My old man was a really shitty dad. He tried to teach me how to flirt and drink behind Mom's back and made the worst food ever. So yeah, he sucked at being a dad a lot of the time but he loved us and I wanted to be like him. To fight to protect those you love.
~ Adrian fondly remembering his father
God! This isn't how you send people angels!
~ Richard during his first chaotic meeting with Mastema/Lucifer


Richard Sigrun Mariner was a legendary exorcist from the Church and a member of their shadow organization/branch known as The Inquisition. He is the deceased husband of Mastema/Lucifer and the father of Adrian Mariner and Natalia Mariner. He was killed shortly after Adrian turned five and after Natalia's second birthday.



Richard was born to a family of disgraced magicians that moved from Scandinavia to Europe. The Mariner Family was a magical bloodline from Scandinavia who was noted for their magic, the Space-Time Tuning Circle. His father was cast from the family for marrying someone who was of normal blood. As a result, Richard lived a fairly normal life, though his family was a little short on money. His mother worked as a librarian while his father found work as an electrician. When Richard was six, his younger sister, Maria, was born.

One day, when Richard was playing with Maria in the backyard, a wraith appeared in their yard and attacked them. Richard tapped into his magic and blasted back the wraith, holding it long enough for his father to appear and kill it. After realizing that his magic would only get him into trouble, Richard began to train underneath his father in martial combat as well as magic. He blossomed underneath his tutelage while keeping up with his studies. The church eventually got wind of this and made an offer to Richard's parents to grant them protection in exchange for Richard undergoing training as an exorcist.

Exorcist Career

Richard accepted and trained underneath an exorcist by the name of Larry Alighieri. Initially, Richard only went on standard missions such as exorcisms and purifications as well as the occasional monster-slaying whenever the church was called by a family of monsters to eliminate a rogue. His sister joined him shortly after. The most defining moment at the beginning of his career was the elimination of a cult of monsters dedicated to the worship of one of the Plagues of Humanity. His contribution to the death of their leader led to wide recognition by the higher-ups of the Christian Church, the High Priest of Israel, the various Imams of Islam.

He was slipped a message by a mysterious figure that told him to meet at the edge of town and to make sure he wasn't to be followed. He met with several cloaked religious individuals who offered him a position within the shadow wing of the Abrahamic Faiths known as the Inquisition. A collaborative organization formed by the Pope, the High Priest, and the Imam in order to combat the other pantheons.

His time within the Inquisition could be considered the height of his exorcist career. Richard flourished within the organization, slaying demons and monsters alike. He played a vital role in the suppression of an immensely powerful demonic beast that was responsible for the destruction of several villages within Ethiopia. Due to his efforts, Richard was granted access to the secret treasury deep within the lower levels of St. Peter's Basilica. He was instructed to select a weapon to which he spent the next few hours looking for the right weapon. Eventually, Richard gave up and started to walk out when he felt a pull. He turned around and saw an inverted cross. He touched the cross and it resonated with him, shocking his guide. When he asked what the cross was, his guide responded that he was the first person in seventy years to gain a response from the Petrine Cross.

Since then, the Petrine Cross became his signature weapon. He wielded it with great ferocity, outclassing nearly all of his colleagues. He was selected by the Pope at the time, Pope John Paul II, to lead the Inquisition. The leader at the time, Archibald Smith, stated that he would not back down from the position unless Richard was capable of landing a hit on him. Richard accepted and the two engaged in a terrible duel on an abandoned island. The island became devastated due to the onslaught of spells that were exchanged between the two. Eventually, Richard managed to land not one but two hits on Archibald, ending in the old exorcist's defeat.

Since his promotion as Head Inquisitor, Richard began to crack down on various parts of the organization that he deemed morally questionable. By the end of his first year as Head Inquisitor, Richard had reformed over sixty percent of the Inquisition. At the beginning of his second year, Richard received word that his sister, Maria, had been scouted by one of the Inquisition. Richard accepted and Maria joined. Upon seeing her appearance, Richard asked what had happened to her. He was horrified when she revealed that she had subjected herself to biological and magical enhancements. The two argued over it for several months before Maria told him that it was her choice to make this. She wanted this. She was jealous of his progress. Richard was stunned and remained silent, accepting her choice despite not liking it.

Meeting Mastema

In 1985, Richard was sent to an undisclosed location after receiving a report of the disappearance of several notable exorcists from the Inquisition. He investigated the area and saved a mysterious woman. He asked for her name and she revealed herself as a Demon known as Mastema. He glanced over her shoulder and saw the body of an exorcist. In a rage, he attacked her using the Petrine Cross. He failed as Mastema was able to defeat him in a span of several minutes. Since then, the two clashed several times with it ending in his defeat. Looking for a way to defeat her, Richard sought advice from one of his comrades, an exorcist named Lania, for advice. She took him to the archives and he read of a series of weapons known as Hands of God. He learned of the existence of one in the possession of the Catholic Church.

He received permission from Pope John Paul to access the lowest level of St. Peter's Basilica where the weapon was stored. He went down and saw the weapon. The Longinus Spear. The most powerful God Key in existence. His colleague stated that the weapon possessed a will of its own and chose its wielder. She also stated that the only one who ever used the weapon was a Roman Soldier named Longinus and that no one had been able to use it since. Richard ignored her and grabbed the spear. The spear resonated with him.

The next time he and Mastema met, he fought her on near-even grounds. The Longinus Spear had granted him a boost in power to clash with her evenly in combat. Their battle was so terrible that it prompted their audience to reveal themselves. The Archangels Gabriel and Uriel revealed themselves and stated that they would have to move their battle elsewhere to prevent the entire world from being destroyed. Uriel rewound time, fixing the damage and prepared a universe for them to fight in. Using the weapon, he managed to overpower her and bring her down to the floor before him. He leveled the weapon at her throat and but did not kill her.

Richard left Uriel's universe, leaving Mastema on her knees and in shame. Following the battle, Richard began to take more days off to recover. During his recovery, he felt an uncanny presence following him. However, every time he tried to find out whose presence it was, it disappeared. One day, when he was getting lunch with his sister in their hometown, Richard found his arm being hugged by Mastema, who glared at Maria. Mastema openly stated he belonged to her and no one else. Richard revealed to her that Maria was his younger sister. Feeling humiliated and embarrassed, Mastema remained silent for the rest of the meeting. After the meeting, Richard took Mastema somewhere private and revealed his feelings to her to which she responded that she felt the same.

Mastema revealed her true identity to Richard to which he replied with an "I don't care". Her identity was never revealed to the Church with only Richard's sister knowing of it.


After dating for six years, Richard married Mastema on November 2, 1992. Mastema became pregnant shortly after their wedding. On August 8, 1993, she gave birth to their first son, Adrian. Upon seeing his son for the first time, Richard began to push himself harder and harder to become stronger. For the first time, he had things he needed to protect. He had a wife and a son that he needed to come home to every day. Mastema had seemingly abandoned her goal of freeing her body from Hell and was content with the life she lived. She talked to him about working at the local hospital where she used her powers to get hired as a doctor.

Richard met with Mastema/Lucifer's other children, the Seven Prime Demons. Lilith expressed her respect for him and deemed him to be a worthy stepfather. Satan and Leviathan found it odd to have someone much younger than them. Asmodeus shamelessly flirted with her step-father in front of her mother but that was quickly stopped. Mammon and Belphegor welcomed him. Beelzebub was the only one who openly expressed his distate and stated that he would never accept him as his mother's lover. He said that Richard would be the cause of his mother's downfall and that she abandoned her goal because of him.

Mastema's siblings also found Richard to be rather charming however, Michael and Raphael both stated that they would kill him and erase his soul and the concept of his existence at all levels if he ever broke her heart.

On December 7, 1996, Mastema gave birth to their youngest daughter, Natalia. Her birth was celebrated but in her carelessness and joy, his wife never erected any seals to hide her power. This would be the beginning of the end of her happy life. When Natalia turned two, the Angels came down from Heaven to attack her and capture Natalia due to her growing power and the breaking of Adrian's seals. Richard and Mastema fought back bravely, careful not to kill their daughter in the process. Using the combined power of the Petrine Cross and the Longinus Spear to wipe out a large swathe of angels.

Richard confronted the Seraph of Mercy, Zadkiel, in combat. Using the Longinus Spear, Richard erected a massive dimensional barrier around his home. He confronted the angel and fought him. The two were evenly matched, both using God Keys in combat. In a dirty move, Zadkiel fired an attack at Natalia with the intent to kill her. Richard blocked the attack. His distraction and love for his daughter became his downfall. Taking advantage of his distraction, Zadkiel beheaded impaled Richard in the heart. He gloated how his wife would be next and that their children would be used as slaves for Heaven and weapons against the Pantheons. He spat in Zadkiel's face, stating that if this is the Heaven that the Church believed in, he would rather ally himself with Demons. His response greatly angered Zadkiel and the Seraph beheaded him in front of his wife.


Following his death, his sister, Maria, left the Inquisition to raise her brother's children. His death left a massive power vacuum within the Inquisition as several notable members fought for the position of Head Inquisitor. The Spear of Longinus vanished shortly after Richard's death, prompting the Church to hunt it down. However, they had no leads as to where it is.

His son, Adrian, was forced to grow up without a father and forced to raise his sister alongside his aunt. Richard can be seen in multiple flashbacks about Adrian's life. His strength became something of an inspiration to Adrian to become stronger to protect his younger sister and to fight his siblings and mother.


Richard is a tall man with a lean build. He is of Scandinavian descent, with his family having immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s. His life in the Midwestern United States has given him a slight tan, making him a bit darker than the average Scandinavian. Richard possesses messy brown hair and orange eyes, unlike his sister who possesses blue eyes. His face is stated to be mostly clueless and looks as if he is drifting through life.

The look in his eyes can invoke a myriad of emotions depending on how he is feeling at the time. A majority of how he feels can be gleaned through the look in his eye. Some people and monsters have outright run upon looking into his eye, feeling intense fear and killing intent. That doesn't mean that Richard has no facial expression. Mastema has stated that his smile is the most beautiful aspect of him.

He has a lean build, similar to that of a swimmer. His arms are not as big as a regular soldier nor is he as stocky and wide. One of his fellow Inquisitors stated that Richard appears as if he was a fishbone compared to some of the men in the Inquisition. However, his build is deceptive as he is capable of taking down people far stronger than him with a few blows.

His choice of clothing is rather simple. He wears the standard Inquisition Captain Uniform consisting of a long coat that is opened. He wears a white button-up shirt with a wide and tall collar. On the outside, he wears a combat vest that is capable of deflecting bullets and stopping most bladed weapons. Richard wears black pants with black combat boots. On his right wrist is a silver Rolex Watch with a blue clock face. When he isn't at work, Richard prefers to wear an open jacket which primarily consists of dark colors. The Petrine Cross is located around his neck in the form of a golden rosary that expands rapidly in size when needed. The Longinus Spear rests in his breast pocket, taking the shape of a silver pen.


Described by Maria as a womanizing, no-good bastard brother, Richard was rather overconfident and brash. He is often seen as selfish and headstrong, running into battle seemingly without a plan. Mastema describes him as playing the field, flirting with women, even when they were dating, stating that he was the lowest of scum. His sister describes him as an incorrigible pervert, who ogles women even when he was serving under the Church. Richard was also rather cocky, taking on opponents far stronger than him despite the vast difference in strength. Richard refers to this as his self-confidence.

Despite all his flaws, Richard is a genuinely kind and friendly person. He tends to get along with everyone he meets, easily making friends with the most unlikely people. Richard is known to have friends in the least likely places such as friends who are members of the Vampiric Ruling Families or Pack Alphas of Werewolves. His most noted unlikely friendship was with the Fallen Seraph Mastema, who began as his sworn enemy and rival. He possesses a deep charisma that pulls others in as evidenced by his time within the Inquisition. Most Inquisitors can attest to the very fact that Richard was a kind and great leader with all of them stating that they had good memories from his time as Chief Inquisitor. His kindness extended to other races, not discriminating between man, god, or monster.

Richard, despite being a wallflower, is not a pushover. In addition to being beloved and adored, Richard was highly feared by those around him for his extreme skill and power. His anger is known to be silent and cold, being almost sadistic and filled with extreme malice at times. During what was to be a routine mission to Romania, one of Richard's squad members was killed by a vampire. In vengeance, Richard brutally killed the vampire by removing its head and limbs, placing it outside the house of Vampire Family they belonged to. Richard does not tolerate discrimination nor does he tolerate insubordination. He despises those who perform such acts for the false notion of racial superiority, personally punishing those that go too far.

Noted to be a genius, Richard is a one in a million prodigy. While he is noted to be extremely lazy, Richard is also hardworking. He tends to work tirelessly from day to night, often keeping his schedule meticulously arranged. As the Chief Inquisitor, a job he described more as a glorified secretary, Richard was known to be on top of all his paperwork, keeping up with the various requests that the higher-ups of the Abrahamic Faiths constantly give to him. While he finds it boring, he can see the meaning of maintaining such a work ethic, stating that his pace and speedy and thorough way of doing his work was the only thing that kept the branch running. His work ethic was derived from his training ethic, from which he trained himself into the ground in order to get stronger. His persistence and hard work allowed him to ascend extremely fast through the ranks of the Inquisition, eventually being nominated for the position of Chief Exorcists.

After he became a husband and father, Richard remained the same more or less. He became less brash, becoming more and more cautious now that he had a family he needed to get home to. From the often faint memories that Adrian had of the man, Richard was known to be goofy yet protective. He told the classic dad jokes whenever the two were together. To Adrian, his father was a man, who despite all of his flaws, was a man he felt that he could look up to.

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 8-C, Far Higher via Magic and Explosives. 2-C , possibly 2-B with the Spear of Longinus. 2-A via Divine Key Chokmah

Classification: Chief Inquisitor

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Regeneration via Automated Healing Veil (Low-Mid. Automated Healing Veil rapidly heals any injury sustained by the caster including fatal wounds and severely damaged organs.), Enhanced Senses and Extrasensory Perception (With Magic, Richard can see and sense supernatural beings that are normally invisible to the human eye such as ghosts, angels, and demons), Magic (Knows Enochian Magic and Norse Magic), Speed Enhancement via Space-Time Tuning Circle: Gravity Wave and Space-Time Tuning Circle: Tachyon Propagation, Density Manipulation via Space-Time Tuning Circle (Can alter the density of his mass to make himself lighter or even heavier than normal to increase the force of his blows.), Time Manipulation via Space-Time Tuning Circle: Time Fracture and Stop Time (Time Fracture slows down time to 1/20 its original speed within a 100 m radius within the user. Stop Time stops the flow of time within a large area about the size of Manhattan), Spatial Manipulation via Space-Time Tuning Circle: Spatial Fold and Break Space (Spatial Fold compresses space to shorten distances between locations and is akin to teleportation. Break Space shatters the foundation of Space.), Flight via Space-Time Tuning Circle: Spatial Movement, Status Effect Inducement via Sigils, Purification and BFR via Exorcisms (Can banish angels, demons, and gods with exorcisms), Telekinesis via Magic, Gravity Manipulation via Space-Time Tuning Circle (Can use Space-Time Tuning Circle to bend the curvature of space time in order to increase gravity), Accelerated Development via Training, Paralysis Inducement via Divine Sigils and Profane Sigils (Divine Sigils can trap deities and angels within a certain area. Profane Sigls can trap demons within a certain area.), Attack Reflection and Power Nullification via Counter Cursing and Counter Spells, Forcefield Creation via Magic, Danmaku, Matter Manipulation via Magic (Subatomic Level; Ashes to Ashes destroys people at a subatomic level), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 4; Can use conceptual spells that he learned as The Head Exorcist that attacks people at their base conceptual level), Soul Manipulation via Magic (Implanted a piece of his soul within the Longinus Spear in order to guide the next wielder. Aeon Judgement destroys the soul at a conceptual level on all levels of existence.), Limited Durability Negation, Resistance Negation, and Immortal Killing via certain weapons (Silver Bullets can bypass the durabilities of various supernatural beings. His daggers are coated in Eitr which is a poison formed from the blood of the Elder Giant/God Ymir. Eitr is capable of degrading the souls of others.), Summoning (Richard can summon his personal guardian angel for combat.), Light Manipulation via Magic, Healing via Magic (Knows a variety of healing spells that can be applied in various situations within combat and outside combat. Richard is also highly knowledgeable in standard medical practices and can do things such as setting a dislocated arm, putting a cast on, and putting on stitches.), Pain Manipulation via Torture Techniques, Pressure Points, Elemental Manipulation via Magic (Of Fire, Water, and Lightning), Body Control, Poison Manipulation via Holy Toxins and Anti Divine Toxins, Weapon Creation via Magic (Can create weapons made of pure light energy), Holy Manipulation via Magic and Holy Weaponry, Explosion Manipulation via Weaponry, Master Hand to Hand Combatant, Weapon Mastery (Of spears, daggers, firearms, and explosives), Non-Physical Interaction, Teleportation and Dimensional Travel

Sealing (The Petrine Cross has the power to seal away extremely powerful beings by casting spells that become engraved into the bodies and spiritual essence of the target.). Chain Manipulation (The Petrine Cross can summon ethereal chains that bind the targets via their soul. The Chains have the ability to seal other beings that are wrapped within their grasp.), Statistics Reduction (The Cross can emit a field that can "delete" power, making the targets feel weaker and weaker with every second they're in the field.), Weapon Creation and Weapon Manipulation (Richard can summon and create weapons comprised of golden energy. These weapons contain an elemental effect similar to lightning and can be mentally controlled by the user. These spears travel at high speeds, accelerating to speeds that are stated to travel at the speed of light.), Power Nullification (The Petrine Cross's unleashed form is capable of deleting all power from the area within a certain radius, completely making beings such as Gods feel powerless and reduce them to mere humans.), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Users of the Petrine Cross can throw people into a pocket dimension contained within the cross where they are bound at the spiritual level with chains as well as have their powers removed from them.)

Information Analysis (Users of Divine Key Chokmah are capable of breaking down and analyzing all forms of knowledge to be archived and used by the user. This information can be accessed at any time by the user.), Power Mimicry (Users of Divine Key Chokmah can replicate and copy any power that they come across after it's been analyzed. The weapon can also replicate any object by shapeshifting into said object. The power of the copy is comparable to the original object. There is very little limit to what Divine Key Chokmah can become, being able to become divine weapons as well as MagiTech.), Power Modification (Richard can use any magic replicated by Divine Key Chokmah and modify it, casting aside any flaws and imperfections in the object or the magic form.), Blood Manipulation (Replicated by Divine Key Chokmah from an unnamed blood mage.), Darkness Manipulation (Replicated from a demon), Holy Manipulation (Replicated from the Angel Lailah after his first meeting with her.), Poison Manipulation (Replicated Samael's power to generate Holy Poison which affects demonic entities and corrodes the souls of other beings.), Clairvoyance and Psychometry (Divine Key Chokmah contains the blueprints of the Eye of Providence which allows Richard to see into other locations.), Intangibility (Replicated from a wraith.), Air Manipulation (Replicated Wind Magic), Healing (Obtained via replicating various forms of healing magic), Ice Manipulation (Replicated the ice based abilities of a Yeti.), likely more, Telepathy, Soul Reading, Subjective Reality and Immersion (The Inner Cortex of Divine Key Chokmah: Imaginary Space allows the user to project the realities that is most desired by the target or even trap them in the reality of their choosing. This is done by an in-depth analysis of the target's consciousness and soul. The fantasy is nearly impossible from escape from. Imaginary Space is even capable of replicating the entire life of the target.)

Probability Manipulation (The Longinus Spear is capable of controlling the concept of Miracles, being able to cause absurd events to happen without fail so long as the odds are not zero. Even if the chances are absurdly low, they can happen with an absolute chance of success.), Reality Warping (The full power of the Longinus Spear is capable of rewriting and altering entire aspects of reality itself, being able to force concepts to materialize and create things from nothing.), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; The Longinus Spear can control the concepts of Holy and Divine, being able to materialize them and weaponize them. In addition, the Longinus Spear can negate the conceptual powers of the Domains of Gods.), Causality Manipulation and Fate Manipulation (A fully realized user of the Longinus Spear is capable of altering and rewriting the causal flow of reality across the entirety of Assiah and Yetzirah to fit their needs. The Spear reverses cause and effect to make it so that any event that occurs will instead happen to the target, rewriting its cause to alter its effect.), Immortal Killing (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8. Possibly 9. The Longinus Spear can kill beings who are immortal and claim to not know the concept of Death. It is speculated to be able to kill the Cosmic Gods.), Size Manipulation (Under Richard's use, the spear was capable of extending its length.), Resistance Negation (The Spear of Longinus is a weapon whose power is derived from the killing of Jesus Christ, Yesh's Shard, and has the power to kill Gods, Angels, Demons, Monsters, and Men. Can pierce through the defenses of Elder Gods as well as bypass their resistances. Mot, a Death God, who possesses a natural resistance to death based abilities was instantly killed by Spear.), Durability Negation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation via Reisha D'Arich (Reisha D'Arich folds spatio-temporal dimensions. It is described by Richard to fold a piece of paper an endless amount of times.), Death Manipulation (The Spear of Longinus can impose the concept of death on deathless beings in a manner similar to Archreaper Weaponry.), Space-Time Manipulation (The Longinus spear can cause vortexes that distort the flow of time and cut apart space.), Non-Physical Interaction, Homing Attack when thrown (Will constantly seek its target when thrown.), Weapon Creation and Weapon Manipulation (The Spear of Longinus can create weapons and control them.), Creation and Pocket Reality Manipulation (The Longinus Spear can create four-dimensional pocket constructs that users can manipulate and control to their will.), Light Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Power Bestowal (The Longinus Spear grants resistance to Higher-Dimensional Manipulation up to nine Spatio-temporal higher dimensions as well as resistance to Causality Manipulation, Existence Erasure, and Time Manipulation as well as immunity to Holy Manipulation. Wielders of the Spear can also grant the power to grant blessings.)

Magic (His exorcist garment protects him from most forms of magic to a certain degree, being able to nullify base level spells. In a fight against an expert magician, there is little the garment can defend against.), Sealing, Void Manipulation (Richard was able to survive a full on blast from Mastema's void blast albeit it should be noted that she was holding back.), Energy Manipulation, Time Manipulation (The Space-Time Tuning Circle allows Richard to control his own time and prevent others from using it against him.), Power Nullification, Power Mimicry, and Power Modification via Mastema's Blessing (Mastema's blessing prevents Richard's powers from being tampered with by any other being other than her or beings far more powerful than she is.), Soul Manipulation (The standard exorcist garment contains numerous enchantments that defends the user's soul from being tampered or messed with.), Possession (Via Anti-Possession Sigils), Body Puppetry via Anti-Possession Sigils, Poison Manipulation (Can survive most known forms of poison.), Gravity Manipulation (Can walk through Mastema's Gravity Field albeit with great difficulty.), Elemental Manipulation, Reality Warping, Existence Erasure (Tanked Mastema's Shevirat Ha-Kelim albeit he was left on the brink of death afterwards, only to be saved by Uriel's intervention.), Darkness Manipulation

Attack Potency: Large Building Level, can ignore Durability with various weapons and spells (Far stronger than most of the exorcists within the Inquisition. Can casually destroy a large building comparable in size to a tenement within New York. Easily able to destroy an entire vampire family by himself with very little effort. Richard is also capable of killing demigods from various pantheons with ease.). Low Multiverse Level, possibly Multiverse Level with the Spear of Longinus (With the Spear of Longinus, Richard is capable of harming Mastema, who herself destroyed several universes in the distant past. The Spear of Longinus is capable killing Elder Gods.). Multiverse Level+ (Divine Key Chokmah allows the user to mold and manipulate the Sea of Beriah. Divine Key Chokmah's Inner Cortex Release allows Richard to craft an entire reality from Beriah using his or the memories of user.)

Speed: Relativistic, higher via Magic (Comparable to High Tier Powers as well as some Gods. Far faster than Adrian and Ruby. Blitzed Ganesha, God of Wealth. Fired an attack that reached the Moon in less than five seconds.). Speed of Light via Space-Time Tuning Circle: Gravity Waves. FTL via Space-Time Tuning Circle: Tachyon Propagation and Space-Time Tuning Circle: Fold Space, possibly Immeasurable via Space-Time Tuning Circle: Singularity Contraction

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Large Building Class. Low Multiversal with the Longinus Spear

Durability: Large Building Level, higher via Magic. Low Multiverse Level via Blessing Ideal

Stamina: Extremely High (Can fight with Mastema with extended periods of time)

Range: Standard Melee Range. Extended Melee Range via Longinus Spear. Several Meters via Firearms | Several Meters to Thousands of Kilometers via Magic | Low Multiversal, possibly Multiversal via Teleportation and Gate Sigils

Standard Equipment:

  • Firearms with Silver Bullets, various explosives
  • Longinus Spear
  • Petrine Cross
  • Divine Key Chokmah

Intelligence: Likely Supergenius. Richard is a gifted fighter and a highly intelligent person. His knowledge of magic, complex sciences, and literature is extremely high, surpassing most beings in the world. He is a gifted chess player, being the only person Magnus Carlsen ever lost to and is capable of stalemating the Goddess Athena in a game of Chess, Checkers, Shogi, Go, and Xiangqi. He can simulate multiple situations inside his head, being able to come up with multiple plans within a few seconds, utilizing anything he can to his advantage be it from the environment to enemy weaknesses. He selects each plan with care, utilizing the plan the works best for the situation at hand, carefully analyzing everything about the plan for flaws and imperfections. If there are weaknesses, then he'll create some. All this was even before he acquired Divine Key Chokmah. With the Divine Key Chokmah, Richard's mental processing capabilities skyrocketed to even greater heights to the point where he is capable of matching Gods of Knowledge and Wisdom and even surpass some of them. He is capable of keeping up in a debate of wits and intrigue with the God Thoth, who is the Egyptian God of Knowledge and the possessor of ability similar to Divine Key Chokmah. Following his inheritance of the power, Richard is now a walking, talking encyclopedia of centuries worth of knowledge due to the fact that Divine Key Chokmah was crafted back in the 1200s by the last Prophet. Richard now has access to over 800+ years worth of Mundane and Supernatural Knowledge.

Weaknesses: Richard is still human and possesses all the weaknesses of a human. His mortality will always be a contributing factor to every fight he goes into as is his less than stellar resistance to magic, even with his anti-magic wards. The Longinus Spear, if used too long, has the potential to kill him. Richard can be very cocky at times which clouds his judgment and leads him to lose fights such as his first battle against Mastema. His love for his family can also be used against him, seeing as his death was caused by him saving his daughter from an attack by the Seraph of Mercy, Zadkiel.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Magic: Magic refers to the ability to affect the world and change it via supernatural means. It is a force that pervades throughout the entirety of the worlds as well as the higher worlds but to a lesser degree. All beings are capable of casting magic through sufficient research and practice. Richard was a skilled magic practitioner, knowing several forms of magic to a high degree of skill. While calling himself an amateur, Richard is recognized by several mages for his above average skill such as Avan, who stated that he could possibly go further with his magic.

  • Immense Magical Pressure: Richard can unleash a large mana burst which slams a massive pressure on the surrouding area. The pressure is stated to feel like the Earth's gravitational force increasing ten times.
  • Elementalism: Elementalism is a school of magic that refers to the use of multiple elements in combat as opposed to one. Most mages often delve into this school extensively as it is one of the easiest schools of magic to grasp. Elementalism involves the use of the standard five elements of fire, water, earth, air, and lightning. Other elements in this school can be used such as ice and metal.
    • Fire Magic: This form of magic utilizes fire. It allows the caster to manipulate matter and the movement of matter, causing the rapid oxidation of substances to create fire.
      • Megaton Burst: Megaton Burst is an extremely powerful fire spell that is capable of incinerating a large area. The flames exuded by this spell is stated to be hot enough to melt stone and metal.
      • Contamination of Flame: Contamination of Flame is a specialized custom magical spell that is stated to be the most physically destructive of all the spells in Richard's arsenal. The spell is capable of reducing a large city into a sea of fire.
    • Water Magic: Elemental Magic involving the manipulation of water.
      • Cascade: Cascade causes a massive deluge of water that is capable of drowning a large area.
      • Pressurized Blast: As the name implies, the spell fires a highly pressurized blast of water.
    • Wind Magic: Elemental Magic that involves the manipulation of air.
    • Lightning Magic: Elemental Magic that involves the manipulation of lightning and thunder.
  • Light Magic: A form of magic that allows the manipulation and generation of light.
  • Matter Manipulation: Through magic, matter can be manipulated, however, most mages can control matter at a molecular level. High-level mages can take it even further, being able to control matter down to its very atomic foundation while others can go even smaller than that.
    • Ashes to Ashes: Ashes to Ashes is a matter-based spell that was created by Avan. The spell involves fire a small blast of violet energy into her target which rapidly spreads through all their atoms, severing all molecular bonds between each atom. This happens very slowly and is considered to be painful as the being in questions slowly fades into dust.
  • Barrier Magic: Barrier Magic is a magic form that creates shields that can protect the user from physical and magical harm. The strength of the barrier depends on the skill of the user.
  • Sigils: Sigils are magical inscriptions that are used to store spells and produce a variety of effects. The most common use for sigils are spell storage and exorcisms. Hunters also rely on sigils for trapping spirits and demons. The more complex the sigils work, the more power it can pack. Multiple spells can also be stored into sigils.
    • Profane Sigil: Profane Sigils are used to trap demons and dampen their powers.
    • Divine Sigil: Divine Sigils are used to trap angels and gods and dampen their powers.
  • Counter Cursing: A branch of magic designed in deflecting and countering curses. Curses can be countered with a specific anti-curse that is designed specifically for the curse that is being cast. The anti-curse can have a varied range of effects from simply nullifying the curse to reflecting the curse's effects on the caster of the curse.
  • Soul Magic: Soul Magic is a magical art that involves the control of an esoteric form of energy that is collectively known as the soul. It has gone by many names across the world but it is primarily known as Soul Magic. It is forbidden in some sects especially the church, at least on the surface level.
    • Fragmentation: Fragmentation is the soul art of splitting off a small portion of the soul. That fragment can be implanted into an object.
  • Conceptual Magic: Conceptual Magic revolves around the manipulation of concepts that govern aspects of the world and of human society and culture as well as concepts that exist in nature. Most forms of conceptual magic fall within the classification of Domain, a special form of magic that belongs to deities, however, humans and other beings can learn conceptual magic by learning from the deities with the conceptual domain.
  • Enhancement Magic: Enhancement magic is magic that can enhance the physical and magical capabilities of the user to higher levels. Enhancement magic does not need any form of chanting and can be instantly cast by the user prior to combat or even in the heat of it.
    • Speed Enhancement: A form of magic enhancement that enhances the physical speed of the user.
    • Durabilitiy Enhancement: A form of magic enhancement that enhances the physical and magical durability of the user.
    • Strength Enhancement: A form of magic enhancement that enhances the physical and magical strength of the user.
  • Healing Magic: A form of magic that can heal wounds to varying degrees depending on the skill of the user. The magic can also be used to purify toxins and highly skilled users can cure diseases.

Space-Time Tuning Circle: The legendary and hereditary magic of the Mariner Family. On the surface level, the Space-Time Tuning Circle is capable of providing an all across the board boosts to one's physical abilities including speed, durability, and strength by manipulating the density of matter on the user. The true and secret power of the Space-Time Tuning Circle is capable of controlling space and time to create an ideal fluid of space that the user can use to propagate gravity waves as well as control time in various ways.

  • Time Fracture: Time Fracture is a technique of the Space-Time Tuning Circle that increases the attenuation coefficient of the light around them, slowing down the flow of time and allowing the user to flow faster.
  • Stop Time: Stop Time stops the flow of time around the user for seven seconds.
  • Shatter Space: Shatter Space allows the user to break and control the fabric of space and reconfigure it into an ideal fluid that the user can control to their will. Shatter Space can use this rebuilt space to create spatial constructs that can harm others as well as bypass barriers comprised of any form of energy.
  • Spatial Fold: Fold Space is a technique of the Space-Time Tuning Circle that can fold space around the user, effectively cutting and "erasing distance". It is effectively a form of teleportation.
  • Spatial Movement:' Spatial Movement is a technique that "moves space" around the user, allowing them to move without moving.
  • Singularity Contraction: Singularity Contraction is a spell developed by Richard. It allows the user contract and pulsate to such a degree that they are capable of moving across several higher Spatio-temporal dimensions at once. It can get to such a degree that Richard was rumored and proven by Mastema to be capable of easily traversing the Sea of Ber'iah.
  • Gravitational Wave Generation: A power of the Space-Time Tuning Circle. It allows users to warp the fabric of space and time to generate gravitational waves that propagate outward in a specific direction instantly at the speed of light.
    • Tachyon Propagation: Tachyon Propagation is a special technique developed by Richard Mariner to be used with the Space-Time Tuning Circle. It is based on the tachyon, a hypothetical particle that is capable of moving at an unknown degree faster than light itself.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Richard is a master combatant, both armed and unarmed. He is well-versed in several forms of martial arts, most notably, the Inquisition's fighting style known as Form of Jacob, which involves precise pressure point combat as well as the use of the opponent's weight against them. He is also extremely versed in Gun Fu, which is the use of close-quarters combat with firearms. His skill in close quarters combat is so great that he is capable of fighting beings that are physically superior to him in strength. He is also well versed in using melee weapons such as knives and spears. Lucifer states that Richard was capable of giving her avatar body a run for her money. Maria also states that her brother won't hesitate to exploit and use any injured areas.

Spear Mastery: Richard is a renowned spearman, even before he was chosen by the True Longinus to be its wielder. Richard wields the Longinus Spear, a two-meter spear. While distance is no matter for him in close combat, Richard often if not frequently closes the distance between him and his opponents. All of his strikes display such precision and strength that they are often fatal if one lands. He strikes with such speed and ferocity that even the most experienced combatants often have trouble fending them off. Richard also makes frequent use of his wide swings and the distance that can be afforded between him and his opponent to win his battles. Even Lucifer, while she was Mastema, stated that it was very difficult for her to deflect Richard's attacks even when the gap between them in combat experience was massive.

Leadership Skills: Richard is known to be a great leader to those who were under his command during his days within the Inquisition. He is known to naturally draw people to him as well as organizing and commanding a large number of people. His skill to command and invigorate people often lead some Inquisitors to believe that Richard's time as Chief Inquisitor was one of the Golden Eras of the Inquisition.

Master Strategist: Richard is a master strategist, capable of formulating strategies on the fly. Richard is also capable of formulating several situations inside of his head within a few seconds, carefully assessing each and every factor that is presented to him and calculating for possible unknowns. He will retreat if a retreat is available and utilize whatever advantage he has if a retreat is not an option. Commanding a large number of fighters is not a problem for him as he is capable of organizing and moving a large number of forces to be able to circumvent and win several battles easily. During the Inquisition's five-month war against the Vampire Clan of Schiskal, Richard was able to utilize the vast number of resources afforded to him by the Church to effectively fight a war of attrition in order to cut off supplies to their force as well as kidnap and take out several of their key leaders. Despite the physical advantage that the vampires had, Richard still led a nearly perfect campaign with his losses numbering only in the dozens.

Polyglot: Richard is well-versed in multiple languages which assists him with his job as an Inquisitor. His job requires him to travel to multiple places around the globe. His ability to know multiple languages allows him to easily communicate with the locals of the area.

Diplomat: Richard is a diplomat capable of negotiating with a wide understanding of the customs, workings, and cultures of other countries and pantheons. His knowledge of several languages often helps in this regard. He is rather well versed in law, allowing him to be able to move around and hash deals with leaders.

Lucifer's Blessing: Granted to Richard shortly on their first anniversary after Richard didn't come home. Lucifer was notified that he had gone missing. Sensing him, Lucifer rescued him from the clutches of some traitor priests. To make sure that he would never be defeated, Lucifer granted him a blessing that prevented others from removing his powers or otherwise copying or altering them. It also granted him a boost in strength, speed, and durability.

Celestial Codex: Astralogos: Celestial Codex: Astralogos is one of the abilities of Divine Key Chokmah. Astralogos is the power that allows Richard to replicate and mimic any object, power, and weapon in existence. However, Richard must be able to understand its capabilities. This isn't much of a problem as Richard is granted analytical abilities by Chokmah. These abilities are a result of centuries of compiled information, stretching back to the beginnings of the Christian Church. Thus, Richard possesses vast magical knowledge and is capable of understanding magical theory and spells just by observing the spell being cast. In addition to the magical knowledge he's granted, Richard is also granted profound scientific and mathematical knowledge to allow him to better understand the workings of devices and weaponry.

  • Blood Magic: Richard used Divine Key Chokmah to copy blood magic from a blood mage he was sent to capture. The mage ended up killing himself with blood magic but not before Richard copied it. Richard is capable of utilizing blood magic to a great degree.
  • Umbrakinesis: Richard gained the ability to control and manipulate shadows from a demon after utilizing Divine Key Chokmah to replicate the ability. Richard can create weapons and objects using this ability.
  • Holy Magic: Richard can use holy magic similar to angels.
  • Intangibility: An ability he gained from a wraith. Richard can make himself intangible by shifting his body to the Veil. He is the only known human being that can utilize the abilities of a wraith.
  • Ice Manipulation: An ability Richard gained after observing a Yeti.
  • Divine Poison: An ability Richard replicated from Samael. It allows him to transform his blood into a divine toxin which he coats his weapons in from time to time. This toxin is capable of producing the same effect as the blood of Ymir, a poison known as Eitr, which degrades and corrodes the soul of its victims.

Codex Astralogos: Mimicry: While Divine Key Chokmah does not have any combat applications normally, its unleashed form known as Astralogos: Mimicry allows Richard to shift Chokmah into any weapon in existence including Hands of God. However, these weapons are 3/4 as powerful as the originals. There is a limit to what Astralogos can shift into being unable to fully copy Divine Weaponry. It is revealed later that it cannot replicate the Divine Keys.

Inner Cortex Release: Imaginary Space: Imaginary Space is the penultimate technique of the Divine Key Chokmah. Imaginary Space allows the user to mimic, create, and project an entire reality constructed completely from the target's memories and feelings. This is done by an in-depth analysis of the target's consciousness and soul, allowing the user to select their deepest desire, a fond memory, or even their worst nightmare. Skilled users of Imaginary Space is capable of replicating the lives of an entire user up to that point from which, after that, their desires are used to craft their ideal fantasy life. Said fantasy is nigh-impossible to escape from.

Key: Richard | Richard with the Longinus Spear

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