SCOUT-Issue weapon supplied to many SCOUT Agents. Using advanced plasma heating and propulsion technology, this weapon launches dozen meter streams superheated plasma from its barrel up to 1000 meters per second, burning at 11,000 Kelvin, or 10726 Celsius, to inflict severe burns. It also features a flamethrower like trajectory that fires the stream of flame consistently in front of it instead of as a long range projectile
~ Weapon File 12


A standard sidearm weapon of most SCOUT Agents. Resembles a certain weapon from a toy company...

A weapon made for SCOUT Agents for burning through obstacles or meant to deal with enemies that are vulnerable to extreme heat. This weapon is a standard and essential part of a SCOUT Agent's toolkit, aiding create light among other versatile uses for high temperature fire. Most targets hit by the plasma of this weapon normally do not perish due to the sheer force of it blasting them, but rather the sheer heat of the weapon

Tier: 8-C

Name: SCOUT-Eliminator Flamestriker Mark Twelve

Origin: AlterRealm Chronicles: Lost Agent

Age: 2025 (Massively Futuristic Weapon)

Classification: Handgun

Wielders: SCOUT Agents

Powers and Abilities: Plasma Manipulation, Fire Manipulation

Attack Potency: Building Level+ (Capable of taking out newborn Basics (OmniRealm Warriors) in two uncharged shots), much higher with Semi or Full Charge. Very Comparable to the TES-66. extremely subpar and unreliable calculation of the shape of plasma it launches and the subpar use of this calculator, by inputting 87 for area, 1 for emissivity and 11000K for temperature with the stupid assumption of black body material, gives about 1.6 Tons)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Blasts projectiles at 1000 meters per second. or around Mach 2.9)

Durability: Building Level+ (Can withstand firing its own shots and more punishment)

Range: Up to Hundreds of Meters, Dozens of Meters with flamethrower setting

Material: Similar composition to a flamethrower, all crammed into a small handgun

Prerequisite for Use: Must be a SCOUT Agent

Weaknesses: Extremely cold liquid nitrogen like substances or anything that fires low enough temperature projectiles can cool down the flamelike plasma to be ineffective

Notable Features:

Superheated Plasma: The weapon fires long streams of superheated plasma up to 11000 Kelvin, and even hotter with charging up a shot, the approximate temperature of the star Rigel. The streams of fire can be launched in two different ways

  • Projectile: Launches the plasma in separate dozen meter streams forward as a direct projectile
  • Flamethrower: Launches the plasma in a singular dozen long meter stream forward as a flamethrower like projectile
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