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Rito Yuma is the main protagonist in Highschool DxD: Seven Sins. He is a member of Grigori and Ram Phenex's Pawn, as well as second-year student of Okoma Academy.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawful Good

Name: Rito Yuma, Devil of Grigori (self-proclaimed famous alias)

Origin: Ion's DxD Universe

Gender: Male

Age: 17 (Seven Sins)

Classification: Former Human, Reincarnated Devil, Longinus User

Eye Color: Gold brown

Hair Color: Brownish orange

Martial Status: Single

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Grigori, Azazel's Team, Ram Phenex's Peerage, Okoma Academy

Previous Affiliation: Penemue's Team

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 7-C | 7-A

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Aura, Flight, Longevity, Summoning, Unholy Manipulation (Via Demonic Energy), Holy Manipulation/Electricity Manipulation (Can use Baraqiel's Holy Lightning), Magic, Explosion Manipulation (Fairy Magic possess an explosive nature), Darkness Manipulation (Can change the forms of the shadows in shadow-made blades to attack enemies and also entangle and tie them using shadows), Purification via Earth Manipulation (Rito copied rock mysticism, which is able to purify evil spirits by manipulating the earth), Forcefield Creation (Can create barriers to protect himself), Energy Projection, Transformation (Balance Breaker), Divide (Can warp, distort, halve, and compress space, continuously halve the size of objects and living things, Can continuously halve the power of his opponents, add it to his own, and halve the power of attacks until they significantly weaken or disperse entirely), Destiny Decks allows him to use: Power Mimicry (Destiny Deck allows him to copy the powers of others), Statistics Amplification (Can increase the damage of magical attacks, the power of long range attacks, his own magical power, speed, physical strength, senjutsu, demonic power, defense and holy power), Statistics Reduction (Can reduce his opponent's magical power and the power of their long ranged attacks), Time Stop (Stops time as long as the user can hold his breath), Empathic Manipulation (The opponent falls in love with the user), Healing, Sense Manipulation (Can make his opponent lose its senses for 30 seconds), Sleep Manipulation (Can put the opponent to sleep), Telepathy (Can read minds), Paralysis Inducement (Via tentacles), Damage Boost (Can deal more damage to opponents with evil hearts), Limited Power Nullification (Can unable his opponent to use its full power)

Attack Potency: Large Town level (Should be comparable to the average High-class Devil) | Mountain level (Can fight against 20% Mal Beliaruin and Base Silverage Lucifuge)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Should be comparable to the average High-class Devil) | FTL (Can keep up with 20% Mal Beliaruin)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Large Town Class | Mountain Class

Durability: Large Town level (Can take attacks from High-class Devils) | Mountain level (Tanked attacks from Base Silverage)

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range, Several kilometers with abilities

Standard Equipment: His Sacred Gear, Destiny Deck

Intelligence: Gifted

Weaknesses: Holy / light based abilities and weaponry.

Key: Base | Balance Breaker


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