Pun-Pun is a character legendary in the optimization community of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition. Basically, Pun-Pun acquires an ability that lets him acquire any other ability he wants in the game, and when you combine everything in the game with everything else, things get absurd. Quickly. The below set of powers and stats are compiled from the official thread documenting what Pun-Pun can do, but might not be complete—technically, Pun-Pun would have ability combinations that result from interactions not yet discovered.

Physically, Pun-Pun begins as a rather ordinary kobold paladin from Toril, in the Forgotten Realms. While he can look like whatever he wants after his ascension, he is iconically a kobold and always referred to as such when it matters.

The below stats assume that the undefined areas of the game don't mean 'unlimited power'. For example, overdieties are undefined beings of incalculable power, but Pun-Pun is basically infinitely powerful anyway, so it is not assumed here that his Tier increases.

The original conception of Pun-Pun is by Khan the Destroyer, though many others have refined him; his abilities are translated to this wiki's format by Wheelsecond. In other words, this isn't Wheelsecond's OC; it's a whole lot of people's OC.

Powers and Stats

Name: Pun-Pun

Tier: 10-B or 10-A | 2-A

Origin: Forgotten Realms (this Forgotten Realms, not The Forgotten Realms one)

Gender: Male | Mutable

Age: Unknown | Whatever he wants it to be

Classification: Kobold | Kobold, Overdiety

Destructive Capacity: Human (Paladin variant) or Street (Wizard or Psion variants) | Multiverse Level+ (Can place Spheres of Annihilation in Wells of Many Worlds, both of which he can make unlimited numbers of nigh-instantly, then accelerate the ~12 minute planar destruction time to take only an instant, in order to destroy an infinite number of planes of existence in the blink of an eye.)

Range: Melee (Paladin) or up to 440 ft. dependent on spell or power (Wizard or Psion) | Multiversal (If it's possible to draw a continuous line in space between any two points—which can be across planes, due to portals and gate spells—Pun-Pun can reach between the two points.)

Speed: Up to 20 ft/second land speed | Aleph-Null or Nigh-Omnipresent (Pun-Pun can have an infinite number of bodies, but in an infinite plane, that doesn't necessarily mean he's everywhere.)

Durability: Human (Paladin) or Sub-human (Psion or Wizard) | Multi-level invincibility (Can't be hit. If he could be hit, can't actually be harmed by it. If he could be harmed, he can take an infinite amount of punishment, heal it all instantly, bring in one of his backup bodies, or use one of a half-dozen ways to not stay dead even if he somehow dies.)

Stamina: Human | Aleph-Null (Infinite Constitution score.)

Lifting Strength: Sub-human | Aleph-Null (Infinite Strength score.)

Striking Strength: Sub-human | Aleph-Null (Infinite Strength score.)

Standard Equipment: Standard adventuring equipment, familiar (Wizard only), psicrystal (Psion only) | Not defined, but none needed, and he can have anything he feels like having with him at a whim.

Intelligence: Genius | Aleph-Null (Infinite Intelligence score and skills, including Knowledge skills) but not necessarily omniscient (Though he may have infinite knowledge, that doesn't mean all of the knowledge. There is an infinite number of even numbers, but odd numbers still exist—same principle.)

Weakness: Is a kobold | Still bound by the rules of D&D 3.5. Any other weaknesses he feels like having at the time, which are sometimes necessary for his other abilities due to complicated rules interactions. All of his infinite abilities are measured in integers due to how the rules work, which makes them aleph-null in Cantor Set Theory—so most other infinite degrees of power by other characters, expressed as aleph-one, are actually stronger than Pun-Pun's infinity.

Powers and Abilities: Smite evil + detect evil (Paladin), spells (Wizard), powers (Psion) | Can acquire any ability he wants in the D&D 3.5 game system. Infinite or nigh-infinite values in all measurable qualities that matter. Every beneficial spell effect in the game. Infinite number of bodies that have a hivemind that works basically however he wants it to, shapeshifting with few limits, flight, telepathy out to an infinite distance and ability to detect all minds within that distance. Can do anything capable via divine magic, arcane magic, incarnum, soul binding, truenaming, shadowcasting, psionics, or the use of martial manuevers. Unlimited speed. Ignores most forms of resistance or durability when attacking. Can time-travel and reset timelines. Can remove all knowledge of self from reality, end any effect currently bothering him for more than six seconds, basically can't be detected if he doesn't want to be detected, etc..

Key: Pre-Ascension | Post-Ascension

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Pun-Pun's destructive techniques don't really matter; they're all some variation of dealing infinite damage to something. However, Pun-Pun exists in the collective knowledge of D&D 3.5 optimizers and would logically use popular optimization techniques in any iteration of himself. This list is far from complete; even trying to list all the interesting powers would make this very long indeed.

Manipulate Form - Pun-Pun can alter the body of a Scaled One of Toril to grant it any new ability he desires. Pun-Pun himself is not a valid target for his own ability, but that's okay since he can just get his other bodies or his familiar to do this for him. This is the ability that lets Pun-Pun acquire every other ability he wants.

Ice Assassin - This spell instantly creates a duplicate of any creature made of ice and with an intense desire to kill the original. It's also under Pun-Pun's absolute command, and copies the target fully—even if it's a god. He can make however many of these he wants on a whim.

Aura of Retribution – Anyone that isn't a tanar'ri within a short distance from Pun-Pun takes all damage that Pun-Pun takes, bypassing immunities and such.

Contingencies – Via crafting contingent spells on himself, Pun-Pun can set some spells to go off whenever something that he specifies in advance happens. He can have as many of these as he wants.

DC 0 Epic Spells - Pun-Pun can duplicate basically any effect doable with the power of arcane magic, divine magic, or psionics by pumping enough spellpower into an Epic Spell and mitigating the difficulty of casting it. This is done by letting the magical energies take however much of his unlimited life force they need.

Wishes and Miracles - Genie wishes and actual divine-intervention type miracles. Pun-Pun can fire these off as often as he wants.

Celerity – Pun-Pun steals some time from the future to act now, in the middle of whatever the other person was doing.

Iron Heart Surge - Pun-Pun picks one condition that has been affecting him for more than six seconds and makes it go away.

Alter Reality – Pun-Pun can create objects or duplicate magic nonmagically, by changing how reality works. This ability has stricter limits than the usual ones of “infinite power”; each of Pun-Pun's bodies can use this ability a few times in an hour or so.

Infinite Maws - Any of the infinite copies of Pun-Pun can crawl out of another one's mouth to be there, if they don't just feel like Greater Plane Shifting there. Pun-Pun can swallow other copies of his bodies to store them in a stomach dimension for later.

Nut-Pun – Via a process involving investing divinity into a squirrel and recalling it, Pun-Pun can increase his divine rank, though he doesn't need to anymore. He can add divine power to these Nut-Pun squirrels again if he wants.

Stop Time - Pun-Pun can nearly stop time for himself, but he can also drop an appropriate Planar Bubble on a target to dilate time to an arbitrarily slow speed for it, trapping it.


Allies: Pun-Pun's Familiar (which is a viper, though its abilities are just extensions of Pun-Pun by now)

Notable Victories: Most other characters and builds in D&D 3.5 except the Lady of Pain

Inconclusive Matches: The Lady of Pain (a character in Sigil that is beyond the rules of the game, which Pun-Pun is still subject to), "The Terminator" (build designed to retroactively kill Pun-Pun from before the time of ascension)