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There is no point working towards the freedom of all ponies if Unity comes with chains. There is no room in the New Equestria for slave masters, and no room for slaves. I plan to ascend. Once you have taken care of The Goddess, it will finally be time for me to join Unity myself. But not as one of the rest of you. Somepony will have to take up the tasks that the Princesses and pegasi left to run wild, after all. Somepony will have to regulate the weather, to raise the sun and the moon.
~ Red Eye, to Littlepip.
A new deity needs to be created with templates from all three races, which meant I needed to find a pegasus and a unicorn who were strong enough in mind and soul to become dominant aspects with me in the new Godhood.  We’re all going to get to know each other very well, you in me.
~ Red Eye, to Autumn Leaf and Littlepip on his ambitions.

Render by Vector Brony


Red Eye and Other Fallout Equestria Characters created by Kkat

Red Eye Is one of the main antagonists in Fallout Equestria and is an important presence in each of its side stories.

Born in the highly advanced Stable 101 Red Eye was dismayed at how the use of the sophisticated technology in his stable was purely used for survival. Believing it would be in the best interest of everyone to reshape and rebuild the desolate wasteland and that he was abandoning the Earth Pony way. After being rejected for his machinations, Red Eye staged a violent rebellion from within his stable that almost entirely wiped the stables population. With the stables technological and scientific resources at his disposal Red Eye began his conquest of the wasteland. Conquering his way to become the largest military and united force in all the land. Having entire cities and facilities at his behest in goal to reunite Equestria. Red Eye considers everything on the table necessary to reach his theoretical society, death, slavery, and other horrifying conditions, all are meaningless to him as long as the goal of a perfect society is attained.

His ultimate goal is to ascend as a true, perfect, complete, Alicorn. Using prime templates from all 3 species of pony, and rule over the revived land as Celestia and Luna did long ago.


Red Eye is a cybernetic earth pony with a scarlet red coat and dark black mane. His right eye in particular has been replaced with advanced cybernetics within his stable that emits a bright red glare. he is usually seen wearing a cape or scarf of some sort, either black, or using his stable barding as a substitute.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Fluctuates from True Neutral to Lawful Evil

Name: Red Eye

Origin: Fallout Equestria by Kkat, a My Little Pony/Fallout Fanfiction

Gender: Male

Classification: Earth Pony, Cyberpony, Faction Leader

Age: Unknown, likely in his Early to Mid 30s (He was in control of his army when Calamity defected to the wasteland, 6 years prior to the start of the story.)

Birthplace: Stable 101

Likes: Unity (both the religion he founded and the idea), those who would not let the wasteland twist their soul, Generosity, Loyalty, Leadership, Littlepip (for her potential as a ruler)

Dislikes: Littlepip (for opposing him), Anything considered in his eyes to be high society (Steel Rangers, Manehattan citizens, and The Enclave in particular.), The Goddess (Sees the apparent threat it poses to his goals, and only worked with it begrudgingly)

Status: Deceased

Affiliation: Unity, His own army


Red Eye - The Balefire Symphony (Main Theme)

Pinkie Pie Propaganda - Durrdiss (Civilization V Modded Leader theme)

Combat Statistics

Tier: 8-C8-C Physically, and with various weapons, at least 8-C with Balefire Eggs and Alicorn summons, Higher with strongest weapons.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Minor MagicGenius Intelligence, Immortality (Type 1), HackingSocial InfluencingPreparation (Completely outwitted the Grand Pegasi Enclave, The Goddess, and the The Steel Rangers all at once. Was able to precisely not only predict when Littlepip would come to assassinate him but also where she would be, despite her having her stealthbuck up.). Via his Cybernetics and PipbuckStatistics AmplificationExtrasensory Perception (Can detect threats from Kilometers away, determine their intent, and how strong they are), Stealth Mastery (His Stealthbuck add on completely makes him invisible and cancels any noise the user would make to a degree), Homing AttackPerception Manipulation (with SATS he can slow his own perception of time to a stand still.), and Information Analysis (via EFS). | Same as before, Red Eyes army contains several creatures such as Alicorns, and Dragons, that he can control remotely. With EMP Grenades: Electricity Manipulation, Minor Power Nullification. With other equipment: Radiation Manipulation (Via Balefire Eggs), Fire ManipulationPlasma Manipulation (via Plasma weapons), Poison Manipulation (via Poison Dart Gun), Explosion Manipulation (Via various explosives), Regeneration (Low Low via Healing Potions), Resistance to Radiation Manipulation (via Rad Away, when taken lowers the users radioactivity.)

Attack Potency: Building Level (Comparable to Littlepip) | Building Level on his own and with most weapons, at least Building Level with Alicorns and Balefire Eggs, Much Higher with strongest weapons and summons (Supplied Littlepip with the nuke she used to kill The Goddess, has full grown dragons at his beckon call.)

Speed: Subsonic, with Massively Hypersonic reactions (scaling to Calamity), Higher when using SATS (Slows the users perception of time to a stand still.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Building Class | Building Class on his own and with most weapons, at least Building Class with Alicorns and Balefire Eggs, Much Higher with strongest weapons and summons

Durability: Building Level (Comparable to Littlepip, endured an energy shot strong enough to disintegrate a pony and falling into a vat of chemicals before slowly subcuming to his wounds.), His Cybernetics are at least Building Level (His cybernetics survived this and remained functional.)

Stamina: High (Should be comparable to Littlepip.)

Range: Melee RangeSeveral meters with Weapons | up to Kilometers via various weapons

Standard Equipment: His Right Eye, and His Pipbuck | Alicorns, Hellhounds, Dragons, varying firearms his society would have access to, Balefire Eggs, Bombs, and Launchers as well as potions. Should essentially have access to every weapon Littlepip and her companions acquired as he controlled a vast portion of The Wastelands economy.

Intelligence: Genius, Red Eye is an extremely intelligent and crafty individual. It was through his craft and extensive social influencing that he was able to build up and lead the most powerful post war military force/society based in the wasteland. His society was well on its way from the efforts of slaves and Alicorns to rebuilding the world that came before the wasteland through his deals and workings with others. He had founded his own widely popular religion and built schools within his society based preaching his ideas of rebuilding society through whatever means need to be taken. His charisma, philosophy, and leadership skills earned him the trust of various individuals from various backgrounds, even his so called enemies respected what he was able to accomplish. Even as the full force of the Enclave Military was bearing down on him, his still managed to almost entirely plan around them, laying trap after trap for them to enact his ultimate plan. He has outsmarted and emotionally manipulated Littlepip and others several times in the past to get whatever it is he desires.

Weaknesses: Slightly overconfident, otherwise none notable.

Key: Base | With Sufficient Preparation


Red Eye's Leader portrait in Balefire Blues, a Fallout Equestria themed Hearts of Iron IV mod.


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