Roses are red, Violets are blue, you're done for Sinister, I came to destroy you.
~ ShadicFan before battling Sinister

Godly Potential huh? This better be some strength that we wield.
~ ShadicFan after realizing he has Godly Potential
ShadicFan (Godly Potential) -Incomplete-

There shall be no resistance upon my ability. I have came to destroy you!
~ ShadicFan before battling Ethara
ShadicFan (Godly Potential) -Complete-

YOSHAAA! (Alright!)
~ ShadicFan appearing, after SonicFan and ShadowFan fused.


ShadicFan (Also Known As : SonadowFan) is the result of the fusionism wrist braces and the fusion dance between SonicFan and ShadowFan, appearing in the SonicFan Franchise.


ShadicFan appears similar to SonicFan and ShadowFan appearance, apart the hair is black and purple, the eyes are bright green, his jumper is hot pink and his trousers are magenta.

ShadicFan in all media is portrayed as peach, blue, red, gray, black and brown in different media.

With Godly Potential, ShadicFan appears to be purple with indigo pupils and black, hollow eyes. His hair does not grow long when he does this.


Since Fusions have personalities of both people combined, this fusion has it's own. ShadicFan can sometimes be cocky, misunderstood and serious. ShadicFan has the similar personality to SonicFan and ShadowFan still.

 Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Name: ShadicFan, SonadowFan

Origin: SonicFan Franchise

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Wristband Fusion

Birthplace: Unknown

Weight: Unknown, Varies via Size Manipulation

Height: 7'2, Varies via Size Manipulation

Likes: Anything, Earth, Fun Journeys, Food, Kids and even battling

Dislikes: Threats that range from Low to Godly

Marital Status: Unknown

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Purple Void


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Tier: 8-A | 6-C | 4-B | High 3-A | 2-B | Low 2-C to Low 1-C with Godly Potential, higher when completed

Powers & Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Scraptonium Manipulation (can control a physical red & blue electricity in which scraptonians use in combat), Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception (can see ghosts, stands and other supernatural forces that are invisible), Non-Physical Interaction, Flight, Afterimage Creation (his attacks leave numerous after images), Aura, Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Energy Manipulation (ShadicFan's main signature ability is to generate and manipulate green energy, in which can be used to create forcefields, strengthen skin, construct weapons or make energy blasts home on targets. His ergokinetic abilities can sometimes have a chance to paralyse people), Molecular Manipulation (ShadicFan's main secondary ability is to manipulate the speed of molecules to an extend. He can accelerate them to the point where they combust or explode, reduce them to the point where they lose energy, stop them in place or crystallize things in ice.) Void Manipulation/Fear Manipulation (Via, his Void Aura in which can erase objects, people and diseases out of existence. People sometimes get scared of his void aura, in fact beings who are resistant are not), Perception Manipulation (can make his perspective of time being frozen, while others see time going really quick. the space-time continuum stays normal when this is activated), Adaptation, Teleportation, Dimensional Travel, Dimensional Storage (can store his items out of nowhere), Energy Absorption, Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), Regeneration (High-Mid), Nigh-Omnipresence, Light Manipulation/BFR (can project a light on his hand, in which he can seal opponents in there), Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combat, Time Travel, Healing, Acausality (Type 1), Size Manipulation (limited to himself. Small Size (Type 4) to Large Size (Type 7)), Regeneration (High-Mid), Limited Space-Time Manipulation (Managed to close a portal by using his Ergokinesis, broke through Grayscale Tikal's pocket dimension and managed to escape), Holy Manipulation, Purification (Type 2)/Willpower Manipulation (Can project a rainbow ball of purification energy, in which is able to erase any type of evil from the person, nullify their willpower and reduce them back to their original form. This type of attack can home on targets)

All previous abilities but to a much more greater extent, Immortality (Type 10), Instinctive Reaction, Resistance Negation (Is able to nullify anything that are resistant to Holy Manipulation and Purification)

All previous abilities but to a much more greater extent, Higher-Dimensional Existence, Space-Time Manipulation, Reality Warping, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2 & 3), Matter Manipulation, Antimatter Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Acausality (Type 5), Size Manipulation (limited to himself. Small Size (Type 8) to Large Size (Type 8), Creation (Created a universe where everything is warped), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation

Resistance to: Electricity Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Sealing, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation (After Crystalmind absorbed his memory of who he is, SonicFan still remembered who Crystalmind is and thus, can still remember anything even if his brain is split in half), Existence Erasure/Void Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Corruption, Transmutation, Time Manipulation, Absorption, Adaptation, Power Nullification, Extreme Colds, Cosmic Radiations, Poison Manipulation, Death Manipulation, & Limited Resistance to: Power Mimicry, Causality Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation, Pain Manipulation (Can withstand pain), Resistance Negation (Is unaffected by the Dark Red Virus, in which is meant to destroy ones immune system even if it's completely immune to diseases) & Precognition (Bypassed Tikal Crimson's Precognitive ability, in which is meant to predict 10 seconds into the future for any incoming danger/victory) | Same as before from his base form, Resistance to: Reality Warping, Conceptual Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, & Antimatter Manipulation

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block Level | Island Level | Solar System Level | High Universe Level (Possesses SonicFan's ability to shatter through an entire reality, effectively destroying it. Fought Sinister in a 1V1 battle against him. Can ignore durability with Purification against Evil Beings) | Multiverse Level (Fought against Ethara in his Anti State) | Universe Level+ to Low Complex Multiverse Level with Godly Potential (Comparable to Multiversal Crystalmind in his true form), higher when completed (Is much more stronger than before. Can ignore durability in alot of ways)

Speed: Transonic (Outran bullets with his speed alone. Can move so swiftly that normal people see him teleporting) with Massively FTL reactions, combat and flight speed (Travelled around the Solar System in less than 1 second), Relativistic attack speed for the energy projections | Transonic with Massively FTL reactions, combat and flight speed, Relativistic attack speed for the energy projections | Hypersonic (is far faster than before) with Massively FTL reactions, combat and flight speed, Speed of Light attack speed for the energy projections | Massively FTL with Massively FTL+ reactions, combat and flight speed, FTL attack speed for the energy projections | Massively FTL with Massively FTL+ reactions, combat and flight speed, FTL+ attack speed for the energy projections | Infinite to Omnipresent (Has achieved Godly Potential, in which give him Cosmique-like traits and giving him unlimited speed, in which makes him the fastest character in the SonicFan Franchise right next to Death Queen)

Lifting Strength: Class Y

Striking Strength: Multi-City Block Level | Island Level | Solar System Level | High Universe Level | Multiverse Level | Low Complex Multiverse Level

Durability: Multi-City Block Level | Island Level | Solar System Level | High Universe Level (Survived the total destruction of Grayscale Tikal's dimension) | Multiverse Level | Low Complex Multiverse Level (Instinctive Reaction and his Cosmique-like traits makes him extremely hard to kill)

StaminaExtremely High | Limitless

Range: Standard Melee Range | Planetary up to Universal with Energy Projections | Interstellar with Light Seal | Multiversal+ with Teleportation | Low Complex Multiverse with Purification (Stated that the Purification ball can always home on it's target and follows them everywhere) and Cosmique Powers

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Genius (ShadicFan is most likely experienced in other things such as food, drinks, maths, deities, and more. Although, ShadicFan always has strategies, making him able to counter and adapt to any situation or attack whatsoever. However, ShadicFan is fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Khmer.)

Weaknesses: Needs to eat, drink and sleep, otherwise his powers won't function properly. Light Seal does not work on blind people, and Purification only works on evil. In Godly Potential, it takes a lot of time to transform. (takes about 1 minute to transform and if interrupted, he would need to transform again)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Scraptonian Physiology: Thanks to his physiology, ShadicFan possesses immense physical and mental condition, in which makes him have immense strength, speed, durability, agility, etc. It is known that he is immune to contaminants such as diseases, poison, drugs, etc.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: ShadicFan can rapidly regenerate loss tissue and injuries.
  • Scraptonium Manipulation: ShadicFan can control a physical red & blue electricity in which scraptonians use in combat.
    • Scraptonium Acceleration: ShadicFan can infuse scraptonium into his eyes, making his perspective of time is frozen, being able to freely move around and changes others perspective of time, looking like it's going fast. This does not affect the space-time continuum itself. It's original limit was 4 Seconds and the more he uses potential on the ability, the longer the time limit.

- Energy Manipulation: SonicFan's main and signature ability is the ability to manipulate green energy and use it in combat. He can use it offensively or defensively, in which allows him to project energy blasts, create force fields, create platforms, construct beings, etc. Anyone hit by the energy will have a chance of being paralysed. The energy can penetrate through portals, black holes and even break through dimensional barriers.

- Molecular Speed Manipulation: ShadowFan's main and signature ability is the ability to manipulate the speed of molecules to an extent. This allows him to accelerate, decelerate, and even halt molecules altogether. Advanced users can speed up molecules until they combust, slow down molecules until they lose energy, stop them completely, or revert them to an earlier state.

- Teleportation: ShadicFan can teleport one place to another across the entire multiverse. This allows him to become Nigh-Omnipresent within the multiverse.

  • Chronoportation: Alongside with teleportation, he can also travel through time.

- Void Aura: ShadicFan is able to activate a green and cyan steaming fiery-like aura, in which can be used offensively, defensively and supportive. This power is most likely the power that most villains feared.

  • Existence Erasure: Along with activating the void aura, ShadicFan can remove something from existence, leaving nothing behind, a level of destruction beyond incineration, vaporization, and atomization. Rather than just reducing something to its constituent parts, this ability leaves absolutely nothing behind. People who get erased by this do not go to heaven or hell and instead, they cease to exist.
  • Healing: With the void aura, ShadicFan could heal people and revive them.

- Light Seal: This is used as a last-resort attack. ShadicFan raises his hand (left or right but not both) and projects a shining light that even closing eyes, turning back or blocking the person's view is futile. Anything who looks at it will be blinded by the light and then teleport them to a bright white void, in which nothing can escape. It is stated that this power does not work on blind people. ShadicFan does not use this in combat very often.

- Holy Manipulation: ShadicFan's main ability in combat is manipulating holy forces.

  • Purification: One of ShadicFan's last-resort attacks. He can project a rainbow ball of purification energy and fire at his opponent, in which is able to erase any type of evil from the person, nullify their willpower and reduce them back to their original form. This type of attack can home on targets and can follow them everywhere until it completely annihilates them.

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