Return to Planet Virgo is an RP verse created by DreamcrosserSquad. The verse takes place on Planet Virgo, and is mostly a crossover of many canon characters and OCs.

Eventually, after 8 sessions, DreamcrosserSquad discontinued the RP due to a lack of ideas on where to take the plot, and how to properly include everyone in it. DMUA eventually conviced DreamcrosserSquad to let him continue the plot in the form of a written story, which is currently on hiatus due to a busy schedule on DMUA's part.

Powers of the Verse

Return to Planet Virgo is a modestly powerful verse. The mid-tiers are Small Town level, with high tiers that are Large Town level with Island level top tiers. Characters are Hypersonic in speed, and as of now the verse isn't too hefty on hax. However, the RP series is still new; therefore, the characters have not reached their full potential in terms of power and much is yet to be revealed in the future.



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Berowalt (Return to Planet Virgo)


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Xenon Clone Nyx




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