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PkMnaPkMn.png is a dual Normal/Ground-type Glitch Pokémon found in Pokémon Red and Blue version. It is the Red and Blue version of PkMn (D8), which is a Yellow Version exclusive glitch Pokémon. It also corresponds to Natu in the second generation of Pokémon.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Possibly 5-B. Likely 2-C through crash. Unknown, up to Low 1-C through Super Glitch

Name: PkMnaPkMn.png

Origin: Pokémon Glitches

Gender: Unknown

Age: Varies

Classification: Glitch Pokémon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality Warping (Passively causes reality around it to warp in various ways. This can include data being corrupted, objects being duplicated or beings getting scrambled and destroyed from its very presence. Super Glitch can overwrite part of reality, replacing it with Glitch City-like features and creating more Glitch Pokémon), Information Manipulation (Can permanently alter certain pieces of information through Super Glitch. Passively turns all values to 9 in certain circumstances), limited Nonexistent Physiology (Type 1, possibly 2. PkMnaPkMn.png exists as the absence of data for a nonexistent pokémon species. All of its characteristics except for its name are derived from this void attempting to use incompatible data around it to fill it. While this data is materialized in a physical form and can be attacked by anyone, MPkMnaPkMn.png's true self remains unreachable, due to lacking one in the first place. Its true level of nonexistence is not clear, but as it does not exist in the very data of the game itself, it should be beyond the game's narrative idea of not existing), limited Abstract Existence (Type 1. It is large than data about its existence would allow, meaning part of its body exists purely as information, overwriting parts of the data that rules over reality), Void Manipulation (Can cause the game to crash, as well as remove parts of reality through Super Glitch), Large Size (Type 0, Type 1 for its full self), Invisibility (Can become invisible with a certain move), Absorption (Can absorb enemy life), Martial Arts, Electricity Manipulation, Power Nullification (Can temporarily nullify the move of an enemy), Ice Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Statistics Reduction, Forcefield Creation, Healing (Can heal itself), Energy Projection, Mind Manipulation (Can confuse the enemy), Sound Manipulation, potentially: Air Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Telekinesis, Afterimage Creation, Explosion Manipulation, Self-Destruction, Water Manipulation

Attack Potency: Possibly Planet level (Has stats far higher than any legendaries, minimally making it higher than the local Mewtwo). Likely Low Multiverse level through crash (Can cause the game to crash, which destroys the current iteration of reality. This crash should be similar in scope to crashes in future games, which can destroy multiple universes). Unknown, up to Low Complex Multiverse level through Super Glitch (Super Glitch can deal immense damage to reality, replacing fundamental parts of the data of the game and causing entire areas to be glitched out. At its worst, it can corrupt the save data of the game itself, which exists on a higher time scale than even time-affecting events such as Arceus re-creating space-time and can hold multiple universes)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Likely superior to Mewtwo)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 100

Striking Strength: Possibly Planetary Class

Durability: Possibly Planet level

Stamina: Endless

Range: Tens of Kilometers, low multiversal through crash, low complex multiversal with Super Glitch

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Unknown

Standard Tactics: Unknown

Weaknesses: Lacks control over most of its glitch abilities, weak to Fighting, Water, Grass, and Ice-type attacks


-Can crash the game, effectively destroying the game world

-Can permanently corrupt the save file of the game

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Glitch Abilities:

  • Sprite Glitch: PkMnaPkMn.png causes severe issues with graphics when it appears. It can cause sprites to be scrambled or shredded just from its sheer presence.
  • Crash: Many of PkMnaPkMn.png's actions can lead to a crash. This effectively destroys the game world, forcing the player to load a previous state of the game. PkMnaPkMn.png itself isn't immune to this effect, however.
  • Glitch Physiology: As a glitch, PkMnaPkMn.png does not exist as a regular being. Instead, it is a manifestation of the absence of data on a particular Pokémon. When this Pokémon is forced to appear, it takes a variety of pieces of incompatible information in its surroundings and forces them to become its characteristics. As a result, PkMnaPkMn.png's true self lacks any characteristics whatsoever and is simply a vacuum of identity. As this nonexistence is on the level of the data of the game, it is beyond the notions of existence and nonexistence present strictly within the world of the game.
  • Super Glitch: Super Glitch is a series of moves learned by many Glitch Pokémon. This move does not have a proper name, "Super Glitch" being merely a nickname. The name of the move is composed of an extremely large amount of garbage data. When this move and its name is conceptualized in any form, including simply trying to think about it, it triggers most of its effect. Its immediate effect is the TMTRAINER effect, which afflicts the opponent with a simultaneous poison, burn and freezing effect. This effect augments their health to an extreme level, yet ends up killing the opponent regardless. The indirect effects of it are much more destructive and random, however. It can severely corrupt beings and reality as a whole, overwriting reality with garbage data, corrupting names and information, creating glitch Pokémon, etc. It can very frequently lead to crashes and at its worst, it can even corrupt the save data of the game, permanently destroying the current timeline.
  • TM50: A Glitch-type move that has low accuracy and can hit up to 5 times.
  • TM05: A Glitch-type move that crashes the game.
  • TM09: A Glitch-type move with extreme power yet that leads the user to KO themselves.
  • TM15: A Normal-type move that crashes the game.
  • TM03: A Glitch-type regular move.
  • TM18: A Flying-type move that forces the user to recharge afterward.
  • TM23: A typeless move that deals high damage and heals the user for half the damage dealt.
  • TM53: A Glitch-type move with high power but low accuracy.
  • TM29: A Normal-type move that crashes the game.
  • TM03: A Glitch-type regular move.
  • TM38: A typeless move with 0% accuracy and which crashes the game unless it defeats a target.
  • TM34: A Normal-type move with no power.
  • TM14: A Glitch-type move that makes the user invisible if it lands.
  • TM07: A Ghost-type move that deals random damage and then crashes the game.
  • TM35: A Ghost-type move with high damage and low accuracy that doubles the user's defense.
  • TM31: A Poison-type regular move.

-Base Moves:

  • Barrage: The user throws several spheres at the opponent, hitting them up to 5 times.
  • Clamp: The user clamps on the target, trapping them and dealing damage to them for up to 5 turns.
  • Leech Life: The user heals half the damage inflicted on the target.
  • Hi Jump Kick: The user jumps into the air, landing on the target. If they miss, they will receive one point of damage.
  • Tackle: The user tackles the target.
  • Sand-Attack: The user throws sand at the target, lowering their accuracy.
  • Pay Day: The user throws money at the target.
  • ThunderPunch: The user punches with a fist imbued with electricity, having a chance to paralyze them.
  • Disable: The user temporarily prevents the target from using their last move.
  • ViceGrip: The user grips the enemy with pincers.
  • Mega Punch: The user punches the enemy with a low accuracy attack.
  • Take Down: The user charges at the enemy, receiving some recoil damage.
  • Aurora Beam: The user fires a beam of cold, having a small chance to lower their attack.
  • Fire Punch: The user punches with a fist imbued with fire, having a chance to burn them.
  • DoubleSlap: The user slaps the enemy twice, dealing twice as much damage if they are sleeping.
  • Horn Drill: The user pierces the enemy with a horn, defeating them instantly if it hits and if the user is faster.
  • Growl: The user growls, lowering the attack of an enemy.
  • Light Screen: The user creates two forcefields that double their defense against special attacks.
  • Mega Drain: The user absorbs the enemy's lifeforce for themselves.
  • Recover: The user regenerates half of their health.
  • Low Kick: The user kicks the opponent, having a chance to scare them into inaction.
  • Bite: The user bites the opponent, having a small chance to scare them into inaction.
  • Hyper Fang: The user bites the opponent, dealing 50% of their current health.
  • Strength: The user strikes with immense strength, allowing them to move boulders.
  • Drill Beak: The user drills the enemy with their beak.
  • Flamethrower: The user projects flames at the enemy, having a chance to burn them.
  • Fire Blast: A stronger yet less accurate version of Flamethrower.
  • Double Kick: The user kicks the enemy twice.
  • Psybeam: The user fires a ray, having a chance to confuse the enemy.
  • Supersonic: The user emits sound waves that can confuse the enemy.

-TM Moves:

  • Razor Wind: The user will charge up a whirlwind on one turn and then execute it on the second.
  • Body Slam: The user slams their body on the target, having a chance to paralyze them.
  • Ice Beam: The user fires a beam of cold, having a chance to freeze them.
  • Hyper Beam: The user fires an extremely powerful beam, leaving them vulnerable in the following turn.
  • Counter: If the user was damaged by a normal or fighting type move in the turn this was used, they will deal double this damage on the enemy.
  • Thunderbolt: The user fires lightning on the enemy, having a chance to paralyze them.
  • Fissure: The user opens a hole in the ground, letting the enemy fall and instantly defeating them if it hits and if they're faster than the target.
  • Psychic: The user telekinetically attacks the enemy, having a chance to lower their special defense.
  • Double Team: The user creates afterimages of itself, making it harder to hit.
  • Light Screen: The user creates two forcefields that double their defense.
  • Bide: The user waits for 2-3 turn, dealing twice the total amount of damage they took during that time, ignoring dodge chances, immunities, or other defenses.
  • Selfdestruct: The user explodes, sacrificing themselves while heavily damaging all enemies.
  • Skull Bash: The user waits for a turn, before smashing the opponent with their head.
  • Sky Attack: The user charges for a turn, before striking at the enemy from the air.
  • Rock Slide: The use throws rocks at the enemy.
  • Tri-Attack: The user throws 3 balls of energy at the enemy.
  • Surf: The user summons a huge wave of water.


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