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-Tell about what the weapon is, what it was made of or from, and who owns it or was owned by before.

Powers and Stats

-Here is where the powers and statistics of the weapons are written down at. Much like with character profile making, explaining and filling out all the stats is important.

Tier: Current Tier of the weapon (in bold).

Name: The weapon's true nameand/or common name/epithets

Origin: The name of the fiction which the weapon is from, with a link to the Verse page

Age: Time since the weapon's creation

Classification: Weapon type classification (e.g.: sword, spear, etc.)

Wielders: People who use (or have used) the weapon

Powers and Abilities: A list of the weapon's general abilities (Please add links to the "Powers and Abilities" pages, if it is possible).

Attack Potency: The weapon's attack power or destructive capacity (in bold; add any explanations using brackets, not in bold).

Speed: It is generally "Combat Speed" (in bold).

Durability: The amount of attack power the weapon can withstand before being overwhelmed (in bold).

Range: The distance the weapon's attacks/abilities can cover.

Material or Element: What the weapon is made up of.

Needed Prerequisite for Use: The requirements to using the weapon.

Weaknesses: Self-explanatory.

Feats: List all of the weapon's amazing feats.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: A list of some abilities the weapon generally uses.

Key: For weapons who have transformation stages/power-ups or who become stronger through certain points of the story, insert those transformations/power-ups/timelines here in bold.

Note: Self-explanatory.

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