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Pipbucks and Fallout Equestria created by Kkat.

Pipbucks are mass produced hoof adorned electronic devices created by Stable Tec as a means to make ponies lives easier. Pipbucks allow its user access to a number of quality of life applications to help and assist them in whatever situation they may be in. From acting as a PDA, Radio Broadcaster, to more extreme situations like casting spells, and enhancing ones aim with a firearm or a weapon.

Combat Statistics

Origin: Fallout Equestria

Tier: N/A normally, 8-C when used as a blunt force object

Wielders: Littlepip, Red Eye, Blackjack, and Boo along with many others. Ponies utilizing Power Armor (Steelhooves, Autumn Leaf, and Boo) have Pipbuck based technology built into their suits. Additionally like Power Armor users, most Cyborgs (Calamity and Blackjack) may have Pipbuck related systems built into their cybernetics.

Powers and Abilities: Minor Magic Via SATS: Statistics Amplification, Homing Attack, and Perception Manipulation. Via EFS: Extrasensory Perception, and Information Analysis | All Previous Abilities, Stealth Mastery (The Stealthbuck add on completely makes its user invisible and cancels any noise the user would make to a degree.)

Attack Potency: N/A normally, Building Level when used as a blunt force object (Can harm ponies like Littlepip)

Speed: N/A Grants the user Massively Hypersonic reaction speeds while SATs is active

Striking Strength: N/A normally, Building Class when used as a blunt force object

Durability: Building Level (Built to endure and last any extreme condition its user might encounter.) 

Range: User dependent, Targeting functions can reach just under a Kilometer

Pre Requisites for use: A functioning hoof or limb

Notable Techniques:

  • SATS: SATS, short for Stable-Tec Arcane Targeting Spell, is a targeting spell that slows the users perception of time to a crawl and allows them to more accurately deal with targets. Once activated the spell presents users with a HUD of the chances of their attack hitting their target. Once released all attacks are carried out automatically.
  • EFS: EFS, short for Eyes Forward Sparkle, is a sensory spell that when activated gives the user an indication of lifeforms, and potentially hazardous material surrounding them, making several assertions and determining whether or not they are a threat to the user or if the user is in immediate danger.
  • Stealthbuck: The Stealthbuck is an add on for Pipbucks designed to replicate the abilities, of a Zebra cloak, it completely makes the user invisible and cancels out any noise the user would make to a degree.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to EMPs, SATS needs seconds to recharge between uses. EFS does not inform its users what kind of life it finds and has trouble with elevation. | Stealthbuck only lasts an hour and requires an hour of recharge time after each use.

Key: Base Models | With a Stealthbuck Add on