Just shut the fuck up and die already, all you've shown me is how to waste time.
~ Phoenks' usual mentality while enraged



Phoenks is one of many Images in the universe, an abstract being made up of all their past forms. Images live alongside people in a singular plane similar to Earth. In this world, there is not much to do outside of play around, fight, and work. Phoenks chooses the choice of fighting, being a self-employed assassin assigned to kill other Images like himself. He does this for not but his own fulfillment and enjoyment in this world. He does so with his own power, the power of Images. Images are granted full control over all powers their previous forms inherited, alongside their own. Phoenks, in particular, is a psychic gifted with the experience, techniques, and abilities of Tatsumaki, Alice, Rias Gremory, and many more. In fact, his Image consists of over 20 different unique forms, making him one of many SuperImages, extremely dangerous beings with more than 15 past-forms. However, because of this, it makes it quite hard for him to control all his powers and often will lose control, entering an enraged state known as a Berserk Mode.

Outside of being a part-time Assassin, Phoenks wishes to enjoy life the fullest with no interruption. Using his abilities only to make things easier. He attends school, has a real job, and many friends. However, it is often hard to remain this way, given that he constantly has a huge target over his head, a bounty of over 4 billion in his currency.


Phoenks has no true form or appearance. It simply depends on what form he is using as his image. He does have a main form, however, being the small figure of Tatsumaki. In this form, he is a short, slender girl with equally short frizzy green hair. Their outfit is non but a one-piece, skin-tight dress with individual flaps hanging down over their legs. Because of his female appearance, many consider Phoenks to be transgender due to his male mentality and personality. However, he insists that he is just using this body, and is actually really a male. No one dares make fun of him though, knowing they're life could easily be ended. Other images just think he's a pervert for using the body of a girl.


Extremely, extremely arrogant, to the point of being unbearable. Seems to have a huge superiority complex and believes themselves to be more important than those around them. This view is obviously wrong and they fully acknowledge that, without ever trying to become a better person. It is usually a coinflip on whether or not someone likes Phoenks. He is usually quite funny and likable, but at times can be an extremely toxic, abusive person, one many stray away from. Despite his appearance as an extremely short, petite girl, many are still extremely afraid of his power and will often hold themselves back from being rude to him, giving up their dignity for their own lives.

Combat Statistics

Tier: Varies up to 2-A, higher with Telekinesis | Varies up to 2-A, higher with Telekinesis | At least 2-A, higher with Telekinesis, will eventually become even higher

Name: Phoenks

Origin: Potrait

Gender: Male in terms of mentality. Varies in appearance, but is female in his main form.

Age: Unknown

Classification: Abstract Image, SuperImage, Image-Assassin. Forms vary in the classification of a Human (?), Half-Elf, Pure-Blooded Devil, High-Class Devil, King, Member of DxD, Former President of the Occult Research Club, Dragon of the Chaos faction, Esper, S-Class Hero, Monster Lord, Program, Android, Assassin-class Servant, Anti-Hero, Flügel, [Life], Human-Klaxo Sapien hybrid, Anthropomorphic Sponge, Anthropomorphic Cat, Trickster feline with a hat, Game character, President of the Literature Club, Zahard Princess, High Ranker, Swordswoman of Fire, Heavenly Knight, Dragon, Oni, Humanoid True Dragon/Devil Hybrid, Spirit, ST Member, Member of DEM Industries, Inversed Spirit, Life Fibers-Infused Human, Sacred Gear Wielder, and Fisherman

Powers and Abilities:

Can utilize many of the powers from his past forms, of which, he has shown:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Telekinesis, Forcefield Generation (Can create psychic forcefields to protect himself and others. Shinsoo can be used to make barriers), Air Manipulation (Through telekinesis he can affect the air around him. Can warp air into tornadoes), Power Nullification (Can disperse the powers of other psychics or espers. Can instant-seal magical attacks with a gaze. His holy attacks nullify reflection or nullification used against them. Can negate one's ability to fast-forward or reverse time. Kranos Ignition can nullify invisibility. By scattering his own magic, he can prevent others from using magic. Can remove magic power from weakened opponents), Body Control (Can control his body as if he had the physiology of a snake), Sleep Manipulation (Can bind someone's mind to force them to sleep with his psychic powers. Can gaze into an enemies eyes to put them to sleep or release special gas), Technology Manipulation (Can control simple technology like his phone or TV with his psychic abilities), Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Chi Manipulation (Can manipulate and bind one's chi), Regeneration (At least High-Mid, possibly Mid-High. Has the regeneration of Ryuko Matoi. Should be comparable to canon Spongebob, one of his past forms, who can regenerate from being reduced to dust, however, has never been shown), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8. Can live without limbs without the need to regenerate, as well as a heart or brain. Can continuously restore himself if he was to be erased from existence. Reliant on humanity's memory of him. Can transfer his consciousness, power, and memories to his clones, becoming them in the process), Magic (Can utalize many complex and unique forms of magic from his past forms. Has magic allowing him to stand on top of clouds), Non-Physical Interaction (Able to physically damage ghost with his magic and bare hands. Can enter spiritual or mental landscapes physically), Darkness ManipulationSpatial Manipulation (With shift he can open holes in space time. Can bring forth and summon spacequakes, which are spatial explosions), Void Manipulation (Monster's Cruelty allows him to break holes in space to erase humans), Flight, Teleportation (Can teleport anywhere in sight. Will auto-teleport if in danger), Enhanced Senses (Has the senses of a snake, dog and cat combined with those of a humans), Chaos Manipulation (Can cause chaos in one's being, causing their cells to destroy themselves or to attack the host), Status Effect Inducement (Can inflict a variety of different status effects on their enemies. This includes the affects of his dark element magic, which obstructs vision, sound, and movement), Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation (Can bring forth Holy Lightning, which burns and paralyzes targets upon impact. He can also combine these with light, to do extra damage against unholy beings), Fear Manipulation (Can stun enemies in fear), Statistics Amplification (With many powers, including usage of Shinsoo and Boosted Gear of Issei Hyoudou. The ladder allows him to continuously double his power and speed. Becomes significantly stronger when close to death. Serene Mind boosts his power and speed by a great amount), Berserk Mode (Can enter a mini-berserk mode that increases his attack power), Breath Attack (Can shoot poisonous flames from his mouth), Corrosion Inducement (Can cause his enemy's body to get partially digested), Empowerment (Becomes stronger while submerged in water), Life Manipulation (Can create sentient beings out of sand. His shadow dimension absorbs the lifespan of others, adding it to his own), Plant Manipulation (Can manipulate and grow plants around him to swarm and tie-up enemies), Attack Reflection (Has a 15% chance to reflect magic back at the attacker), Soul Manipulation (Can send his enemies soul to heaven. Can specifically target the soul for attack), Healing (Can heal himself and others utilizing healing magic), Resurrection (Can resurrect the dead), Light Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Can confuse, seduce, and trance his enemies into submission. Can control other people and images, as well as make them commit suicide. Shamak allows him to break the mind of someone's contact with their surroundings), Empathic Manipulation (Can enrage her enemies), Absorption (Can absorb someone's life, elemental attacks, and energy. Can absorb the energy from the breast of females to power his attacks), Biological Manipulation (Can speed up a person's metabolism to deadly levels, destroying them from the inside. Can utilize Vectors to manipulate the bodies of others on a cellular level), Earth Manipulation, Statistics Reduction (Can reduce enemy stats and remove positive status effects. Divine Dividing allows him to half the power of others, adding that halved power to his own. Can halve attacks to the point where they are erased entirely), Petrification (Can turn people into stone with certain attacks), Time Manipulation (Can slow or stop time for specific targets. Can stop time completely and reverse passed events. Able to use Kurumi's angel, Zaphkiel, to manipulate time), Death Manipulation (Can insta-kill enemies with one gaze), Summoning, Acausality (Type 1 and 3. Like his past form Kurumi, Phoenks will always exist in the present, even if you kill his past-self, and will always exist in other timelines. Is unaffected by two of himself being present at the same time), Weapon Mastery (Skilled knife, sword and needle wielder. Can utilize his ice weapons efficiently), Invisibility and Stealth Mastery with Presence Concealment (Has the ability Presence Concealment, which allows him to appear invisible through erasing his presence. Can not be detected unless they attacked or are attacked), Curse Manipulation (Can materialize knifes within an opponent as a curse), Memory Manipulation (Can erase memories of himself from other people as well as technology, such as surveillance cameras. Can also search through and erase memories from other images or people), Acid Manipulation (Can release toxic mist and form acidic liquid), Smoke Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Has a pocket dimension/dream world he can bring others into. Can utilize the pocket dimension of Jack the Ripper), Servant Physiology, Broadway Force (Can force others into dancing with him), Sound Manipulation (Can manipulate his own voice), Size Manipulation, Reality Warping (Can warp reality into what he sings about. Can affect the plot of his surroundings, as well as other people), Data Manipulation (Can alter the data and statistics of other images), Nonexistent Physiology & Non-Corporeal (Is not but an abstract image of themselves, as they don't really exist), Clairvoyance (Can see the past through reading someone's memories), Existence Erasure (Can erase beings across space-time, erasing them from history itself. Can use Rias Gremory's Power of Destruction to somewhat erase the body, mind, and soul of her enemies), Martial Arts (Skilled fighter; Master at Karate and general hand to hand combat), Weather Manipulation (Can create lightning, rain, tornadoes, or any other effect caused by weather), Durability Negation (With many abilities. Can bypass any shield preventing his attacks from hitting the target), Precognition (Via Flugel Instincts, he can somewhat see future events involving him), Ice Manipulation (Can create ice and throw ice shards, also able to freeze others), Absolute Zero, Extrasensory Perception (Can sense mana and life energy. Can locate people kilometers away from him), Weapon Creation (Can create weapons made of ice or sand), Water Manipulation, Danmaku (Can create dozens of ice weapons and shards to overwhelm enemies. Due to his immense sword skill, he can create billions of complex slashes within a split second, cutting enemies into nothing but specs), Dream Manipulation (Can bring others into his own world, which is mentioned to be his dream), Age Manipulation (Can accelerate someone's time), Necromancy, BFR (Can send targets into another dimension), Gravity Manipulation (Of himself), Duplication (Can duplicate both himself an objects. Can create multiple, weaker clones of himself, can use these to send others into his shadow dimension), Portal Creation (Can open portals), Sense Manipulation (Can share his senses with others), Underwater Breathing (Type 1), Elasticity, Shapeshifting/Transformation (Can change form), Surface Scaling, Telepathy (Has the ability to affect dreams, read minds, transmit thoughts to others, etc. Can use Issei's ability to read girl's thoughts through their breast), Probability Manipulation (Can alter the probability of things happening, although this is inconsistent and thus not combat applicable), Hammerspace (Has a spatial inventory for storing many items, weapons, and tools), Camouflage (Can somewhat camouflage himself against backgrounds), Accelerated Development (Becomes stronger and stronger as he ages), Shinsoo Manipulation (Has the same mastery over Shinsoo as Ha Yuri Zahard, as it was one of his past forms), Sealing (With Shinsoo bubbles), Glyph Creation (Inherented from Tohru, can create glyphs to stand on or BFR opponents), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), Aura, Cloth Manipulation (Can use Dress Break to rip apart someone's clothing), Paralysis Inducement, Subjective Reality (His physiology consist of two spirits; Origami and Kurumi, who like him can create things from their imagination), Shadow Manipulation (His shadow is his own dimension where he stores clones), Reactive Power Level (Able to grow permanently stronger every time he is brought close to death, inherented from Ryuko), Acrobatics, Heat Manipulation (When angered he produces steam that can burn through stone), Rage Power (Becomes stronger the angrier he is), Willpower Manipulation (Can create shockwaves through willpower, just like his previous form Ryuko), Intangibility and Invisibility with Vectors (Possesses 14 invisible arms called "Vectors" inherented from his previous form Lucy, Vibration Manipulation (He can vibrate his Vectors at different frequencies for different effects, ranging from simple phasing to explosive force), Analytical Prediction (Is a monster in CQC, especially those involving swords, being able to predict his opponent's next moves based on movement and stance alone, allowing for brutal counters and light-speed evasions), Information Analysis (Analyzes his targets breathing, stance, and attacks in order to get a better reading on them), Instinctive Reaction (Serene Mind allows Phoenks to evade most attacks regardless of his awareness of them. Due to his immense skill, he has developed the instinct to dodge attacks he couldn't block or evade automatically), and Power Mimicry (Can copy techniques and skills after experiencing them once)

Telekinesis (Can resist the powers of other psychics), Soul Manipulation (Can resist having his soul sent to heaven), Death Manipulation (Resist death magic), Void Manipulation (Resisted his own Monster's Cruelty attack), BFR (Can resist being forcibly sent through space), Power Nullification, Mind Manipulation (Resisted his mind being tranced and confused), Electricity Manipulation (Resisted electricity-based paralysis), Fire Manipulation (Unaffected by fire), Ice Manipulation (Resisted being frozen to death), Size Manipulation (Unable to be forcible shrunken or expanded), Petrification (Resist all kinds of petrification status effects), Corrosion Inducement (Unaffected by corrosion abilities such as his own Digestion), Time Manipulation (Resist time stop, time slow, etc), Poison Manipulation (Immune to poison), Water Manipulation (Resist water magic), Curses (Resistant to curses), Plot Manipulation (Exist outside of plot), Physical Attack (Has extremely tough skin, inherent from Ha Yuri Zahard), Disease Manipulation (Due to his enhanced physiology he resist conventional disease), Magic (Has the same resistance to magic as Darkness), Sleep Manipulation (Unaffected by sleeping gas), Pain Manipulation (Has an extremely high pain tolerance), Heat Manipulation and Radiation Manipulation (His physiology includes that of a Diclonii who are naturally resistant to radiation)

All previous powers, Fourth Wall Awareness (Has become aware that he is nothing but fiction, as well as what Images are and what it means to be one), Enhanced Senses (Has an acute nose for danger as one of his past forms, Subaru, constantly faced death. Can see invisible objects or people), Dimensional Travel & Astral Projection (Upon death his consciousness will be transferred to another version of himself in a parallel universe), Forcefield Creation (Can use his Invisible Providence as a barrier against attacks), Invisibility & Intangibility with Invisible Providence (Is invisible by nature, and can go intangible at will), Regeneration Negation (Low-High. Possesses the Divine Protection of Shinigami, which makes his attacks unable to be healed, even by cellular regeneration), Precognition (He can read and sense the trajectories of her opponents attacks and also knows everything, regarding the optimal angle of striking, and the optimal force of striking), Can reopen previously healed wounds, as long as he was the one who inflicted such wounds, Resistance to Causality Manipulation (Can remember those who are erased from memory, the timeline, or from the narrative itself), and Curse Manipulation (Curses only make Phoenks stronger)

All previous powers amplified exponentially, Naturally Bloodlusted, Berserk Mode (Is in an enraged, berserk state in which he rampages through everything and anything, killing all who stand in his way. While in berserk his powers go crazy, randomly going off and being used subconsciously, he feels absolutely no pain and is immune to any kind of mental abilities), Adaptation/Reactive Evolution (Constantly evolving to be stronger and more resilient by the second), Absorption (Passively draws in energy from everything around him), Power Absorption/Power Nullification (Passively absorbs or nullifies magic and other supernatural power. Nullifies all pain), Statistics Amplification (Passively doubles his power 10 times per second using boost), Instinctive Reaction (Acts on nothing but pure savage animalistic instinct in this form), Barrier (Has a psychic barrier around himself acting as armor that can reflect attacks), Attack Reflection, Aura (Gives off a powerful psychic aura that can burn through skin and rock), Heat Manipulation, and Transformation (Under extreme stress he may mutate to grow stronger)

Attack Potency: Varies from Island level to Solar System level and up to Multiverse level+ (His strength varies depending on how serious and angry he is at any given time. While casual he is easily able to break apart mountains. However, while even a little serious he turns into a monster capable of wiping star systems off the sky and can increase drastically past this. At his absolute peak, he should be at least as strong as all his past-forms combined, meaning he should be stronger than Alice and Granberia. Stated to be capable of destroying numerous timelines and alternate universes. Reached the "limit" of strength allowed in the universe of Portrait), higher with Telekinesis (His psychic and telepathic abilities are far more powerful than his brute strength and other powers, even at his peak. Stated to be capable of condensing infinite timelines into one with his telekinesis) | Varies from Island level to Solar System level and up to Multiverse level+ (Stronger than before), higher with Telekinesis | At least Multiverse level+ (Beyond the limit of power within Portrait. Is exponentially stronger than his base form's peak. Casually withstood the strength of the big bang, broke multiple holes in space-time. His aura alone was able to damage other SuperImages and has been stated to be capable of destroying the entire universe, which in this context was every timeline in existence), higher with Telekinesis, will eventually become even higher (Passively doubles his power 10x every second and is constantly growing stronger through evolution). Can ignore durability with a variety of powers.

Speed: Varies from Sub-Relativistic+ to Massively FTL+ and up to Infinite, possibly Immeasurable (Is casually this fast. His speed while serious is described as being millions of times faster, being able to blitz nearly every threaten his way. At his peak, he has been stated to move "Beyond speed itself" and has managed to blitz characters with infinite speed. Should be comparable to Alice, one of his past forms) | Varies from Sub-Relativistic+ to Massively FTL+ and up to Infinite, possibly Immeasurable (Faster than before) | At least Infinite, likely Immeasurable (Far faster than his peak in base, nearly any attack will fail to reach him, even other immeasurable speed attacks), will eventually become even higher (His speed jumps exponentially as he uses boost. Passively becomes faster in this form)

Lifting Strength: Varies from Class T to Stellar and up to Immeasurable (Easily lifted multiple mountains casually. While serious he was capable of moving stars. At his peak he is off the charts, literally, in terms of strength, being far stronger than Alice), higher with Telekinesis | Varies from Class T to Stellar and up to Immeasurable | Immeasurable, higher with Telekinesis, will eventually become even higher

Striking Strength: Varies from Island Class to Solar System Class and up to Multiversal+ | Varies from Island Class to Solar System Class and up to Multiversal+ | Multiversal+, will eventually become even higher

Durability: Unknown, at least City level, will eventually become higher physically (His durability is noted to be far behind his power. Shook off a 25 megaton nuclear bomb exploding directly above him without even putting up a shield. Just like his strength, his durability increases as he gets angrier. All the way up to his peak, and limit of power), Varies up to Multiverse level+ with barriers (His psychic barriers should be just as powerful as his psychic attacks. Phoenks has numerous ways of creating powerful barriers to protect himself, ranging from Shinsoo Bubbles to Psychic walls. Each a lot stronger than his own skin) | Unknown, at least City level, will eventually become higher physically (More durable than before), Varies up to Multiverse level+ with barriers | Multiverse level+ (Shook off hits from UltimateImages, who are beyond the peak power of Portrait. Is far more durable than his peak in base form), higher with barriers (Has a passive psychic barrier in this form protecting him from attacks), will eventually become even higher

Stamina: Varies (Phoenks has shown different levels of stamina over his time of being alive. From going tired after fighting for only 5 minutes to fighting extended battles in space while heavily weakened. On average he is shown to be a rather lazy person, but when he's into something he has more energy than all those around him) | Same as before | Infinite (Passively absorbs energy from the breast, magic, and attacks of others, refueling his stamina infinitely)

Range: Standard melee range with physical attacks, Universal+ with most abilities and shockwaves (Has shown to be capable of affecting people infinitely far away with him with most powers. Shockwaves generated from his punches travel throughout the universe infinitely), Interdimensional with Telekinesis and Teleportation (Chocked another Image to death in another timeline. Brought someone from another timeline into his timeline) | Same as before | Same as before

Standard Equipment: His sword, Amalgamation. A legendary sword fused from the power of his past-lives. With it he can utilize multiple of his own powers in the form of quick slashes.

Has a hammerspace inventory containing many of the equipment his past-forms held onto, including:

  • Jack's Knives
  • Emilia's robes (Allows for identity concealment)
  • Echidna's Book of Wisdom (Allows him to see the past, present, and future)
  • Ha Yuri Zahard's weapons (Green April, Black March, Kranos, and Observer)
  • Granberia's sword, Ares (A legendary sword bonded with all four elements)
  • Rem's flail
  • Ram's wand
  • Darkness's Crusader Armor and sword
  • Kurumi's Angel, Zaphkiel (Capable of warping time in 12 different ways)
  • Origami's Angel, Metatron (Capable of manipulating light in complex ways)
  • Ryuko Matoi's Scissor Blade
  • Atsuko Kagari's Shiny Rod
  • Irina Shidou's weapons (Excalibur Mimic, Holy Demonic Sword, and Hauteclere)
  • Akeno Himejima's Oni Mask (Can summon oni's and shinigami's)
  • The Dragon Sword Reid

Intelligence: At least Extraordinary Genius. Is an extremely good liar and manipulator, being able to make others feel guilty, and play with them as if on strings. He has an extremely good memory, being able to recall past events in vivid detail, and is exceptionally good at mathematics. Has the combined intelligence, experience, and skill of all his past forms combined. Is blessed with the genius sword mastery of Granberia, allowing him to perform dozens of unique and devastating techniques with his blade. Like his past form Echidna, he is capable of creating sentient life from scratch and has unparalleled knowledge in the fields of science and biology. With the Book of Knowledge, he can gain an immense amount of knowledge about the future, past, and present. Has hundreds, if not thousands of years of experience from his past forms, which makes him an extremely skilled leader and strategist. Due to his composite intelligence, he is able to utilize past-forms techniques better than that past-form could and has demonstrated this with the likes of Shinsoo and magic. Can accurately predict a person's movement through analysis, decipher seemingly exact copies of items through observation alone, and even mimic techniques and abilities after seeing them once. Is an extremely fast learner, being able to learn languages in minutes through nothing but context clues, and has learned multiple martial arts and breathing techniques in seconds just from watching videos on Youtube. On top of this he is gifted in nearly every field of study, with nearly no gaps in his genius.

Weaknesses: Has many of the weaknesses from his past-forms, although, many are contradicted by other weaknesses or strengths. Has a difficult time using some of his abilities at first, and will usually try to beat everyone with telekinesis alone. Is insanely arrogant, sadistic, and talkative in battle, prolonging fights and teasing enemies for his own fun. Holds back an extreme amount in most of his fights, refusing to have his opponent make him use more energy. | Same as before. Has nearly no control over his powers and acts on animalistic instincts.


  • Beat a SuperImage with his eyes closed whilst only using one finger.
  • Learned French in 20 minutes from reading one book.
  • Read an opponent's next 20 seconds of moves.
  • Blocked the attacks of 5 million clones simultaneously.
  • Concealed his presence from a god.
  • Learned how to box from watching one boxing match, before going on to stomp many accomplished martial art Images in battle.
  • Beat an AI designed to play chess 31 times in a row.
  • Threw a galaxy into oblivion with his telekinesis.
  • Stated to be capable of condensing infinite timelines into one at peak strength.
  • Flew to the edge of space in 0 seconds.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Telekinesis: Phoenks' is an extraordinarily powerful esper, even more so in his main form. Telekinesis is his main form of offense and defense, and he rarely ever uses more than it in battle, and it's not like he'd need to. With his psychic powers, he is capable of moving galaxies, restraining gods, condensing timelines, throwing people into different dimensions, and much more. Very few can resist the power of his psychic abilities.

  • Complex Telekinesis: His unique form of telekinesis formed after many months of fighting images. With it, he can use other powers on top of normal restraining and throwing. He can induce death and status effects onto restrained targets, reform their biological structure, and even fuse people together.

Berserk: Images can only be composed of so many past-forms before becoming unstable. For most, this is around 10. Phoenks has over double this amount at 26, due to this, he is extremely unstable and has a tendency to lose control over his Image. Due to this, he will often enter a berserk state where his power is increased exponentially. In this form, he is unable to make proper thoughts and will usually act on animalistic instincts alone, killing anyone and everyone around him. On top of this, he is completely incapable of controlling his abilities in this form, using them at complete random.

  • Exponential Growth: While in berserk, his power will continuously increase exponentially, without end. The effect is passive and will not stop until he is snapped out of it. On top of this, one of his abilities Boost goes out of control, doubling his power ten times per second.
  • Absorption: Many of Phoenks' absorption abilities become passive whilst berserk, allowing him to simply absorb energy and attacks without taking them directly. With this, he gains nigh-infinite stamina and even more power increases.

Phoenks can also use many of his past-forms' techniques in battle and has shown to on many occasions.

List of Past-Forms Phoenks is composed of:

Key: Base | Post-Awareness | Berserk

Note: Yes, this is a roleplay character named after me with many aspects of myself in it. Is it cringe? Yeah, a little bit, but I had a lot of fun with this.

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