistra can transform enemies into weaker beings, though Sinistra prefers to keep them alive and sentient as to not be too cruel, meaning she'll usually transform them into things like cats or dogs that still retain the knowledge of whatever she used it on. With a plethora of Soul Energy, Sinistra simply fires a beam that's much more powerful and bypasses all defenses to be able to get into the very soul and body so she can shapeshift them into practically anything she pleases.
  • Aitia: When Sinistra becomes a Crown Princess, she soon develops an upgrade which uses extensive amounts of Soul Energy that goes on all of her guns which coincides with her already powerful temporal abilities. With this, Sinistra is capable of controlling the cause and effects of her guns and bullets, where she makes the cause of what fired a bullet, her pulling the trigger on a gun to do so, already happen, thus lending them to seemingly fire from nothing, and the bullet's effect to hit her opponent to already happen as well, allowing her to essentially hit her opponent instantly if it is possible to do so in the first place. These guns make what is possible happen happen in an instant, however they can't make the impossible happen, so Sinistra still needs range and the ability to possibly fire at her target with any of her weapons to pull this off. More powerful, large weapons like Ekrixius also take away more Soul Energy when combined with this ability so she must be wary whenever she uses this.

Kosmos ton Oplon: Sinistra's Internal Realm that she was finally capable of realizing after making amends with herself and finally getting passed all of her previous actions. This realm represents her ability to move on as now she is a changed entity. She was able to make amends with and forgive herself for what she did to all those Angels all those years ago as well as Jayduss. From the point that she truly discovered this world onward, Sinistra would simply be on a quest for knowledge and learning more, experiencing more, and understanding more.

In this realm is a set of countless amounts of guns floating through a seemingly empty void of many different types: Glocks, Revolvers, Rifles, and many others. At first glance, these appear to be regular guns, however, they actually represent each and every Angel Sinistra has tormented in the past, only, now that she has moved passed and made amends with herself, she has no guilt with using these as all they want to do is help her in succeeding in her goal as much as she does now since she's moved on.

Sinistra is capable of manually telekinetically controlling each and every gun within this realm including her own to shoot a massive barrage of gunfire and rockets at her foes coming from all around them to overwhelm then. She can easily apply affects like Attia or Bullet Time onto all of them as well as loading in Tempus shots for more added effects to them. The downside is that this realm passively drains her Soul Energy but considering she is constantly doing battle with a wide assortment of guns to keep it up, this is rarely an issue.

  • Alithiní Armonía: The representation of Sinistra's lover, Jayduss, manifested into the form of an exceptionally powerful handgun. Jayduss gets a special gun due to the fact that she not only was able to make amends with herself for what she did to them, but also made up with Jayduss themselves to the point that they became an actual loving couple with their own daughter. This gun regularly has Jayduss' main ability of Emotional Manipulation where every bullet from it that hits an opponent allows Sinistra to control their emotions in any way possible down to their concept. However, where this gun really shines is in it's Soul Energy ability, where it manifests Jayduss and Sinistra's true love for one another into one single powerful bullet. Once fired, it manipulates all space, time, probability, fate, and causality to be able to directly strike an opponent on every possible level of existence while also bypassing all defenses for a single, decisive blow. The biggest downside is the amount of Soul Energy it uses. It uses all of Sinistra's Soul Energy she can possibly have and somewhat destroys her very existence, leaving her weak and open until she can regenerate, so she must be extremely careful when she uses this and must make sure it's the right time to do so.

True Form: The true form of the entity known as Sinistra hiding underneath her usual female human appearance. This form is that of a large, Black Demonic Crow that, like all True Forms, takes Soul Energy for Sinistra to use. This form allows Sinistra to telekinetically control her guns since they're tied to her very soul and makes her more powerful in all categories such as strength, speed, and endurance. Sinistra is also capable of manifesting certain parts of her true form which use much less energy than the entire thing such as wings for flying or even the form of an anthropomorphic crow.


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  • If there was one song to describe the relationship between Sinistra and Avidor, it would be this one.
  • Sinistra was mostly inspired by characters like Bayonetta from the series of the same name, Tracer from Overwatch, and, to a lesser extent, Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero.
  • Sinistra is a fusion of two old concepts, those being a Demon who became morally better by injecting Angel DNA into themselves, and an outlaw girl with time powers trying to make amends for the horrible things she did.
  • Gonna give credit to The Everlasting again as he did help a lot with this profile, though not quite as much as he did on Avidor.
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