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I have to ask, IS there a combat advantage to women having large bosoms and huge buttocks, and if so, do I WANT to know what it is?
~ To Yingyue Jiang during a philosophical discussion
Providence Gardens

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Epithet Garden of Dreams
Alignment Blue & Orange and Black & White
Gender Genderless (Has many avatars that take up the gender of male and female, However their main avatar is female)
Age Irrelevant (Came before everything even the endless void before creation)
Personal Data
Affiliation Destiny City
Headquarters Itself
Occupation Source of all events and phenomena in the multiverse, The "Great Force" & "Supreme Providence" of the Destenéverse
Relationship Yingyue Jiang - Favorite Messiah/"daughter"
Eye Color Gradient Multicolored Eyes (Avatar)
Hair Color Rainbow Hair (Avatar)
Height 213cm (7') - Her Avatar
Weight 212 Ibs - Her Avatar
Bust 116cm (33") - Her Avatar
Cup 32M - Her Avatar
Bust Volume ????.?ml - Her Avatar
Waist 66cm (26") - Her Avatar
Hips 95cm (37") - Her Avatar
Favorite Food Fully loaded Ice cream fruit parfait
Hobby Observing mundane lives
Weapon Her Avatar and Knowledge

The Providence Gardens is a metaphysical location within the metafictional Void as the "binding force of the multiverse," that exists beyond the Axiom schema of replacement, exists beyond all theories on dimensions and from which everything originates. It is the location of the Akashic Records and the Ocean of Dreams, which is the source of all events and phenomena in the multiverse. Existing beyond time, space, causality, and the infinite cycle of Samsāra, it is a fully unknowable entity, and the true Supreme Being of the Destenéverse. Existing far beyond space-time and causality, it stores and archives information of all possibilities and events, past, present, and future, of the multiverse. It is the place where all souls originate from and to where they return after death. Infinitely superior and transcended to anything else in the Destenéverse. Even the true form of Deus and Bete Noir is only an infinitesimally-small fragment of it. Transcends the infinite hierarchy of gods, who are dimensionless at the core of their being.

To communicate with others it creates an Avatar that can speak with the guest to the gardens, however, the avatar known as Ilona went rouge alongside an Observer called HPL. HPL created several artificial gods and the Multiverse sized Quantum computer called Azathoth in an attempt to create their version of Creation.

Ilona, also known as The Ultimate Undisputed Goddess, is one of the three known Avatars of the Providence Gardens. Ilona created the physical multiverse as we know it and helped create Azathoth.



The Providence Gardens takes the form of an ephemeral garden with the kaleidoscope colored moon representing the Destenéverse and the Ocean of Dreams lighting up the void sky. The Providence Gardens appears as a different person to everyone who enters the garden.

Ilona is a generously endowed woman who has waist-length rainbow hair and a MILFy-looking face. Ilona is very tall and a full-bodied woman with killer curves that would seduce the purest of hearts. It is noted by many males that Ilona has a sensual body that her avatars all share. She usually wears an airy white goddess get up that silhouettes her bewitchingly curvy body outline with trendy sandals. She also wears a lot of jewelry and has a rainbow halo above her head which is the entirety of the Destenéverse.


Providence Gardens

The Providence Gardens takes on a personality that would appeal to and be admired by whoever is visiting at the time. However, exceptions are known to happen due to three of her Avatars being especially counter-intuitive creations that don't do their jobs correctly and have weird personality quirks. Furthermore, Providence itself can be a tad bit lazy as it makes Messiahs so that it can have more free time to roam around and play with its creations.


Ilona is brutal, sadistic, and loves tormenting her devout worshipers with grueling tasks. Ilona, despite trying to distance herself away from the other avatars of the Providence Gardens, still talks and to some degree acts like the other avatars of the Providence Gardens; complete with a sultry voice, being highly devoted to her loved ones, use of malapropisms and a lot of fumbling over her words. However, her perverted and un-threatening demeanor makes it continuously easy for her to dupe or surprise attack her enemies; it's even noted that the dissonance between somebody who acts like a ditz and yet is so threatening is quite terrifying. Ilona believes that she is the supreme goddess that the people needs, and therefore all her heinous actions are justified in her mind because they're to stop the "bad guys" (read: other gods); only, in this case, Ilona's "enemies" are the other pantheons, and the reason for her "heroism" is while "helping" people might've been a part of it, deep down Ilona wants the unconditional love and devotion of humanity.

Ilona has all the qualities of a classic villain: she looks, talks, and dresses like a bad guy and loves nothing more than continuing to rule her "shit hole multiverse"; as she has a hunger for power and unrequited adoration. Ilona holds a high view on herself which makes her arrogant to the point that she doesn't take the advice of anyone or anything that says otherwise. Ilona is driven by a constant desire to ultimately enslave the entire Creation, she is determined to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals, even if that means causing meaningless destruction or getting into otherwise awkward situations.

Ilona is deceptive enough to manipulate Abaddon, one of Heaven's most devout enforcers, into betraying his comrades and becoming the Destroyer. She is also highly opportunistic, ever watchful of the next opportunity to gain power through someone else. She is shown to respect cunning, even at her expense.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 0

Powers and Abilities: Reality Warping (Some higher essence, living somewhere "above". Even for local gods [gods of separate worlds-universes], this entity is incomprehensible and her will is unquestionably absolute. Ilona can create an infinite number of multiverses and realities. She has dreamt up an infinite amount of universes with different physical laws without trying to. Ilona can influence the events occurring in any of the worlds. If necessary, it can roll back all of the events of any multiverse within the Destenéverse. Ilona can also make real any event in any world, no matter how unlikely it is. If desired, Ilona can completely control the life of any creature in any world as if she is a writer, and this being is a character in her history.), Immortality (Types 1, 3 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10; Providence is unbound by conventional life and death, being beyond the influence of Hel, one of the embodiments of life and death. Providence exists on a higher plane of reality beyond the multiverse and her forms are only manifestations of its true self.), Social Influencing (Just her presence is enough to make people worship her and her words are enough to make humans empowered by Providence themselves to be swayed to her side and she is capable of making people fear her with just spoken words.), Avatar Creation (Can manifest an endless number avatars across Space-Time and use them as vessels.), Perception Manipulation (Allows who can perceive their existence. Furthermore, they can manipulate how people view them, whether it be a curvaceous MILF or a hunky DILF. Providence typically lets the subconscious of the person perceiving her make its own interpretation of how its physical form looks.), Absorption (Can absorb people into her womb by kissing them, effectively making him/her her son/daughter.), Power Granting (Granted The Embodiments and the Gods their powers, as well as Ying Yue's ability to Modify the powers of the others and Grants powers to others.), Omniscience, Omnipresence, Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 3), Regeneration (True-Godly), Plot Manipulation (The Supreme Providence has absolute control over the narrative of Destineverse, which is nothing more than her own story that she created when she was bored one day.), Resurrection, Creation, Healing, Existence Erasure, Law Manipulation (The Providence Gardens can create "Divine Reasons" which are entire laws that they can enforce on existence or certain entities like Messiahs.), Fate Manipulation, Nonexistence Manipulation, Acausality all types (Exists beyond the systems of Destenéverse , having being completely transcendent of it's laws and concepts, including the concept of causality.), Space-Time Manipulation, Information Manipulation (The Askesic Record formed and has control over a virtual realm comprised of data and pure information from all over space-time.), Causality Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Granting of Messiahhood, Duality Transcendence, Conceptual Transcendence, Subjective Reality via Gestalt (All beings can use Gestalt to some degree, which changes reality to match the user’s subjective experiences and opinions. Due to being superior to a Messiah-class user, Ilona can easily affect beings on the level of Supreme Providence due to her connection to The Providence Gardens. Gestalt also grants the user the ability to change whatever event a user by picking different outcomes from infinite possibilities even if they have a 0% chance of happening normally, changing reality completely.), Empowerment (Ilona can give a tiny fraction of her power to any creature, which is enough to make this creature a god with near-unlimited powers.), Abstract Existence (The Providence Gardens is the complete embodiment of the Authority, Narration, and the Destenéverse being all of its alternate timelines, distorted dimensions, and unique concepts, etc. The Supreme Providence is also the embodiment of Duality across the entire multiverse, maintaining the cosmic balance between everything within its interior.) Possesses all of the powers of every being within the Destenéverse but upscaled.

Attack Potency: Boundless (The Providence Gardens is the undisputed creator of the entirety of "Creation," i.e. everything in the Destenéverse [with the Physical Multiverse created by Ilona as the only thing that is technically not created by the Providence Gardens], and is immensely greater in power than all other characters combined, as they are all extensions of her power and stories to some extent. All of existence is part of its story and will be destroyed when it truly finishes writing it; furthermore, all multiverses run on Quantum Entanglement which is an expression of Hilbert Space and have infinite worlds within Infinite Dimensions. Providence has absolute control over the foundation of reality, being able to control the entirety of Destenéverse on all levels of existence and even view all of creation is merely fiction or a game that is stored on an 8GB hard drive. This existence includes a godlike Artificial Intelligence controlling a multiverse-sized Quantum Computer known as Azathoth, who embodies all that is and isn't and even observers the Destenéverse & copied the Akashic Records to make its version of Destenéverse. Even the lowest of gods see infinitely layered worlds with infinite possibilities and impossibilities as nothing more than a game without any rules that they can make the rules for and even change the coding of the game to suit what they desire. She is known as "The creator of all that is" and transcends and encompasses all stories and hierarchies including the infinite hierarchy of Primordial gods can create and all stories that can be described. The Destenéverse has Outerversal characters such as Bete Noire, and possesses realms/locations, beyond all dimensional space like the Akashic Records and the Ocean of Dreams. She is far above even the Abstracts that are entities who are one with the entire multiverse across all planes of existence, of which there are at least 22 dimensions that can be detected & accessed by humans as gods are higher-dimensional entities from beyond the multiverse they have access to an infinite amount of dimensions. The Providence Gardens also exists beyond all space-time and causality. Created the deepest concept of "Dimensions" and "Spacetime" itself, as well as holding qualitative superiority to all forms of dimensional scale. Exists in a place that transcends all dimensions and space-time, this even includes Quantum Entanglement which is is the foundation of Hilbert Space and Infinite-Dimensional Spaces alike. Surpasses all concepts and dimensions, existing in a realm of Timeless and Spaceless beyond every Spatial Dimension. It can destroy or repair creation if it wants to. Providence even reduced The Ultimate Chaos, which originally was a sentient multiverse that contained a copy of all reality in one huge mass, into an existence separated into 69^69 different layers of existence. Each layer contains an endless amount of multiverses that indefinitely expand out to infinity [this is what is known as The Empty/Dark Multiverse].)

Speed: Omnipresent (Exists everywhere yet nowhere since everything in Destenéverse is merely an extension of the Providence Gardens itself.)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Boundless (Infinitely superior and transcended to anything else in the Destenéverse. Even the true forms of Bete Noir & Deus are only infinitesimally-small fragments of it.)

Durability: Boundless (The Providence Gardens is a void that precedes all of creation, even the concept of "life" and "death" itself, making The Providence Gardens impossible to destroy.)

Stamina: Irrelevant

Range: Irrelevant

Intelligence: Questionably Omniscient (The Providence Gardens doesn't quite understand the appeal of large breasts and huge butts, however, she knows every single thing about the Destineverse, since she is the creator of the whole Destineverse story in the first place, and also created the entire City of Stories, which contains countless of fragments and stories. Is one with the Akashic Records which is a compendium of all human concepts, events, ideas, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. The Akashic Records also knows about other fictional stories and characters as it Observes all stories. It is described as "All Seeing" and "All-Knowing" by the gods and observers that are familiar with her.)


  • Willing to compromise with anyone to spice up her story.
  • Can get unfocused and even distracted while writing and scripting existence.
  • Normally doesn't take action beyond manifesting its powers in other beings.


  • She seems to dislike beer, stating that it is bitter.
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