The countdown begins. And the world shall run red with blood once the clock strikes twelve

Until the Clock Strikes Twelve (or Clockverse for short) is a verse created by CrimsonSOng or Crimson. It is a dark supernatural thriller verse in which monsters, Gods, Demons, and angels exist.


The World Government created a clock of sorts. A clock that predicts the end. Right now, humans think we're away from it but the reality couldn't be more harsher. Right now, we're close. Two minutes til Midnight

Clockverse follows the story of a young boy named Adrian Mariner and his cousin, Ruby Van Astrea. The world is set in a place where Gods, Monsters, Angels, and Demons exist. Most of the world is unaware of the existence of such beings however an Organization known as Blacklight was created to protect the entirety of Earth from threats. However, this verse spans more than just Earth. The verse spans several dimensions with several alternate multiverse, higher dimensions, and realities as well as beings whose dimensional size is considered to be infinite.

Adrian Mariner is a Nephilim, a hybrid of Man and Angel. He is the son of the Archangel Lucifer and the late Richard Mariner. He is the younger brother of Lilith and the older brother of Natalia. His cousin/best friend is Ruby Van Astrea, a cambion daughter of Cain, the First Demon, and Avan, one of the last living Original Humans. The two form a group known as Eden Squad comprised of their family. They are affiliated with Blacklight and hunt monsters, protecting the world from the shadows.

Eventually, a demon named Beelzebub would launch his attack on the world kickstarting the countdown to Armageddon.

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Power of the Verse

The Verse varies in power with some Humans, Monsters, Gods, Angels, and Demons pulling of Star Level to Universe Level feats as well as Hypersonic to FTL speeds. The Chief Gods, Seraphs, and Demons stand at 4-A and 3-C. Progenitor Gods such as Chaos and Shiva are at 2-C with feats such as creating entire universes at their fingertips. Beings above them such as the Leviathans and the Cosmic Gods are High Hyperversal. There are objects in this verse capable of giving someone Multiversal to High Hyperversal level power. At the near top stands the Primordial Deities, beings who wield seemingly omnipotent power who existed before all of Creation began. They are infinite, formless, eternal beings free from the very restrictions of space-time and transcend all Creation. Above them, stands YESH, the Supreme Creator of Everything, whose power is only equal to that of AYIN, the Anti-God, the Supreme Nonexistence.

The universe contains a decent amount of Hax such as Madness Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Existence Erasure, and Matter Manipulation that ranges from Subatomic to Quantic.

There are also items within this verse capable of granting beings various powers such as Plot Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Creation, Reality Warping, and the strongest can grant one Nigh-Omnipotence, giving them power roughly equal to that of the strongest beings short of the Primordials.




The Seven Princes of Hell

The Knights of Hell

Other Demons




Ten Great Seraphim

Former Seraphim and Lesser Seraphim

The Cherubum

The Grigori

The Four Living Creatures


Divine Ten

Other Members


Cosmic Gods

Cosmic Entities

  • Teysara

The Four Horsemen

  • War
  • Famine
  • Pestilence

Primordial Entities

Items and Weapons

Divine Keys
Purple Sigil
Staff of Moses
The Colt Revolver
The Yesod Shard
Spear of Longinus
The Sefirot Fruit
Death's Scythe

Supporters and Opponents


Lekmos (After reading trough Lucifer and Adrian profiles along side verse page this story is compelling with it own unique way and now i can`t resist to sees how this goes.)

VelvetAngelzz (Hard fan of anything with angels, demons, and gods. Gunna see how it goes go crazy)

Phoenks (Heaven's government is super interesting and the characters all fit in nicely)


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