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This... is for trying to make a fool out of me. This is for what you did to Argynvost. And this? This is for getting in the way of me finding my mother!''
~ Ragnar to Strahd as he partook in his destruction



Ragnar Dracofore is a young, dark purple kobold who hatched from an egg in the alleyways of the vast city of Neverwinter. However, his egg wasn't always there, but was rather lain under the fiery depths of Mt. Hotenow in a complex network of caverns occupied by a large kobold clan. This kobold clan was ruled over by a tyrannical, ancient red dragon named Phaedramore, who had been ruler of their clan for generations. This monstrous beast had every last kobold fearing for their very clan's existence should they ever incur his wrath, except for one: Ragnar's mother, being a kobold of whom didn't share the same hivemind fear and/or loyalty to the red dragon. She had seen people from the outside world, even interacted with them. And in doing so, she broke away from her brethren's near-eusocial behavior, learning of life beyond Mt. Hotenow.

One day, when her disloyalty to Phaedramore was uncovered, she took Ragnar's egg and ran. Phaedramore and his many followers took off in hot pursuit of the traitor, yet, it was only Phaedramore who was catching up to her as she neared the exit of the cavern system. In a rage that a mere insect of such little significance (in his own eyes, that is) had made it this far, the fiery scaled behemoth launched a fire blast of sizable proportion at the cave exit, and boulders collapsed down onto Ragnar's mother as well as his egg. Luck was on their side though, as her small size being a kobold allowed her to survive inside the spaces between the boulders that fell. Thinking he had eliminated her and letting his own ego get in the way of his better judgement, Phaedramore left the site of the perceived maiming right as his kobold followers caught up, commanding them to return back into the cave system.

After waiting for what felt like eons, Ragnar's mother took his egg and crawled slowly through the rubble, finally reaching the outside, the sunlight catching her off-guard. She avoided all the monsters from the Elemental Plane of Fire of whom wandered around the summit of Hotenow, present only because of the sheer power of Phaedramore's own presence underneath the mountainside. She was venturing towards the city of Neverwinter, and upon arrival, she immediately took sanctuary hiding out in the vast fantasy metropolis's alleys, seeking to keep away from the general populace who'd grown weary of kobolds ever since they'd been coming in high number from Hotenow on scouting missions.

Approximately 3 tendays after her departure from the volcanic caverns of Hotenow, Ragnar's egg hatched. For months, Ragnar's mother would raise the baby kobold in the shadows of Neverwinter, feeding herself and him using prey she would obtain from the sewerways beneath the city. Their diet largely consisted of sewer rats for the longest of time. She would eventually be stumbled upon by a half-orc innkeeper going by the name of Horidim. The towering, seemingly-brutish individual would look into the eyes of the mother kobold, seeing great weariness in her. In an act of empathy, understanding what it's like to be looked down upon for one's race, he allowed them vacancy in his inn for completely free. From then on, Ragnar's mother (named Feriix, by the way) and Horidim would build a bond, Horidim seemingly becoming Ragnar's own secondary guardian.

The next 3 years were the best of Ragnar's life; raised happily by his mother and by his new guardian Horidim, Ragnar would be told many tales of outside societies, stories of dragons, Feriix's escape from Hotenow, and many other legends that gave Ragnar his awareness of the outside land of Faerun. During all this as well, Ragnar would go around Neverwinter seeking work alongside his mother, hunting down rats in the sewers for pay alongside her, offering himself as a lure for the bigger, dire rats, earning him his nickname of "Ratbait" from Horidim. However, not all good things last, and even though it felt like the glory days bonding with his mother, now free from Phaedramore, and taking a liking to his new guardian, Horidim, the citizens of Neverwinter grew awry of the kobolds' presence, knowing where they came from.

A mob of Neverwinter citizens were concerned they'd arrived to spy on a dragon's behalf, as was typical of kobolds to infiltrate humanoid societies. This couldn't be farther from the truth in their case, but in their haste & fear, the mob hired a monster hunter to kill or at least drive out the kobold mother and son. Barging into Horidim's inn, Horidim would call out to Ragnar and Feriix to hide upstairs. Doing so, Feriix demanded Ragnar to stay put under the master bed, giving him her twin daggers so as to defend himself if need be. She then kissed him goodbye (a thing she picked up from the culture of Neverwinter, most certainly not kobolds) and ran out into the hallway, calling to the unknown drow to come get her as she dove out the hallway window into the streets of Neverwinter.

Taking the bait, the seemingly-human monster hunter ran after her in hot pursuit. Hearing as the mob of citizens began overtaking the inn, Ragnar saw Horidim as he clamored up the stairs, battered and bruised. He called out to Ragnar that wherever he is to run, get as far away from the inn as possible. Hastily, Ragnar started grabbing every memento and essential he could from his room as he packed it into a backpack as Horidim kept rabid townsfolk at bay, mace and shield in hand. Ragnar called out for him to let up and come with him as he escaped, but Horidim told Ragnar to forget about him and save himself just as he was overwhelmed and slaughtered by the people running up the stairs. In tears, Ragnar held back his anger and jumped out the same window his mother had moments before, unable to see her or her pursuer anywhere.

Running as fast as he could, Ragnar jumped from balcony to balcony until he found himself, again, in an alleyway, one he recognized. Hearing shouts of a crowd coming down the street, he quickly hid away into the Blacklake Sewers. He could no longer hear any shouting. Alone with his thoughts now, he broke down at all that had happened in such a short time. Knowing he could no longer show his face as easily on the surface, the sewers and alleyways of Neverwinter became his residency once again. Little money to his name, little to call his own, he would continue to take jobs for people in the sewers and in their homes across different parts of Neverwinter, hunting dire rats and the rarer wererats in the city's sewers for little money.

What little he earned in monetary reward, Ragnar made up for with large meals from the dire rats as well as self-taught combat experience. Teaching himself combat through this form of training, he simultaneously mastered stealthing as was needed to go unseen on the surface. Thus, Ragnar fit himself perfectly into the class of a rogue, needing no aid from a guild in his combat performance or sneakiness. However, years of social seclusion would eventually make him erratic and overly self-confident in situations involving others.

Due to his social isolation, he began talking to himself more, and even adopting a pet mouse, whom he'd go on to name "Thurirl" (Draconic for 'friend'). His only companion, Ragnar would make a compartment for his new mouse on his backpack, and would constantly talk to him on his wanderings through the Blacklake Sewers. Eventually, however, Ragnar matured after years passed. Kobolds mature at age 6, and Ragnar was now 10.

Knowing he had many years ahead of him, tired of his social isolation, and having stocked up on stolen goods from throughout his time in Neverwinter, he decided to leave behind the city that screwed him over as hard as it did to go on a journey to find his mother and ultimately form a group of adventurers and allies whom he could band together with to kill the root of all his misfortune, that being Phaedramore.

Curse of Strahd

With no leads whatsoever on the whereabouts of his mother and most surely not ready to fight Phaedramore, Ragnar would trek far across Faerun for any pointers at all, and seemingly with little direction. Randomly wandering about caravans of travelers and on foot through many rural countrysides, Ragnar would eventually find himself running from a man of whom he'd attempted to thieve from at the most inopportune time. Seeing a deep fog up ahead and being a master of stealth, Ragnar saw fit to run into it to escape the situation. Upon doing so, he was greeted with the land of Barovia, unbeknownst to him at the time of course.

Upon his arrival, he met a band of adventurers consisting of a tiefling, an elf, and an off-looking, presumably human man. This was amidst combat however, and he found himself aiding them as best he could against a group of two werewolves. Introducing themselves to each other, the tiefling named Neferet and the elf named Lucan being wife and husband, respectively, and the strange man being named Althor, they trekked Barovia together in a bid to escape its grasp, as anyone who enters the dark land of Barovia can't leave once they've arrived. For it's a Domain of Dread, and its ruler, Strahd, won't allow anyone foolish enough to stumble in the opportunity to leave. Not when he can't do so himself.

One situation to the next, they'd inch closer to obtaining their freedom. From transforming Baba Lysaga into a quipper (a kind of fish) to drown her in the air then having to fight her living monster hut, all the way to combatting Strahd himself throughout their trekking and slaying his Nightmare, Ragnar would grow closer with his party, especially Althor, of whom he felt something of a connection with in the wisdom he'd give the young kobold in regards to facing challenges the world would throw at him, with Althor finding in Ragnar a kindred spirit of sorts and an individual he would describe as "wise beyond his years". Althor would give Ragnar a blue, translucent sword throughout their travels from which he obtained by a phantom warrior he fell shortly before bestowing it to Ragnar. Ragnar would promise himself to never lose it and always carry it, having named it Phantomar as a memento of his own friendship with Althor.

During their treks, Ragnar would learn, too, of a silver dragon that had once resided in Barovia, only to be slain by Strahd, his name being Argynvost. Ragnar would be enraged upon learning of this silver dragon's death, knowing that they were one kind of dragon that was good to people and not self-indulging, villainous scum like Phaedramore. Swearing to avenge Argynvost's death at Strahd's hands, he promised to return Argynvost's skull to its rightful resting place, away from Castle Ravenloft.

During his Barovian travels, he and his party would also come across the Sunsword, a weapon of which emits a radiant blade of sunlight. Picked up by Lucan per lucky chance, Lucan would give Ragnar the weapon in preparation for their final confrontation with Strahd, given Ragnar's own lack of capable spell-wielding. Little did Ragnar know, however, that the Sunsword had a mind of its own. It, too, could think and feel. And Ragnar could feel how it felt; he felt a sense of desire for vengeance. A desire for peace-of-mind. Not knowing why exactly the Sunsword felt these things and not quite understanding his ability to sense this weapon's emotions, he, at the very least, knew he now had a traveling companion beyond just Thurirl, and promised to try and help it reach its goals, understanding heavily how it feels to desire vengeance on a greater evil.

A long time coming and after much preparation, Ragnar and the rest of the party finally stormed Castle Ravenloft, and in a grand final battle against Strahd, all finished him off together, Ragnar finally free to escape Barovia and return on his search for his mother, only after returning Argynvost's skull to its proper burial place of course. Before any partings were made though, Ragnar requested that he could come along on Althor's own journey with him, having bonded with him much over their time in the Domain of Dread. Seemingly pre-occupied in thought, Althor agreed to it nonetheless. And after a night of merry drinking and singing, Ragnar and Althor (with Thurirl and the Sunsword in tow of course) would part ways with Lucan and Neferet, promising to meet again someday, leaving for the lands of Phandelver for journeys unknown and yet untold.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Name: Ragnar "Ratbait" Dracofore

Origin: Dungeons & Dragons

Gender: Male

Age: 10

Classification: Kobold Rogue, Urchin

Date of Birth: 1,471 DR

Birthplace: Laid underneath Mt. Hotenow, hatched in Neverwinter

Eye Color: Green/yellow

Hair Color: N/A

Hobbies: Adventuring, raising his pet mouse, talking to himself

Values: Believes stealing as well as doing honest work are valid methods of gathering resources and obtaining income. Only steals from those that he believes either deserve it or can take it, or from anyone if in a desperate enough situation.

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Althor, Lucan, Neferet

Previous Affiliation: N/A

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | At least Low 7-B, possibly far higher

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Acrobatics, Probability Manipulation (can gain advantage on attacks against an opponent if an ally is within 5ft. of him via Pack Tactics), Durability Negation Via Probability Manipulation (can deal extra damage to a creature he hits if he has advantage), Enhanced Senses (has darkvision of up to 60ft.), Very Mild Animal Handling (can give commands to Thurirl, his pet mouse), Damage Reduction Via Instinctive Reaction (Uncanny Dodge), Stealth Mastery (self-trained for years under the city of Neverwinter), Weapon Manipulation and Light/Holy Manipulation (can dish out radiant-type damage via the Sunsword as well as generate light from it), Non-Physical Interaction (Can affect intangible and incorporeal enemies via Phantomar), Martial Arts, Adaptation, Liquid Manipulation Via Alchemy Jug (can generate 2 gallons of liquid per minute, can't change liquids until next dawn; 8 ounces of acid, 1/2 ounce of basic poison, 4 gallons of beer, 1 gallon of honey, 2 gallons of mayonaise, 1 quart of oil, 2 gallons of vinegar, 8 gallons of freshwater, 12 gallons of saltwater, 1 gallon of wine), Invulnerability (Potion of Invulnerability), Regeneration (Potion of Greater Healing), Hammerspace Via Robe of Useful Things (contains patches with iron door, wooden ladder, riding horse, pit, row boat, pair of mastiffs), Weapon Enhancement (Oil of Sharpness), Resistance to Death (can stabilize himself instantly upon the cusp of death via Periapt of Wound Closure), Has Proficiency With All Magic Items (can ignore all requirements of class, race, or background when using magical item), Shapeshifting (had the ability to transform into a werewolf but was cured), Curse Manipulation (As a lycanthrope, he could pass on the curse of lycanthropy to others by biting them, though he was cured of this by Lucan), Small Size (Type 0)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Comparable to werewolves, was able to take many hits from one before going down. Spent his time in Neverwinter hunting dire rats and wererats.) | At least Small City level+ (Should be comparable to Rictavio, a.k.a. Rudolph van Richten, who was confident in their ability to face Strahd von Zarovich and incapacitate him; Rictavio is listed as a 14th level spellcaster, which should put him above legendary dragons), possibly far higher (could take multiple hits directly from Strahd himself, be it physical or magical. However, should be noted he is nowhere near on par with Strahd individually.)

Speed: At least Hypersonic+ with High Hypersonic+ reactions, likely far higher (Comparable to Strahd von Zarovich, who is even swifter than adventurers capable of dodging short-range lightning. Should be noted he can uncannily dodge strikes from Strahd often as well.)

Lifting Strength: Average Human (Can lift upwards of 135 pounds at once before giving way)

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Small City Class+

Durability: Wall level | Small City level+, possibly far higher

Stamina: Superhuman, comparable to adventurers who can endure impalement, loss of limb, and other extreme forms of punishment and still manage to fight and press on. Has been thrown near the brink of death and still bounced back

Range: Standard melee range, hundreds of meters with shortbow

Standard Equipment: Sunsword, Phantomar, a rapier, twin daggers, shortbow, potion of invulnerability, potion of greater healing, alchemy jug, robe of useful things, leather armor, thieves' tools, backpack, 1,000 ball bearings, 10 ft of string, bell, 5 candles, crowbar, hammer, 10 pitons, hood lantern, 2 oil flasks, 5 days rations, tinderbox, waterskin, 50 ft of hempen rope, oil of sharpness, small knife, map of Neverwinter, pet mouse, small piece of eggshell, common clothes

Intelligence: Very gifted combat strategist. Also multilingual. Somewhat lacking in social skills due to being deprived of most social interaction at a juvenile age.

Weaknesses: Sensitive about his height and very quick to anger. At a disadvantage when fighting in broad daylight.

Key: After self-training in Neverwinter/Beginning of Curse of Strahd | Conclusion of Curse of Strahd


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