Sabreoid is a Character created By A-S-B. He's also apart of Zaitropolis (My universe). He can be seen as a Parody-Type Character.



Born in the 18th Century (Victorian Era), '''Piercevical Thoreboune Was a regular 17 year old from The UK. He lived a average life until he was captured by secret foreign scientists. They took him to america and experimented on him. They injected Creature DNA into him from three different animals: Axolotl, Wolverine and Snow Leopard. From this he gained animal Abilities. Including 11 inched Claws (Five on one hand, six on the other). Then they Laced his arm bones with a tungsten-titanium alloy metal. His claws became metal too.

He was dubbed a failed experiment by the scientists and was locked away in a cage. A cage he was to lay in for the following seven years. One day he broke out by force and murdered the scientists. Then he returned to the outside world and was discombobulated by the strange new land known as america. He soon went into hiding.

It wasn't until years later that he soon discovered another ability he gained from the animal DNA. His aging process has stopped. Now stuck at the age of 17 forever seemingly.

He then wondered america for the following 4 centuries and fought many battles to survive (And won). Unable to die or find a purpose. It wasn't until he made a name for himself by saving a blind orphan from getting hit by a car. Upon people seeing his strange abilities they were scared of him and nearly ran him outta town until he was approached by a certain alien female named Futuratani who was paid to hunt him down. She nearly succeeded until she noticed he meant no harm and signed him up to a group of heroes.

It was here that Piercevical became Sabreoid. The Clawed crusader.



20170702 014120

The Claws on his Right hand

20170708 003116

The claws from his left hand


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