Shamayim (שָׁמַיִם Lit. meaning Heavens) is the base of operation and home of the Angelic Faction of the Abrahamic Faiths. It is the place where all souls that practice Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and all the other branches within the Abrahamic Faiths go to upon death.

It is an ageless and eternal realm created by God to be the home of his creations, the Angels, and himself. Situated within Yetzirah, the level of reality that exists alongside and within Assiah, the word Heaven is a concept found in multiple cultures, however, when one refers to Heaven, people shall always think of Shamayim. Unlike the Core Universe, which consists of planets, stars, and galaxies all contained within a space-time continuum, Shamayim is a series of interconnected Universes each containing stars, planets, and galaxies.


Heaven's formation and history is common knowledge to all its residents. In the beginning, God sat alone in the Nothingness with no one else. Feeling lonely, God utilized his power which was later dubbed as the Ohr Ein Sof to birth five powerful beings known as the Archangels. The first Archangel, Helel, was the crown jewel of the five and was tasked by God with helping him bring light into Creation. After creating the Archangels, God crafted seven realms of pure divinity and crafted the Universe below it. That is the history and origins of Heaven that all Angels know.


In truth, Heaven isn't as old as the Seraphim like to say it is. It is true that Heaven was around for a very long time but it isn't timeless. In truth, Heaven was created after God made the entirety of Creation and all its realms as a place for him to reside. God had chosen for Heaven to be situated close to Assiah, a realm that he knew was going to be special in the future. In comparison to the rest of Creation, Heaven is much younger and much more recent but much older than the other Divine Realms.

In the few eons that passed since Heaven's creation, the Angels saw the rise of a race of Eldritch Entities that were created by God to be the first living beings to inhabit the Multiverse alongside the beings created by Sephira. Beings that would later be dubbed as Dunsanyans, Heaven attempted to wage a war against them alongside the Cosmic Entities. In this war, Heaven lost many lives and its gates were breached by one of their most powerful, a Dunsanyan named Sish, who was known as the Destroyer of Hours. He would have gone to destroy all of Heaven if not for Uriel showing himself and banishing from Heaven. Eventually, God grew tired of the war and sent the Archangels and sealed the Dunsanyans in a prison realm known as Purgatory.

Following the event which would be stricken from Heaven's history known as the Cosmic War, Sephira's creations began to populate Yetzirah. Dubbing themselves as Gods due to their immense power, Heaven saw rise to several universes existing alongside their own. Several angels saw this as blasphemy and sacrilege but God prevented them from acting, stating that it was their right to reside in Yetzirah if they desired. The First Seraph, Metatron, was tasked with being the envoy to the other Gods. Heaven agreed that they would stay out of the Gods' affairs if they never interfered with Heaven's. A deal that was rocky at best.

When the Solar System was formed and the Earth came into existence, Heaven and the other Divinities descended from Yetzirah to Assiah and began to roam the world.

Pre-Holy War and the Advent of Man

God created the Garden of Eden and inside it, placed the First Humans. Heaven was tasked with protecting mankind by their creator. No angel was more ready for the task than the Archangel Helel. Unfortunately, some malign powers in Heaven among the Seraphs and their allies in the Gods saw mankind as nothing more than cattle to be used for their whims. Fearing and sensing the greed of her siblings, Helel descended to the Garden and granted Adam and Eve the Sephirot Fruit.

Angered at her audacity, God recalled Helel back to Heaven and cast Adam and Eve from the Garden. Helel stood before her father in Araboth and argued against him, calling him blind and admonishing all the Angels for their greed and impure thoughts. She stated that she wanted nothing to do with a Heaven that would trample upon a helpless race. She stated that she would kill anyone that would lay a finger on Adam and Eve. Fearing death, several angels stood helplessly as she walked out however, some angels were brave.

Several of the Seraphim attempted to attack the Archangel only to be swiftly defeated. As she was about to kill Zadkiel, one of her assailants, Michael engaged Helel. Their battle shook the entirety of Creation as God was forced to send the two to the Ein Sof so that Heaven would not be destroyed. Eventually, Michael called for the assistance of his siblings and Helel was cast through all the subgradients of Creation and down to the Earth.

On Earth, Helel cast her god-given name aside and called herself Lucifer. She vowed to protect her siblings and their descendants from Heaven and the other Gods and birthed an entire race built to oppose and counteract Heaven and the other Divinities. Demons.

In the event that Lucifer would attempt to attack Heaven, God created Hell for her and at its center, created a prison in the event that Lucifer attempted to attack Heaven.

Even with all that, Lucifer still loved her family and never did, devoting all of her time to her younger siblings and her children.

Holy War and its Aftermath

A few million years after the Great Flood, Angels and Demons began skirmishing across Creation. Nothing was thought of this. When a group of younglings and fledglings were found dead, accusations flew from both sides. Metatron tried to be diplomatic and maintain peace between Heaven and Hell. Her efforts were futile and war broke out across the whole of Creation. Each side attempted to destroy the other in an effort to take control of Creation. The Elder Gods and their Pantheons banded together to defend their homes. They came across the numerous Phantasmal Pantheons across Creation and together, they formed the Stigma Alliance. The War escalated to the point where an entire dimension collapsed due to the conflict. Deciding it was enough, God finally allowed his eldest, the Archangels, to end to War after hundreds of millennia of standing on the sidelines. The Archangels immediately ended the War within a few hours with Lucifer banishing all of her Demons back to Hell and Michael sending all the Angels back to Heaven. Lucifer and Gabriel then altered and removed the memories of all non-angelic and non-demonic life in Creation. However, those who participated requested the Archangels to allow them to keep their memories in case the Angels and Demons start another War. Raphael seeing the logic in this agreed to their request and convinced her siblings to allow them to retain their memories.

However, after the Holy War, things were never the same. Lucifer was blamed for instigating the war, despite never participating or playing any hand in the events that led to the war. However, several Seraphs conspired in secret. Learning of a prison God designed specifically to contain Lucifer, the rogue Seraphs concocted a plan. They would use a Hand of God to empower themselves and cloak themselves from the Archangels' senses. Zadkiel brandished a blade that would later be used by Ehud to liberate the Israelites. A Hand of God. Heaven's most powerful weapons. However, Lucifer was ready for them. She slaughtered the Angels that came to ambush her and easily defeated Zadkiel, even while he was empowered by the Hand. As Lucifer was about to land the killing blow, Zadkiel flared his power as a beacon and stabbed Lucifer with the sword. Lucifer stumbled back and felt herself being sealed away. She cursed Zadkiel as her form was being sucked into Hell.

Witnessing this, God became immensely disappointed in Creation. Before God left, He called upon Metatron who took down God’s Word. After this God warned Metatron that she would soon have to flee Heaven. God then called upon His eldest son, Michael. With instructions from his Father, Michael took all the Hands and the Akashic Tablets and scattered them across Creation while locking the Tablets in Earth's Core. After this God disappeared leaving Creation the care of the Archangels and His siblings.

However, even God could have never foreseen that the Archangels would have abandoned Heaven shortly after he did.

Heaven Civil War

The Holy War set back Creation by hundreds of thousands of years as many worlds were left on the brink of collapse. Heaven began a civil war. Feeling arrogant at defeating the Archangel Lucifer, Zadkiel instigated a coup against the Seraph Metatron, leader of the Empyrean Council.

When Zadkiel broke through the doors of her Solar. Metatron stood strong and brandished her blade, Keter. Knowing that her older siblings had left Heaven, Metatron attempted to defend it. She incapacitated a good number of Seraphs and Angels before she was ultimately defeated. Brought before the courts of Heaven where she was admonished and humiliated live on Heaven's News Network The Astra, Metatron was placed in a sham trial. With falsified evidence of her conspiring with Demons and their disgraced older sister Lucifer, Metatron turned to her twin sister Sandalphon for Help. Sandalphon looked at Metatron in disgust and disowned her in front of all Heaven.

Broken beyond all measure, Zadkiel delivered the final verdict. Metatron was to be banished from Heaven after her wings were severed. She would be considered persona non grata by all of Heaven. Metatron snapped and broke free of her bindings. She fled Heaven, defeating the guard Camael and disappeared. With Heaven fully under his control, Zadkiel began to methodically take control of the hearts of Heaven's populace and altered its history, making it seem as if Angels who were once revered and admired like Lucifer and Metatron were considered to be the incarnations of all the evils in Creation.

In Preparation of Armageddon; The Vision of John of Patmos

In the years that followed, Heaven established their dominance through religion, twisting man's faith to serve them. Shortly after the death of Jesus Christ, which Zadkiel orchestrated by swaying the Pharisees, the Prophet John of Patmos had a series of visions that detailed events that would happen in the future. Despite their efforts to keep information of such an event contained, word leaked out and Heaven was forced to comply.

After sharing information of a potential crisis that would bring about the end of all existence, Heaven began preparing and developed a secret project known as Project Chariot. A project that would be used during Armageddon itself to ensure the victory of Heaven and secure its place as the dominant power in all Creation.

Society and Culture

Heaven is a hierarchical society divided into Nine Ranks that are grouped into triads. Naturally, it is correct for one to assume that the higher one is within a triad, the more powerful they are. However, this only applies to inherent power. Political Power is kept within the highest level of each Triad with the Third Triad holding all the power.

As a society, Heaven is occupied primarily by angels and the souls of the blessed dead. The souls of the blessed dead are kept within the Third Heaven and were formerly blissfully kept unaware of the other levels due to a combination of careful guarding by the Seraphim and propaganda instilled by Heaven's media. The regular file and rank angels such as the Malakim and the Bene Elohim are primarily relegated to the First and Second Heavens which are considered the population centers of Angelkind. It didn't matter what rank you were, living spaces were primarily there.

What ran as popular culture in Heaven is and was designed by Heaven's media. Movies, books, songs, and games all glorifying and praising God and various angels ran supreme throughout Heaven. In addition, it was very common under Zadkiel's rule that most of Heaven's media vilified other Pantheons and made them appear evil and demonic. This caused many angels to fear and abhor other pantheons, wrapping them tight within Zadkiel's grasp.

The tradition of gender roles in Heaven is undefined as families and groups can be led by other gender. A common mistake among those loyal to the Abrahamic Faiths is that Heaven is a Patriarchical society when the truth is that Heaven can be either. Females in Heaven enjoy equal rights amongst males and are granted the same benefits and punishments without discrimination from the other. This eliminates several problems found in modern-day society such as radical feminism and toxic masculinity.

As a culture, Heaven is unified with a single religion pervading throughout the entirety of the Seven Heavens and that is the worship of the One True God. Many angels take it upon themselves to pray daily to their absentee creator. The notion of God's disappearance was carefully covered up by the Seraphim after Metatron's banishment for fear of sparking another Civil War. Most angels believe that God continues to reside within his home in the Seventh Heaven, never even knowing the truth. In addition, following the Holy War, Helel/Lucifer is known to be vilified amongst the Heavenly Populace with even stories of her "evil" reaching the halls of the Blessed Dead.


Heaven's official ruler is the One True God. However, since his disappearance, Heaven has maintained that illusion within and abroad. While it serves its purpose of keeping the other pantheons from encroaching their borders, Heaven's higher-ups deemed that a second civil war within Heaven would likely destroy it and in a unanimous decision by the Ten Great Seraphs, Heaven's figurehead ruler was simply the name of God himself.

All of the power and authority resides with the Empyrean Council, the council which initially served under God and the Archangels prior to their disappearance. Now, the Council holds all the political power in Heaven, ruling with the face of a fair and just council and hiding the tyranny purported by most of its members. In short, Heaven is a mix of a kritarchy and a theocracy as the Ten Great Seraphs are regarded as the judge and religious officials of Heaven.

Heaven's territories and provinces within its levels are governed by Angels appointed by the Empyrean Council. The angels are from different ranks but all have shown loyalty to Heaven's regime.

Heaven's government is split into multiple branches and agencies each headed and supervised by a member of the Ten Great Seraphim.

The Empyrean Council

The true ruling power of Heaven. The Empyrean Council acts as the legislative, executive, and judicial branch of Heaven. In the terms of Anael, they are the "judge, jury, and executioner". They consist of the Ten Great Seraphim headed by the Angel of Mercy, Zadkiel. While a majority of Heaven's populace revere and worship the Seraphim alongside that of God and the Archangels, a select few can see through the carefully constructed veil that they have created for themselves. The Council deals with all matters of Heaven, ranging from its military to the economy. Laws are passed by the council with a 2/3 majority vote. In the event of a tie, the law is sent back into the backroom for reform until all members of the council are satisfied. The Council under the rule of Zadkiel was filled with Angels that were loyal to him in order to prevent dissension. Some angels such as Raguel and Anael which were leftover from Metatron's rule over the Council remained in order for Zadkiel to continue with the illusion that the Council is fair.

The Treasury

One of the Ten Branches of Heaven's government. It is headed by the Seraph Ananiel. Most, if not all of the angels within this department are Malakim, Bene Elohim, and Principalities. The Treasury is responsible for the flow of money around Heaven as well as promoting Commerce. The Treasury itself is subdivided into multiple bureaus for maximum efficiency.

The basic responsibility of the Treasury are as follows:

  • Producing all coinage and currency within Shamayim.
  • Collecting taxes, money, and dues owed to Heaven's Government (i.e Heaven's version of the IRS)
  • Supervising the various state and national banks and thrift institutions within Heaven
  • Advising Heaven in its domestic spending policy as well as any inter-pantheon trade policy that Heaven may want to form with other pantheons
  • Enforcing government financial and tax laws
  • Publishing economic statistics such as employment ratings, PPP, and GDP

The various bureaus and subdivisions within the Treasury are as follows:

  • The Bureau of Engraving and Coinage (BEC)
  • The Bureau of Fiscal Services
  • The Mint
  • The Heavenly Revenue Service (HRS)
  • The Treasury Inspector for Tax Administration

Defense Department

Headed by the Seraph Camael. Heaven's Defense Department is the head of all of Heaven's Armies of which Camael is the supreme general. The Defense Department (DD) is also responsible for the national security of Heaven as well as any security organizations that operate on behalf of Heaven such as the Grigori or the Powers. Like the other government branches of Heaven, the DD is split into several departments to maximize efficiency. Military workers are primarily employed by the DD. The DD is located within the Sixth Heaven.

During the Holy War, the Defense Department of Heaven was responsible for coordinating Heaven's movements against Hell. Overall, the performance of the DD and stories of glory purported and spread through Heaven's media lead many angels to join Heaven's vast armies.

Intelligence Department

The department that is oftentimes conflated with the Defense Department due to their close relations and unified purpose. The Intelligence Department is headed by the Seraph Jophiel. The primary employees and operatives within the intelligence department are the Ophamim or the Wheels of Heaven. The ID (Intelligence Department) is also responsible for managing Heaven's law enforcement as well as its secret police.

The Department also regulates the flow of information within Heaven and is closely tied with Heaven's Media. With it, propaganda regarding Zadkiel and the other Seraphs are spread like wildfire throughout Heaven itself. It is also responsible of repressing knowledge of the other pantheons, making them appear as demons that allied themselves with Lucifer and slowly brainwash the entirety of Heaven's populace.

The most notable intelligence agency in the Intelligence Department of Heaven is known as the Ishim. The Ishim are responsible for observing the human world and the various pantheons within the Earth. Capable of maintaining a human guise via spells that nullify their grace signatures, Ishim are capable of moving within religious boundaries and allow Heaven to spy on other pantheons under the guise of a member that practices it. The Ishim are headed by the Cherub Kokabiel, an angel known for his bloodthirsty and cruelty as well as for his loyalty to Zadkiel.

Department of Education and Development

Also known as the Science Department or the Nerd Den by Anael, the EDD is headed by the Seraph Raziel, who is the Angel of Mysteries. This branch is primarily responsible for the development of Heaven's technology as well as heading the education of all angels within Heaven. The department is heavily centralized and is involved in deciding the curricula of Heaven's education. The education system in Heaven is the standard K-12 System with universities that are set within the Fifth Heaven. The Department primarily employs Principalities as the bulk of its workers but will also pick particularly brilliant Lesser Seraphs and Malakim.

There is a secret division in the Branch known and created by the Seraph Raziel. Formed during the Holy War, the branch is known as the Chariot Project and its projects are split across the entirety of Heaven with only Raziel, his inner circle, and the Empyrean Council knowing of the project's true outcome. Doing this maintains the secrecy of the project and prevents spies that have somehow entered Heaven from acquiring information that can compromise the project.

Department of Health

Formerly run by the Archangel Raphael and currently run by the Seraph Ariel, the Department of Health is responsible for maintaining the hospital and medical systems of all Heaven. Formed with the intent of "maintaining and protecting the health of all angelkind", it is one of the few branches that is not steeped in rumor and conspiracy by some lower-level angels. Virtues are mostly seen running this department.

The Department also has a degree of autonomy which is recognized by Zadkiel as something necessary. With its degree, the Department is capable of decreeing laws regarding Health so long as it doesn't obstruct or undermine the authority of the Empyrean Council. The department runs closely alongside the Defense Department as it provides Heaven's Armies with combat medics.

The secret division within the Department works closely with the EDD and the DD to develop various biological weapons that can be used for warfare. The Division was believed to have been shut down with the end of the Holy War.

Department of State

Run by the Seraph Raguel, the Department of State is responsible for maintaining Heaven's foreign relations with other Pantheons. It is the pantheon most shrouded in secrecy as Angels no matter what rank with the exception of the Ten Great Seraphim know what actually happens within the Pantheon.

The Department selects the most trustworthy and loyal angels to work in said department. Most of the workers are Dominions and Principalities that accompany the Seraph Raguel on his trips to the other Pantheons and to the Celestial Council.

The Department has many responsibilities and they are as follows:

  • Protect and assist any angels that live on Earth
  • Coordinating and providing support for any Earth-bound angelic organizations as well as diplomatic missions to other Pantheons in addition to maintaining the seat of Heaven on the Celestial Council.
  • Keeping the public informed about Heaven's ███████ ██████.

Using its massive workforce of Dominions and Principalities, Heaven also uses this department to maintain its position with various selected religious officials and political leaders across the world to make sure that the influence of its three religions remains strong within their territories.

Shamayem Internal Security

Also referred to as the SIS, this department is often and most frequently conflated with the Department of the Defense. While many of their functions are similar, there are a few key differences. The DD is concerned with Heaven's military actions abroad and outside of Heaven. The SIS is a much simpler matter. They are in charge of Heaven's Domestic Security. A function that they share with the Intelligence Department. The Department is headed by the Seraph Barachiel.

The Department is also known as the Justice Department, weeding out crimes and acts that are considered a threat to Heaven and its people. It developed the Heaven Threat Level System or HTLS for short that assigns threat levels to Heaven's various enemies. The level system is not at all a secret and is frequently seen on Heaven's news media.

Department of Internal Development

The Department that oversees the development of Heaven's infrastructure across all Seven Levels. It is responsible for maintaining Heaven's housing, urban areas, cities, and roads as well as inter-level travel via the maintenance of Warp Gates and access to the Axis Mundi. The Department is the largest bureau within Heaven's government, employing angels from all levels. It boasts a workforce of over 3.14 trillion angels. It is located within the Seventh Heaven on Anael's Star System. It is headed and run by the Seraph Anael.

The Department has many broad responsibilities. It is responsible for granting Block and Categorical Grants to the various levels and areas within Heaven and to the Angel in charge of the territory. The DID is also responsible for maintaining Heaven's transportation systems such as the Warp Gates, Chayot Services that is responsible for interstellar and intergalactic travel within Heaven's levels, and the access to the Axis Mundi.

Theocratic Bureau

TB for short. The Theocratic Bureau is headed by Seraph Zadkiel. The Theocratic Bureau maintains the illusion that God is still present within the Seventh Heaven and carries out various religious services in his name. The Bureau employs various angels in its ranks, selecting them based on loyalty and devotion.

In addition, the Bureau has a hidden side that roots out what it refers to as "blasphemy". Blasphemy in their eyes is a fancy word that refers to any angel that finds out the truth behind God and the Archangels. The Order is known as the Order of Sariel and is a Black Hand group similar to the Knights of Hell. They are comprised of Lesser Seraphs that have all devoted themselves to Zadkiel and God, mutilating their bodies in a form of self-repentance.

Paradiso Maintenance and Overseer Department

Known as the PMO or Paradiso for short, it is run by the Seraph Ramiel. The Department is responsible for running and maintaining the individual paradise of the Third Heaven. Unlike other Heavens, the Third Heaven is a space-time that contains the endless amount of paradises that are conjured by the souls of the Blessed Dead. It is the smallest of Heaven's branches with only 150,705 Angels working and maintaining the Third Heaven.

It is described by workers to be a multi-level Office/Apartment Building about the size of an entire Universe. Warp Gates are the most common way of traversing this level and the doors are locked from the outside. It is the laxest job as all they do is guard the souls of the Blessed Dead and prevent other angels from entering the Third Heaven. It is where Cassiel formerly worked following her promotion from the First Heaven Police Force and prior to her time working for Raguel.


Heaven's Army consists of a few trillion angels. Most of which are volunteers among the denizens of Heaven while others were drafted by Heaven's Army during the Holy War. Heaven's Forces are led by the Seraph Camael and the various Cherubs and Dominions that have earned his favor. An small army consisting of about fifty angels is capable of subjugating an entire planet all by themselves, granted there is no interference from any other sources such as other pantheons.

In addition, Heaven's Army is bolstered by various weapons and technology developed by Heaven's Development Department. All angels are equipped with the standard Enochian Blades and weaponry as well as state of the art Heavenly Spells. Heaven also has several Chariots that are ready to be used for combat at a moments notice. Following the end of the Holy War and Heaven's First Civil War, most of Heaven's Army is stationed on the First Heaven straight at the gates where no one is allowed to enter. There is only one Heavenly Military Group that resides outside of Heaven at the moment and that is the Grigori.

The Grigori

The Grigori, also known as the Watchers, is an elite group of angels of various ranks led by the Seraphs Samael and Azazel. The Angels are responsible for observing the Earth and make their base on the Moon. There are twelve Grigori Angels that were selected and handpicked by Heaven's Empyrean Council.

Each member of the Grigori is powerful enough to wipe out an entire star system by themselves and are seen as a threat by many of Earth's religions. Rumored to be trained by the Archangel Lucifer herself, the Grigori present themselves as the biggest threat to Heaven's security and the other Pantheons on Earth.

Following the end of the Holy War, Zadkiel attempted to have the Grigori hunted down for fear of rebellion against him, costing him an entire flight of Angels and several of their most powerful ships. After that, the Grigori refused to return to Heaven due to Penemue's death. The last angel to join the Grigori was the Lesser Seraph and sister of Zadkiel, Lailah.

Heaven Threat Level System

Threat Levels are a ranking system granted to various perceived threats to Heaven. It was put in place to decide how to properly deal with threats when they make themselves present. There are different responses to different threats but the overarching concept no matter what the threat level is the total removal of the threat from the world. The system is copied and used by the Celestial Council to decide global threats as well.

How Levels are Assigned

Threat Levels are assigned based on the information gathered about the threat and the projected damage that it is capable of doing to Heaven or in a specific situation. For example, there are certain events and beings that are classified to certain threat levels while others escalate over time based on new information that is presented.

Threat Levels

Class 4 Threats: Any threat classified as a Class 4 is deemed as a minor threat and can be taken care of with very little movement from the Celestial Council and Heaven. Threats of this level are usually dealt with using only a few squads of beings that are considered to be High Class.

Class 3 Threats: Any threat classified as a Class 3 is deemed as a threat to a major settlement or displaying power equal to that of at least an Ultimate Class Being. Threat Levels of this caliber require more resources. In the event that a Class 3 Threat presents itself, the Council is to deploy several teams comprised of at least Power or higher to dispose of the threats. Other threats of this level include an attack on a major human city such as Tokyo or Los Angeles.

Class 2 Threats: Any threat classified as a Class 2 is deemed as a threat to an entire pantheon or displaying power equal to that of at least a Dominion or Deity Class Being. Threat Levels of this caliber must be dealt with using utmost caution as well as proper amounts of planning as collateral damage is an inevitable consequence of dealing with a Class 2 Threat.

Class 1 Threats: Any threat classified as a Class 1 is deemed to be dangerous enough to threaten the lives of the entire world or display power equal to that of several Ophanim, Cherubim, or higher. Threat Levels of this caliber present an imminent danger to all life and action must be taken immediately. First Class Threats usually require the efforts of multiple beings of at least Seraphim and Cherubim working together in order to eliminate or subdue the threat. The First and Second Beasts are deemed as Class 1 threats.

א-Class Threats: א-Class Threats are hypothetical situations or beings proposed by Raguel to be considered dangerous enough that they present a danger to everyone. Originally a theory, the first-ever א-Class was assigned to the Archangel Lucifer.


Despite every angel's inherent ability to teleport and fly, Angels have developed a transportation system that allows them to easily travel from each of Heaven's Levels. Throughout Heaven, there is an ever-shifting dimensional pathway known as the Axis Mundi. Along this pathway are gates that are set up in a manner similar to subway stops or train stops allow Angels to travel to and from a certain portion of Heaven itself. Due to the fact that Heaven is also comprised of Seven Universes, travel between the planets, stars, and galaxies in Heaven requires ships that can travel at vast distances of several tens of thousands of light-years within a matter of several hours to a day via highly advanced superluminal drives within their ships.


Heaven's Economy is highly developed and mixed with its current incarnation being a product of Post Holy and Post Civil War reforms. Heaven's economy involves the use of free markets in which private companies (owned by Heaven's government with the facade that they are autonomous) and public companies. Heaven frequently intervenes within its economy when the government feels that they aren't performing up to par or their industrial output isn't satisfactory. While the government could care less about their revenue due to the fact that taxes are nearly nonexistent but some taxes such as income tax and revenue tax are collected by Heaven's government in order to fuel their massive economy and projects as well as to keep the non-combatant and lower angels happy and satisfied, quelling any sort of rebellion. However, Heaven's economy is not perfect. Among the Malakim, there is a high poverty rating among them with a large amount of the Malakim living in slum-like conditions within the First Heaven.

Among the pantheons, Heaven has one of the highest GDPs second only to the Greco-Roman and Norse Pantheon. The currency of Heaven is known as Manna.


Heaven is comprised of seven separate universes that are interconnected via a dimensional pathway known as the Axis Mundi or the World Axis. The only completely occupied universe within the Seven Heavens is the Third Heaven which is different from the conventional Universe. The seven levels of Heaven are as follows:

  1. Vilon
  2. Raki'a
  3. Shehaqim
  4. Ma'on
  5. Machon
  6. Zebul
  7. Araboth


Vilon (וילון, Lit. Meaning Curtain) is the First Level of Heaven and one of its three population centers. It is the home universe of Cassiel and the non-combatant angelic forces. Vilon is eerily similar to the core universe in size and composition, possessing a mirror of the Solar System as well as various Earth-like planets. Planets within Vilon have been terraformed for industrial and residential purposes. Cities spanning entire planets and celestial bodies while interplanetary and interstellar travel are common within Vilon.

Tragically, lack of sufficient funding from the Empyrean Council due to Zadkiel's inherent greed has caused many of the worlds within Vilon to be nothing more than near-lawless slums. The Principalities and Dominions placed in charge are corrupt and serve Zadkiel to maintain their power. Crime rates within the outer worlds such as Cassiel's home planet are typically high, higher than most.

Vilon is also home to the front line of Heaven's Armies. Millions upon millions of combat-trained angels and the Seraph Camael make their home at the center of Vilon where the Gates of Heaven are located. The Gates are the only way in and out of Heaven to the untrained angel. Combat ready Angels are trained to teleport but are detected through various dimensional barriers that surround all Seven Heavens.


Raki'a (רקיע Lit. meaning Firmament) is the Second Level of Heaven. It is sparsely populated save for the EDD and the various angelic R&D organizations that are within the EDD. Every planet, star system, and galaxy within Raki'a is converted for enhancing industrial capacity. The outermost planets and galaxies are devoted to testing facilities and laboratories as well as Project Chariot. Its administrating Seraph is Raziel, the Angel of Mysteries, who converted all of the Second Heaven into his personal laboratory.


Sheqahim (שחקים Loosely Translated to Twilight or Boundary) is the Third Level of Heaven and perhaps the most populated level of Heaven. Within Sheqahim, the souls of the redeemed and the blessed death reside within as well as the Angels of the Paradiso Maintenance and Overseer Division. It is described to be one massive universe sized storage unit housing trillions upon trillions of human souls as well as the souls of other beings who worshipped the One True God.

Within Sheqahim, the blessed dead create their own paradises, tailored to them by the PMO based on their deepest desires, be it a memory of their most cherished loved ones, the best day, or simply the most ideal life they could possibly imagine. Most souls are incapable of traveling individual paradises but a few select souls have managed to find backdoors into Sheqahim, allowing them to visit others within this idyllic space-time. However, even fewer of these Hoppers succeed as Ramiel is swift in hunting them down.

Sheqahim is also the most guarded level of Heaven other than the First, Fourth, and Seventh due to the high number of souls that are contained within it. Angels are careful to guard the Blessed Death from other pantheons and a possible onslaught from Demons.

A separate portion of Sheqahim known as the Garden is where the Garden of Eden and the Sephirot Tree are located. From here, all of its power flows throughout all Seven Heavens.

The Garden of Eden

The birthplace of Mankind and the home of the Sephirot Tree. It was formerly located on Earth. Accounts left behind by both Adam and Eve described Eden as a lush forest where all life lived in harmony. It contained all the plants of the world and fruit so sweet and nourishing that one could be full from eating just a single fruit. Animals of every species and genus also resided there. Even extinct animals such as dinosaurs. In addition to the "garden", Eden is also divided into multiple biomes and locales best suited to support the species that reside within. It has four rivers. Two of these rivers fed into the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

At the center of the Garden stands the Sephirot Tree, a massive tree that towers above the trees of Eden as well as some small mountains. It bears the Sephirot Fruit, a fruit of such immense power, that God had forbidden Adam and Eve from eating it. It is also the place that Helel visited many times during her time in Heaven.


Ma'on (מָעוֹן Lit meaning Habitation) is the Fourth Heaven. It is a holy place of reverence and the main base of operations for the Theocratic Bureau. It is home to various temples that are dedicated to God and his Archangels as well as to the Ten Great Seraphim. Lucifer, prior to her fall and while she was still named Helel, had a temple here but ever since her name was considered as persona non grata, Helel/Lucifer's temples have since fallen into disarray and disrepair with only a few angels ever coming to pray to her. Any attempt to pray to Helel is met with swift eradication by the Theocratic Bureau.


Makon (מָכוֹן, Lit meaning Place) is the Fifth Heaven. It is the Third Population Center of Heaven and the place where all the high ranking officials of Heaven's media, military, and government reside. It is also where the highest education centers are located as well as their most prestigious universities. A source of information for all angels, all of Heaven's history is open for everyone to read... the abridged version that is.


Zebul (זְבוּל, Lit meaning House) is the Sixth Level of Heaven and the one most shrouded in mystery. Commonly considered to be Heaven's armory by all Angels, the Sixth Heaven, much like the Second, is believed to be devoted to the development of various weapons. However, the truth is much different.

Zebul is home to Heaven's Bioweapons Research Project and the final and core location of Project Chariot. It is also the hardest level to access due to heavy amounts of space-time warding that protect it from beings capable of accessing seven dimensional spaces such as the ones located in Beriah such as the Archfae and the Archreapers.


Araboth (זְבוּל, Lit meaning Expanse) is the Seventh Level of Heaven and God's Throne Universe. Here at the very center lies a planet surrounded by stars. The planet is known as Hekhalot and it is the location of the Throne of God. It is also the capital city of the Seraphim and where the Empyrean Council holds all their meetings. Cases that reach the Seraphim are also located on Hekhalot. Other planets within Araboth are living centers for Heaven's Elite, i.e the Ten Great Seraphim and the Lesser Seraphim. Each Seraph is designated a portion over which they rule. Camael is the only exception to this rule as while he does have a portion of Araboth to himself, Camael puts his duty above personal pleasure and resides within the First Heaven to guard its gates.

Araboth is the most developed region of Heaven as well with various pieces of architecture that are beautifully designed. Cities that span entire star systems and access to all of Heaven's top secret information, including its unabridged history. The unabridged history of Heaven is located on Hekhalot, however, and can only be accessed if one has the proper clearance.


Hekhalot is the Throneworld of God and the capitol of Heaven. Unlike a normal star system, Hekhalot system is a geocentric star system in which several moon-sized stars revolve around a large Jupiter shaped planet. Its very structure defies the laws of physics as any planet that large would have to be considered a gas giant. However, Hekhalot is special. It was personally designed by God with its core being powered by the originator of Ohr, the power source of Heaven's vehicles.

Despite the fact that it is Heaven's capitol, Hekhalot contains very few urban areas and finds itself enjoying the natural paradise that God has cultivated over the years. Perhaps in some measure of respect to his creator, Zadkiel has left the wilderness untouched and lets the blessed creatures of God frolic and live freely within Hekhalot.

Accessing Hekhalot is extremely difficult as it is surrounded by a dimensional distortion put out by the Hekhalot's core. This distortion was placed there by Zadkiel himself after he overthrew Metatron and banished her. Using an artifact known as Pleroma, a Hand of God, Zadkiel is capable of maintaining a barrier that cannot be accessed, even by Cosmic Class Entities such as the Archreapers and the Archfae. Only those who have been selected such as the Empyrean Council and Angels loyal to Zadkiel are able to enter. Following Zadkiel's death, the barrier was removed by Anael, allowing all angels to access Hekhalot once more.


Due to the immense knowledge and learning capacity of the Angels, Heaven's technology is much more advanced than anything produced by humans. Produced and perfected in the several millenia of war against the demons, Heaven's technology is vast and numerous, being used for a variety of purposes. Powered by magic, all of Heaven's technology has been showcased to the other pantheons to showcase the supermacy of the Silver Kingdom.

Heaven's technology is rather crude in design. Despite its advanced tech, the design is reminiscent of that of steampunk era technology or 80's perception of futuristic tech. Heaven even uses practical melee weapons which would be seen by modern day humans as primitive. However, despite the crude design, Heaven's technology is incredibly efficient and runs on a power source that is infinite, constantly drawing power from the Sephirot Tree. Even outside of Heaven, energy collected from the Sephirot Tree powers Heaven's ships and technology in the form of Ohr.

Most of Heaven's technology is developed in Raki'a and Zebul where the EDD has a large presence. All of Heaven's technology can be used in various ways such as opening portals to other dimensions and communication. Heaven's weapons are powerful, capable of wiping out arms of galaxies and killing other divinities and high-level demons. Some of Heaven's weapons even has the power to shatter souls itself.

Angelic Weaponry

Angelic Weaponry takes many forms but the standard form is that of a sword. While it may seem medieval in nature, these swords allow an angel to channel their grace, making it highly durable and much sharper than even the sharpest sword ever developed by mankind. Angelic Weaponry all have one thing in common. The ability to harm a being's life essence or a mortal being's soul.

Hands of God

Simply referred to as Hands, they are Heaven's most powerful weapons, even more so than Project Chariot. Each Hand is believed to contain a small portion of God's power. However, all of the Hands were scattered across the Earth in unknown locations by the Archangel Michael. It is believed by the Seraphim that the Hands were destroyed upon arrival but many have been depicted within the Bible. Of the Hands that managed to escape the Archangel such as the Sword of Ehud and the ones that the Seraphim managed to retrieve, Heaven possesses a total of five Hands. The rest are unaccounted for.

The abilities of a Hand vary and most are attributed to famous biblical stories, implying that the Hands were uncovered by Humans and retrieved by Michael following that humans' death. Such abilities include localized time stop, sound manipulation, manipulation of animals and the weather, controlling the elements, controlling Fate, killing immortals, warping reality, etc. The most famous of these Hands are the Staff of Moses, the Holy Grail, and the Spear of Saint Longinus.

The most common ability shared by all Hands is their ability to allow beings to interact with higher powers and harm them as seen with Zadkiel's use of the Sword of Ehud in order to seal away a being as powerful as Lucifer herself.


Ohr are vessels of pure power gathered from the Sephirot Tree. Ohr replaced the original power source of Heaven's ships which was the siphoning of galaxies and converting them into energy for ships. This was brought up by the Seraph Anael as an environmental concern. She developed the idea of Ohr and the EDD led by Raziel was tasked with developing such a source. After studying Heaven's power source, the Sephirot Tree, Raziel figured out a way to collect power from it by siphoning and condensing power that flows from the Sephirot Tree in the form of its Four Rivers. And thus, the energy dubbed as Ohr in honor of their father was born.

Ohr itself is pure energy that is contained within metal spheres about the size of a two-story house. These vessels are highly durable, capable of enduring extreme physical damage, and even survive attacks from the strongest of Gods. There aren't very many accurate descriptions of what Ohr is but it is known by Angels who power the ships and design Heaven's tech that Ohr is an energy source. It is to be used when the tech is outside of Heaven as to prevent the power of the Sephirot Tree from leaking into and possibly damaging Assiah and Yetzirah.

The power output of Ohr is incredible with it being described as 10,000 Suns being set to supernova all at once. It has the power output of an entire galaxy put together and can power Heaven's Chariots as well as its superluminal space drives which the Chariots use to traverse the Universe's various galaxies and stars.

Highly volatile in nature, if disturbed enough, Ohr can undergo a rapid chain reaction and achieve critical mass similar to nuclear weaponry on Earth. The result ended up in one of the worst accidents in Heaven's history involving the death of 1.2 million angels and the destruction of the southern arm of Raki'a Galaxy #1967.

Project Chariot

Perhaps Heaven's most dangerous piece of technology would be the Four Living Creatures produced by Project Chariot. The Four Living Creatures are the pinnacle of the blending of magic and science, producing what Raziel refers to as the ultimate divine lifeforms. Created with the sole purpose of ensuring Heaven's survival in Armageddon, these four creatures were carefully cultivated over the course of several thousand years.

Thousands of angels that were deemed unsavory by angelic society were used in creating them. Their body and graces all burned through and experimented on to develop these four monstrosities. Adding Heaven's various tech and weapons as well as pieces of a Hand of God known as Archon, these weapons are formidable.

In a test done by Raziel on the First of the Four, the Living Creature was taken to an unpopulated universe that was decimated during the Holy War. The Creature was activated and given the order to destroy. It did with horrifyingly spectacular results. The entirety of the universe was shredded down to the last quantum particle and waveform until the very foundation of that Universe's space-time was destroyed.

The Four Living Creatures can be controlled using personal sigils stones that are attributed to each creature. There is only one sigil stone and that stone is locked away in a location that only the Ten Great Seraphim are aware of. In addition, there is also a failsafe mechanism in the event that the Seraph controlling the Creature is incapacitated or the Sigil Stone is stolen. Inside the Creature is a hyperdense core of pure Ohr that has been fused with Grace. It is highly destructive and upon self-destruction is capable of reducing an entire Universe to nothing.

In the entire project, Heaven was able to create Four Living Creatures. Each creature was given a designation and were stored away in the Sixth Heaven where they slumber until called upon. The Four are known as Merkavah, Kavalah, Zohar, and Hasidi.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A to 4-A, possibly 3-C | 7-B to 4-A | Low 2-C

Civilization Type: Multiversal Civilization. Heaven is a civilization whose reach extends over its Seven Levels/Universes and extends into the core universe.

Name: Shamayim, שָׁמַיִם, The Seven Heavens, Paradise, Zion, Upstairs, Hereafter, the Box in the Sky, the Shining Silver Kingdom

Origin: Re: Until The Clock Strikes Twelve

Kardashev Level: Type III. Heaven's technology and weaponry can harness and drain the power of entire galaxies. Type VII. Within Heaven itself, power from the Sephirot Tree which is located on the Third Heaven and produces an unlimited amount of energy capable of maintaining all Seven Levels.

Age: Several Tens of Billions of Years Old

Population: Quadrillions of Angels


Angel Physiology, Conceptual Manipulation (Seraphim), Creation (Seraphs, Cherubs, and Ophanim), Reality Warping (Higher Level Angels), Teleportation, Dimensional Travel

Reality Warping (The Staff of Aaron had the power to warp and alter reality itself.), Transmutation (The Staff of Aaron can turn into a snake. The Staff of Moses turned the Nile River into blood and has the potential to turn the entirety of Earth's oceans into blood. Lot's Salt was able to turn Lot's wife into a pillar of salt.), Summoning (The Purge Sigil, the sigil used by Lot can summon meteors. The Staff of Moses has the power to summon insects, frogs, and rats), Disease Manipulation (Moses's staff was able to summon a plague of boils), Darkness Manipulation (Staff of Moses), Death Manipulation (Staff of Moses. The Ark of the Covenant which was formerly stored in the Seventh Heaven can kill man, angels, demons and gods. Reported to be used during the Holy War to wipe out an entire galaxy), Water Manipulation (Staff of Moses), Sealing (Sword of Ehud is capable of sealing powerful beings away in other dimensions. It was used to cast Lucifer into Hell.), Weather Manipulation (Staff of Moses), Forcefield Creation (Pleroma, a Hand of God, is capable of shrouding Araboth's Throneworld, Hekhalot, in a dimensional barrier that can keep out beings possessing four Brane Layers), Probability Manipulation and Fate Manipulation with the Staff of Longinus, Explosion Manipulation via Heaven's various missiles equipped on their Chayots, Portal Creation via Heaven's Gate and Gate Sigils, Durability Negation via Angelic Weapons, Immortality Negation with Hands of Gods and Angelic Weapons (Angelic Weapons can slay immortal beings such as Demons, Gods, and even other Angels. Some beings have a certain level of resistance to this. Hands such as the Longinus Spear are capable of slaying beings as powerful as Archreapers and Archfae.), Matter Manipulation (Staff of Moses and Hands), Telekinesis (Joshua's Amulet, a powerful Hand, was able to forcibly move the Moon in front of the Sun, creating an eclipse.), Time Manipulation via Joshua's Amulet, Sound Manipulation via Horn of Joshua, Energy Manipulation via Hands, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation via Hands, Non-Physical Interaction, Soul Manipulation and Life Creation via the Ark of the Covenant, Resurrection and Purification via the Holy Grail, Teleportation and Dimensional Travel via Gate Sigils and Heaven's Gates

Attack Potency: Mountain Level to Multi-Solar System Level, possibly Galaxy Level (Even the weakest non-combatant angel is capable of destruction far greater than that of the strongest nuclear weapons ever developed by mankind. Higher-level angels such as Dominions and Powers are capable of wiping out entire planets all by themselves. The Seraphim are so powerful that they can destroy and subjugate entire systems with no assistance needed and can fight on the same level as Chief Deities.) | City Level to Multi-Solar System Level, can negate durability and affect High Hyperversal Structures and possibly Outerversal Structures with certain weapons (Heaven's weapons and technology vary with their ability to destroy. Magical Weapons such as the Staff of Moses is capable of destroying the Moon while other weapons such as the Rod of Aaron is capable of leveling an entire galaxy. Heaven's Chayots possess large destructive powers within their capacity with their planetary bombardments during the Holy War described as being capable of destroying cities, fortresses, as well as boiling oceans and causing massive tectonic spasms within the planet's crust. Their most powerful chayots, the Yedihah, were capable of triggering supernovas with their Neshamah Class missiles. Multiple Yedihah Star Ships were capable of "carving a path" through the arms of entire galaxies with a Neshamah bombardment. Hands of God can harm beings such as Lucifer albeit barely) | Universe Level+ (The Four Living Creatures developed by Project Chariot are Heaven's Ultimate Weapons designed to combat the Elder Gods and the First and Second Beasts of Revelation. Each chariot is capable of destroying entire universes with their most powerful attacks. The most powerful of the Four, Merkabah, is able to destroy all matter and energy within a universe as well as ripping apart its space-time continuum at its base with the first test describing it as watching an entire reality pop like a balloon.)

Power Source: Outside Heaven, Chayots are powered by energy siphoned from stars and entire galaxies. Worries about draining entire galaxies were expressed by the Seraph Anael so she came up with an analogous power source known as Ohr which is compressed energy stored within a highly durable sphere. It is outfitted into every chayot and is capable of producing the same energy output of an entire galaxy. Within Heaven, everything is powered and draws power from the Sephirot Tree, a divine construct created by Shekhinah. It gives off an unquantifiable amount of power and with the lack of the laws of entropy within Heaven, that energy is recycled and converted into Ohr which is then used to power chayots outside of Heaven.

Industrial Capacity: The Second and Fifth Heavens are where most of Heaven's industry and production happens. Star systems and clusters devoted to producing all of Heaven's technology, infrastructure, and weaponry. Entire planets within Heaven are converted into giant factories and foundries capable of producing chayots of all classes within a few days. The outermost regions of the Second and Sixth Levels are dedicated to Project Chariot.

Military Prowess: Heaven's Army comprises of trained angels of varying levels and from different classes. During the Holy War, this army was capable of contending with the Demons from Hell and fought them to a stalemate, leaving many galaxies and star systems in ruin over a period of several hundred years.

Notable Individuals:

The Empyrean Council:

  • Zadkiel, the Angel of Mercy (Leader and Head of the Theocratic Bureau)
  • Anael, the Angel of Joy (Head of the Department of Internal Development)
  • Raguel, the Angel of Laws (Head of the Department of State)
  • Ananiel, the Angel of Storms (Head of the Treasury)
  • Camael, the Angel of War (Head of the Defense Department)
  • Raziel, the Angel of Mysteries (Head of the Department of Education and Development)
  • Jophiel, the Angel of Wisdom (Head of the Intelligence Department)
  • Ariel, the Angel of Healing (Head of the Department of Health)
  • Barachiel, the Angel of Lightning (Head of Shamayem Internal Security)
  • Ramiel, the Angel of Thunder (Head of Paradiso Maintenance and Overseer Department)

  • Samael, the Angel of Severity (Head of the Judiciary Branch)
  • Anael, the Angel of Joy (Head of the Department of Internal Development)
  • Lailah, the Angel of Night (Head of the Department of State)
  • Ananiel, the Angel of Storms (Head of the Treasury)
  • Azazel, the Angel of Combat (Head of the Defense Department)
  • Raziel, the Angel of Mysteries (Head of the Department of Education and Development)
  • Dumah, the Angel of Silence (Head of the Intelligence Department)
  • Ariel, the Angel of Healing (Head of the Department of Health)
  • Barachiel, the Angel of Lightning (Head of Shamayem Internal Security)
  • Cassiel, the Angel of Temperance (Head of Paradiso Maintenance and Overseer Department

The Grigori

  • Samael, the Angel of Severity (Captain)
  • Azazel, the Angel of Combat (Vice-Captain)
  • Samyaza, the Angel of Foresight (Vice-Captain)
  • Lailah, the Angel of Night
  • Penemue, the Angel of Secrets
  • Armaros, the Angel of the Sun
  • Gadreel, the Angel of Protection

Other Angels

  • Kokabiel, Angel of Stars and a Cherub
  • Azrael, Angel of Death and a Lesser Seraph
  • Shamsiel, Angel of Prayer
  • Malachai, a Power

Weaknesses: Heaven's populace is ignorant and intolerant of other pantheons after several millennia of propaganda and media brainwashing by the Ten Great Seraphim led by Zadkiel. Small-scale rebellions within Heaven are common but are kept out of the public eye with the efforts of the Seraph Jophiel and Raziel, who control education and the flow of information within Heaven. Despite this, civil wars are easy to trigger within Heaven. Infiltrating Heaven is rather easy as well... for angels that is. Angels who have defected or have been banished are still capable of accessing Heaven through special Warp Gates located on Earth.

Key: Angels | Heaven's Arsenal | Chayot Ha Kodesh

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