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Possession is the ability for a character to take control of another character by entering their mind/body/soul. It is different from mind control, as it is done internally instead of externally. Traditionally in folklore and fiction, demons and ghosts most often have this power.

Some users may possess inanimate objects rather than living beings.


  • Type 1 — Physical Possession: This requires physical matter entering the opponent's body to take control of them.
  • Type 2 — Mental Possession: This is when a character enters the mind of another via telepathy and takes control of them.
  • Type 3 — Soul Possession: This is a form of soul manipulation when a character takes control of an opponent's soul.


  • Characters with an exceptional force of will may resist the possession.
  • For some users, their empty body may be defenseless while they possess someone.
  • May end up dying if they don't return to their own body after some time.
  • Exorcism and other sacred powers may forcibly remove the user from the being he possessed, even causing damage.
  • In rare cases, user might end up sealed inside the very target they tried to possess.


There is also what could be called Technological Possession, which only applies to computers and machines.