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X-Ray demonstrates this power.


The ability to manipulate the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium.


  • Electromagnetic radiation (such as radio waves, visible light, x-rays, and gamma radiation (γ)
  • Particle radiation (such as alpha radiation (α), beta radiation (β), and neutron radiation (particles of non-zero rest energy))
  • Acoustic radiation (such as ultrasound, sound, and seismic waves (dependent on a physical transmission medium))
  • Gravitational radiation (radiation that takes the form of gravitational waves, or ripples in the curvature of spacetime)


  • Light Manipulation (by manipulating electromagnetic radiation)
  • Particle Manipulation (by manipulating particle radiation)
  • Sound Manipulation (by manipulating acoustic radiation)
  • Gravity Manipulation (by manipulating gravitational radiation)
  • Causing explosion (by releasing large amounts of energy at once)
  • Ionizing targets (by using ionizing radiation)


  • User may not be able to control all kinds of radiation, being limited to manipulating one type or another.
  • Users of this power are not always able to fully control it, with some of them not being capable of turning it off either.
  • If one were to lose control of the radiation, there could be catastrophical consequences depending on the scale of the power being used.
  • Because of the aforementioned risk, it may recquire concentration to use.
  • User might be unable to generate radiation, only manipulating that which already exists.