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Saber is a Saber-class Servant summoned for the Holy Grail War.

Saber's True Name is The Emperor of Mankind. He is the immortal ruling monarch of the Imperium of Man, and is described by the Imperial Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Cult as the Father, Guardian and God of humanity. The Chaos Gods and the daemons of the Warp refer to him as "The Anathema", for he is the greatest embodiment of universal order in the galaxy today.


Regarded as the perfect human in every possible way, the Emperor was viewed as a wise leader, the savior and protector of mankind who lead them from darkness, who watches over them and protects against the Forces of Chaos and Xenos. He is the Holy Spirit, the Giver of Life and the Guardian of Earth. No one truly knew the man himself however, except his chief advisor and confident Malcador the Sigillite. Upon further inspection of his character, one would find him a very complex and flawed individual than his worshipers could ever believe.

One thing that could be said for certain about him is that every action he took, no matter how questionable from a moral or practical standpoint, was for the betterment and advancement of his race. The Emperor was fervently atheist - while he acknowledged the existence of Warp entities, he refused to acknowledge them as "Gods" worth being worshiped and punished those who did worship the "Gods".

The Emperor's fatal flaw turned out to be his hubris. His intellect and wisdom made him believe he knew better than absolutely everyone and his will should never be questioned because everything he does will work out in the end.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 6-C, likely High 6-C. Higher via God Emperor's Armour and Magic. At least Low 6-B, possibly Low 1-C via Connection to the Warp  | Low 1-C, likely 1-C, possibly far higher

Name: The Emperor of Mankind, The Starchild, The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, The Omnissiah, The Allfather, The Anathema and Revelation

Origin: FC/OC Holy Grail Wars

Age: 38,000 years old (As of the 41st century)

Gender: Male

Classification: Saber-class Servant, Heroic Spirit, Grand Saber Candidate | Divine Spirit

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 5 and 9; The Emperor's true self is confined within the Warp and transcends death), Genius Intelligence, Conceptual Erasure (When using his full psychic might in the form of a Noble Phantasm the Emperor is capable of completely removing someone from every sphere of existence), Immortality Negation (Types 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9; Even the combined power of multiple divine spirits couldn't recreate someone erased by the Holy Purge, HP can kill an Avatar’s true form by damaging their soul and very concept) and Regeneration Negation with the Holy Purge, Martial Arts, Skilled Swordsman, Social Influencing and minor Mind Manipulation with Charisma, Fire Manipulation (His swords blade is covered in fire), Mind Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Magic, Illusion Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Reality Warping, Dimensional Travel and Soul Manipulation with Connection to the Warp (The connection to the Warp grants many powerful abilities including access to True Magic, Psychic Powers, the power to warp the Soul and the ability to step in and out of reality at will by going into the Warp itself), Durability Negation (With multiple abilities), Resistance Negation (His psychic powers are so great that even Nulls, individuals that normally restrain psychic powers, have no effect against him. Even people with strong Magic Resistances and Nullifying effects like Kharn are ineffective in stopping the Emperors power), can show the "Truth" of the World with the Holy Purge, Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm Daemons that exist as nothing more than concepts), make the impossible possible, Precognition and Clairvoyance (The Emperor's clairvoyance causes him to constantly receives projections, visions and prophetic dreams of countless possible futures), Likely far more due to Natural Born Genius, Immunity to Death Manipulation (As he transcends death, the Emperor has no concept of death unless it is forcefully placed upon him by a being of great power), Acausality (Type 1. Due to having the Independent Manifestation skill, The Emperor has resistance to time paradox attacks and the imposition of instant death), Servant Physiology 

All former abilities besides Type 9 Immortality to an immeasurably higher level, Law Manipulation (His Authority as the The Anathema is to enforce absolute Order upon existence, causing all those with a weaker Authority to his to be bound by this absolute Order unable to do anything that could be considered Chaotic)

Attack Potency: At least Island level, likely Large Island level (With an A+ rank in his strength parameter he is equal to Heracles who can destroy a mountain according to the narration. Has managed to deflect a weakened Excalibur, Archer's Caladbolg II after intercepting it mid-flight). Higher via God Emperor's Armor and Magic (The Golden Armor increases the Emperors Strength, Speed and Durability. He can use his Magic to massively enhance his power). At least Small Country level, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level via Connection to the Warp (Possesses immense and seemingly godlike like Psychic power that allowed him fight the powerful Mars Dragon Mag'ladroth eventually defeating the beast, helped battle against the Ultimate ones such as ORT during the Notes events). Can negate durability with multiple abilities. Holy Purge ignores conventional durability (It shows the "Truth" of creation, functioning on the same principle as Ea and Slash Emperor, which can kill Ultimate Ones, the strongest beings of each planet in the Solar System, like Type Jupiter) | Low Complex Multiverse level, likely Complex Multiverse level (He is a high class Divine Spirit within the Warp, on par with the Ultimates Ones and is among the strongest Divine Spirits superior to the likes of Amaterasu and Saver, he eventually conquered Earth for Humanity claiming the planet from the likes of Gaia and the Archetype), possibly far higher (While never directly stated, The Warp and the Akashic Records share shocking similarities causing some to believe that they are one in the same, meaning The Emperor's True Form as well as the Chaos Gods would be entities within the Root)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic (With an A rank parameter he should be on par with Heracles who easily kept up with Saber, reacted to Archer's Caladbolg II and intercepted it mid-flight). Higher via God Emperor's Armor and Magic (The Golden Armor increases the Emperors Strength, Speed and Durability) | Immeasurable (Should be comparable to other high class divine spirits), possibly Far higher

Lifting Strength: Class K (Should be comparable to Hercules who is superior in strength to Saber at her peak, who was able to flip a truck with the side of her blade) | Unknown

Striking Strength: At least Island Class, likely Large Island Class. Higher via God Emperor's Armor and Magic | Low Complex Multiversal, likely Complex Multiversal (Should be comparable to other high class divine spirits), possibly far higher

Durability: At least Island level, likely Large Island level (Possesses A+ rank endurance, making him superior to Heracles. Comparable to his Attack Potency). Higher via God Emperor's Armor and Magic. Immortality makes him difficult to kill | Low Complex Multiverse level, likely Complex Multiverse level (He is a high class Divine Spirit within the Warp comparable to Amaterasu and Saver), possibly Far higher

Stamina: Nigh-infinite (Due to his Independent Manifestation skill, he can manifest without a magical supply and can fight indefinitely) | Infinite

Range: Extended Melee Range (The Emperor is 292 cm tall and carries a large sword), Several Kilometers with Connection to the Warp and Magic, Higher with Holy Purge | At least Interstellar, possibly higher

Standard Equipment: God Emperor's Armour and Holy Flame Sword

Intelligence: Supergenius. A massive genius on the scale of technical, mechanical, in general basically everything such as genetics and biotechnology that allowed him to research, design and develop the Primarchs, Custodians, and Astartes, and make each such incredibly powerful and durable warriors; nearly undid the influence and power of the Immaterium/Warp and its Patron Gods of the Chaos Pantheon with his intelligence leading to great devices, developed the Astronomican; lead thousand upon thousands of fleets, flotillas, armies, and armadas across most of the galaxy in a period of just over two hundred years; is a master strategist and tactician of the highest order and supremely qualified diplomat and leader in all things considered.

Weaknesses: The Emperor will not use his full power outright when forced to face his close friends or "sons" unless absolutely necessary, can be arrogant and untrusting of allies at times | Is bound inside the Warp as if he were to leave the Chaos Gods would run rampant.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Noble Phantasms

God Emperor's Armor - Armor of the World's Conqueror: Golden Armor perfectly hand crafted, customized and fitted by Humanity's greatest craftsman, the Adeptus Mechanicus’ Tech Priests.

The armor was built to greatly enhance its users Strength, Speed and Durability and along with its beautiful ornate design is truly fit for the Greatest Ruler who conquered the very World for Humanity. The Armor is granted an A rank as a Noble Phantasm.

Holy Purge - The Emperor's Wrath: The Holy Purge is The Emperor’s mightiest attack in which he focuses’ the might of his very being and soul into a singular bolt of psychic energy that purges the very essence of those who are engulfed by it.

Its function as a Noble Phantasm, an absolute purge leaving not even ash in its wake, is that of an EX rank Anti-Unit, Anti-World and Anti-Divine attack that shows the very “Truth” of the World. The purge works by engulfing the target in a blinding light and stripping them away on every sphere of existence burning away their mind, body, soul and even concept eventually leaving nothing, even affecting the layers of the World itself.

Even the combined power of the 4 Chaos Gods could not undo the damage done by this Purge as they were unable to save or recreate their Champion, having their mighty power temporarily disrupted granting this attack an Anti-Divine effect.

Class Skills

God's Divine Core: Because of his status as a Warp God he processes the Core at an EX ranking but due to his sheer hatred and denial of the Gods existence even going as far as punishing those who worshiped the Gods it has been ranked down from EX to B.

Magic Resistance: Because he can battle powerful Warp entities, even opposing the Chaos Gods themselves, he processes an EX ranking in this Skill making him untouchable by Magic of any kind except the very strongest in existence. This skill was enhanced by his true forms Authority allowing him resist the Authority of others.

Independent Manifestation: A Skill that permits unsupported manifestation into reality. Due to the Emperor's soul existing in the Warp eternally and undying he is unable to be naturally summoned as a servant unless he wills it to be. His only reasons to do so is normally to set Humanity back onto a proper path or to protect it.

Personal Skills

Connection to the Warp: The connection to the Warp grants many powerful abilities, the stronger your soul is the stronger the abilities are, these abilities include access to True Magic, Psychic Powers, the power to warp the Soul and the ability to step in and out of reality at will by going into the Warp itself.

Clairvoyance: At an EX rank The Emperor constantly receives projections, visions and prophetic dreams from countless possible futures, he has the greatest ability of foresight of those connected to the Warp even greater then the greatest Farseer Eldrad who can see 10,000 years into the future and observe the uncountable millions of billions of individual strands of fate of every individual.

Charisma: At this point, it is no longer popularity or skill, but rather a kind of spell (curse) in itself, The Emperor's presence is said to feel holy and overpowering. An army led by the Emperor will have a tremendous increase in abilities.

Pioneer of the Stars: When Humanity was on the verge of extinction during the chaotic Age of Strife in the 25th millennium The Emperor stepped in to save and unite the Human race under his rule conquering Earth and leading Humanity into the future. He started a Great Crusade against the Chaos Gods and began to conquer the Galaxy expanding humanities reach creating the Imperium of Man.

Natural Born Genius: A skill that represents those who have a naturally unparalleled intellect, allowing The Emperor to use most skills, save for those inherent to the bodies of others (such as Divinity) or are unique to the legends of certain heroes, with a proficiency of A-rank. As one who has influenced all of human history from the shadows weather through science or something else, Emprah has an EX-Rank in this skill.

Key: Saber | True/Warp Form


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