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Full Name RAI. Previously known as Rai Smith.
Origin Armageddon
Creator User:Phoenks
Alignment Neutral Good
Birth Place The United States of America
Age 21 (Mentally and Physically), 233000~ (Chronologically)
Height 9'1" / 277.9cm
Weight 534lbs / 242kgs
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Bright, pulsing Red. (Artificial)
Associated Colors White / Gray / Red / Blue / Black
Status Alive, previously Inactive.
Martial Status Single. ????????
Hobbies Rai pretty much never gets time to himself. This is due to one of his close friends, EMIR, always coming into his life when they get time off. She drags him around everywhere, and they spend lots of time together. When RAI is alone, he usually just reads non-fiction books about the real world, finding them very interesting. Other than that, he watched documentaries, plays games, and keeps care of himself.
Likes RAI likes to tell people about the old world, loving how entertained people seem to be by his "words of wisdom". His favorite food is the "Butter-Dog", which is just a bunch of deadly ingredients deep-fried in butter. And his favorite animal is the dragon, after being convinced by EMIR that it should also be his favorite animal. RAI seems to also enjoy his job some people think the guy is a psychopath because of how much he seems to enjoy massacring his enemies.
Dislikes Dislikes cosmetic mutations a lot, and used to insult their appearance. RAI is still used to that more natural human look, which he believes to be ideal. He seems to not like being teased and has a short temper for those who can't take a hint.


RAI is a modern super-soldier, biologically enhanced to the maximum possible for a human in his current world. He was originally just a normal guy, participating in a year of military service. He, unfortunately, was brought to near death his first time on the battlefield and was only saved due to him being frozen in a laboratory, to preserve him for when science reached a point where resurrection from ice was possible. Although this became possible far before Rai was revived, his current "family" at that time did not want to pay for the expenses. However, he was still kept in the laboratory. He stayed for thousands of years, pretty much forgotten at that point. 

He was revived after an idiotic scientist reached an intellectual singularity, the first thing he did: Create a wormhole to an alternate universe. The wormhole leads straight to what appeared to be another Earth, just as advanced as the one in the "main" universe. This other world seemed to have taken this breach into their universe as a threat, and began sending military units through the wormhole to attack. Humans from this world weren't able to understand their language and so it was near impossible to negotiate. This led to "The Cosmic War", which is currently still ongoing between both this Earth and its alternate self.

RAI was revived to be made into the perfect soldier, along with many other frozen humans. Science on this earth had evolved immensely since RAI was last awake. You could now forcibly mutate certain traits, including things like regeneration, super strength, speed, agility, etc. People had also evolved outside of just mutations, the average height for males was now pushing over 7 feet tall. People produced far more testosterone than normal. Even more bizarre was the merging of technology with humans.

RAI personally was injected with multiple different serums causing him to rapidly mutate into a "Being of Perfection". He is immune to disease, possesses extraordinary regeneration, quick learning skills and an enhanced brain, superhuman speed/strength/agility and reactive evolution capabilities. He was instantly deployed on the battlefield... confused as hell. As a super-soldier, he is one of the main units in the military, used to be a trump card in many situations.

Most of RAI's work includes raiding Earth-B military bases, killing off large amounts of soldiers, and destroying the area. RAI goes with a couple of other super-soldiers to fight against what could be hundreds of Earth-B soldiers. These fights aren't easy, RAI constantly ends up on the verge of dying, even with his regeneration and advanced technology. Earth-B is no slouch when it comes to weaponry, their Class-A weapons can easily blow through RAI's and other super soldier's defenses, and match even the most powerful BIO-Technology in potency. 

Fighting in this seemly endless war has been stressful. Constantly taking lethal damage, being shouted at to do better, killing other people, etc. It has gotten to RAI, which has made him progressively more and more aggressive. Talking to RAI now felt like talking to a food processor. Luckily, RAI has made a few friends since becoming a super-soldier. They calm him down, making things easier. He has since been slightly less aggressive, especially after meeting EMIR. 

However, RAI still does have normal human freedom, sometimes.. And during this time, he likes to explore the new world, at least, the part that isn't undergoing the literal armageddon. To him, it feels as if he was just born into a completely different world. Everything is scientifically and artificially advanced to the maximum. Cars can fly in autopilot at speeds breaching hypersonic. The newest phone in this world isn't even a physical object. And that's just the technology, people themselves seem like aliens. Having technological surgery is just as popular as getting a tattoo.


As soon as you look at RAI... you realize you have to look UP at RAI. However, this surprisingly wasn't always the case. Before the whole reincarnation thing, Rai was 6'5, which of course would seem tall - and it was - for his time. After being reincarnated, however, 6'5 was drastically below the average male height. This was not ideal for a "Super Soldier", and thus, he took many shots, pills, and general steroids to become the 9-foot giant he is now. He is bursting with masculinity and testosterone now. Veins are visible on his skin, but he isn't extremely muscular, as that is also considered non-ideal. Instead, Rai has extremely compact and lean muscles, which allow him to be the best he can be for the kind of soldier he is.

Next, you'll likely see his... Angry-ish looking face. His face seems to either be always in anger or sadness, something which he can't fix. He does have a great smile which only some have been able to see. His eyes are cosmetically red and give off a pulsing light, which makes his angry face that more intense, in fact, it's even made some people shit themselves. RAI is light skin and has short and dark messy hair. The only thing distinctive about Rai's face would be how human it is compared to everyone else around him. He does have a slight beard which he keeps, as to make him look more "manly". Other than that he has some scars which he purposely hasn't had his cells heal from to show the stuff he's been through. This includes the generic-looking scars on his left cheek and neck.

RAI strays away from most genetic mutations as beliefs them to look strange. He does, however, have the body he always wanted, one that isn't too muscular, yet not too flabby. He is extremely well built for every inch of his 9-foot body. He has one tattoo on his right bicep, depicting a Phoenix as it symbolizes his rebirth. He has minor chest and arm hair, and his skin is described as being incredibly hard, almost like rock. This is probably due to how condensed his muscles are.

RAI's voice is considered "scary", due to all the brass and deepness within it, it can also be annoying to hear for a long period of time, and often drives others away. This can also be said for his gaze, which usually makes others nervous, but is not a problem when he is with his friends. 

As for his clothing, it's usually his "military" outfits, which aren't anything like a person from the 21st century would think. He rocks a half-worn military hoodie and one of his normal store-brought T-shirts. There is more to it though. For instance, his hoodie is where he keeps most of his trusty serums and dosages, along with all of his usual weapons if he isn't wearing a backpack. While his shirts have actually been modified to absorb energy, block radiation, and be able to warp with RAI, as well as allow his shield to work through it. Along with this, he has a few nice pears of jeans. His hoodie can be taken off as to reveal his arms, as to make use of his natural weaponry, although he usually only half-wears it anyway. RAI's pants also aren't completely normal, as they were modified to provide extremely mobility as well as also being able to warp with RAI's body. RAI's choice of shoes seems to be just a remake of some UnderArmors that he used to wear in his time. They are durable and allow for good mobility.

RAI's military clothing, as well as his skin, are able to fluctuate and warp around, allowing him to make good use of his natural weaponry. And speaking of said weaponry, they are not visible at all, unless he is to purposefully bring it out. It's usually not what many would expect. Most people expect to see massive guns and such, not small needle-like cannons, which you would have to squint to even catch a glimpse of. 

However, by the time you do see them, you'll be bleeding out on the ground.

In terms of casual clothing though, he has a variety of normal hoodies, Ts, shorts, pants, etc designed by non-other than himself. As well as having many T-shirts and normal dress clothing. He designs most of his clothes himself as he finds most fashion trends pretty strange. The difference between his and those around him's clothing is very visible. This leads to him getting many glances and comments on his "unique" outfits, which annoys him quite a bit. Luckily, it seems these pokes into his life are not out of disgust but out of good humor. His style of clothes has also managed to influence some around him, as some of his friends like TYTY, JON, and EMIR have picked up his sense of fashion, and begun asking him to make their clothes as well.


Since RAI hasn't experienced talking to the humans of today's world for very long, his personality and way of thinking are considered strange. However, from the standpoint of people from his time, he is just a normal guy. He likes girls, parties, etc. It doesn't go much deeper than that. RAI has been shown to have a very rough exterior, making him seem unapproachable. He has stated that he doesn't know why he does it since he does wish that more people would become friends with and talk to him. But he has already gotten too deep into the act of acting like a big ol' jock to go back. Rai has shown to fake his confidence. This has been extremely beneficial to his lively-hood. In reality, Rai is uncertain about nearly every action he does, as he has no experience at all with anything in this new world.

RAI usually gets along with most people and when they get to know him. They will often ask him many questions about his previous life. He doesn't mind the questions people ask him, finding amusement in the reactions that people have at his answers. To them, he is the only one with such great knowledge of the distant past. Being the oldest person in the entire world now. Although he is chronologically thousands of years old, he is still mentally a 21-year-old man, making him a child by today's standards.

RAI's hobbies consist of playing games, watching movies, and occasionally, reading and writing. Not much different from what he did back in his day. Only now, things were way more advanced; He could enter complex worlds through VR and AR technology, movies could be sent directly into one's mind, and the books of now were miles more interesting with all the new concepts. One of Rai's other hobbies would have to be just getting out and looking around. Even the experience of going to the store feels like a trip to the zoo for him. Which he often does with his best friends.

Interestingly enough, RAI is very skilled and card and board games, probably due to the fact that he never had much else to do. He is exceptionally skilled at chess, which is still as popular as ever and has managed to beat computers multiple times before. 

As for his love interest, he has found no one even remotely close to what he would consider ideal. Mostly because everyone nowadays looks damn strange to him. However, there is one girl that might be different. This girl is EMIR, one of his female comrades. He values EMIR both as a friend and comrade and sometimes imagines them being together. A lot of this strays from constant teasing from EMIR since she believes RAI to be an innocent little man. In truth, she likes RAI, seeing him as a symbol of what the world once was. She also finds him quite hot and loves teasing his innocence by using her body and intricate speech. RAI, however, hasn't seemed to catch on to these obvious attempts at getting his attention. He does like to dream about the 2 being together sometimes though since she is the only one he could even imagine being with. He might have a bit of a crush on her. Unfortunately for EMIR, nothing has gone any more than platonic between the two.

Going even more into his relations with EMIR, he seems to be comfortable with talking about his problems and life with her, which EMIR will never admit she values. He also values her as a comrade, saying she is a very strong woman, which made her blush all over. He goes even further stating "I wouldn't choose anyone else in that bunker to raid with over you". This shows that he values EMIR and sees her as more than a simple friend.

Overall, RAI is a pretty modest guy who appears to be very aggressive and scary at first glance.

Relationships (WIP)


"Although you can be a pain in the ass sometimes, I greatly thank you for sticking by my side."

EMIR was one of the first people RAI met on duty. She was assigned to teach RAI most military tactics and whatnot in his first Earth-B raid. During their first time with each other RAI was super embarrassed and annoyed. He was being laughed at by a girl because he didn't know what he was doing. This changed though as EMIR started asking him questions about him, and RAI returned the favor. They QnA'ed each other while EMIR taught him all the basics. Learning more about each other as they went. Unfortunately, they had pretty much nothing in common, so RAI thought that would be the end of his relations with her, going no farther than mere acquaintances. However, this would turn out to be just the beginning of their relationship, as EMIR then asked if they could hang out when they had free time. RAI said "Sure". After that, they continued to hang out with each other every time they had free time. RAI started to be more comfortable around her and would often share his problems with her for assistance. Their relationship blossomed and they became extremely close friends, sharing everything with each other. RAI also started to actually see EMIR as something more than a friend and has even imagined things going further between them. Even despite EMIR's extreme efforts though, their relationship seems to still be platonic.


"I respect your decision as a friend, but you are no longer on my side..."

Earth-B raids. He ended up becoming friends with RAI on the job, they would also play games with each other when they had time off. They had a pretty neat friendship and could finish each other's sentences as well as know what the other was thinking at times, which was very useful on the battlefield. However, one day GAR started acting strangely. He seemed to not want to do his job, he didn't seem to want to kill any of the Earth-B soldiers. When RAI asked about this, Garry stated that he "Just had a few thoughts", and didn't think what he was doing was right. Garry believed that Earth-A was actually objectively in the wrong here, as they are the ones who escalated the war as well as brought themselves into Earth-B's business in the first place. A few days later, Garry quit the job, without a word being said. He also completely ghosted RAI, not even giving him word that he quit. It is later revealed that by unknown means Garry had managed to join the Earth-A task force, and had become an extreme threat to Earth-A troops. This angered RAI extremely, as both a friend and a comrade. After seeing him on the other side he felt nothing but hatred for him... and they have had many, many battles since then.


"So, what kind of bullshit weapon is it this time, doc?"

DR. MAT, or as RAI calls him, Matthew, is RAI's contracted engineer, doctor, and scientist. Matthew took interest in RAI after hearing about his job as a super-soldier. RAI was asked many questions by Matthew, eventually asking RAI if he wanted to be a lab-rat for testing his new I-Series of Technology. RAI not giving a fuck, said why not, thinking that it may end up benefiting him in battle. He signed a contract, stating that they would work together in the task of creating super-weapons. As well as making Matthew RAI's doctor in case of injury. The two have become best buds since then, as they meet up with each other at least once a week. Matthew has become RAI's therapist in a sense, as well as a bit of a father figure.

Combat Stats and Other Information

Tier: At least 8-B physically, higher with genetic injections, even higher with Natural BIO-tech. Up to Low 5-B with equipment

Name: "RAI" (Pronounced Rie), Codenamed "C-023", "Ri-Ri" by EMIR

Origin: Armageddon (Theme Song)

Gender: MALE (Type-F), Old Male

Age: 21 "Mentally and Physically", 233000~ "Chronologically"

Classification: Super Solider, BIO-Soldier, Genetically Modified Human, Extinct Human, Bio-Human

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Martial Arts and Weapon Master (By virtue of having an amalgamation of over a million different super-soldiers intelligence), Longevity (RAI’s body has been genetically modified to sustain a much longer, if not eternal life span of at least 40000 years), Immortality (Types 2, 3, and 4; Injuries that’d normally cause death, such as gaping holes through his chest and abdomen, aren’t much of a problem for RAI so long as a portion of his brain is in-tact. His body can revert “death”, allowing a kind of resurrection, though he must have some brain cells alive for this), Regeneration (Mid-Low normally; Can regenerate shallow wounds, cuts, and burns rather quickly and easily. High-Mid to Low-High when sustaining a large amount of damage; Can regenerate on a cellular level so long as a piece of his brain remains in-tact. This regenerate also provides a form of self-healing, being able to regain stamina, strength, and revert internal biological changes within himself. Can even regenerate his own resistances), Cyborgization (His super-soldier physiology includes things like artificial eyes, and genetically/cybernetically enhanced biology. Has multiple BIO-weapons built into his natural physiology that work similarly to muscular organs), Enhanced Senses (All of RAI’s senses have been drastically enhanced to their genetic maximum, allowing for him to smell better than dogs, see better than eagles, etc. He has camera-like eyes which can zoom in and see the world in a kind of X-Ray thanks to his “4-D Vision”), Body Control (RAI can manipulate his own body on a cellular level and can control his cells consciously using his mind. With this he is able to induce himself in different emotions, forcefully release adrenaline, mutate different features onto his body, control cell division, etc), Self-Mind Manipulation, Self-Biological Manipulation (Can alter his biology to make himself stronger, faster, more durable, etc. Can forcefully cause his body to mutate different biological features), Accelerated Development (Passive, Training Battle; Physical Stats, Intelligence, Abilities: His mind and body develop at alarming rates rivaling that of advanced AI, as he is capable of instantly adapting to new scenarios, becoming more intelligent, powerful, and resilient in the process. Was injected with a serum that makes his mental processing hundreds of times faster than a normal human’s), Statistics Amplification (Has multiple injections in his labcoat that can amp his strength, speed, and regeneration by up to 200% for a couple of minutes), Pain Nullification (Can nullify pain), Reactive Evolution (RAI’s body continually adapts and evolves like a bacterium to its environment. He slowly gains new resistance to different phenomenons the more he is subjected to them, such as heat or cold, even things like extreme power can cause RAI’s body to rapidly become stronger and stronger. Stated to instantly evolve to any new disease that comes into contact with his blood, as his body rapidly gains information about it and nullifies any effect it may have), Self-Sustenance (Type 3), and Nanotechnology (Has nano-bots inside his bloodstream that can annihilate pathogens on a molecular level. These bots can be used offensively if his blood gets onto other person’s body)

Natural Weaponry, Danmaku (Can fire over 500 rounds per second. Can fire Area-of-Effect exploding bullets), Disease Manipulation (Via the usage of multiple natural techs, such as “The Hand” which allows the transmission of many different hyper-advanced diseases. Can shoot huge splatters of irritative substances that cause massive skin lesions and rapidly dividing tumors all over the body), Biological Manipulation (Most diseases RAI carries directly affect a person’s cellular and molecular biology. Can completely disable a person’s immune system or cease cell division with the Pandemic, degenerating someone to the point of death. Can forcibly cause someone to grow and mutate random organs, limbs, and appendages with the Amputator; Completely annihilated a soldier’s body with it, causing them to rapidly grow arms all over their body until they were nothing but a pile of arms squirming on the ground), Blood Manipulation, Durability Negation, Regeneration Negation (Up to Low-High, possibly High with the Pandemic; Disables cellular regeneration, but can potentially rip apart molecules on a sub-atomic level as well), Matter Manipulation, Resistance Negation (All diseases and biological weaponry can pierce over 5 layers of resistance to diseases. The Pandemic disables a person’s immune system, alongside their resistance to a disease), Status Effect Inducement (With a variety of weapons and diseases), Statistics Reduction (With a variety of weapons and diseases. The Pandemic rapidly slows down the body’s muscles, deteriorating them at an alarming rate), Information Analysis with The Hand (Can collect and analyze the blood of someone he touches with the hand to gain information on them), Energy Projection (Can fire laser beams from his eyes or from a variety of different weapons), Energy Absorption (Has solar panels all over his body that absorb sunlight for energy. Can drain a person of their “life-force” when nearby), Pseudo-Flight (Has thrusters on the bottom of his feet), limited Intangibility with Zenith (Allows him to become pure energy for a limited amount of time [5 seconds]), Sleep Manipulation with Maria (Rapidly fires sleeping darts), Adhesive & Acid Manipulation with Discharge (Fires an explosive that explodes into a giant ball of toxic gas which can melt skin and transfer diseases), Explosion Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Can disable the nervous system with the NSSD, which puts them into a permanent coma)

Resistance to Disease (Instantantly adapts to resists any new disease that enters his body, even diseases specifically designed to overload the body, pierce resistance, or nullify defense dozens of levels deep. His white blood cells can easily break apart new diseases and are all advanced as an individual person. Most modern humans have a few layers of resistance to disease), Poison Manipulation, Biological Manipulation (Resists any outside interference against his biology unless their interference is stronger than what his body can put up with), Transmutation, Extreme Temperature Fluctuation (Adapted to resists multiple kinds of heat, from freezing temperatures of below 200 degrees to sizzling heats over 1000 degrees. Can walk through fire), Sleep Manipulation (Was unaffected by another soldier’s sleep dart gun being rapid-fired at him), Status Effect Inducement, Pressure Points (Modern humans aren’t susceptible to the same pressure points), and Fear Manipulation (Free from fear)

RAI sometimes carries many needles, guns, and other special equipment. These include the very powerful I-Series of scientifically engineered weaponry and many, many enhancing and dehancing needles which can contain powerful serums or diseases.

Many abilities from his base, with enhancement on many, in addition to AcupunctureGenetical Enhancement (Can inject himself with many pathogens which will cause him to become stronger, faster, more durable, etc), Enhanced Regeneration (Carries advanced metkits which can boost his regeneration speed to near instant, however, can cause bad mutations, which are not easily fixed), Mind Manipulation (I-95 is a gun which shoots needles. It is capable of deleting a person's memories. It also has a syrum, containing a virus which can borrow in to the human brain, taking control of it), Statistics Reduction (I-98 is a gun which shoots needle which can contain different venoms, ranging from one which slows a person down to one which causes said target to rapidly lose muscle mass), Homing Attack (Many of his guns and bio-weapons have attacks which home onto heat), Adhesive Manipulation (I-97 is a gun which shoots a slime-like liquid which is strong enough to stop opponents in their tracks), Electricity Manipulation (Has an advanced tazer), Plasma Manipulation (Sometimes carries a 7-7-7 which shoots 3x7 plasma shots which are hotter than the surface of the sun), Explosion Manipulation (Has a gernade launcher from the other earth, which leaves acidic debris), Non-Physical Interaction, Water Absorption with the Humidifier (Able to suck out moisture from an opponent from at close range), Fire Manipulation (Has a flame thrower), Paralysis Inducement (I-01 has been stated to "remove a persons speed". When used it seems to put people at a standstill, with not even individual cells being able to move), Power Nullification (Certain syrums he carries are able to get rid of a person's mutations), Energy Projection with I-42 through I-68 (All are different kinds of lazers), Portal Creation with the GATE (Is capable of opening a wormhole to an alternate universe. Opening portals beneath others can be used as BFR), Damage Reduction with Medkits, Pain Manipulation with several weapons, Perception Manipulation (When a person has I-88 injected into them, they will start to see illusions, almost as if they are on a very powerful drugs. Can alter their perception of things, make them tired, etc), Fear Manipulation (Pennywise is a special injection, carried by RAI on special occasions. It manipulated a persons' fears, and can make them afraid of nearly everything. Is able to drive a person insane), and Resistance Negation


Attack Potency: At least City-Block level physically (Was able to one-shot his friend Garry after he had switched over to the other side. Garry had shown to be capable of taking shots from normal Earth-B weaponry, which can one-shot Earth-B soldiers. Far superior to other modern-day Super-Soldiers of the American Sub-Continent. Such soldiers are comparable to the average Earth-B front-line soldiers, who are able to withstand being blasted by a tactical grenade), higher with genetic injections), even higher with Natural BIO-tech. Up to Small Planet level with equipment (Most equipment is just used to be extra tech in case of emergency. This includes his I-Series of weaponry, created by doctor Matthew, which contains many powerful guns, adhesives, and serums. The most powerful weapon Rai has carried was a 7-7-7 Plasma Cannon. This cannon has been stated to be more powerful than any weapon ever created in both worlds. It fires 21 plasma shots which are each capable of vaporizing 2% of Earth's mass, for a total potency of 42% of Earth's mass. Due to it being the most powerful weapon, that should also put it higher in destructive capacity than the R98 nuclear bomb) Rai can ignore durability heavily with nearly every weapon in his arsenal.

Speed: At least High Hypersonic+ travel speeds (Can keep up with the general on foot, who is able to blitz military vehicles. These vehicles being far faster than normal cars. The average car can fly from pole to pole in a couple of seconds) with Massively FTL combat and reaction speeds (Caught an artillery bullet fired from an Earth-B Sniper, which are fast enough to hit martian satellites from Earth nearly instantly), higher with genetic injections. Up to Massively FTL+ with BIO-Technology (His normal guns have been shown to be too fast for people to react to. His hands-on tech is based on his combat speeds. Has auto-projected lasers which are stated to be immeasurable in speed with current technology. His P-Shields are able to react fast enough to block certain lazers as well). Up to Massively FTL+ with equipment (Should be at the very least comparable to most of his BIO-Tech, considering his equipment is meant to be extra protection and support)

Lifting Strength: Class M (During training, RAI was able to lift up a barbell carrying 10 gold plates. Each of these plates being a solid meter of 24 karat gold. Even more impressively is that he did this while in a gravity room, which can go up to 500x normal gravity), higher with genetic injections.

Striking StrengthAt least City-Block level (Was able to one-shot his friend Garry, who is comparable to himself), higher with genetic injections. 

Durability: At least City-Block level, possibly Small Town level physically (Comparable to Garry. Survived being shot by an Earth-B shotgun, although, barely surviving), higher with genetic injections. Likely Large Country level with P-Shield technology (P-Shield is an automatically activating shield around RAI, which was made to be able to protect from large nuclear explosions), possibly Small Planet level with equipment (Planned to survive any instance where the 7-7-7 Plasma Cannon would need to be used). Regeneration, constant genetic mutations, and passive shield make him very hard to damage and put down.

Stamina: Extremely High (Normally will not need sleep, however, due to how much he and others drain him, he does end up feeling tired, and will rest his brain anyway. His body does not loose energy nearly as fast as a normal person, and thus he can stay on the battlefield for up to months at a time without even feeling a little hazy. Able to brush off extreme injuries to keep fighting on, as well as being hit by many sleep darts, and even at one point being reduced down to a torso and two limbs), potentially Limitless as he is able to regenerate stamina passively.

Range: Extended Melee Range with physical attacks (His arm length alone provides this amount of coverage), ranges from hundreds of kilometers to inter-planetary with most BIO-Technology (Most basic I-Series weapons are able to hit people from this distance without having the projectiles go off course from the target. Some weapons are able to attack from Earth to Earth, and from Earth to Mars), higher with equipment.

Standard Equipment: His Lab-Coat, which contains many injections, ranging from strength enhancements, regeneration boosters, pain nullification, etc. He has a bunch of Biological super-weapons built into him, such as "The Hand", which allows him to transfers extreme diseases via touch. Another thing would be his basic "Black Death" gun, which can appear out of his right arm, being shot directly with this will cause insane skin lesions and giant bumps which will explode all over that target's body. Usually has a bit of extra equipment on him as well, ranging from simple guns to even more crazy things like the 7-7-7 Plasma Ray Cannon. His wireless headphones, which he can use to communicate with other soldiers and higher-ups for information. A pocket knife which, when used, burns through the skin of a target. Tactical Grenades from Earth-B, and occasionally an Earth-B shotgun. A backpack, a necklace that contains a serum enhancing his mutational abilities (Can only be used once). Much more on occasion.

  • Optional Equipment: The 7-7-7 Plasma Ray Cannon and the I-Series of weaponry.

IntelligenceIn terms of experience, RAI cheated quite a damn bit. The guy got the experiences of an entire countries army injected into his head. On top of this, he has his own 3 years of impossible experiences from fighting in the damn extinction parade that is the Cosmic War. To summarize, Rai has seemed quite a damn bit of everything. Surprising him in combat is like trying to impress god. This also goes into him being able to adapt to pretty much everything you throw at him. Heck, he's probably already seen every possible scenario you can manage to dish out. His intellect is an even crazier story, he seems to be naturally capable of using his previous experiences to his advantage in battle, effectively being able to predict a lot of his opponent's moves. And that's excluding all the brain steroids this guy has taken. RAI's brain has been genetically modified to be able to take in even MORE information, and adapt even MORE quickly to new scenarios. RAI sees the battlefield as a math test, being able to provide equations and answers mathematically. Allowing him to aim with near 100% accuracy and see the trajectories other's weapons will take, allowing him to dodge them easily. On top of this, he can make mathematically enhanced plans to lure people to places where he can take advantage of his setting. When it comes to skill, RAI is no slouch in close combat. He DOES have the experiences of an entire army and DOES practice with martial arts masters during his intense training routines. He is exceptionally skilled at boxing and general brawling, knowing all the basic combos and 1-shot moves to get his opponent on the ground. On top of this, he's learned his pressure points, allowing him to quickly take down other soldiers if need-be. Overall, RAI is an extremely formidable opponent when it comes to smarts.

Weaknesses: RAI is a master of overthinking basic things as well as being thrown off by them. RAI automatically assumes that everything has to be complex, even things that should be common sense. RAI is also quite talkative in battle, which is bad when you consider how easily thrown off he can be by a person's words. On top of this, he has little to no temper and will make rash decisions when angered. RAI has also shown to believe the battle is over way too soon, shown when he left an Earth-B soldier to die after hitting them with an I-95. This went bad as the soldier didn't die and wasn't significantly affected, causing RAI to take a very bad shot to the back. RAI's sheer size also makes him an easy target for most guns and weapons, in battle he is nearly impossible to miss. Other than that, he will often OVERESTIMATE opponents, which can lead to him trying way too hard at first, this may not seem like a bad thing at first, but this can lead to him exhausting his best options and tactics way too soon.

Further Information/Attacks/Techniques

Super-Soldier Physiology: RAI's body and mind have been genetically enhanced to the maximum. It is the sole reason he has so many resistances and abilities allowing him to be more aware during combat. 

This physiology allows him to be completely resistant to diseases and poisons, as his immune system is powerful enough to completely destroy viruses made specifically to negate a person's resistance to disease. His white blood cells are immune to being taken over, and attempts by disease to do this will be nullified. Bacteria also stand no chance against this system, as a modern bacteria made to resist all effects from antibodies and immunities was completely taken down in mere seconds, even when extremely large amounts were injected into RAI for testing. His immune system is even able to protect against itself, as he was once shot with a needle which causes extreme reactions within the body, causing the immune system to identify itself as an enemy. This proved futile though, as his immune system is as smart as an actual person, along with having artificially made remote-controlled antibodies within him, which are made to be the soldiers of his immune system.

His body can also not be forcibly mutated or biologically manipulated, as his cells will recognize outside force and instantly revert back to their previous states. This combined with his self-healing regeneration makes his body nearly impossible to manipulate. His cells work together as one, almost like an army, and can communicate like one as well. RAI is also able to directly communicate with his body, as strange as that might seem, and is also able to manipulate his own mind. Insanely enough, he is also able to resist being forcibly forced to sleep or killed: Seen as sleeping darts had no effect on him, as well as a gun which was specifically made to be 100% lethal for people with his blood type for unknown reasons.

Going back to his crazy regeneration, it prevents a lot more than just manipulating his body. He is able to completely regenerate his strength and energy back from being completely nullified, gain back stamina, and revert any changes to himself. It also allows for self-healing as mentioned earlier, which strengthens his already immensely strong immune system, and can even allow him to come back from straight-up death, acting as a kind of resurrection.

His enhanced brain and body systems make everything easier for him, hearing, seeing, breathing, etc. They are all enhanced. It is also much easier for Rai to understand complex statements and scenarios, he also does not lose track when being told many things at an extremely fast pace. Along with this, his memory is photographic, in fact, it can be compared to a computer's hard drive, in which, he can store information permanently, being able to access it whenever he wants. All of his senses are considered bullshit, as he can clearly see enemies from miles away, and has the ability to "zoom-in" from his artificial eyes. His hearing and smell are also crazy, as mentioned in the "Powers and Abilities" section of his profile.

On top of this, both his mind and body are able to react and evolve under pressure. This is shown constantly in war, as he is constantly put in scenarios he, in reality, should not be able to get by. However, he is saved by his insane adaptation, which comes through when he needs it the most, allowing him to evolve his train of thought and mind to get past whatever is in his way. This ranges from just being able to think of new clever plans to evolving new resistances, although that takes significantly longer. This also goes back to his crazy development speed, as he learns new things extremely quickly, and is able to use his general understanding of a subject and apply it to more specific subjects. These 2 are interconnected as without his ability to learn and develop at such speeds, he would not be able to adapt at the pace he does. His body adapts to things just as his mind does, which is how he became resistant to both the heat and fire. Along with this, as soon as a new disease enters his body, he is instantly immune to it as his immune system instantaneously gains immense information about it. 

Like most modern humans, RAI also has longevity, although, his life-span is said to be far longer than that of your average Joe. This means that he should end up living for more than 40000 years. Despite how good that might sound, Rai actually really doesn't want to live for this long, and would rather just live out a normal human life. Doctors find his thoughts a bit weird, but understand that it is likely just because of his past. He also doesn't even need to sleep, but sleeps anyway, as he doesn't want to lose that "human" part of himself.

Natural Weaponry: RAI has undergone many extreme surgeries in which he has been modified again and again. Many of these surgeries have been to make him a complete military unit in of himself. He is filled to the brim with biological superweapons which are connected directly to his nervous system and work like organs. He is able to bring these out through thought, as they function almost like limbs, and are made out of his very own cells. He has many of these, which will be explained below.

  • The Hand: "The Hand" is the name of an attack he uses, which makes use of a disease transmitter on his left hand. He can use this transmitter for more than just transmitting diseases, however. Including things like taking blood samples from a person to gain information - Touching a person with a highly irritative substance - Give a person some of his own blood - Take a person's blood - Inject poison into a person's bloodstream - Inject antidotes into a person's bloodstream - Heal a person from injury - Use other injects - Etc. The transmitter appears to just be a circular platform that can appear out of his hand. It has a rim with the small needle-like ends which are used to inject or extract substances from a person, and a hole in the middle which can either fire toxins or simply allow for contact with irritating substances.
  • Black Death: This is a gun, located underneath the skin of his right arm when activated: It becomes a giant, cannon-like weapon. It usually is used to shoot irritative skin substances which cause extreme symptoms, ranging from skin lesions and bumps all over the body to massive tumors, which continue to grow at alarming rates. The gun can do more than just this, though. It can act as just a normal cannon, firing a laser beam, which can burn through all metals. It is also able to fire adhesives and acids.
  • Eye Laser: Self-Explanatory, can fire a small laser through his eye, this laser is strongly irritative against the skin, and will cause rashes.
  • Pandemic: One of RAI's most powerful BIO-Weapons, being shot by this will completely disable one's immune system, as well as stop the mutation of cells, division of cells, and make a person's body activities slow down completely. An "Extremely messed up" ability. It completely negates any kind of biological regeneration and will cause a person to slowly deteriorate as well as slow down. Muscular functions will be extremely hard when under the effects of Pandemic as well, causing it to act as a sort of status effect inducement and reduction ability. Most resistance to disease and toxins will also be cut off while under its effects, making Rai's biological weaponry even more effective against an opponent.
  • Celluar Solar Panels: His skin is covered in microscopic panels which can absorb energy from multiple sources, including the sun. However, he has also shown to be able to quickly drain a person of their energy when close to them. These panels are also what generates his Passive-ForceField. Which protects him from an unknown danger, and is usually able to react faster than he can. These solar panels are also able to release small amounts of energy all over his body, allowing him to levitate.
    • Zenith: These panels are also responsible for the ability Zenith, which causes his body to conventionally become pure energy, allowing him to phase through walls and become invulnerable for a few seconds.
  • Amputator: A small gun that can come out of his shoulders. Despite being small, it is extremely powerful, being shot with the projectile that comes out of it will cause you to forcibly mutate things such as limbs, wings, organs, etc. They can cause extreme pain and discomfort as well as transmit disease, and give a person a serious case of cancer.
  • NSSD: Stands for Nervous System Shut-Down. And as its name states: It shuts down a person's nervous system completely, including the brain. It essentially puts a person in a serious coma, which acts as both paralysis and mind manipulation.
  • Materializer: A weapon that can come out of his right hand, can either activates effects though shooting a laser-like projectile or touching a person. It only works on living beings. When hit or touched by this weapon, the area affected will turn inorganic. The effects of this can range from your heart shutting down due to massive intakes of an inorganic liquid to massive chunks of skin falling off, as well as blinding and other defects.
  • Maria: A small gun on his lower forearm which fires sleeping darts.
  • Discharge: Essentially a grenade launcher, which comes out of his back and is detachable, allowing him to use it as an actual firearm. It shoots pieces of his skin, filled with toxins and poisons which will explode on impact. It's quite disgusting. These acids are nothing to joke about though, as they can cause a person's skin to melt off, and can burn through bone.
  • Auto-Projected Lazers: Essentially a particle lazer that projects itself so fast it is immeasurable by current technology. These are located in many parts of RAI's body and are able to pierce through force-fields.

Equipment: RAI has carried many different technologies, weapons, lethal and in lethal injects, medkits, etc. These extra pieces of equipment are to support him in battles he usually could not win just with his pure strength and natural technology. Most of it is made by Dr. Matthew, including the I-Series of guns and some other extraordinary tech. Others, such as the 7-7-7 Plasma Cannon are completely illegal, but Rai has managed to get his hands on through secretive means. Usually, he has at least a few extra pieces of equipment on him or in his bag, however, they will be listed here.

  • The I-Series: As mentioned above, this is a long list of weapons, technologies, lazers, life-supports, etc. Created by the scientist known as Dr. Matthew. He creates these weapons to be used against Earth-B, and RAI is the one who tests them out for him, as for their agreement. Currently, there are 128 of these I-Series weapons, but only a few are notable, which will be listed below:
    • I-01 "No-Slow": I-01 is a gun made to completely negate a person's speed and movement. Although that may make it seem as if it is some kind of conceptual device, all it really does is completely paralyze an opponent. "It's as if it makes you scared to move your body, even if you might not feel scared," says Dr. Matthew. Apparently, it shuts down all of your muscles and turns off the making of ATP energy in your body as well. Seems like it's pretty formidable.
    • I-17 "Blessing": I-17 is actually the opposite of its name, it's not a blessing at all. According to Dr. Matthew, it actually takes away all blessings you might have had, turning you back into a normal human completely. However, it is currently still being heavily tested and upgraded. Sometimes it may not work if a person is too far gone from their humanity, however, in the ideal scenario, it is able to alter a person's genetic coding, turning everything abnormal back to normal.
      • I-17-A: An improved version of I-17, now works on people with accessive mutations, however, it still has problems when it comes to artificially enhanced beings.
      • I-19: The finalized version of 1-17, has little to no problems reverting anyone back to their normal self. However, takes a little bit longer, which should be noted.
    • I-48 "The Death Ray": Wow, Dr. Matthew was probably thinking like a child when he made this one. Essentially it's just a big black ray of particle energy, put into a blast. It's pretty damn powerful. In fact, there isn't a person on either planet who could survive a blast from this thing. If you were to aim it at the ground, it would create a hole through the planet.
      • I-49: An upgraded version of I-48, now shoots 3 lazers, which now shoots up to 3 particle beams at a time, can adjust the weapon to change their trajectories.
      • I-50: An upgraded version of I-49, all 3 lazers can now home onto the target, however, their speed is significantly reduced due to needing to curve, we are attempting to fix this problem.
    • I-60 "Homing-Lazer": We did it, we finally got a particle beam of light energy which can home into a target, without losing speed. This lazer shoots a red beam of energy, which isn't that special, what is special though is that it keeps the auto-lazer speed of near-infinite, along with homing into aa specified target, making it nearly a certified insta-kill weapon. However, like all lazers, it can be reflected by any kind of glass, which can cause havoc.
    • I-71 "Fake-Pregnancy": What the fuck did this name even come from? "Well you see, it's actually because you feel the pain that's not even there in the area this weapon projects on to" -Dr. Matthew. That's a pretty strange description, anyway, this one pretty much sends out a harmless X-Ray of some sort, and in a few seconds, you start feeling unbearable pain in that area. 
    • I-88 "Shrooms": Wonder where he got the name for this one from. Being hit by the projectile shot out of I-88 will send a signal through your nervous system, even if it only hit a part of your skin. I'm not particularly sure how this one even works but apparently you start seeing some fucked up shit. Kinda like being on shrooms. Goodluck aiming. It seems it's also able to get even worse, as some people can be driven insane from these illusions if they are hit badly. Watch out though, as it could backfire, making a person actually see better than they did before.
    • I-95 "Amnesia": Ah, wow, this one sounds bad huh Mr. Matthew. This one a gun that shoots needles, at the end of them is a special serum, containing microbes that will delete your memory. Along with this, there are also microbes in it that can partially take control of your brain, so people who get hit by this might start acting a bit strange or have a few of there body functions fucked up. The downside of this one is the fact that it's headshot or nothing, so you better aim right.
    • I-97 "Lil-Goo": Sounds like an old ass rap name, lemme guess, it shoots slime. Yeah, this one shoots slime, except, really strong slime, it's like if you were a fly and this was the spider-web kind strong. There are different kinds of as well, ranging from just a normal adhesive to ones that actually burn a target as well as restraining them. Holding this weapon is kind of a hassle though, so I don't recommend taking it on most missions.
      • I-97-A: Nothing improved, we just made it smaller.
    • I-98 "Redux": It's called Redux because it reduces a person's stats. It's another needle-shooting gun that carries a special dose of "venom". When hit with these, the venom will enter your bloodstream and can do different need things like:
      • Slow you down.
      • Slow your thinking own.
      • Speed up your metabolism to deadly levels.
      • Shrink your muscles.
      • Get rid of resistance.
      • Much More...
  • Flame Thrower: Just a normal flame thrower, nothing special about it at all... Nah I'm just kidding, burns at heats around the same temperature as lightning bolts, or the Sun.. yeah. It's pretty hot!
  • GATE: A remote control-like gun, which shoots a particle beam with unknown properties that open a small wormhole to an alternate universe. This wormhole will usually only last a few seconds, however, if it stays on it will continue to grow in size and thus, stay longer. RAI has shown to BFR people back to Earth-B with this when he isn't feeling it.
  • Pennywise: A medical-like needle that contains one of the most feared substances, fitting for its name. When injected into a person's bloodstream, it will travel up to their brains, in which the substance will cause this person to panic, as if they believe they are going to die but don't know from what. This can lead to them doing extreme things, which can end up bad, as well as making irrational decisions.
  • 7-7-7 Plasma Cannon: The most powerful weapon of all, somehow it's actually quite small. But when fired, it will release an explosion which will kill everyone, it's only to be used as an absolute "last hope". It shoots 21 plasma shells that explode on impact, each having enough energy to blow up 2% of Earth's mass.
  • Humidifier: A gauntlet that sucks out moisture from an opponent upon impact. Sucked up moisture is filtered and put into RAI's bloodstream as a means of recovering from thirst.

Diseases: After reading everything above this, you've probably noticed how much "Disease" is mentioned. It never really goes into detail though, so here, this section will be a nice list of every disease RAI has access too. Rai loves using diseases to fuck up his enemies, he finds a lot of the diseases the doctors make for him hilarious as they cause people on the battlefield to slowly die via means they didn't know were even possible. One of his most standard tactics is just pulling out the hand and blitzing past a person, giving them a disease. After this he will wait until they finally realize they are dying and laugh about it, knowing he is being an evil person.

  • All diseases in RAI's possession negate up to 5 layers of resistance to diseases, as they have been tested on soldiers and natural resistances, which have this level of protection. In fact, some diseases, such as the Zito-Plague, negate natural immunity. These pathogens also work faster than most regeneration in-verse.
  • All diseases have a mortality rate of 100% and have even infected those who should be immune to such things.
  • All diseases are naturally resistant to temperature, humidity, anti-bodies, soap, sanitizer, etc.
  • Most diseases are capable of entering the body through pores on the skin, and can even eat their own holes through the body, making their own tunnels.
  • Viruses in this verse are much different from real life.

Alternis Bubis: A genetically revised version of the most deadly strains from the Bubonic Plague. This version is nearly impossible for the body to detect, and is capable of attaching onto red and white blood cells, turning them into factories for the virus. After they are done with them, the blood cells explode viruses into the bloodstream. Symptoms of the virus include drastic organ failure, which happens pretty much seconds after the virus enters your bloodstream. The virus was made to waste absolutely no time and completely fuck up your body. Combining this with the amount of the virus RAI gives to people makes it nearly impossible to survive. Other symptoms include skin lesions, shortness of breath, and in some cases: Comas.

C-AV: A lung disease that opens holes through the lungs, causing a painful, sharp death. Symptoms include: Not being able to breathe, asthma, blood gushing out of the mouth, sharp pain in the chest, and much more. Like many other diseases RAI possesses, this disease was created in a lab, made to kill. Because of this, it works very fast and can bring someone to their grave within seconds.

Zito-Plague: This disease is so deadly that selling it can get you executed. Once making contact with a person's skins, it blows right through it. It's almost as if you are being eaten by invisible bugs. The area of the skin this disease irritates will become a dark, pulsing black, and it will become bigger as the disease slowly consumes you. This one isn't even a virus, but a bacteria. Anti-Biotics? Ha! You're funny. They'll eat them too! It's like the real-life cuties in the sense that touching someone else will also give them the disease, it's the ultimate plague. How long does it take to kill? Seconds, you don't have a chance if directly hit with this, especially if you don't have any kind of regeneration. You should just accept your death.

Zombie Disease: A pathogen, extremely large. Attaches to the brain, taking control over it. Forcibly mutates that person's body into a zombie-like figure. After this happens the subject will begin to consume themselves, eating away at their very flesh, drinking their blood. However, the pathogen, named Zerus, will still have complete control over the mind. It will begin making this person's body into a factory for itself, as a way to multiple. RAI will usually terminate the subject completely after this, as it could affect innocent people if left alone.

LifeBoat-A: A virus that was previously carried by a fish. Named lifeboat because its first victim was someone on a lifeboat. This disease, Lifeboat-A, however, was an altered version, made to be even deadlier by a scientist. It attaches to cells within a person's nose, and creates large amounts of mucus, making it extremely hard to breathe. This mucus contains more of the virus and stops a being's immune system from attacking the virus, which can also self-multiply. Clogs up a person's throat and eventually starts coming out of a person's nose. Blocks their breath completely, usually causing them to suffocate. In the original virus, this process took at least 3 weeks. In the altered one, it could take minutes.

IS: Immunity Suppression. It destroys a person's immune system, causing that target to instantly get an extreme version of aids. It makes other plagues jobs even easier. It does this by targeting the organs of the immune system, like your lymph nodes and thymus. Causing them to shut down, and then destroys your immune system from the inside out.

Hungry Humphrey: A scientifically enhanced super-plague. The pathogen is not one that has been seen before. It has an unsatisfiable hunger and will consume everything it comes into contact with. It then produces more of itself with the material it consumed. Each of these copies of itself does the same thing until nothing is left insight, in which it will need to find another host. It's 100% lethal if diagnosed. Managing to kill in minutes.

Bloodlust: Pathogens of this disease are huge, nearly the same size as human cells. They attached to red blood cells and suck moisture out of them, becoming even bigger. They do this until they are nearly 10x the size, in which case they will explode into millions of smaller pathogens which attack everything in sight, even each other. This turns your bloodstream into a battlefield and can cause a person to feel restless, and in some cases give out completely.

Nerds: Pathogens of this disease have been said to act as if they are geniuses among themselves. They work together, managing to shut down the brain by traveling through a person's nervous system. They then take complete control over that person's mind by unknown means. This is where is disease seems to enter science fiction, as it seemingly knows exactly how to work the human brain. It is able to instantly shut down the host's body, making it impossible for this person to survive after reaching this point. However, in most cases, it seems to actually play around with the human mind a bit and causes its host to do random things, such as making weird faces or even masturbating in public. People often make fun of others by saying "They got nerds" after that person is to do something dumb.

FF-C: Foot Fetish type C. A fungus, true to its name. It manages to affect the feet of its target. That may seem crazy, but it does. After entering a person's bloodstream, it travels down to the feat. Giant, disgusting, gushing bubbles start to appear under the skin, causing it to expand. The person will probably fall to the ground, screaming in agony. Begging for someone to help. Nothing will be left on the underside of their foot by this point, the muscle is completely exposed. Luckily for them, the disease is deadly, because no one will be able to withstand this pain. After a few minutes, the disease will invade other parts of the body, causing the same things to happen. However, it's not painless :P

Rezar: This is an interesting disease, for 2 reasons: One being that It's not a virus, fungus, or bacteria. And it is instead, something completely different. It is shaped more like a bug and can grow extremely fast after reaching it's designated location. The second is that after entering the bloodstream it manages to get inside someone's brain by burrowing into it. After reaching deep inside, it starts producing string-like limbs that act like roots. It sucks the juice out of the brain, and the person affected will likely act a bit retarded during the last moments of their life. It kills very fast and is not a pretty sight by any means.

Necrophis: Named after the term necromancy. This disease swiftly kills a person via disabling the nervous system. After this, it takes over their dead body, turning them into a mindless zombie with no way of knowing what it is doing.

D-Mites: Mites RAI controls, acting as a disease. He can do anything with these. Ranging from mind-controlling someone to giving them a heart attack. The mites are able to change in size and shape, allowing for pretty much anything. He can also use these in combination with another disease, making a mix of ultimate diseases.

Crim-554: A super-bacteria that attacks the hosts' bone marrow and red blood cells. Multiplies rapidly within the bones, turning them into bacteria bunkers. Results in the bones being torn down by bacteria from the inside out. The host will likely fall to the floor in pain, feeling the bones within them being eaten away, breaking apart under their own weight. After this, mass internal bleeding will occur, at this point, the host has little to no hope of coming back. The bacteria continue to multiply even further, reaching a point where the host may even begin to throw up large masses of the bacteria. This results in the body becoming bloated as the bacteria releases waste products, bumps filled with these products will appear on the skin and explode, potentially spreading the bacteria to other nearby targets.

TY-19: Also known as the decapitation bacterium, this disease targets the throat. Specifically builds up in the thyroid gland around the esophagus. It excretes a liquid that burns through tissue, this greatly damages the organ and creates passages straight into the esophagus, where it continues to multiply. The host will feel as if a hole is being dug straight through their throats. It only gets worse from here as the bacteria's excretion burn through the remaining tissue, as well as tearing wearing down the spine. The host head will at this point fall to the chest as it loses support from the neck, it then falls off the spine as the spinal cord is torn out of it from the weight of the head, effectively decapitating whatever poor soul this disease got it's hands-on.

Serums: Rai has... many serums. In fact, they aren't even all listed below, and probably won't ever be. They all do different stuff. Some help him, some kill others. It really depends. He uses these quite a lot in combat though, mostly for his own enjoyment.

Strength-Enhancer: Pretty much steroids on crack. It makes the brain release both an extreme amount of testosterone and adrenaline. The testosterone goes straight to all of his muscles. People around him will see him get noticeable bigger, as well as be able to see his veins, they will look as if they are about to pop right out of his skin. This increase in strength makes him far stronger, data shows that he becomes up to 400% more powerful after taking this crazy drug. The downside is that it hurts his muscles, and he will need to rest for a long time after using it. It should also be mentioned that the drug also buffs his durability extremely, however, it will make him more sensitive to certain attacks.

Speed-Enhancer: After injecting this into his bloodstream, Rai stated that he felt like his body was weightless, and was moving at speeds that literally should not be possible for a man of his size. After running the data, they confirmed that RAI was moving over 1000% faster than he was previously, and insane increase. There had to be an obvious downside though, and there was: After wearing off, RAI will be barely able to move, his nearly infinite stamina seemingly gone. Using this in combination with his strength enhancement can cause his body to give out.

IHA: Instant Heart Attack. A serum this time, not a disease. Once entering your bloodstream it does what blood does: Goes to the heart. Except, once it reaches there, hell goes down. The person affected will appear to freeze for a second, before collapsing onto the ground. They will cry in pain, and then drop dead. What you will have witnessed was their heart shutting down instantaneously, and them having nothing to stop it.

Love Serum: This one's a favorite of EMIR. After entering the bloodstream, it goes straight to head, making a person release an extraordinary amount of hormones, you turn in to a sexual deviant. In EMIR's words, you "Become the most desperate man alive", you go for everyone near you. In battle, this means that enemies forget that they are enemies and attempt to get into your pants in all ways possible. RAI refuses to use this one unless he's bored or against a girl though, cause he isn't about the gay shit.

Strenght-DEhancer: Causes the targets muscles to shrink in size by over 200%, which in some cases causes the target to be grounded and unable to stand. In more minor cases they will feel restless and will not be able to see straight. This is all while they are weakened extremely. It can even be deadly in some cases. This also acts as a speed de-hancer as it does affect all muscles, effectively making running far harder.

Sensitivity Serum: Acts as a way of pain manipulation, making a person sensitive to things that may not even have affected them that much. A cell dying on their body will feel as if they were shot by a bullet. Targets have shown to either instantly die from shock or be put into a coma after testing. More resistance fellows have been able to put up with the sensation of being shot with a million bullets every second, but will not survive the pain that comes with having wounds ripped into your flesh, an event which will make you feel as if you had an atom bomb dropped onto your skin.




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