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Note: All of this text and info has been taken directly from Vs Battles Wikia, having been rewritten differently for the purpose of this wikia.

Portal Creation is the ability to generate and travel through rifts of space and time in order to quickly travel between two places.

This power is primarily travel-oriented, allowing users to close distances easily to other places that are otherwise far and hard to reach in a short amount of time. However, these portals can be used in a number of creative ways in combat or otherwise, such as catching an opponent off guard, redirecting their attacks to strike a target they missed or to hit them multiple times or even redirect their attacks back at them, forcibly displace an opponent to provide an advantage or remove them from the battlefield entirely, and so on.

Some users are actually able to create portals in space and time that allows them to time travel as well.


  • Those who manipulate space (or time) might tamper with the portals.
  • At times, the portals can become unstable if something happens to the user while they're still open, and trying to use the portal at these times may have unexpected results.
  • Depending on the user, they might have the power to open portals but not to close them just as fast, allowing others to pursue them even if they try to use it as a means of escape.


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