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Sean Nell was your normal 10 year old kid until one day walking home from the store he saw a shooting star and fallowed it to a forest where he found a god soul that then bonded with his soul giving him magic and the power to turn into any alien and is now the hero of his universe who saved it lots of times over the past 7 years of hero work

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 6-A4-A | Low 2-C, 2-A

Name: Sean Nell

Origin: STRW

Gender: male

Age: 17

Classification: Human | Alien | cosmicsapien 

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsPlant ManipulationExtrasensory Perception (can sense beings with magic and can sense life energy), Biological Manipulation, Power MimicryShapeshifting (can turn his difrent body parts into alien body parts or the whole alien), MagicFire ManipulationAir ManipulationElectricity ManipulationWeather ManipulationEarth ManipulationIce ManipulationIntangibilityNon-Physical InteractionSoul Manipulationcan turn into his cosmic life form and turn his body parts or whole body into a alien,  Regeneration (Mid-Low), TelekinesisLight Manipulation | In his Cosmic Life Form, he has all previous abilities, plus Size Manipulation (can grow to the size of a galaxy), Reality WarpingFlightDuplicationImmortality (Types 1 and 3), Space-Time Manipulation (type 2), Mind Manipulation (can control all life forms), Time ManipulationAcausality (type 2. in this form he becomes the only one in all of existence as he is the god of life), Abstract Existence (Type 3: Embodies life), Subjective RealitySelf-Sustenance (type 1 and 3), Regeneration (Low-Godly), Explosion Manipulation (made the fusion of the god of darkness limbs explode when he took a step), Regeneration Nullification (stoped the dark god fusion from regenerating), Resurrection (revived mercury by removeing the cause of his death), Power Negation (made the god fusion defuse) , Mental Manipulation (made pepole froget why they are where they are by removeing the casuse of things), Death Manipulation (made the dark god die over and over agein in a white void), Causality Manipulation, Invulnerability, Nigh-Omniscience (remade the universe to how it was before getting detroyed exepct for a pop flavor), Higher-Dimensional Existence (his race is born from creation energy), Lifeforce AbsorptionLife ManipulationTransmutationExistence Erasure (Can erase things from the universe),Conceptual Manipulation (type 4),Pocket Reality Manipulation, Energy ManipulationEnergy ProjectionFusionismResistance to Empathic ManipulationReality WarpingExistence ErasureChemicals (Poison Manipulation, Poisons), PetrificationStatus Effect InducementPrecognitionFate ManipulationDeath Manipulation, and Durability Negation, Time ManipulationSoul ManipulationAge Manipulation

Attack Potency: Multi-Continent level (battled on par with base Saturn) | Multi-Solar System level (lit up the universe for a second. This is 3.50160e+58 Watts, or Joules/second) | Universe level+ (battled on par with law dragon mode Saturn and each punch he did destroyed the universe and remade it, shook the null void until he got used to this form), Multiverse level+ (by working with the soul of the old god of life it alowed him to live and stop a sword slash from the dark saturn fusion who is stronger then the god of darkness who killed robins brother who makes multiverses and can make infinite multiverses and stomped rohin after getting her old powers back)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic (can keep up with base saturn) | Massively FTL+ (lit up the observable universe in a second which is 1.468 quintillion times lightspeed) | Immeasurable (forced saturn to go into his god form to even keep up with him)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Multi-Continent ClassMulti-Solar System Class | Universal+, Multiversal+

Durability: Multi-Continent levelMulti-Solar System level | Universe level+, Multiverse level+

Stamina: Unknown (depends on what alien he is or in base form) | Unknown. Likely Limitless

Range: Standard melee range. Interstellar with magic | Multiversal, Multiversal+

Standard Equipment: his sword

Intelligence: High (is able to swap between his aliens to use different powers and knows how to use them with out a second thought and has 7 years of fighting with his powers and can remember a password no one else remembered and was said to be the smartest person in his school if he tried) | Nigh-Omniscient as a cosmicsapien

Weaknesses: can not copy aliens that lack DNA, are hybrids, that are humans, are extinct, or are not sapiens. the soul in him needs to agree to help him if he wants to use their full power in his cosmic life form

Key: Base | lightnight | cosmic life form


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