We've been through worse. We survived Lucifer. Mana Yood Sushai! Crowley! Apollyon! Metatron! And Yesh-damned Ayin! So yeah, we're not afraid of you. We never were... so come get us oh almighty Goddess of Nature! Let's see if you actually deserve that title!
~ Ruby to Yaldabaoth

Ruby Erenod is the deuteragonist of the Clockverse Series. She is the daughter of Cain and Avan and the strongest Cambion of her generation. She is the vice-captain of Eden Squad and the longtime rival and lover of Adrian Mariner. She is the younger sister of Enoch, Astar, Selene, and the older sister of Ciara. She shadowed Adrian during his time assisting his brother in law's pantheon. She is Adrian's best friend.


Ruby Erenod was born on August 22, 1993, to Cain and Avan, an extremely powerful demon and the White Witch. She lived with her family in Shrubley, Massachusetts where she grew up alongside Adrian until their 5th birthday. When she was five, her parents moved them to Lamplight, Missouri after Seraphim attacked the town and sealed the Archangel, Lucifer into the center of Hell. When she was 9, Adrian was sent to live with her and her family after his sister, Lilith, was sealed into Hell as well.

During the time that Adrian lived with her, she tried to get him to open up to her. After many attempts, she managed to get him to come with her to the woods outside of Lamplight Elementary. There they were attacked by wolves and Ruby was injured from saving Adrian. After this incident, Adrian grew protective of her and finally opened up. A few days later, the two become blood siblings always vowing to protect each other from harm.

In 2002, Ruby and Adrian began hunting with permission from their parents. They met a girl named Claire Silvers who was being chased by a werewolf. After killing the wolf, they took Claire with them after she begged them not to leave her alone. Adrian and Ruby accepted and took her with them. After a few months of hunting as a trio, the three decided to round up their cousins/friends and formed a hunting team. Together, they formed a hunting group called Eden Squad. The nine friends began hunting together rapidly building up a reputation as the youngest hunting group with the most successful cases. Aside from being the nine smartest students in school and the most reputable hunters of their generation, they were all social outcasts having skipped a few grades.

A year after Eden Squad’s formation, she and the rest of the team head to Crescent, West Virginia on account of Adrian discovering demonic omens. Thinking that it was a stray devil, she and the others did not find this job particularly difficult. After a few days of inactivity, Ruby and the others encounter a yellow-eyed demon in the Crescent Orphanage. The Demon captures Claire forcing Ruby and the others to pursue him in order to rescue her. They find the Demon force-feeding Claire blood through a goblet. The team attacks him freeing Claire. In retaliation, The Demon kills Claire in front of them and destroys all of Crescent leaving the team heartbroken.


Ruby is a fair-skinned young woman. Ruby is said to resemble Eve apart from her hairstyle. She possesses blood-red eyes and raven black hair. Her hair reaches past down to the back of her knees. She is said to possess a regal look and a beauty that others mention is aloof. Ruby is mostly seen with a stoic demeanor but her friends state that she possesses a smile that lights up the room and adds to her extreme beauty. Ruby is mostly seen wearing a black sleeveless mini dress with a white collar and a red tie. From time to time, she wears a dark trench coat. She gained a scar on her left cheek running down to the base of her neck due to the battle against Lucifer after the Apocalypse. While most people are aware that she is beautiful, she rebuffs them, stating that she's average for a girl.

In her demonic appearance, her sclera becomes black and red tribal markings and Enochian markings appear on her body. Her hair becomes a deeper shade of black. Her wings are crimson with a black miasma.

Her appearance drastically changes when she wields Divine Key: Hod. Under the influence of her Inner Cortex merged with Hod's, Ruby grows two crimson horns on her head. Her eyes change from red to violet with a red ring around her pupils. She dons a black revealing dress that reaches down to her ankles. A large crimson halo revolves behind her, which radiates divine splendor. In this form, she is stated to radiate an aura of glory that forces all to kneel before her. The Halo also emits an immense heat on par with that of the primordial universe prior to the appearance of life or planets.


Ruby is a semi-serious person with a neutral view of the world. She is described by her sister and Adrian to be serious one minute and smiling the next. Her personality is mostly that of her father, both being the serious sibling in their family. When meeting Eve, she called her Cain Number Two. Ruby is not completely serious. She has a fun-loving nature as shown when she and Adrian went to an amusement park to waste time during their hunt for Beelzebub. Ruby is also a very protective and caring person. This is shown in her attitude towards her sister, her apprentice, and Eden Squad. She was willing to take an arrow from Atalanta to protect S and later took a hit in Ciara’s place. Ruby is usually the voice of reason between her and Adrian leading him to sometimes view her as a prude or geek. Adrian also teasingly calls her “bitch” in which she replies “jerk”. While kind, Ruby has a snarky attitude often replying in a sarcastic manner at obvious questions.

Ruby possesses a phobia of clowns. This has stemmed from her being separated from Adrian and her parents during a carnival.

Out of the two, Ruby views herself as the smart one within their group. Originally a college student in addition to being a Hunter, Ruby, like Adrian, has skipped grade levels to the point that she was a high school senior at the age of 15 and a candidate for law school at 17. Her professors have noted her to a have a very immense degree of intelligence, excelling in Mathematics (Calculus), Physics, Biology, and History. She maintained a perfect GPA throughout all of college and graduated as the Summa Comm Laude of her class. Jeanne commenting on Ruby’s LSAT score as “scary good”. Her intelligence has often lead her to be the one who performs research on the area they work cases in.

Ruby’s care for her family and friends has brought out sides of her that have been described as terrifying and obsessive. Ruby had no qualms as about torturing a crossroads demon in order to gain information as to who holds deals and how to break them. Ruby also began working with Paimon, drinking copious amounts of demon blood to enhance her powers, and using Claire's grief as a way to get her to join her on her quest to get revenge on Lilith for killing Adrian. Ciara became extremely worried when Ruby began to work herself to death trying to find a way into Purgatory which lead her to spiral out of control and later, when Adrian was overtaken by the Mark of Cain, she did the same thing. Her attitude of a vengeful angel (or demon) is also seen with the others as Ruby nearly killed a boy who had been harassing her sister for a few months.

Like Adrian, Ruby has exhibited signs of having PTSD. This is from their failure to save Crescent from Azazel. Ruby has been prone to have nightmares and even episodes of depression. This gradually lessens as the series progresses. Ruby is determined not to fail and blames herself for things that happen to the group such as the Apocalypse. For example, she took Adrian’s spot for the Trials as she was determined not to let the group or Adrian down again. This further escalates to when she is nearly dead from the Trials and plans to go with Death to the afterlife.

Despite having a confident personality, Ruby is surprisingly humble. She doesn’t like to take credit for something prefer to say it was a group effort. There is one exception to this. Her rivalry with Adrian surpasses this as neither side will not hesitate to admit a win against the other. Ruby’s modest attitude disappears whenever she wins in a spar against Adrian. She will readily gloat her win to him.

During battle, Ruby has exhibited an enjoyment for it like her parents. Ruby draws thrill from a fight. She mainly likes to eliminate her opponents quickly and mercilessly as shown when she cut through a gang in less than a second.

Relationships (WIP)

Adrian Mariner

Perhaps Ruby’s closest relationship in the entire series. Their relationship is that of best friends and rivals. Adrian lived and grew up with Ruby from the day Adrian’s mother and sister were sealed into Hell. Their relationship was originally antagonistic with Ruby trying to get Adrian to open up. However, this changed the day she got hurt trying to protect Adrian from a wolf after getting lost in the woods. Ever since that day, she and Adrian were extremely close. Ciara comments that they were joined at the hip stating that where one goes, the other is not far behind.

Their rivalry is one of the main and easily identifiable parts of their relationship. It is what pushed them to become strong. Their rivalry was born out of their desire to keep each other safe as part of a pact they forged when they were younger. Due to this, the two were able to push each other to higher heights. Unlike conventional rivals, Ruby will purposely fail and wait for Adrian to catch up or actively help him. When asked for the reason, she merely responds by stating that she doesn't want him to crumble easily in their next competition.

The two form a close sibling bond that is of equal importance to Adrian as his relationship with his older and younger sister. She holds him high regard and worries for his safety. Despite not looking like it due to their constant bickering and fighting, Ruby want nothing for Adrian but his wellbeing. She expresses this in the form of blunt, sometimes scathing statements. She encourages him to express his feelings and to take better care of himself, much to Adrian's annoyance and appreciation.

To those who analyze the relationship between the two, it is clear to see that they are each other's weaknesses. Ruby is Adrian's emotional pillar and has been since Lilith's sealing and vice-versa. She is willing to place herself in harm's way to save Adrian as with the wolf incident where Ruby managed to take an attack from a wolf in order to save him. Her need to keep him alive and safe can also be dangerous and often leads to destructive behavior. Any form of injury be it emotional or physical will earn whoever dealt such damage her unbridled wrath and her eternal ire. In addition, it has the potential to inflict great physical and psychological harm her. Ruby is willing to walk through the flames of Hell to save Adrian in a literal sense.

Over the course of several years and a massive amount of factors, Ruby began to develop romantic feelings for Adrian. However, she kept it down out of respect for Claire and Adrian's relationship with her. She developed a festering hatred for Adrian during this phase, often blaming him for not noticing her. She also blamed herself for not being good enough and not acting fast enough in order to win him over. However, she kept all of this contained within her and continued to act the part of the best friend. Like a maiden in love, Ruby hopes for the day when Adrian will notice her and return the feelings that she's harbored for him her entire life.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 7-B| 7-A with Full Power | 6-C, Higher with New World Singularity | 6-A | 5-C | 5-B | 4-C | 1-B while temporarily wielding Sephira's Blessing | 2-A with Divine Key Hod

Classification: Cambion, Monster Hunter

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Immortality (Type 1 and 3), Regeneration (Low-High over time; While minor wounds and some more severe injuries heal over the course of a few seconds, Nephilim and Cambion are capable of reforming from a single cell.), Clairvoyance (Can remotely view and locate others.), Extrasensory Perception (Supernatural Being or beings with supernatural abilities are capable of seeing and perceiving events, beings, and phenomena that are normally invisible to the naked eye.), Accelerated Development via Training, Soul Manipulation via her MagiTech and Magic (Her MagiTech is designed to mimic the Enochian Weapons of Angels and Demons allowing her to sever the soul upon contact with a "fatal area". Can use soul magic that draws power from her soul.), Darkness Manipulation (As a Cambion, Ruby can control darkness, creating shadow constructs, shadow portals, and even become a black mist comprised of dark energy allowing her to become intangible for six minutes), Flight, Information Analysis (She can analyze situations with whatever information she has present in order to come up with several effective strategies that are multi-layered, containing backups upon backups.), Instinctive Reaction (Years of training and fighting allowed her to develop a sixth sense that allows her to sense danger and react accordingly and almost immediately.), Genius Intelligence (As a Hunter, she has in-depth knowledge of various supernatural species across the globe. Her knowledge of the US legal system is so immense that she got a perfect score on the LSAT, allowing her to enter law school.), Statistics Amplification via Magic, Social Influencing (Like Adrian, she can lie her way into crime zones to investigate for any signs of supernatural involvement.), Invisibility via Umbrakinesis (Can make herself invisible by merging with shadows.), Healing (Knows several spells that can heal her allies though her skills aren't as well as Yui's or Jeanne's.), Heat Manipulation (Increased the heat of her blade to allow her to cut through organic matter much easier.), Telekinesis, BFR (Teleported a car away from the mouth of a Wendigo. With Abolishment Sigils, Ruby can exorcize and banish supernatural entities), Purification via Abolishment Sigils, Portal Creation via Gate Sigils, Status Effect Inducement via Sigils (Sigils can be used to store and perform spells. Divine sigils are capable of restraining and restricting the total movement of Angels while also reducing them down to mere superhuman husks. Profane Sigils are capable of achieving the same effect. In addition, Ruby has learned to cast curses which can be used in combat to corrode her opponent's flesh, envenommate them, or even remove their primary senses.), Teleportation (Can teleport to places she has been to.), Attack Reflection (The inherent ability of Ruby gained from her father known as the Seven Mirror Curses. It allows her to reflect all attacks, be it physical, magical, mental, or conceptual, back at the user amplified to seven times the original power. She is not limited to attacks as she has displayed the ability to reflect natural phenomenon such as lightning and radiation bursts.), Limited Creation (Ruby can create inanimate objects such as forks and spoons, however, she cannot create food or other organic material such as some clothing.), Limited Reality Warping (Can warp reality to the extent that she can mess with the dimensions of a limited area around her. Those effects are considered to be basic to someone the likes of Sandalphon), Air Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Energy Manipulation (Can fire energy blasts and create energy arcs with her sword.), Body Control (Cellular Level; Can control her entire body into living dark energy, allowing her a form of intangibility.), Aura (Her aura is considered to be in a constant state of flux with normal Ruby having a pleasant aura and angry/serious Ruby having a Fear Inducing aura.), Summoning (Knows various spells capable of summoning angels, demons, spirits, and Gods.), Memory Manipulation (Erased the memories of a child), Empathy (Can sense emotions to a limited extent.), Astral Projection (Can project her image for communication purposes. Not combat applicable), Self-Sustenance (Type 1; Is capable of breathing in the vaccuum of space), Non-Physical Interaction, Master Hand to Hand Combatant (Trained by Cain and Selene themselves, Ruby is capable of fighting other beings who are much stronger than her in terms of energy and power, however, her skill in close combat allows her to match them blow for blow despite the gap.), Master Swordswoman, Hacking (Can bypass websites and restricted zones on the internet with multiple levels of data encryptions, high level firewalls that require brute force programming in order to hack, and offshore proxies. She can outhack deep web hackers and government agencies, leaving multiple false paper trails across the entire internet making it seem as if she was in multiple places at once performing different tasks as different people. At her level, Ruby is classed as a Nation-State Level Hacker.)

All previous abilities to an immensely greater extent, Life and Death Manipulation (Gained powers over the energies and concepts of life and death. She has enough power to induce death upon supposedly immortal beings such as Zadkiel as she killed him with a single touch.), Time Manipulation, Age Manipulation (Can grant and take away youth, even to immortal beings.), Immortality Negation (Types 1, 3, and possibly 5 and 7; Killed Zadkiel, an Angel, who cannot be killed by anything other than an Enochian Weapon or beings as powerful as he is with a single touch.),Light Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Animal Manipulation, Immunity to Demonic Weaknesses (No longer affected by weapons that can rip her soul out, holy water, holy magic, holy weaponry, etc.)

All previous abilities to a greater extent, Fire Manipulation (Users of Hod can control an all-consuming flame that can even burn concepts and reality itself.), Space-Time Manipulation (Can rip apart time and space with a single swing. It is rumored to be able to rip a hole in the Sea of Beriah, a sea of infinite quantum possibilities.), Radiation Manipulation (The Key emits corrosive energy similar to cosmic radiation albeit to cosmic proportions, being able to harm conceptual entities just by being near it. Only its chosen wielder and wielders of the First Curse are shown to be resistant to it.), Aura, Willpower Manipulation (Hod deals with the concept of Awe and Splendour. The user projects an aura of total domination that allows them to make others bend the knee. It is known as the True Aura of the Ruler.), Explosion Manipulation and Existence Erasure (Can create big bang like explosions that are capable of reducing entire universes to nothingness.), Durability Negation (Cuts apart the concept of the user.), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; Users can govern and control the concept of Glory and Splendor in its most primal state, Destruction, allowing it to cut all resistances and laws until nothing is left. In theory, this is the divine key with the strongest physical power.)

Magic (Cambion and Demons have a naturally higher resistance to Magic than other species such as humans.), Holy Manipulation (Her human blood grants her a higher resistance to Holy objects and techniques such as Holy Water and Demonic Banishment.), BFR (Cannot be banished by Demon Banishing Sigils.), Power Nullification (By anything as strong or weaker than she is.), Disease Manipulation (Supernatural Beings are immune to diseases that are not created by Supernatural Beings.), Poison Manipulation (Supernatural beings are immune to natural poisons, however, Ruby's human blood curbs this resistance both ways as she can be affected by mundane poisons slightly and has a higher resistance to specific supernatural poisons.), Paralysis Inducement (A Solomon's Gate cannot trap nor restrict her movement), Possession (Her extraordinary mental defenses allows her to kick and remove all invasive forces, be it spiritual or mental.), Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Telepathy (Was able to block out psychics from reading her thoughts.), Matter Manipulation (She was able to resist being turned into a sheep by a witch who used a transmorgify spell.), Blood Manipulation, Body Puppetry, and Biological Manipulation via Body Control (Other beings cannot take control of her cells or biology unless they are significantly more powerful than she is such as Zadkiel, who forcefully induced stomach cancer on her.), Precognition and Instinctive Reaction (Her chaotic and unpredictable way of fighting makes it hard for people to predict how or where she will strike.)

Attack Potency: City Level, can ignore durability with certain weapons and spells (Is comparable to Adrian in power. Was able to kill the Head of a Werewolf Pack easily. capable of producing a crater the size of Midtown Manhattan with a single arc of energy from her sword and claimed that she held back for the sake of the people in residential areas and towns nearby.) | Mountain Level (At her full power, Ruby was able to reduce an entire mountain to nothing and easily defeated the strongest demigods sent by Olympus to find her and Adrian. Not even Pyrr, the descendant of Achilles was a match for her.) | Island Level (Blew up Lanai, one of the islands of Hawaii. Competed on nearly the same level as a suppressed Gremory.) | Multi-Continent Level (Fought and defeated a rogue Anzu that had been summoned to the United States. Anzus are capable of unleashing global storms that are capable of drowning entire countries.) | Moon Level (Was able to barely harm a base Selene.) | Planet Level (Fought and killed one of Daniel's Four Beasts which was summoned by the Seraph Azrael in order to annihilate a group of demons without any regards to the other beings living nearby.) | Star Level (Can fight and defeat most major deities at this point, even the champions of other deities. Defeated Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt in one on one combat. During the battle of Tel-Megiddo, Ruby fought and matched the Demon Alastor blow for blow before killing him.) | Hyperverse Level with Sephira's Blessing (Can affect the infinite-dimensional structures with her new level of power. She was able to stalemate a still recovering Lucifer alongside Adrian.) | Multiverse Level+ with Divine Key Hod (Matched Adrian blow for blow while she wielded Divine Key: Hod. With her unleashed inner cortex, Glorious Unholy Diva, she was able to overpower him briefly and stalemate him before his curse activated. During the battle against Ayin, she utilized Hod again but failed to ultimately deal any lasting damage to Ayin, despite radiating enough power to "incinerate the Sea of Beriah".)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Could dodge attacks from Astaroth. Was able to fly across the Pacific in a few minutes.)| Sub-Relativistic, Higher with Magic and Miasma (Can keep up with Powers such as Malachai.) | Sub-Relativistic, Higher with Magic | FTL, Higher with Godspeed, Trigger Speed, and Instantaneous Acceleration (Faster than before) | Immeasurable | FTL (Much faster than her initial self. Comparable to Adrian, who can keep up with a non-serious Lilith in sparring matches), Higher with Godspeed (Godspeed allows the user at their natural speed multiplied by itself three times.)

Lifting Strength: Class T (Caught a building that was thrown at her)| Class Z

Striking Strength: Small Town Class| Mountain Class| Island Class| Multi-Continent Class| Moon Class| Planet Class|Star Class|Hyperversal|Multiversal+

Durability: Small Town Level| Mountain Level| Island Level| Multi-Continent Level| Moon Level| Planet Level|Star Level|Hyperverse Level+|Multiverse Level+

Stamina: Extremely High (Due to her training and her supernatural heritage, Ruby is capable of fighting for days to even weeks on end before finally needing rest. The longest she has fought consistently was seven weeks before fatigue overtook her and she collapsed.)

Range: Extended Melee Range | Several Kilometers with spells and attacks | Planetary, possibly Multiversal+ with Teleportation and Portal Creation

Standard Equipment:

  • MagiTech: Blood Drinker
  • Divine Key Hod
  • Taurus Model 92 9mm, standard with a 17-round magazine.
  • Various Bullets with various magical runes and sigils carved into them to achieve various effects
  • Sigils
  • Armillary Sphere

Intelligence: Extremely High. Ruby is considered a prodigy hunter. She has accumulated years worth of hunting and practical knowledge. Jeanne comments that her LSAT score was "scary good" to the point where law schools would have begging her to apply to them. Excels in the fields of calculus, physics, and biology however she chose law as her degree. Ruby is a Nation-State Level Hacker, making her the highest level non-computer hacker. She can crack extremely encrypted databases that would normally take an entire organization to crack in a matter of a few minutes to an hour depending on their security level. Ruby is a hunter at heart and has immense knowledge of the supernatural and is referred to as the brains of the group, having memorized the weaknesses and patterns of several monsters as well as the weaknesses of some Gods. Even with just a sliver of information, Ruby can construct a well-built plan that is almost guaranteed to never fail if new information does not present itself. On the off chance that it does, Ruby will simply add to her plan. With enough planning and prep, Ruby can be extremely dangerous. Ruby also knows several schools of Magic such as Norse, Onmyoudou, Enochian, Gaelic, and European. Zadkiel, for all his genius, considered her a threat to Heaven's plans solely for her ability to plan.

Weaknesses: Despite Ruby's many strengths, she exhibits several weaknesses as well that she desperately hides even in situations outside of battle. She is very insecure and can be prone to self-destructive behavior. In states of anger, she tends to have a single-track mind and eliminates the focus of her rage with nearly no regard for the people around her. | Exhibits the same weaknesses as Demons by it is curbed by her human blood.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Magic: Magic refers to the ability to affect the world and change it via supernatural means. It is a force that pervades throughout the entirety of the worlds as well as the higher worlds but to a lesser degree. All beings are capable of casting magic through sufficient research and practice.

  • Mana Burst: A standard magical ability that all beings learn when they begin to delve into magic. Mana Bursts are often used to measure one's magical worth and skill. Ruby's Mana Bursts are described as explosive and shakes her surroundings.
  • Attenuare: An ancient spell developed by Avan. In Sumerian, it means "diminish". The spell creates an energy tether between the target and the user and drains the target's energy.
  • Sanguiare: Blood Magic of medium level difficulty. It allows the user to draw blood from their opponent. The spell can be devastating if used with the right level of skill as it can induce profuse bleeding from pores in the body.
  • Death Lights: A special hybrid magic of Pyromancy and Light Magic. The user engulfs the victim in a pillar of white flames that not only incinerate their flesh until nothing of their physical body remains but also induces wide spiritual damage via soul degradation.
  • Scrying: A basic magical spell. Allows for remote viewing.
  • Exorcisms: Exorcisms are a magical art that banishes Demons, Angels, Ghosts, and Gods. Higher-level beings may require multiple high-level beings performing exorcisms at the same time. Exorcisms can also be used in the form of sigils that can be triggered.
    • Abolishment Sigil: A standard class exorcism sigil. The sigil can be triggered via magical channeling and can banish spirits and the average demon.
    • Divine Abolishment Sigils: A specialized form of sigils developed by Blacklight to target Gods and Angels. Angels such as Malakim and Bene Elohim can be banished by the standard Divine Abolishment Sigil but beings such as Gods require high grade sigils to banish.
  • Sigils: Sigils are magical inscriptions that are used to store spells and produce a variety of effects. The most common use for sigils are spell storage and exorcisms. Hunters also rely on sigils for trapping spirits and demons. The more complex the sigils work, the more power it can pack. Multiple spells can also be stored into sigils.
    • Profane Sigil: Profane Sigils are used to trap demons and dampen their powers.
    • Divine Sigil: Divine Sigils are used to trap angels and gods and dampen their powers.
    • Gate Sigils: Gate Sigils are sigils used to access different locations that are marked with responding sigils.
  • Disenchantment: A branch of magic that specializes in ward and barrier-breaking.
  • Counter Cursing: A branch of magic designed in deflecting and countering curses. Curses can be countered with a specific anti-curse that is designed specifically for the curse that is being casted. The anti-curse can have a varied range of effects from simply nullifying the curse to reflecting the curse's effects on the caster of the curse.
    • Anti-Jinx Spell: Reverse Luck: An anti-curse designed to target the Bad Luck Jinx. The anti-curse does nothing else other than nullify the effects of Bad Luck.
    • Reverse Casting: A multi-purpose state of the art anti-curse. True to its name, Reverse Casting rewrites the effects of the spell after the spell impacts the user's mana range. The curse is replicated and nullified. The user can then return the curse back at the caster.
      • Modified Reverse Casting: After deeply researching into the anti-curse, Ruby developed a version that allows for it to be stored in sigils and can be triggered at a moment's notice. The advantage that this spell has is that it does not use up the caster's mana and can creates a full-body forcefield.
  • Summoning: Ruby can summon beings and objects.
  • Enhancement Magic: Enhancement magic is magic that can enhance the physical and magical capabilities of the user to higher levels. Enhancement magic does not need any form of chanting and can be instantly cast by the user prior to combat or even in the heat of it.
    • Swift Foot: A basic speed enhancement spell that can boost the user's speed to six times that of their normal speed.
      • Instantaneous Acceleration: A more advanced speed enhancement spell that can boost the user's speed to 10 to 100 times their normal speed depending on how much power they expend into it.
      • Godspeed: A spell used by Avan to drastically enhance her speed to levels that are beyond even most supernatural beings. Godspeed increases the natural speed of the user by cubing it, allowing them to move faster than before.
    • Diamond Wall: A defense enhancement spell that tightens and enhances the skin, bones, and organs of the user.
    • Saigan Shi-Shi: An onmyou spell from Japan used by their mages. Saigan Shi-Shi doubles her strength.
    • Rasai Senkan: (来災先観らいわざわいさきかん

Raifuzafuisakan, Lit. Meaning Foresight of Coming Calamities) Ruby uses a talisman to cast a spell, improving her kinetic vision in combat.

Master Lockpick: While not the greatest lockpick on Earth or even in Creation, Ruby is still a highly skilled lock-pick being able to easily break into locks that are considered to be complex by human standards. Locks that are magically enforced require her to work more carefully to defuse the magical array and then physically pick the lock.

Marksmanship: Despite favoring the sword, Ruby is no slouch when it comes to firearm usage. Especially adept with pistols, Ruby can use various firearms due to the training she received from her sister, being able to use it with deadly accuracy. However, she is lesser in this skill than Natalia, who favors firearms usage.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Ruby is a highly skilled combatant and martial artist. Growing up with parents who were formerly renown across the whole of the planet, Ruby was subjected to harsh martial training in order to improve her combat skills. Most likely due to her rivalry with Adrian, Ruby rapidly advanced forward. Due to being bullied a lot at a young age due to her odd eye-color, Ruby was able to fight back against any of the people that would target her, her younger sister, Adrian, and Natalia. During her first hunting trip with Adrian, Ruby capitalized on the superior strength she was granted as a cambion to efficiently defeat the werewolf pack in straight combat. Ultimately when it comes to terms of skill, Adrian slightly outranks her due to his superior physical strength, however Ruby is slightly ahead of him in terms of speed. There are instances when she can outright defeat Adrian due to her emotions running wild. Using her slender body to her advantage, Ruby can land devastating blows at high speeds. She doesn't hesitate to exploit weak areas and will frequently go to strike areas she already injured prior. However, according to her, their current track record of matches is 756-755 in her favor. She is also capable of taking on Angels, Demons, and Gods and briefly stand against Gremory during their first encounter despite the vast difference between them in terms of combat experience. She was also able to get quite a few hits in herself.

Master Swordsman: Unarguably her greatest combat-oriented skill, there are very few people among Ruby's age group that can rival her or even defeat her in sword combat. That number is small and number in the 30s with the people in her age group that can defeat her being less than ten. Ruby favors the katana, opting for a blade longer than that of the average one. Due to her training with Taki Adashino, Ruby can easily defeat some of the most elite Greco-Roman Demigods of her generation, all while her sword was sheathed as to not hurt them. Her skill extends to daggers and knives as she has knowledge in this field as well. Due to her body being well suited for his techniques, Ruby has learned the following:

Hazy Moonlit Blade: (朧月刀流オボロツルギカタナリュウ Oborozuki Katana Ryu, Lit. meaning Obscure Moonlight Sword) The Moonlit Blade is a sword style that emphasizes speed and skill, utilizing analysis to predict and visualize the skill and attacks of their opponent merely from seeing their breath, gait, even the way they blink. Using this, Ruby can dodge, deflect, counter, predict, and even copy the sword style of their enemies and use it against them, clearing it of flaws. In its attack form, the style takes advantage of the user's speed and power, delivering fast precise strikes and slashes meant to kill the opponent before they even realize that they have been attacked.

  • Moonlit Flash: Ruby swings her blade, forming an arc and sheathes it. In that instant, she has performed over 500 slashes.

Hidden Lotus Style: (朧蓮華刀流オボロレンゲカタナリュウ Obororenge Katana Ryu, Lit. meaning Hazy Lotus Style) A sword style developed by Sasaki Kojiro in the distant past and used in his battle against Miyamoto Musashi. Due to Ruby's natural talent, she has absorbed and excelled in this aggressive sword style.

  • Tsubame Gaeshi:(秘剣・燕返しつばめがえし

Tsubame Gaeshi, Lit.meaning Reverse Swallow Stance) Ruby performs a forward slash with her entire sword down to her opponent with the might of her entire body. Even if it was dodged, Ruby is capable of retracing her steps with another swing flying from the target's blind spot. This technique is said to be capable of catching a swallow with turning speeds exceeding 200 km/hr.

Disguise Expert: Ruby can blend in and disguise herself as law enforcement or a government agent, possessing enough knowledge of their tactics, maneuvers, and the inner workings and aspects of various law enforcement organizations in order to masquerade as one.

Cambion Physiology: Cambion are a hybrid race that is born from the union of Human and Demon. Possessing the traits of both parents, Cambion are capable of wielding vast demonic powers and are considered to be the demigods of the Biblical Pantheon alongside their angelic counterparts, the Nephilim. Cambion tend to start off fairly weak but is stated to be able to inflict wide devastation to the world if properly trained and allowed to grow into their power.

  • Psionic Powers: Cambion possess an inherent psychic ability that allows them to possess a host of powers. The most basic powers that a Cambion can possess include telekinesis and telepathy. More mature Cambion have more powers.
    • Telekinesis: Cambion can impart kinetic energy via pure mental will, allowing them to manipulate physical matter without the need for contact.
  • Invulnerability: Cambion are highly resistant to conventional weaponry. They can take absurd levels of trauma from mortal weapons and recover rather easily as well as survive. Due to their human heritage, Cambion can also withstand supernatural weaponry designed to take out angels to some degree.
  • Rapid Regeneration: Cambion possess high regeneration powers inherited from their sires. Cambion are capable of restoring themselves from extreme levels of trauma such as having their heads severed or even being reduced to a mess of cells. The true power of a Cambion that reaches complete maturity is rumored to be able to restore themselves from nothing but their Taint.
  • Supernatural Perception: Cambion can perceive paranormal events and beings that would normally be invisible to the naked eye of humans.
  • Flight: Cambion can manifest translucent energy wings to fly.

Seven Curse Mirror: The inherent ability that was inherited from the First Curse in the form of ability. The user is capable of reflecting all attacks, be it magical, physical, or metaphysical, back at the attacker sevenfold. It is known as the perfect counter as it is capable of reflecting even conceptual attacks. It can also reflect natural phenomena such as lightning or radiation bursts to any location that the user wishes. Under Ruby's usage, she would use it to harm powerful beings as she was able to reflect Zeus's own lightning blast at him and severely injuring him due to reflecting seven times Zeus's full power. The power can be manifested by the user in two forms. With Ruby, she utilizes it in conjunction with her Iaido sword style, reflecting attacks with a quickdraw back at their users. She sometimes uses it in its barrier form but rarely.

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