There are lots of things that are "infinite" in this entire existence. Existence is infinite, the Avatars are infinite, all the creations are also infinite. But all those "infinite" things, when viewed from here, are pathetically small. I've always trivialized those kinds of things, even absolute infinity is nothing to me now. Rewriting the story, changing the story, and breaking the entire story... Things like that, do they not change all those "infinite" objects? I and The Author both changed this entire existence, rewriting and ending the stories, surpassing even absolute infinity.

~ Shirome to the Ruling Gods


Shirome is a resident of the Unknowable Realm and one of Nox's wives. She is also the only other person to have obtained the Authority of the Author. She serves as the Regulator of Existence, as the one who makes sure that everything is functioning properly. She was also the Second Ruling God that replaced Alpha.


Shirome is described as a beautiful woman with long white hair and white eyes. She usually wears white and silver clothing.

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 1-A, possibly 0 | 0

Name: Shirome

Origin: Evanescent

Gender: Female

Age: Beyond the concept of time

Classification: Ruling God, Avatar, Resident of the Unknowable Realm, Regulator of Existence, Witch of Infinity

Powers and Abilities: Powers of a Higher Avatar, Plot Manipulation (Has Author Authority), Cosmic Awareness (Is able to view everything happening in existence), Reality Warping (Can change reality however she wants), Law Manipulation (The laws of existence and other Avatars are irrelevant to her, as she is able to change them all however she wants), Probability Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Fate Manipulation (Able to manipulate the fate of the entirety of existence), Accelerated Development (via Infinity Manipulation), Reactive Power Level, Statistics Amplification and Statistics Reduction (via Infinity Manipulation), Age Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Time Manipulation and Spatial Manipulation (Has perfect control over time and space, can also control it using Infinity Manipulation), Space-Time Manipulation, Creation (Can create anything out of nothing, can also create things using Infinity Manipulation), Power Nullification (via Infinity Manipulation and Absolute Rejection), Attack Reflection (via Infinity Manipulation and Absolute Rejection), Damage Transferal, Existence Erasure (via Infinity Manipulation and Absolute Rejection), Death Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Density Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Physics Manipulation and Mathematics Manipulation (Can manipulate all logic and reality by changing their mathematics the laws of physics, can also do this via Infinity Manipulation), Matter Manipulation, Antimatter Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Fear Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Forcefield Creation (via Infinity Manipulation and Absolute Rejection), Explosion Manipulation, Pain Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Causality Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Text Manipulation, Summoning (Can summon familiars and Black Cats), Size Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Sealing, Portal Creation, Morality Manipulation and Madness Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Life Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Vector Manipulation and Kinetic Energy Manipulation (via Infinity Manipulation), Durability Negation and Resistance Negation (via Infinity Manipulation and Absolute Rejection), Resistance to Immortality Negation and every ability she has

Attack Potency: High Outerverse level (As an Avatar, Shirome is completely superior to the First Tree which is the source of existence that exists beyond all concepts and completely transcends all the realms and the entirety of existence. Furthermore, as a Ruling God, Shirome is superior to the other Avatars and has complete control over the First Tree, being able to use its full power and being able to change the entirety of existence as she wills), possibly Boundless (Due to how they work, the Main Ruling Gods completely transcend other Avatars and even other Ruling Gods. They are completely external to all of existence and are able to reach even Nox's Unknowable Realm. They are even stated to be somewhat comparable to the residents of the Unknowable Realm who trivialized all of existence and was two of the few people that were stated to be notable by Nox's True Form. The Ruling Gods are able to change even the entire cosmology with a single thought), ignores durability using various abilities | Boundless (Was stated to be the strongest being in existence that is second only to Nox, she views everything and everyone as mere fiction. Shirome is also said to be the strongest Unknowable Realm resident, trivializing all the hierarchies and laws of existence, as they are infinitesimal to all its residents. She even trivializes the Ruling Gods, who can change the entirety of the cosmology with a single thought and are completely transcendent to other Avatars. She was also granted special authority by the Avatar and Will of the Author, causing her to transcend the entirety of the verse, wielding power far greater than any other bar The Author himself. She was even able to reduce "absolute infinity" into nothing, saying that such things are trivial to her)

Speed: Irrelevant, Omnipresent in her own reality | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: High Outerversal, possibly Boundless | Boundless

Durability: High Outerverse level (Was completely unaffected by countless attacks from other Avatars), possibly Boundless (The Main Ruling Gods are completely impervious to the attacks of other Avatars, they are stated to completely transcend other Avatars and could even defeat every single Avatar at once by themselves. Ruling Gods are also at the level of the Unknowable Realm residents as they can also access the Unknowable Realm) | Boundless (Transcended the hierarchy of Avatars and the unknowable realm, which is inaccessible to all Avatars bar the Main Ruling Gods. She was unaffected by the destruction of the entire Unknowable Realm. Completely transcends and is external to the entirety of the verse due to special authority granted to her by The Author himself. She is completely immune to any type of attack or damage as they are only fiction to her except attacks that come straight from The Author himself)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: High Outerversal, possibly Boundless | Boundless

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: Omniscient

Weaknesses: None


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Absolute Rejection: Shirome's ability that is to absolutely reject anything or anyone. If Shirome rejects something, she will be completely immune to any abilites, attacks, actions and anything they do will not affect her in the slightest as she will view them as irrelevant and only fiction. Anything she rejects will also be instantly under her, and she will transcend them, allowing her to easily destroy them with no effort. This ability also ignores differences in hierarchy and other related things, allowing her to reject beings above her bar omnipotents, as she stated that Nox was the only one she couldn't reject no matter what.

Akashic Records: Shirome is granted access to the Akashic Records by Nox. She can use every single ability and power in existence, and boost it infinitely to the point where it will dwarf even the original. She is also able to view every single possible past, present, and future.

Infinity Manipulation: Shirome's special power. It allows her to freely manipulate and control infinity, which can be used for things such as making an infinite space, or turning a powerful being into a powerless mortal. Shirome can manipulate anything, turning infinity into 0 as well as turning 0 into infinity such as when she manipulated an Unknowable Realm resident's damage from 0 to infinity, erasing them completely. She has also done things such as creating objects out of thin air and manipulating distances, to things like turning the probability of an Avatar's death from 0 to infinity, causing them to instantly disappear. In her true form, she was able to even reduce absolute infinity to 0.

Key: Witch of Infinity | Regulator of Existence/True Form


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