Yo. The Seventh Demon Lord and Son of Satan Pyro here, nice too meet you.

~ Pyro after meeting Ryu


Now then, since I got my powers back, I can finally show you some real cool tricks. Look forward to it, kay?

~ Pyro after regaining his powers


Pyro is the Seventh Demon Lord and the Son of Satan. During a battle against Equise and his Seven Sins, Pyro was caught off-guard and hit with an Axiom of Curse, causing him to be turned into a dark armor.

During the events of Grim Gear, Pyro was found by Ryu when the latter was exploring the abandoned ruins of his castle. Ryu then helped Pyro break free from the curse and regain his powers.


In his cursed form, he is described as a large and intimidating dark armor with red lines. The armor emitted a dark aura and is made of an unknown unbreakable material.

In his normal form, he has messy brown hair and red eyes as well as horns on his head and he can grow flaming wings. His Demon Lord outfit consists of a fancy red royal-like outfit with dark decorations.

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 6-B, High 1-A with Einzelnes Ende | 3-B, High 1-A with Einzelnes Ende | High 1-A

Name: Pyro

Origin: Evanescent

Gender: Male

Age: Beyond the concept of time

Classification: Seventh Demon Lord, Son of Satan, Ruling God of the Fourth Age

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic (Able to use Supreme Magic but not to its true extent), Death Manipulation (Able to induce conceptual death even on higher beings), Resurrection, Regeneration (High-Godly), Aura (Overwhelming, Fear-inducing), Curse Manipulation (Able to curse others with varying effects, from things such as inflicting misfortune on someone to making them feel endless pain and suffering or even instant death), Madness Manipulation (Can make people go mad), Pain Manipulation (via Magic and Curses he can cause others to feel intense pain), Elemental Manipulation (Can manipulate the elements of the world), Reality Warping (Magic at its core is reality warping, Pyro can change reality as he wills however it is limited in this form), Disease Manipulation and Biological Manipulation (Can cause and create diseases, as well as manipulate biological creatures and even killing them), Void Manipulation (Able to create and manipulate nothingness), Matter Manipulation (Quantum), Existence Erasure (Up to a conceptual level), Healing (Fatal injuries), Creation (Can create things out of nothingness), Soul Manipulation (Able to damage and kill souls), Law Manipulation (Can nullify and rewrite laws, as well as create his own), Supernatural Luck (via his Selbstidentität), Summoning (He can summon demons and familiars to help him or fight for him), Space-Time Manipulation (Able to manipulate the space-time of the universe he is in), Spatial Manipulation (Able to twist, stretch, and even delete space), Time Manipulation (His magic can do things such as accelerate and stop time), Power Bestowal (Can grant anybody who wears him his powers) | All previous abilities boosted significantly with the exception of Power Bestowal | All previous abilities boosted to an unfathomably higher degree, Powers of an Avatar

Attack Potency: Large Country level (Even though he was severely weakened, he was still able to easily destroy a large country with his higher level spells), High Outerverse level with Einzelnes Ende (Could end Avatars in a single hit) | Multi-Galaxy level (Each of the eight Demon Lords were revealed to be able to casually destroy multiple galaxies with a single attack), High Outerverse level with Einzelnes Ende (Could end Avatars in a single hit) | High Outerverse level (Avatars are boundless beings without restrictions that exist in the World of Avatars which transcends the peak of the First Tree and the totality of fiction. They are above the infinite Higher Narratives that make up the totality of fiction, with each Higher Narrative possessing their own Sea of Stories where a single drop is an entire structure of stories known as the metaphorical "box". Avatars transcend all math and science as well as their extensions, in which the systems of existence are said to be based of, this includes Cantorian math and the concept of infinity itself which they view as irrelevant)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Could move a million times faster than the speed of thought) | Massively FTL+ (Each of the eight Demon Lords could travel between multiple galaxies in a second) | Nigh-Omnipresent normally, Omnipresent in his own reality

Lifting Strength: Class G (Could effortlessly lift a hundred million tons) | Class Y (Comparable to Vaughn) | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Large Country Class | Multi-Galaxy Class | High Outerversal

Durability: Large Country level (Survived clashes against the Sins when he was weakened), High Outerverse level with Einzelnes Ende (Could dispel and nullify attacks from an Avatar) | Multi-Galaxy level (Comparable to the other Demon Lords, able to survive an attack that casually obliterated countless galaxies), High Outerverse level with Einzelnes Ende (Could dispel and nullify attacks from an Avatar) | High Outerverse level (Could take hits from other Avatars. All Avatars are able to survive the destruction of the entire cosmology without a single scratch, as stated they would just laugh it off and create a new one as if nothing even happened)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Standard Melee Range, At least Hundreds of meters with low-level magic, Hundreds of kilometers to Thousands of kilometers with higher level magic | Intergalactic, Universal with powers and magic | High Outerversal

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: He cannot use his higher level magic and is extremely restricted without outside help | None notable | Standard weaknesses of a Higher Avatar


Notable Attacks/Techniques:


  • Des Teufels Glück: (Self Identity - The Devil's Luck) This ability will completely negate any evil or sin based abilites and attacks as well as unholy ones that come near Pyro. This ability will also allow Pyro to absorb those kinds of attacks and turn them into power for himself, he can also obtain a ridiculously large amount of luck that causes him to be near invincible, as almost all attacks will fail or miss against him while he always gets lucky and his strength and abilities are increased tenfold.


  • Fehdehandschuh des Endes: (First Weapon - Gauntlet of the End) Pyro's Erstwaffe, a pair of black gauntlets with golden lines and decorations. Once activated, the golden decorations and lines will begin to emit a glow, and the opponent will be instantly destroyed after 10 punches no matter how strong they are. The gauntlets are able to attack even intangible and formless opponents, as well as concepts.
    • Aufrufen - Einzelnes Ende: (Invocation - Single Ending) Pyro's Invocation where his gauntlets will be covered by a dark red aura and emit a faint dark purple glow. This Invocation is regarded as one of the most dangerous ones, as anything it hits will be instantly erased in a single strike and is powerful enough to end an Avatar. There is almost no defense to this ability, the only way to survive it is to dodge his attacks.


  • Höllenfeuer: (Command - Hellfire) Pyro summons an endless hellfire that can burn through any defense or ability. The flames are extremely hard to dodge and negates regeneration and immortality.
  • Wende zur Dunkelheit: (Command - Turn to the Dark) Pyro traps the opponent in a world of endless void where they will be slowly consumed and eventually will be erased.
  • Zerstörung Rufen: (Command - Destruction Calling) Pyro creates countless large meteors infused with hellish magical power that can destroy the defenses of an Avatar. A single one of his meteors can destroy an entire planet.
  • Höllischer Schutz: (Command - Hellish Protection) Pyro creates a dark barrier that will infinitely repair and renew itself in extreme speeds.


  • Zorn des Teufels: (Authority - Wrath of the Devil) Pyro's Authority that is to burn all his enemies into nothing. When activated, the surrounding world will be turned into an isolated hellish world where it is nigh-impossible to escape. Pyro will then create endless waves of hellfire that is extremely hard to dodge and defend, he will also summon endless demons raised to his level that will tear his opponents into shreds.


  • Usque Ad FinemTo the Very End - Advocatus DiaboliDevil's Advocate: Pyro's Miracle that is to become the King of Hell and the strongest demon. Once this ability is activated, Pyro will begin to transform into a large demon covered in dark armor and an overwhelming aura that passively burns and damages anything around him, he will also be empowered by fire-based attacks and can summon the armies of Hell boosted by his own power. His aura also passively negates and nullifies all abilities and attacks around him, effectively making him nigh-invincible.
    • Alis Grave NilNothing Is Heavy With Wings: Pyro's wings grows and begins to emit a warm light, anything that comes near him in this state will be instantly burned and erased permanently. This ability negates immortality and regeneration.
    • Dies Tenebrosa Sicut NoxA Day as Dark as Night: Pyro creates a world of perpetual night filled with endless flames that will completely vaporize anything that comes into contact with them.
    • Igne Natura Renovatur IntegraThrough Fire, Nature Is Reborn Whole: Pyro coats all his weapons and armor with hellfire that completely negates any abilities used against him, the flames also passively heal him every second.

Key: Cursed | Demon Lord | Avatar


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