"For I am Sans. destroyer of worlds and devourer of babies." - Sans' first time introducing himself to everyone

"Violence has been acquired." - What Sans says when he has given a group of people a bunch of weapons to kill each other with

"THINK BATMAN! THINK! YOU ARE UP AGAINST GODS! THE FUCK DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEND?" - Sans calling out Batman's stupidity for trying to attack Trollface and before Sans destroys the very concept of Batman's legs


Sans is a major antagonist of the UZB Server Games. He originated from Undertale.


While he does retain some bits of the comedic and lazy personality of his original version, he has constantly shown to be a sadistic psychopath that has a thirst for blood, violence, and destruction, like when he compared chasing people with the intent of murdering them to a game of tag and when he gives groups of people weapons to kill each other for his amusement, though he has shown to be a bit more chill in recent times. He has also shown to think very highly of himself and the opposite when it comes down to others, not even calling them by their names and instead calls them a mortal and despises it when people try to undermine him.


Not much is known about Sans, though what is known about him is that he destroyed his universe, along with everyone in it (excluding The Annoying Dog), though it's unknown to what brought him to destroy his universe. And before the events of UZB Server Games verse had happened, he came across and befriended Darkseid, who then owed him a few pennies for an unknown reason. Sometime after that, he came across the Anti-Life Equation and kept it a secret from everyone, including Darkseid, until Darkseid's defeat against King Kong, in which he revealed after a few days afterwards that he had the Anti-Life Equation the whole time. He's currently hanging out with Flumpty Bumpty, Trollface, and Jeff the Killer, doing whatever they want, ranging from watching T.V./people fighting to robbing a train and killing people for little to no reason other than because they can and has even formed a gang with them called "The Murder Gang" and is also now Flumpty's Vice President of Earth and has possibly mellowed out a bit in recent times, being more casual with people instead of just instantly writing them off as nothing more than a mortal (though he still messes with people, considers them lower than him, and is still down to murder people for no reason). Him and Trollface got into a fight with each other for no reason besides they wanted to which then became a way to mess with Flumpty since all they were doing was resisting each other's resistsing.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Origins: UZB Server Games, actually originates from Undertale.

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (Is likely an adult)

Classification: Monster

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Marital Status: Single

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Himself, The White House (Is Vice President of Earth), The Murder Gang (Members of this gang are himself, Jeff the Killer, Trollface, and Flumpty Bumpty)

Themes: Casual theme | Fighting theme

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least Low 2-C, likely 2-B, possibly higher | At least Low 1-C, likely higher

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Absorption (Monsters are able to absorb human souls, can absorb a person's bones by just touching them), Inorganic Physiology (Is made out of magic), Danmaku, Soul Manipulation (Monsters can attack one's very soul), Weapon Creation (Can throw up almost any weapon he wants, can create Undyne's spears, Asriel's Chaos Sabers and Chaos Buster, and Asgore's Trident), Regeneration (Low Godly) Power Bestowal and Madness Manipulation (Can empower people to the point they go mad and can empower any weapon's strength that he touches), Statistics Amplification (via Birthday), Invisibility, Power Mimicry (Can take back the power he gives to people and can absorb the powers of those who died near by him), Magic, Paralysis Inducement (via Jumpscare), Non-Physical Interaction (Magic is capable of harming ghosts), Durability Negation and Invincibility Negation (Can bypass physical defenses and invincibility), Bone Manipulation, Fourth Wall Awareness (Is capable of talking to and noticing the users when they're not role playing), Flight, Necromancy (Was able to resurrect Piggy from the dead), Information Analysis and Clairvoyance (Can see the stats of people he sees), Instinctive Reaction (Can dodge an attack while he sleeps), Energy Projection (Can fire balls of energy, can fire beams of energy with his Gaster Blasters), Law Manipulation (Can attack when it isn't his turn), Existence Erasure (Can fire Darkseid's Omega Beams out his eyes, passively erased a thousand Metal Sonic clones and a thousand Spirit Bombs), Afterimage Creation (Is shown to be multiple places at once), Toon Force, Time Manipulation and Time Travel (Can SAVE and LOAD), Time Stop (Can freeze time around him), Death Manipulation (With the Esc Key), Gravity Manipulation and Telekinesis by turning the person's soul blue, Fire Manipulation (Can create fire balls, set half a city on fire), Immortality (Types 1, 3, 5, and 7), Portal Creation, Homing Attack (His Gaster Blasters can home in on opponents as well as his Omega Beams), Weapon Mastery (Is a master with guns, knifes, spears, and tridents), Heat Manipulation (Can control how hot his fire is), Electricity Manipulation, Teleportation, Explosion Manipulation (Can create bombs), Forcefield Creation (via Neon Wall), Healing, Body Control (Can create multiple copies of his arms that can vary in size), Size Manipulation (Can grow giant), Space-Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness (Was aware of Frisk and Flowey messing with the timelines back in his old universe), Summoning (Can summon Munchies, three Endos, a pair of teeth, a hook, Pizza Wheels, and Hot Cheese), Resistance to Fear Manipulation (Wasn't afraid of Chara), Extreme Heat and Extreme Cold (Could be in Snowdin and Hotland without any problems), Radiation Manipulation (Could drink radioactive waste like an energy drink), Cosmic Radiation, Space-Time Manipulation, Law Manipulation, and Plot Manipulation (Was unaffected by the UZB Server Games old timeline being destroyed when he was in the new UZB Server Games timeline, prevented Gnasty Gnorc from escaping even though he had plot armor, everyone in the Server Games are able to resist changes to the plot), Soul Manipulation (All Monster bodies are attuned to their souls, so any attack directed at the soul instead harms them physically), Gravity Manipulation (Wasn't affected by Trollface's oil on a rainy day), Chemical Overdoes (Does ketamine and all sorts of drugs that don't appear to affect him on any level, Conceptual Manipulation and Resistance Negation (Was unaffected when Super Scourge used both on him)

All of Sans' powers, abilities, and resistances but amplified, Mind Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Reality Warping, Death Manipulation, Sound Manipulation (Can be channeled into destructive sound), Paralysis Inducement (Can freeze movement), Sleep Manipulation, Disease Manipulation (An aspect of Anti-Life Equation caused an airborne disease), Darkness Manipulation (Can create shadow demons and turn it into whatever you want with it), Power Nullification (Nullified the powers of multiple people, one of which was ProtoKlue), BFR (Can teleport people to other places, even other universes), Resistance to BFR (Didn't get sent to other dimensions by Trollface multiple times), Sound Manipulation (Resisted Flumpty screaming at the top of his non-existing lungs).

Attack Potency: At least Universe Level+, likely Multiverse Level (Can casually create tears in time and space. Destroyed his universe and everyone in it, including Asriel, Gaster, and Chara), possibly higher | At least Low Complex Multiverse Level (Has the power of the Anti-Life Equation which exists on the same level as the Godheads like Darkseid and should be stronger than them, used it to revert the Chaos Multiverse Reset from resetting the UZB Games Server multiverse, fought Trollface), likely higher.

Speed: Immeasurable (Kept up with Asriel Dreemurr), possibly Nigh-Omnipresent (Has appeared in locations without needing to teleport or tear through the fabric of universe) | At least Immeasurable, Nigh-Omnipresent (Has the power of the Anti-Life Equation which should be comparable to Godhead Darkseid, fought Trollface).

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable | Immeasurable.

Striking Strength: At least Universe Level+, likely Multiverse Level (Has fought against Asriel Dreemurr, Chara, and Gaster), possibly higher | At least Low Complex Multiverse Level (Has the power of the Anti-Life Equation, fought Trollface), likely higher.

Durability: At least Universe Level+, likely Multiverse Level (Took blows from Asriel Dreemurr, Chara, and Gaster), possibly higher | At least Low Complex Multiverse Level (Has the power of the Anti-Life Equation, fought Trollface), likely higher.

Stamina: Unknown, possibly Infinite | Infinite (Has the power of the Anti-Life Equation.)

Range: At least Universe Level+, likely Multiverse level, possibly higher | At least Low Complex Multiverse level, likely higher.

Standard Equipment: A revolver, Gaster Blasters, countless bones, Chaos Saber (can upgrade to the Chaos Slicer), Chaos Buster (can upgrade to Chaos Blaster), and the Real Knife | The same as before, the Anti-Life Equation.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Is as smart as canon Sans) | Nigh-Omniscient (Has the power of the Anti-Life Equation.)

Weaknesses: Is incredibly lazy (Prefers to watch people fight rather than fighting himself, took a nap while he and Flumpty were robbing a train.), usually holds back (unless his foe is a threat to him), is not mentally sane, prefers to toy with his opponents (unless they're a threat to him), is cocky, has a obsession with pennies, the weapons he throws up can't surpass him in power and are usually normal, can't change how durable the weapons his throws up they are even if he empowers them, has a ketamine addiction, and has a god complex (considers everyone he sees a mortal) | Same as before, doesn't usually uses the full power of the Anti-Life Equation unless he's annoyed, angry, both, or knows how powerful his opponent is.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Bones.
  • Gaster Blasters.
  • KARMA: (Is basically a poison effect that stacks every time you get hit by an attack he sends out. Usefulness varies on how much the opponent has sinned).
  • Power Absorption: (When ever someone dies around Sans, he can absorb their essence and gain their powers)
    • Omega Beams: (Darkseid's signature attack. Sans fires two fast thin red beams of energy out of his eye sockets that can home in on opponents and when it makes contact, it either erases them or teleport them across space and time).
    • Chaos Sabers: (An attack Asriel can do. Sans summons two magical blades to slice at his opponents).
    • Chaos Buster: An attack Asriel can do. Sans transforms his arm into a blaster that shoots at his foes and can charge up to fire a deadly rainbow beam.
    • SAVE & LOAD: (After absorbing all the DETERMINATION Chara and Asriel had after defeating them, Sans gained the ability to SAVE and LOAD. He SAVEs at a certain point in time and then if he either dies or misses an attack, he LOADs that SAVE files).
    • Fire Magic: (Magic that Toriel, Asgore, and Asriel can use).
    • Hot Cheese (An attack Freddy Fazbear can use. Summons hot cheese ontop of his foes, burning them).
    • Pizza Wheel (An attack Freddy Fazbear can use. Summons multiple wheels of pizza that are stronger than they look).
    • Bite (An attack Freddy Fazbear can use. Summons a pair of teeth to chomp on his foes).
    • Esc Key (An attack Freddy Fazbear can use. Can instantly KO a foe but it's a massive coin toss for it to work).
    • Hook (An attack Freddy Fazbear can use. Summons a hook to slash at his foes).
    • Neon Wall (An attack Freddy Fazbear can use. Summons a neon barrier to protect the user and to block 50% of any damage dealt to the wall).
    • Birthday (An attack Freddy Fazbear can use. Buffs the stats of the person who used this move).
    • Jumpscare (An attack Freddy Fazbear can use. Jumpscares his foes to temporarily stun them).

Key: Base | Using the power of the Anti-Life Equation


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