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A second year at Ark Academy. One of the most powerful students in terms of how their powers function and the number of uses they provide as well as the student council president. She is teamed up with her upperclassman and close friend, Loren Arge, as her partner.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good

Origin: Reality Library (Ark Academy)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Classification: Human, Ark Academy student

Birthday: April 3rd, 2037

Personality: Ria is a quiet girl who rarely interacts with others besides those whom she is close with. She has a hobby of collecting firearms and often trains her marksmanship or read a book in her free time. She is close friends with Loren Arge. 

Height: 5'4" (162.56cm)

Weight: 124lbs (56.24kg)

Status: Alive

Affiliations: Ark Academy

Previous Affiliations: N/A

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-B, up to 8-C with Density Manipulation. High 3-A in distorted spacetime, 1-B, potentially higher with Quantum Force

Powers and Abilities: Acausality (Type 3 [Her distorted spacetime is capable of bending the past and she is completely unaffected by it when it does, though her omnipresent state can also make her unaffected by past changes. Moreover, if she somehow is defeated, another version of her can simply take her place via her omnipresent state, as such, this can also be considered as Mid-Godly regeneration due to how it functions. She has also been shown of connecting an attack before she even made the attack, this is due to her being able to make the attack in the past and not in the present, allowing her to deal damage in the present by attacking the past]), Causality Manipulation, Fate Manipulation and Probability Manipulation via Quantum Force (She is able to change the fate of others by shifting their world line to where what happens with them, doesn't happen to them, and vice versa. Moreover, her Quantum Force works on a binary system of 0 and 1, with a 0 being "false" and a 1 being "true", with this, she can give rise to absolute success or absolute failure as long as it is not fundamentally impossible to do so. For example: She is able to randomly guess every password on the internet simultaneously without making a single mistake, but she is unable to prevent people from eventually dying of old age, however, she can prevent the chances of cardiac arrest and/or strokes from happening to them), Density Manipulation (She is capable of increasing the density of weapons to strike harder with the increased mass or decrease density to lift large/heavy objects), Existence Erasure (She is capable of completely erasing the totality of a person or object's existence by making them never born or created in the first place across infinite branches of infinite outcomes/universes), Firearm Mastery (She trains for several hours with handguns at school and during her free time every day), Gravity Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Capable of manipulating time and matter in a quantum multiverse, in which universes are described as a 2-dimensional plane to represent alternate timelines), Matter Manipulation (Quantum level [Capable of deconstructing matter at the quantum level]), Pseudo-Omnipresence, Quantum Teleportation (She is capable of appearing in an infinite number of locations in every point in time simultaneously using her Quantum Force. This is often regarded as a "pseudo-omnipresence" due to its functionality), Regeneration Negation (High-Godly [Due to how her Quantum Force works, she is capable of making it where things never existed at all; erasing them from the totality of history entirely, her power also not allowing them of regenerating as them regenerating is at a "0" in terms of binary]), Spacetime Manipulation (Type 1 [She is able of creating a large area around her where spacetime is distorted which grants her the ability to affect the Quantum Realm]), Time Travel via Quantum Force, Stealth Mastery (Her passive Probability Manipulation is able to make the chances of detecting her presence mathematically 0%). Resistance to Causality Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, and Spacetime Manipulation (As the very nature of her powers is directly bound to the Quantum Realm, this allows her to resist spatial and time-based attacks up to a 14-dimensional level)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Her normal punches would have around as much kinetic energy as a .50 caliber bullet due to how fast she can punch), up to Building level with Density Manipulation (By making herself and her weapon less dense to achieve far higher velocities, her sword swings can reach an energy equivalent of around 0.466 tons of TNT). High Universe level in distorted spacetime (As she is moving at relativistic speed, even a gentle tap with a finger will bear infinite kinetic energy behind it), Hyperverse level (Her powers derive directly from the Quantum Realm, and she should be able to affect the bottom layer of the Quantum Realm at the very least. She can affect the entire Domain of Man on a scale where the timelines of universes diverge into infinite possibilities and outcomes/universes in which also branch off into infinite possibilities and outcomes that continue to branch off indefinitely in the same manner. This is described as if the linear timeline of the Domain of Man is a 1-dimensional line, then alternate timelines are a 2-dimensional plane with other universes existing in a higher-dimensional space that separates each of them), potentially higher (She should be capable of affecting the entirety of the Quantum Realm, which exists as three higher layers of existence which exist outside of the Domain of Man, governing the infinite number of branching timelines inside it) with Quantum Force

Speed: At least Subsonic (She is capable of moving faster than the eye can see and can throw punches at these speeds) with High Hypersonic+ reaction speed (By making herself less dense to move at these speeds, she must be able of perceiving fast enough so she does not crash into objects when traveling at these speeds) and Immeasurable combat speed (She is stated to be capable of occupying infinite locations in every point in time as a sort of "pseudo-omnipresence", being able to attack an infinite number of places in every point in time simultaneously due to this), up to High Hypersonic+ travel speed (She is able to make herself 100 times less dense, allowing her to move 100 times faster than normal; allowing her to reach speeds over Mach 66 in movement alone) with Massively Hypersonic+ attack speed with Density Manipulation (Along with making herself less dense, she is able to make her sword less dense as well, allowing her to swing it at extreme velocities which can peak over 2,284,700 m/s). Immeasurable (It's been stated she can move faster than time itself while she is standing inside of her distorted spacetime, being able to see things that travel at infinite speed as frozen in time) in distorted spacetime, potentially far higher with Quantum Force (It was stated she may one day be able to traverse the Quantum Realm if she has the proper training and experience to achieve this feat)

Lifting Strength: Class 1 (She is capable of lifting a large slab of steel over her head which had a mass of 800kg), up to Class 100 with Density Manipulation (She is able to divide the density of objects by 100 to lift heavier objects). Infinite in distorted spacetime (Her movements move at relativistic speed, which makes her able to generate infinite force to lift objects, regardless of their mass)

Striking Strength: Wall Class (Her normal punches would have around as much kinetic energy as a .50 caliber bullet due to how fast she can punch), up to Building Class with Density Manipulation. High Universal in distorted spacetime, Hyperversal (Ripped apart a timeline with her mere hands, causing the timeline to collapse and caused every infinite possible outcome that could have happened after to have their existence ceased as the branch of possibilities was cut off), potentially higher with Quantum Force

Durability: Wall level (Should scale from her AP; she is capable of enduring the counterforce of her punches). High Universe level in her distorted spacetime (Blows have to at least match the forces gained by her moving at relativistic speeds in order to make the durability increase neutral). Acausality and her pseudo-omnipresence makes it extremely difficult for her to be damaged, and the passive effect her Probability Manipulation grants her makes it near impossible to touch her, let alone harm her (See Notes), Hyperverse level via regeneration (The very nature of her powers is bound to the Quantum Realm, allowing her to recover and return from any attack up to a 14-dimensional level)

Stamina: Athletic (Students run 20 miles a day without break as a physical grade, and are graded accordingly to the distance the covered before giving up)

Range: Standard Melee Range, up to Hundreds of meters with equipment. Tens of kilometers (Her distorted spacetime is able to encompasses an entire city), Hyperversal (Her powers derive from the Quantum Realm, and she should be able to affect the bottom layer at the very least), potentially higher (She should, one day, be capable of affecting the entirety of the Quantum Realm with the proper amount of training and experience) with Quantum Force

Intelligence: Genius (An avid reader of 60 books a year and at the top of her class. She is also extremely knowledgeable about quantum mechanics and knows exactly how her abilities work as they are based off quantum wave functions, superposition, and entanglement)

Standard Equipment: 9mm pistol and a longsword forged from ebonite.

Notable Techniques/Attacks

  • Quantum Force: Ria's special ability. Allows her to manipulate the forces of the quantum realm, which gives her a variety of uses. Some of these abilities include: distorting spacetime, being able to appear in several locations and points in time at once, manipulating gravity and mass, and affecting time and matter across a universe in which the timeline diverges into countless possibilities and outcomes which each of those also branch off in the same manner indefinitely.
  • Density Manipulation: By changing the density of weapons, she can strike far harder than she could normally, she can multiply or divide density by 100.


  • She is a glass cannon in a sense.
  • Those who are not affected by spacetime manipulation are immune to her distorted spacetime, leaving her wide open to their attacks. However, they will not gain any bonus to their AP or Durability as they are not affected by it.
  • She is only able to manipulate the density of things she is able to touch, but is able to sustain it after touching an object and moving away from it.
  • Acausality (Type 4) is a hard counter for most of her abilities, although it has to be at an equal or higher level than the Quantum Realm.


  • Physical blows dealt by her in distorted spacetime would count as strikes at relativistic speeds; 299,792,458 m/s. However, her actual movements are faster than time itself as time is halted.
  • She is able to allow others to enter her distorted spacetime if she wants.
  • Ria's ability to globally affect the spacetime of a quantum multiverse is extremely lethal. She is able to cut off multiple branches of outcomes to where a person can never born in any universe at all to "erase" the totality of their existence entirely, or simply cut off the core universe, thus destroying the entirety of the quantum multiverse in one go.
  • Her Probability Manipulation has a passive affect that makes it impossible for an attack to touch her, and makes it where her attacks always hit their target. This can described in terms of binary, where her getting hit is always at a "0" and her attacks landing are always at a "1", with a 0 being "false" and a 1 being "true" as long as the odds are able to be mathematically reached. This is able to be bypassed through some abilities however.


  • Ripped apart a timeline with her hands, causing the universe to collapse and caused every infinite possible outcome that could have happened after to have their existence ceased as the branch of possibilities was cut off.


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