Olympians. I have deemed you no longer worthy of existence. For the death of my baby brother, I sentence you and your ilk to utter extermination. Please, don't resist. It'll make this whole process faster.
~ Selene

~ Orion looks at his wife while he and Atlanta look over at the Olympian Throne Building
So, Hephaestus chose his side... I have mixed feelings going into this
~ Atlanta says, looking at the barrier
It doesn't matter. We're here for one thing. The Olympians have allowed for a member of our family to die. At the end of the day, The Council will be dead with the exception of a few and the demigods will be exterminated.
~ Selene says, wiping her sword.

Selene is the wife of Orion Okeanos, the son of Poseidon, and the daughter of Cain. Selene is also the older sister of Ruby and Ciara and the younger sister of Kenan and Astar She is a Founding Member of the Blacklight. In Hell, Selene is famously known as Goetia.




Selene is a woman of average height. She has fair skin and has orange-brown chestnut hair. She is always seen with a serene smile on her face. It has been noted by many men that she is extremely beautiful and has had many ask for her hand in marriage even after she was married to Orion. In her true appearance, she has blue hair and blue eyes. Her wings are cyan with a black miasmic glow.


Selene was originally a woman with little self-confidence. She was extremely withdrawn inward and viewed herself as inferior to her older siblings. That changed over time as she grew up with Orion and Atalanta. Selene became more confident and more extroverted. She was not afraid to take command if needed and spoke her mind often. However, Selene retained her humble personality and often gave credit to others despite achieving it herself. She is a kind person who cannot abandon a person in need. A trait she shares with Orion.

Selene also has a very serious side. During the Holy War, she was a commander. Most people who fought with her noted that she was a very strict but fair leader to her troops. Despite her kindness, Selene does not hesitate to act against those who question her authority, her position, or her abilities as seen when she challenged one of her troops to a duel after he made a sexist comment about her leadership abilities. This shows that Selene is capable of showing pride and will not hesitate to defend her pride.

Selene is devoted and loyal to her loved ones. This is most evident in her relationship with siblings. She takes a lot of siblings' advice to heart, holding her brother, Kenan, in high regard. After the Holy War and the destruction of Talaria, she clung to her siblings like a lifeline as she vented her guilt onto them. As a mother, Selene dotes on her children often letting her emotions take control of her if one of her children is hurt. She even once threatened to completely destroy the entire Elven Race for looking at her daughter in a perverted manner. Selene is extremely protective of Adrian, going as far as to spearhead an assault on Mount Olympus after believing them to be responsible for his death at the hands of cousin

Like her family, Selene exhibits a thrill for battle. During the heat of battle, she is often seen with a kind and caring smile on her face. This has earned her the title, The Demon with the smile of an Angel.

Personal Statistics

Birthplace: Earth

Weight: She will kill you if you know

Height: 172 cm

Affiliation: Blacklight

Le Motif: A Thunder Wolf

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 5-A, likely higher| 4-A

Name: Selene Okeanos nee Erenod, Sargatanas, The Lightning Flash, The Mentor of King Solomon, Knight of Hell

Origin: Until the Clock Strikes Twelve

Gender: Female

Age: About 1 million years

Classification: Cambion, Knight of Hell, Founder

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (Low-Godly), Teleportation, Apporting, Instinctive Reaction, Healing, Enhanced Senses, Astral Projection, Localization, Telekinesis, Darkness Manipulation (Selene has exhibited great control over Darkness and quickly reminded Yui that she was the one the taught her everything she knew. During the Holy War, Selene had engulfed entire star systems with Darkness alone.), Electricity Manipulation (Selene can coat her entire body in lightning increasing her speed, power, and durability. She can also coat her sword in lightning increasing its cutting power. Selene was able to call down several lightning bolts that leveled massive portions of the plaza of Olympus.), Earth Manipulation, Intangibility, Aura (The aura of Selene’s true form generates an immense amount of pressure.), Power Nullification (For lesser beings), Attack Reflection, Mind Manipulation, Fear Manipulation (The mere aura of Selene’s true form is able to instill absolute terror in weaker beings and even moderate fear in others.), Memory Manipulation (Selene erased the memories of an entire country after a demon attack was caught on television.), Durability Negation via the Goetic Ensemble (The Goetic Ensemble is a set of spells and techniques developed by Selene that allows one to directly target the soul or spiritual essence of a being. It doesn't matter if a being doesn't have a soul, the spell will target the energy that keeps them alive.), Corrosion Inducement (Selene is capable of reducing entire beings to dust.), Dream Walking, Heat Manipulation, Summoning via Magic (Can summon the Outer Gods), Invulnerability (Selene, like most beings of supernatural origin, cannot be harmed by conventional weaponry. She was able to take a hail of missiles to her entire being without any harm.), Danmaku, Flight, Expert Magic Caster, Master Hand to Hand Combatant, Master Swordswoman, Resistance to Enochian Weapons (Can only be harmed or killed by Archangelic Weapons, the First Blade, or weapons forged by Archangels such as Caliburn Morgan or the Jeweled Sword.), Resistance to Disease Manipulation and Poison Manipulation, Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3), Non-Physical Interaction

Attack Potency: Dwarf Star Level (Even in her suppressed form, she is far more powerful than minor gods and laid waste to Olympus's entire army. A single attack was able to completely vaporize an Earth-sized planet within Olympus's Universe in an instant. Selene easily defeated Kratos, Bia, Zelul, and Nike extremely easily.) | Multi-Solar System Level (Thrashed Artemis and the other younger Olympian Gods as if they were mere children. Traded Zeus blow for blow, forcing the God to go all out. Selene stated that she can instantly wipe out all of Olympus, which is a space-time containing thirteen star systems with twelve of them ruled by an Olympian Deity.)

Speed: FTL with Massively FTL reactions (Continuously blitzed Ares during the attack on Olympus. Flew to the moon and back in seconds. Dodged an attack from Hephaestus. She can travel an entire solar system in minutes whereas it takes normal light five hours to get from the Sun to Pluto. Was able to attack and catch Ulazikul off guard. Dodged an attack from Emrakozi.)

Lifting Strength: Class Z

Striking Strength: Large Planet Class|Multiversal

Durability: Multiverse Level

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless

Range: Planetary|Interplanetary|Interstellar to Multiversal with attacks and spells| Multiversal with Teleportation

Standard Equipment: Phosphora: Selene’s sword forged from a mixture of unique metals from various mythologies across the Assiah. It was her signature weapon that her enemies “never saw twice”. Phosphora is capable of handling Demonic Taint.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Selene possesses millennia of knowledge. She was in charge of the creation of the education of Hunters and stockpiled and created numerous texts. She taught King Solomon, her apprentice, and helped him create a new form of magic and improved upon the already existing art of Thaumaturgy. In fact, Solomon credited his teacher's findings by naming his book, the Ars Goetia, after her.)


  • Extremely powerful Enochian Weapons (Regular Enochian Weapons are incapable of killing her)
  • Higher Beings (Archangels can easily kill Selene)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Unholy Sword Style: One Thousand Pierinc Strikes: Selene heightens her power and senses to the utmost limit and delivers 1000 consecutive strikes in what appears to be a single stroke.
  • Ancalagon: Selene summons a massive dragon made of pure lightning from the sky to attack her foes.

Key: Suppressed Selene | Selene


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