A typical shade.


Shade Physiology is a subset of abilities granted by maintaining the Shade race in Dungeons in Dragons depicted here. Becoming a Shade requires transformation or being born in a very specific location; namely, Anauroch, a city that was teleported into the Plane of Shadows.

Possible Uses

Simply maintaining the Physiology of a Shade grants the following abilities.

  • Teleportation between Shadows: Shades can travel through any shadow in the universe.
  • Dimensional Travel: Shades can travel to the Plane of Shadows.
  • Light Manipulation/Darkness Manipulation: Shades have complete and total control over how light or dark an area is, regardless of available light sources or time of day.
  • Probability Manipulation: Shades are supernaturally lucky.
  • Regeneration (Mid-Low): Shades can regenerate lost limbs and return from fatal wounds, such as being gored alive.
  • Enhanced Senses: Shadesight allows Shades to see perfectly even through magical darkness, though they lack the ability to use nightvision in obscuring mist or some other effect.
  • Invisibility: At will, a Shade can become invisible to the naked eye.
  • Stealth Mastery: Shades naturally are able to stealth through their environments.
  • Illusion Manipulation/Duplication: Shades are able to create fake shadow clones of themselves. These clones are not physical but are useful for distractions.
  • Magic Nullification: Shades naturally negate magical effects upon making contact with them.
  • Limited Body Control: Shades can manipulate the palms of their hands to spawn biting jaws there to attack with.


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