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You think you can play with us, little god? Well i SAY THAT'S BULLSHIT! THIS NIHILISTIC ARC ENDS NOW! EAT FIST, BITCH!

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Puncher McFucker is one of the player characters in Everybody Wants to Die. Part of the McFucker clan, a neightboor clan to the McChad clan, Puncher's goal is to live life at it's fullest by punching the greatest beings in existence.

After a journey, with multiple ups and downs, Puncher reached the peak of his powers and decided to face against Nil. However, his bold atempts were quickly shut-down as he was erased out of existence via Retcon. All hope seemed lost.

However, sensing a disturbance in the plot continnum, his cousin, Coolguy McChad, came to the rescue, allowing Puncher to trive over Nil with the power of plot.

His body dissolved, his will itself going to Coolguy McChad to have their legendary battle.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C | 7-B | 6-B | High 6-A | Low 2-C, likely Low 1-C, higher as God of Fistruction, 1-A with Supreme Motherfucking Punch, Everybody Wants To Fist and Retcon | At least Low 1-C, 1-A with Retcon and Plot Manipulation

Name: Puncher McFucker

Origin: Everybody Wants to Die

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Classification: Virus Mutated Human, Cousin of Coolguy McChad | Part-Demon, Part-Vampire | Newest Master of Hokuko, Captain Falcon | Doctor, Member of Deus Mortem | The God of Punching

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Immortality (Type 3), Regeneration (Low-Mid, regenerated the damage done in the fight against Dante, which included losing limbs, corruption of internal organs and having all the skin and meat in his face melted off), Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Shockwave Creation, Pain Manipulation (Caused Dante the worst pain he ever felt in his life with pure physical attacks), Damage Transferal, Statistics Amplification, Limited Attack Reflection (Can add the damage of his enemies attacks into his own), Power Mimicry (Can copy the combat skill of his enemies by watching their moves), Body Control (Can turn parts of his body into tentacles), Disease Manipulation (Can infect his enemies with a cell killer virus that turns his enemies into blobs of organic trash by attacking with his tentacles), Poison Manipulation (With poison darts), Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Absorption (Can assimilate others into himself with tentacles), Healing (Mid-Low), Adaptation (To diseases), Rage Power, Acrobatics, Afterimage Creation, Electricity Manipulation (One of his counters shocks his opponents), Invulnerability (As long as his aura is up, he won't take enough damage to die), Aura (Explosive), Perception Manipulation (By slowing down his perception of time), Non-Physical Interaction (Harms ghosts with punches), Stealth Mastery, Accelerated Development (By literally spending money on himself, can increase his combat skill), Limited Life Manipulation (Can escape from death by giving himself a sliver of life), Supernatural Luck (With money problems), Limited Probability Manipulation (Can make his allies lucky in battles), Sound Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Can enrage his opponents by taunting), Mind Manipulation (Opponents will start the fight by pitying him. Does not last after he attacks), Creation, Paralysis Inducement (With taser), Explosion Manipulation (With bombs), Sleep Manipulation (With sleep darts), Light Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Durability Negation (One of his moves can knock out people supernaturally), Air Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Vector Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Density Manipulation and Flight (Can manipulate the Vectors of Gravity, allowing him not only to shift his weight or the weight of anyone who he is contacting, but also to "fall" through the air essencially flying). Resistance to Disease Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Extreme Heat, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Pain Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Death Manipulation

All previous, Regeneration (High-Mid, can return from just a head), Matter Manipulation (Molecular level. Does not work on organic material or beings who are alive however), Telekinesis, Weather Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Immersion (Can enter and leave shadows), Shapeshifting, Intangibility (Via becoming fog), Weapon Creation, Life-Force Absorption, Blood Manipulation, Regeneration Negation (Can absorb life force by absorbing blood, negating regeneration up to Low-Mid), Memory Manipulation (By messing with his or someone else's brain), Corruption (Type 2 by turning others into vampires), Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2), limited Astral Projection (Can project his demon arm into a giant form), Energy Manipulation (Can even create platforms), Power Absorption (Can absorb demonic power to enhance his own arm), Summoning of homing energy swords, Dimensional Storage, Spatial Manipulation, Portal Creation, Resurrection, Durability Negation with Yamato, Reactive Evolution (Senketsu can create new functions in responce to the battle), Reactive Power Level, Heat Manipulation (Can increase his own body temperature), Smoke Manipulation, Size Manipulation (Can change Senketsu's size), Sound Manipulation, Hair Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation (Can weaponize his own willpower), Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 2 and 3), Extreme Cold, Radiation Manipulation, Reality Warping, Size Manipulation, Transmutation, Petrification, Life Manipulation, Absorption, Soul Manipulation and Corruption (Type 3)

All previous, limited Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1. Can interact with and attack concepts. However, the effects are small, as he is not strong enough to do much to them yet), Spatial Manipulation, Physics Manipulation (His punches can shift and distort space and break the laws of physics), Forcefield Creation, Enhanced Attack Reflection, Magnetism Manipulation, Summoning, Death Manipulation (Can instantly kill weakened beings), Homing Attack, Plant Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (By pressing specific pressure points in humans, Puncher can control their biology in a number of ways, from curing injuries to making them explode. This even works in inorganic matter), Memory Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Body Puppetry, Sleep Manipulation, Duplication, Instinctive Reaction, Air Manipulation, Power Nullification (Can nullify energy attacks), Regeneration Negation (Low-Mid), Astral Projection, Resistance to Weapon Mastery (Takes reduced damage to weapons), Air Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Energy Projection, Power Absorption, Precognition, Clairvoyance, Pressure Manipulation

All previous, Regeneration (Low-Godly. Will regenerate as long as his soul, spirit, body and will, all of which exist in different dimensions from each other, are not destroyed at once), Immortality (All previous, plus 4, 6, 8 and 9. Is reliant on Coolguy as long as the plot needs him to be), Plot Manipulation, Information Manipulation with Supreme Motherfucking Punch and Everybody Wants To Fist, Servant Physiology, Darkness Manipulation, Absolute Zero, Enhanced Matter Manipulation (Can cause matter to undergo nuclear fission and blast opponents at the sub atomic level), Existence Erasure (Can create a area were any semblance of existence, even at the conceptual level, is deleted. Can also blast away the existenxe of enemies with punches), Sealing, Transmutation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Can manipulate 4 dimensional space to an extent), Truth Manipulation, Vastly Enhanced Fire Manipulation and Heat Manipulation (Has total and full control of any heat source within the universe, shaping it to his will. This control extends even to other universes), Enhanced Life Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1. Can consume the life, soul and concept of those within a area), Fusionism, Curse Manipulation, Power Modification, Black Hole Manipulation (Can create and control quasars), Psychometry, Reality Warping, Law Manipulation (Passively turns whatever universe he is in into his domain, overriding the laws of reality), Mind Manipulation, Non-Corporeal, Abstract Existence (Type 1. Embodies the universe he is in), Resurrection Negation, Large Size (Type 8), Time Travel, Corruption (Type 3), Resistance to Matter Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Information Analysis, Information Manipulation, Power Nullification, Illusion Manipulation, Sealing, Existence Erasure

All previous, Causality Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Creation, Reality Warping and Subjective Reality with Retcon. Transformation, which grants: Fear Manipulation, Acausality (Type 4. Causality and space-time entirely retracted from Puncher due to sheer fear), Reactive Evolution (Scaling from Chadforce), Enhanced Abstract Existence (Type 1. Embodies the concept of fists and punches. His knuckles are the universe), Space-Time, Law, Probability and Physics Manipulation (His blows against Coolguy distorted and damaged space, time, probability and the laws of physics to a great degree), Danmaku (Released a number of neutron missiles so big "not even the biggest crackheads at googology could fathom it"), Astral Manipulation, Resistance to Space-Time, Law, Probability and Physics Manipulation (Was unaffected by any of the alterations caused by his and Coolguy's attacks)

All previous to an immensely higher degree, Higher-Dimensional Existence, Portal Creation (Punched a hole in the fabric of reality that led to God-Realm), Enhanced Power Nullification (Literally punched away Nil's status effects), Aura (Overwhelming. Was destroying God-Tube with his presence), Matter Manipulation (Quantum level), Probability Manipulation (Collapsed the quantum spectra of possibilities with his attacks), Light Manipulation (Punched out all of the color out of the world), Forcefield Creation (Punched a forcefield into existence), Space-Time Manipulation (Caused a infinite expansion of space-time--- a Big Bang), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Punched a new dimension into existence, not unlike Chadforce's dimension, as it is reinforced against attacks and evolves to match them), Death Manipulation (Punched the concept of death at Nil), Plot Manipulation (Burnt away the very fabric of the plot in his clash against Nil), Causality Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation and Gravity Manipulation (With the Art of Fist)

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Punched a hole through a cafe with such force that a mini earthquake occured. Ripped appart a demon at the molecular level with punches), Large Building level+ with buffs (Can boost his power tremendously, easily punching through Dante. Caused immense damage to Nuuk and sinked multiple buildings with Hell 2 U) | City level (Can create small storms with telekinesis, his sheer willpower was compared to a nuclear explosion), City level+ with buffs (Can easily multiply his power by close to 10 times, reaching just bellow 100 megatons. The combined power of himself and Dante sank the entirety of New York City). City level+ after fighting Dante (Permanently increased his strength to this level) | Country level+ (Comparable to Dante and blew a visible hole in a moon sized being) | Multi-Continent level+ (Shaved off the surface of Mars with ease and threw pluto at "several kilometers per second". Stated to have enough power to severely damage the moon) | Universe level+ (Comparable to his friends, who can destroy the universe and all of it's space-time with just their presence. Embodies the universe he turns into his domain), likely Low Complex Multiverse level (Punched away the void that contained the universes and made his way into Nil's God-Realm, which saw the world they were in as fiction), higher as the God of Fistruction (His fists are the universe itself. Caused cracks and shattering among Coolguy's dimension, causing it to adapt a innumerable number of times before Coolguy broke it. Only barely weaker than Flex up of the Chadforce Coolguy), Outerversal level with Supreme Motherfucking Punch (Punched through Nil with such force that not even Retcon could have returned him back to normal. In fact, Nil had been hit so hard Retcon had been almost entirely lost. Nil, and Retcon can affect reality on the God Realm, a "place" that exists completely beyond the endlessly twisting spatio-temporal dimensional hierachy of the lower world, and of which NACHILLEMORAC had to surpass the true meaning of infinity to reach), Everybody Wants To Fist (After being powered by every PC and character in existence, Puncher's fist not only struck Nil, but also his Godtube channel, and utterly deleted it. In Godtube, all previous events had been fiction. This deletion was so powerful even the likes of Omni and Joseph had their memory affected, although not fully) and Retcon (Although weaker than Nil's, it can still alter reality up to the God Realm) | At least Low Complex Multiverse level (Destroyed the quantum spectra of possibilities in his fight against Nil, collapsing the universe in 5 different spatial dimensions. Was destroying the God-Realm with his presence before completely obliterating it and remaking it at the most fundamental level. Nil had to boost himself by 50000 times to reach his level, before becoming far stronger due to Fistruction using evolution and effortlessly manhandling him. Once Nil had gained Character Development, their fight sent ripples across every universe in every dimension, including Seven's Bar. Art of Fist created a higher dimensional gravitational pull that attracted every universe across space-time to Puncher's dimension), Outerverse level with Retcon and Plot Manipulation (As strong as before)

Speed: Hypersonic (While weakened by metaphysical damage, managed to fly at mach 9.8) | High Hypersonic+ (Can reach just bellow mach 100), Massively Hypersonic with buffs (Doubles his speed) | Sub-Relativistic (Comparable to Dante) | FTL (Traveled between the moon and earth instantly and can easily react to lasers) | At least Massively FTL+ (Blew through twenty centillion universes in a billionth of a second, each universe thousands of times bigger than the normal universe. Attacked Nil at speeds immeasurably faster than light. Far, far faster than the likes of Coolguy after using Flex up infinity and beyond. Crossed a Pentacotillion light years in a few minutes), likely Immeasurable (Reached the God-Realm, which transcended the universe), higher as God of Fistruction (Parried duodecillions of Coolguy's attacks that had crossed a innumerable number of light years. Far faster than before), Irrelevant with Supreme Motherfucking Punch (Attacked so fast the control of Nil switched to another GM) | Immeasurable (Far faster than before, blitzed Nil with novemdecilions of vingintillions of punches, who had to boost himself by 50000 times to keep up, before Puncher evolved and completely manhandled him. After Nil had been boosted by Character Development, he and Puncher moved so fast that "it wasn't even speed anymore"), up to Irrelevant with Plot Manipulation

Lifting Strength: Peak Human | Class K | Class T | Class P | Infinite | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Large Building Class, Large Building Class+ with buffs | City Class, City Class+ with buffs | Country Class+ | Multi-Continent Class+ | Universal+, likely Low Complex Multiversal, Outerversal with Supreme Motherfucking Punch and Everybody Wants To Fist | At least Low Complex Multiversal, up to Outerversal with Plot Manipulation

Durability: Large Building level, Large Building level+ (Dante broke his hand trying to punch Puncher), multiple layers of Damage Reduction make him hard to damage | City level, City level+ with buffs, multiple layers of Damage Reduction make him hard to damage | Country level+ | Multi-Continent level+ | Universe level+, likely Low Complex Multiverse level, higher as God of Fistruction, Outerversal level when the plot desires it | At least Low Complex Multiverse (Barely damaged by Nil's strongest attacks), up to Outerversal with Plot Manipulation

Stamina: Immense (In his fight with Dante, managed to get in advantage while having his mind attacked, his soul scarred, his memories jumbled and his body corrupted, fighting purely on insticts despite the metaphysical damage sustained. Survived the fight and recovered shortly after) | Infinite

Range: Hundreds of meters with shockwaves and guns | Several kilometers with shockwaves, up to Planetary with telekinesis, immersion and matter manipulation. Interdimensional with Portals | Same as before | Interplanetary, up to Universal. Interdimensional with teleportation | Low Multiversal, likely Low Complex Multiversal, up to Outerversal with Truths, Supreme Motherfucking Punch, Everybody Wants To Fist and Retcon | At least Low Complex Multiversal, Outerversal with Retcon, Plot Manipulation and Truths

Standard Equipment: Dozens of guns and melee weapons | Yamato and the Red Scissor Sword | All previous | All previous, plus his clinic and the Robe of Sages | His own temple, Judas Pain, Dragon Knight Lucifer, Truth Brass Knuckles

Intelligence: At least Genius. A superhumanly skilled combatant who's thinking at least ten steps futher, he is capable of fighting on par against Dante, baffling those who spectate the fight, going to extreme extends to defeat his opponents. Is also immensely skilled in other areas, like chemistry, biology and mechanics. | Same as before | Same as before | Extraordinary Genius. Has a complete and total understanding of the laws of physics and can manipulate them with calculations | Supergenius. His mind became one with space-time and his fighting abilities have far surpassed that of the realm of both natural and supernatural

Standard Tacticts:

Will start with the most effective physical melee technique, usually prefering to use punches. After analysing his opponent's fighting style, will start using his more advanced and versatile techniques, and, if possible, brute force through his opponents.

Same as before, however, at the start of his battles, will blast his opponents with Strong Force. If they survive the sub-atomic blast, he will deem them worth of a fight.

Surviving within his presence is enough to impress Puncher, which will prompt him to challenge his opponents into a battle. If the opponent plays by Puncher's dance accordingly (not immediatly going all out and blasting him with all they have), Puncher will go into God of Fistruction mode and fight with all he has. Otherwise, he will Retcon them out of existence.

Weaknesses: Avoids using most techniques that do not involve melee battle, although will use them when needed. | Same as before | Same as before | Same as before | Can only use Supreme Motherfucking Punch and Everybody Wants To Fist in moments of character and plot development.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Fucker Punch: A armor piercing thrusting punch that inflicts massive amounts of pain in whoever is unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end of it
  • Kondraki Uppercut: A skillful manipulation of momentum that allows Puncher to apply the power of others attacks into his uppercut
  • Hell 2 U: Only usable while in midair. Puncher grabs his opponent in a bear hug, and manipulating vectors he positions himself and his enemy to face the ground head first. Then, increasing both his and his opponent's weight by tens of thousands of times, he shoots down like a meteor. He reverses the vectors, causing the fall to happen like a tornado of fire, hitting the ground with maximun impact.

  • Stand Activation: Devil Trigger: Puncher activates his Stand, called Devil Trigger. Devil Trigger holds the sword Yamato, that can rend space itself. It attacks alongside Puncher, and it slashes ignore durability. Devil Trigger can also revive Puncher in case he dies, and open portals to even other universes
    • Flex Up 300% (False), Super! Fucker! Punch!: Puncher uses a false technique similar to Flex Up, increasing his stats. He then shoots foward instantly, requiring no time to accelerate. This was fast enough to almost blitz Dante
    • Volcano of Fucker: A enhanced version of the Kondraki Uppercut, Puncher absorbs power into himself, then proceeds to punch up. This causes a volcanic erruption of energy, with enough power to level most of NYC. This attack blew away the upper body of Dante

  • Hokuto Martial Arts: Just like his cousin, Puncher McFucker learned the mythical art of Hokuto Shinken, allowing him to strike pressure points within his enemies, allowing for the manipulation of their body in a variety of ways. This goes from causing them to explode to even curing illnesses. He can also control the brain in a variety of ways, even removing memories from people.
    • Falcon Punch: The legendary technique passed down to all Captain Falcon's. Puncher, as the lastest Captain Falcon, can use this technique to it's maximum potential, his fist turning into no more falcon, but the Phoenix itself. The very air around Puncher instantly combursts upon use of this technique.

    • Eye of the Fist: The eye of God, it gives Puncher control over a number of physical laws. He has total control over the four fundamental forces, easily being capable of subatomizing his enemies, or bending time-space with gravity. He also has control over things like inertia, drag, velocity and more.
    • Lefty: Puncher's left hand, having a tumor-like face plastered within it's surface. It is sentient and talks. It's main power is Elemental Manipulation, having immense control over Fire, Air, Water and Earth. It can use them for a variety of things, like manipulating space, dimensional hopping and magic nullification. Lefty also has a variety of other functions, such as putting others to sleep with a touch and absorbing a variety of things, physical or not.

  • Magic: Puncher gained acess to Black Metal Magic, allowing him to use all of Dark's powers.
    • Supreme Motherfucking Punch: The ultimate punch of all. After getting a boost from Coolguy and realizing his true potential, Puncher flew back at Nil in a moment of character development, his fist turning into a blade that destroys Gods. The impact was so powerful control of Nil switched to another GM, causing him to bleed severely and lose most of his powers.
    • Everybody Wants To Fist: The supreme realization of Everybody Wants To Die, Puncher gathers the energy from every character and PC within the game and, in plot closing fashion, attacks his opponents with a information overriding punch, which is even more powerful than the Supreme Motherfucking Punch. This attack hit hard enough that, not only did it bring Nil ever closer to death, it also completely and utterly destroyed his God Tube channel, even affecting the likes of Omni in a limited manner.
    • Retcon: The power Puncher gained from Nil after his defeat, it allows for the rewrite of events. Although weaker than Nil's, it still allows him to freely manipulate reality as he wishes.
    • God of Fistruction: After his realization and potentialization, Puncher aquired the God of Fistruction form. Growing his hair immensely and turning his knuckles into the Universe, Puncher in this form is capable of matching Chadforce Coolguy blow for blow, distorting reality as we know it by fighting.
      • Edin Judas Quasar, Fistful Edition: Puncher's strongest attack while in this form. Turning 200 quintillion light years worth of matter into energy, Puncher blasts any in his path with a giant fist of destruction, blasting away everything in his path at the sub-atomic level, in the spiritual, mental, astral and conceptual layers of existence. Puncher can futher boost the blast's power by punching it, and then futher increase that by becoming the blast itself.

  • Infinite Big Bang Punch: Gathering an infinite amount of mass and turning it into energy, Puncher releases it as an infinite expansion in space-time as a big bang. This attack was strong enough to easily overwhelm the Praetorian.
    • Art of Fist: By combining every Punch he has ever done, across the past, present and future in every universe in the multiverse, Puncher increases his power by infinity. This move was so powerful Puncher was relunctant to even use it, as it causes higher dimensional gravitational pulls that threaten all of space-time.

    Key: First Set | Second Set | Third Set | Fourth Set | Ascension into Godhood | Everybody Wants To Die 2