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Saturn Black is one of the few people on the planet born with magic. His father left him and his family to keep them safe from his assassin work. One day, Saturn will be tasked with stopping the villain organization known as KAR. Due to the orders of Byzz, his father was forced to attempt to kill Saturn, although he dies to the organization by fighting his son. Now having obtained his father's sword that has a spirit in it made by a god, Saturn must find multiple other artifacts to stop KAR's goal to obtain them. 

After the time skip and losing all his magic, he is on a quest to get it back, and save the world from a coming threat.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A, 6-C with magic, higher with Attack mode and Dragon mode | High 6-A, Higher with Stat Mode | 5-CHigher with Stat Mode | 5-BHigher with Stat Mode | 2-B, Higher with stat mode

Name: Saturn Black

Origin: STRW

Gender: Male 

Age: 23-28 years old

Classification: human | Human/Alphus (when absorbed the god soul)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, An Expert Swordsman, Martial ArtsStatistics Amplification (With Attack Mode, Speed Mode, Defense Mode/stat mode), Fire ManipulationEnergy ManipulationEnhanced SensesForcefield Creation (Can make full-body forcefields or a forcefield in front of him with Defense mode/stat mode), Resistance to Soul Manipulation and Possession (with defense mode/stat mode), Resistance to Fire Manipulation (Has shown multiple times he can easily walk into fire without injury) and Limited Resistance to Ice Manipulation (If someone tries to freeze him, he can easily increase his body temperature to match), Limited Duplication with Speed Mode, Rage Power (In Attack mode/Stat mode, he gets stronger the more angry he is), Aura (In Attack/Stat mode, his aura will burn those who touch it, as it's real fire and  makes the area super hot), Regeneration (Mid-Low), Transformation (can go into his Dragon mode, True Dragon mode, Law Dragon mode, and God form), Vibration ManipulationAbsorption (With Attack/Stat mode, he gains an aura that absorbs fire), Reactive Power Level (has shown multiple times he is able to get stronger in a very small period of time), Extrasensory Perception (can sense beings with magic and can sense life energy), MagicFlightWeather ManipulationIce ManipulationElectricity ManipulationTelekinesisAir ManipulationElemental ManipulationDarkness ManipulationNon-Physical Interaction (Can harm ghosts) | In Dragon mode and True Dragon mode, he has all other abilities, plus: Matter Manipulation via Destruction Balls (Can turn opponents to dust and in his True Dragon mode can disintegrate opponents, no matter how durable they are), DuplicationResistance to Time Stop (Was able to move in frozen time), Gravity Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (wasn't affected by yanald mind controling all the mortals in the multiverse), Illusion Manipulation and Perception Manipulation | in fire dragon mode he has all previous abilitys and Teleportation (of himself and others, can even telport to and from different dimensions), BFR, Regeneration (high. Should have the same regen as the GoL who can turn into a cloud of energy),Immortality (type 5. Should have the same immortality as the GoL), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 4. Should have got this from the GoL), Self-Sustenance (type 1), Soul Manipulation (should get this from the Goal who brought back Elsa and altered her soul, causing it to merge with a likeminded individual whenever she died. He even can age up souls), Resurrection (brought himself back to life after getting the power form the GoL) | In his God of Destruction form, he has all previous abilities, along with: Self-Sustenance (type 3), Can see invisible beings from a higher dimension, Lifeforce AbsorptionLife ManipulationTransmutationAbstract Existence (Type 3: Embodies destruction), Acausality (type 2. There is only one of him in existence as he didn't exist in the past or future for void to harm), Immortality (type 1 and likely immorally type 4 and 8: like taiga and yanald, he too should be resurrected in the god realm when he "dies" as he possibility can't die as long as destruction exists) Existence Erasure (Can erase things from the multiverse and all of history), FusionismResistance to Empathic ManipulationReality WarpingExistence Erasure (Void couldn't erase him from the multiverse and history), Chemicals, PoisonsPetrificationStatus Effect InducementPrecognitionFate ManipulationDeath Manipulation, and Durability Negation, Time Manipulation

Attack Potency: Mountain level+ (Made a volcanic eruption by punching the ground and it was said to be equal in power to this), Island level with magic (Made a massive fireball and lifted up a mountain after getting his magic back), Higher with Attack mode and Dragon mode | Multi-Continent level (Yanald said he got as powerful as when he beat Byzz), Higher with Stat mode | Moon level (Blew up 25% of the moon), Higher with Stat mode (made a hole through Yanald chest useing a fire ball) | Planet level+ (Was given half of present day Ulerin's power alongside Taiga Snow and was able to cut off a off guard Yanald and push him back), Higher with Stat mode (could stab and cut Yanald in half with a Dragon Fire Slash) | Multiverse level (when useing the full power of this form he can cut in half magic god absorbed Yanald who absorbed the magic god who made the universe, magic realm, hell and the null void and was able to help beat void in his final form who was going to destroy the multiverse and all timelines and replace it all with the void. Got stronger after the 5 year time skip and mastered his god form.), Higher in Stat mode (was pushing Yanald to use his sword to block his attacks but was also overpowered by him)

Speed: At Least Massively Hypersonic+ (Was said to be fast as his dragon mode beofre the time skip), Higher with speed mode and dragon mode | Sub-Relativistic (got as fast as he was after his final dragon mode training), Higher with stat mode | Relativistic (can fly around the earth in a second), Higher with stat mode | Relativistic (Comparable to Taiga who Destroyed Yanald's meteoroids), Higher with stat mode | Immeasurable (Battled Void who became a higher-dimensional being that is beyond time and was said to exist in the past, present, future and moved out the way of his attacks)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, Class P with magic | Unknown | Unknown himself, Class Z via Telekinesis (comparable to Ulerin who helped lift a moon with Telekinesis) | Unknown | Immeasurable (pushed back void who became a 4d being who fused with the past, now, future)

Striking Strength: Mountain Class+Island Class with magic, Higher with Dragon mode | Multi-Continent Class | Planet Class+Higher with Stat mode | Multiversal

Durability: Mountain Level+, Island Level with magic, Higher with Defense mode and Dragon mode | Multi-Continent level, Higher with Stat mode | Moon levelHigher with Stat mode | Planet level+Higher with Stat mode | Multiverse level, Higher with Stat mode

Stamina: Godly (trained for 20 days non stop to learn how to use his powers, can take a lot of damage like getting stabbed, getting deep cuts and being on the brink of death and can still fight with these wounds), Limitless in his god form

Range: Extended Melee Range with sword, Several kilometers with his magic | Extended Melee Range with sword, planetry with magic and Interdimensional with Teleportation | Extended Melee Range with sword, Planetary to Multiversal with magic, Low Complex Multiversal with teleportation

Standard Equipment: His sword, and the spirit of the God of Destruction

Intelligence: Above Average, as he was able to get into college with high grades on his first attempt. High in combat, for he can read his opponent's moves and predict where they are going to be next based on their fighting style. He can make tactical decisions on the fly like swapping between his modes to make up for their weaknesses and even mixed all his modes into one to make up for the weakness of them.

Weaknesses: Attack Mode makes him slower, his Speed Mode makes him less powerful and his Defense Mode makes him slower and weaker, but since he got Stat mode he doesn't have this weakness. He is rather reckless and runs into fights he knows he can't win when someone is in danger. Is super stubborn and never gives up. His Dragon Mode can only last a hour before returning him back to base form and he can only use it bi weekly, can only destroy the matter of a living thing much slower then a non living thing and almost never uses his Destruction balls as it drains far to much time of this form. | he can't leave the god dimension unless the god of everything let's him

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

Normal Magic

Magic: Magic is an energy in every living thing, but most have never unlocked it. It can be used to make elemental attacks or fly and even make the use faster, stronger and increases defense. Most people with magic unlocked unique powers, like Saturn's modes and Taiga's Glyphs.

Sense: Saturn can sense other lifeforms and beings with Magic in his vicinity, making sneak attacks very difficult

Stat Mode: Saturn's signature use of his Magic. He manages to mix the Attack, Speed, and Defense Modes to eliminate all of the individual modes’ drawbacks, completely amping his physical statistics and gaining all of their perks. In this mode, he gains the fiery aura from Attack Mode, the electricity surges around his body from Speed Mode, and the full body forcefield from Defense Mode.

  • Fire Aura: Saturn is surrounded by an intense flame aura that burns all who touch it, and makes the surrounding area extraordinarily hotter. Saturn can absorb other flames or heat based attacks to power himself up with the aura.
  • Rage Power: In this mode, the angrier Saturn gets, the more powerful he becomes
  • Speed Clones: Saturn can create more than 2000 "speed clones", all of which are weaker than the original and dissipate after landing an attack or getting hit immediately.
  • Forcefields: In Defense Mode, Saturn can create full body or spherical forcefields to defend himself
  • Special Resistances: Saturn is capable of resisting Soul Based and Possession Based Attacks via his forcefields.

Fire Magic: Saturn's signature method of attack without using his sword. He can create various attacks made out of blazing orange fire, such as streams, blasts, javalins, discs, and more.

  • Fireball: His favorite use of his flames is the classic fireball. He can make them in various sizes and have them explode on impact when they hit their foe.
    • Firebolt Shuriken: A special variation of the Fireball by combining azure electricity into it. He throws this new fireball with azure electricity spikes protruding out of it like a disk to deal dual elemental damage.
  • Fire Dragon Series
    • Fire Dragon Slash: Perhaps Saturn's most iconic attacking move, the Fire Dragon Slash has Saturn ignite his sword before swinging it, sending forward a blade beam made of flame at his opponents
    • Fire Dragon Fist: With a grand punch, Saturn lets loose a large flaming dragon charging at his opponent for heavy damage. It’s his most powerful fire move at his disposal

Telekinesis: Another one of Saturn's favorites. He telekinetically grabs an opponent to throw into the surrounding environment, or to hold them in place. Another option is crushing them, which is out of character for Saturn if the target is a sentient being.

Flight: Self Explanatory ability. Saturn has the ability of flight for extra maneuverability.

Other Elemental Magic: Saturn can control Energy, Ice, Air, and Electricity to make blasts and other various shapes as he chooses.

Weather Magic: Uses for simple storms.

Vibration Magic

  • Quake Fist: He can slam his fist into the ground to make earthquakes strong enough to make his enemy lose balance. If he hits an enemy, he drives them into the ground to make an earthquake

Non-Physical Interaction: Capable of hurting ghosts. Gained this ability without the need of Red Mode during the time-skip

Darkness Magic: Saturn can control shadows at his disposal for various purposes. Gained this ability without the need of Red Mode during the time-skip

  • Shadow Hand: Saturn's main use of this ability is to create an arm of shadow to grab his opponent for a follow-up strike

Regeneration: Saturn can regenerate from his heart being ripped out and destroyed, meaning that with this healing factor, is very hard to put down

The Spirit Inside the Blade

Saturn’s blade possesses half of the powerful Spirit of Destruction inside of it that’s always trying to take over his body. It’s power is immense, as absorbing even a part of it can increase Saturn’s physical capabilities to immense levels.

Dragon Mode: After making compromises with the Spirit and absorbing it fully, Saturn is able to enter this form. It gives him an insane power boost in all aspects. As well, he gains access to his most dangerous magic, Destruction Magic.

  • True Dragon Mode: True Dragon Mode is a form he got after finding out he is half Alphus and finding out that the spirit in his blade was split into two, with one part in him and the other part in his sword. He put the spirit of the blade back into one and absorbed it into a form that was much stronger than his old Dragon Mode.
  • Fire Dragon Mode: Fire Dragon Mode is a form he got after getting half of Ulerin's power alongside Taiga to beat his brother, Yanald.
  • God Of Destruction Form: This form is when Saturn absorbs the soul of the God of Destruction that Yanald killed, and he gets god magic and becomes the God of Destruction. He can drop out of this form by willingly unabsorbing the soul.

Destruction Magic: Saturn's most dangerous magic available when he accesses Dragon Mode. Destruction Magic is capable of destroying anything it comes in contact with. Due to its very nature, it can negate Regeneration capabilities on a physical level

  • Destruction Balls: Saturn fires off slow moving balls of destruction. They are easy to dodge, but destroy anything they come in contact with. After hitting something, they dissipate as well.
  • Destruction Flames: Saturn unleashes a stream of black colored flames that destroy all that come in contact with it and unlike Destruction Balls, continue going forward.

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Key: Magic Arc | Base (God War Arc-Current) | True Dragon mode | Fire dragon mode | God of Destruction form


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