I don't think you got it, take an example, Abbadon managed to corrupt a Seraph's light and purity, well, Abbadon was nothing but a mere piece of Chaos
~ Zaphkiel to Winston
The Primordial Beings are the first beings to ever exist. They were here before Creation began existing as formless concepts with Chaos being the very first being.

Despite Jeshua's claim to be as strong as Asherah, it's later revealed that there's two subspecies of Primordial Beings, the Higher Primordial Beings and the Lower Primordial Beings.


Before there was time, before there was anything, there was nothing, an infinite and eternal mass of darkness called Chaos, the very first being and the Primordial Being of Darkness, then, a light, extinguished by Chaos, started to glow brighter, the second being, Asherah, appeared, as a new life appeared, Pandora appeared, for death being possible, Martwy appeared.

As Life and Death were here, Chronos and Choros appeared as time and space were now here, Jeshua and Appolyon appeared the first time Martwy and Pandora argued.


Primordial Beings are ancient, virtually nigh-omnipotent beings. Primordials exist beyond the concept of time and were here before Creation itself. The true form of a Primordial is essentially inconceivable to all other beings other than another Primordial.

The Higher Primordials are completely abstract beings. They can assume any gender or form they wish but for simplicity’s sake, Chaos and Martwy consider themselves as men and Asherah and Pandora consider themselves as women.

However, Chronos, Jeshua and Appolyon are males while Choros are females, however, as Jeshua roams among humanity, it is implied that he took many female forms, it's also stated Appolyon was reincarnated in female beings during the Cycle of Disorder.

Known Primordials

Higher Primordial Beings

Lower Primordial Beings

Primordial Creations

Creation Map (Battle of the Eight Essences)
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