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What are you doing?
~ Phil's introductory line, when confronting Wilbur in his button room.

Where do you think this loyalty I have for this country exists? I'm not loyal to this country at all. I'm pretty new here, if anything you guys need to prove to me that I should care.
~ Phil after refusing to give Techno's location to the Butcher Army.

Power corrupts absolutely.
~ Philza's beliefs.


Philza, also known as Phil, is a major character in the Dream SMP. He is the best friend of Technoblade and father of Wilbur Soot.

He first joined the server in an attempt to stop Wilbur from destroying L'Manberg during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, but failed. While living in L'Manberg, he openly disagreed with the government's actions and often visited his longtime friend Technoblade, an enemy of L'Manberg. He further opposed the government after the Butcher Army put him under house arrest and attempted to execute Techno. As a result, after Techno broke him out of house arrest, Phil moved in with him. Philza fought on Techno and Dream's side in the Doomsday War, which he hoped would "send a message" to the L'Manberg's inhabitants. He directly contributed to the destruction of L'Manberg by spawning withers.

Phil is currently a member of The Syndicate, an organization formed by Technoblade that seeks to keep the server in an anarchist state and eliminate any threat of government.


Phil is a human with light skin, blue eyes, and dirty blond hair. His default skin is a green jinbei, black haori, sandals, and green-and-white striped bucket hat. Despite not being present in his skin, he does have wings.


Philza usually is resilient, kind and hard-working, taking care to complete mundane tasks such as filling creeper-craters and repairing paths. He initially appeared to be peaceful, lending a hand to people in need. Despite this, Philza is far from a pacifist, not afraid to shed his peaceful nature and resume his classic chaotic attitude when pressured by the people around him.

Phil is a no-nonsense person, wise and willing to discipline people if they break rules or cause problems. He is easily exasperated at their chaos, and not hesitant to leave people to deal with their own consequences if they continue to act up despite his intervention and warning.

Philza is efficient and seeks to solve problems in the most straightforward way possible - for example, when he identified that L'Manberg was the corrupt force Wilbur's spiral into madness, and the violence of the Butcher Army, he sought to end it as soon as possible by assisting in its destruction. Phil is not afraid of taking a stance when he needs to.

Though he works for the betterment of people as a whole, this broad perspective of the world blinds Phil to nuance, as demonstrated by his failure to show empathy to Ghostbur in the aftermath of Doomsday.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-A without gear, 8-B, possibly Low 7-C with gear.

Name: Philza, Phil, Zephyrus

Origin: Dream SMP

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, at least centuries (Centuries are mere childsplay for him)

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 2, 3 (Can survive and regenerate from arrows through his skull) and possibly 1 (Stated to be immortal), and limited 7 (After losing all of his lives will become a ghost with no limit on ressurection times)), Damage Boost (via crits), Weapon Mastery, Preparation, Regeneration (Mid; Can regenerate from arrows through his skull), Non-Physical Interaction (Can damage Vexes), Vehicular Mastery (Skillfull at using boats), Limited Automatic Translation (Can perfectly understand his crows), Breaking the Fourth Wall, Longevity, Flight (via wings), Possibly Self-Sustenance (Type 1, Was able to survive on the Moon with no oxygen supply), Resistance to Extreme Cold and Cosmic Radiations (via SMP Earth being canon to Technoblade and Philza; was able to survive being on the Moon).

Magic, Resurrection (via totems), Fire Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation (via TNT), Summoning (Capable of summoning Withers), Teleportation (via Ender Pearls), Statistics Reduction, Water Manipulation (Can use water to propel himself with his trident), Limited Pseudo-Flight (Can use his trident to fly, but only in rainy weather), Limited Matter Manipulation (His tools will automatically repair themselves), Limited Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Purification (Type 3; Can cure status effects by drinking milk), Statistics Amplification (via Golden Apples and Potions), Healing, Electricity Manipulation (via Zapza), Dimensional Storage (via Ender Chest), Limited Probability Manipulation (via instruments enchanted with Fortune), Portal Creation (via Nether Portals), Invisibility, Resistance to Fire Manipulation and explosions.

Attack Potency: Small Building level without gear (Should be far superior to Silverfish who can fragment solid meters cubed of stone. Comparable to Technoblade), City Block level, possibly Small Town level with gear (Comparable to Technoblade and capable of fighting Withers)

Speed: At least Average Human with Subsonic reactions (Regularly outdoes regular skeletons)

Lifting Strength: Class 50 (Capable of swinging around entire solid blocks of gold and diamond)

Striking Strength: Small Building level without gear, City Block level, possibly Small Town level with gear.

Durability: At least City Block level, possibly Small Town level (As durable as regular Zombies), higher with gear, even higher with shields

Stamina: Very high (Capable of grinding for materials for days on end and can also fight extremely long battles without breaking a sweat)

Range: Standard melee range, extended melee range with most weapons, a few meters with potions, dozens of meters with arrows.

Standard Equipment:

  • Enchanted Netherite Axe.gif Philza choppy boi: A netherite axe carried around by Philza, enchanted with Efficiency 5, Unbreaking 3, Mending, and Silk Touch. Philza uses it to quickly chop down trees.
  • Enchanted Netherite Sword.gif Philza hiasobi benihime: A netherite sword that was named after the cane sword of Urahara Kisuke. It is enchanted with Sharpness 5, Sweeping Edge 3, Fire Aspect 2, Looting 3, Unbreaking 3, and Mending. It is Philza's main weapon in close-ranged combat.
  • Enchanted Trident Item.gif Forkza: The trident that Philza traded from Dream. He uses it to quickly travel between places. It is enchanted with Impaling 5, Mending, Riptide 3, and Unbreaking 3. It allows him to quickly propel himself across the air as long as there is water nearby or it is raining.
  • Enchanted Trident Item.gif Zapza: Another trident, enchanted with Channeling, Impaling 4, Loyalty 3, Unbreaking 3, and Mending. He uses it as a trowing weapon which additionally summons a lightning bolt upon hitting a target.
  • Enchanted Netherite Helmet Item.gifEnchanted Netherite Chestplate Item.gifEnchanted Netherite Leggings Item.gifEnchanted Netherite Boots Item.gif Philza Minecraft: Set of armor which Philza usually wears, granting him heightened resistance to knockback and explosions due to it's property of being made out of Netherite. All of the pieces are enchanted with Unbreaking 3 and Mending. His chestplate, leggings and boots are enchanted with Protection 4. His helmet and boots have extra enchantments in Aqua Affinity, Respiration 3, Blast Protection 4, Depth Strider 3 and Feather Falling 4.
  • Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gifEnchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gifEnchanted Netherite Pickaxe.gif Philza's pickaxes: A pickaxes named Philza silky boi, Philza Fortune, and Philza Drilza. Each one is enchanted with Efficiency 5, Unbreaking 3 and Mending. Two of them are enchanted with Silk Touch, while the third one is enchanted with Fortune 3. These pickaxes are allowing him to either take materials directly, without breaking them to pieces, or to increase the chances of getting additional items.
  • Enchanted Shield % 28item% 29.gif Shieldza: A shield that is enchanted with Unbreaking 3 and Mending. This is used to block out most forms of damage just by blocking, as these are extremely durable. It's design is the same as the design of the Antarctic Empire's flag.
  • Enchanted Bow (1).gifEnchanted Bow (1).gif Bowza: Two bows named Bowza and Bowza 2. Philza's main ranged weapons. These bows are enchanted with Infinity, Power 5, and Unbreaking 3. Additionally Bowza 2 is enchanted with Punch 2.
  • Enchanted Netherite Shovel.gifEnchanted Netherite Shovel.gif Philza Shovel: Two netherite shovels named Philza Shovel and Philza Shovel F. Both are enchanted with Unbreaking 3 and Mending. Additionally one is enchanted with Efficiency 5 and Silk Touch, while other is enchanted with Efficiency 4 and Fortune 3. Philza uses them to either take materials directly, or to increase the chances of getting flint from gravel.

  • Golden Apple JE2 BE2.png EnchantedGoldenAppleNew.gifGolden Apples: Apples that grant beneficial effects to those who eat them. Upon consumption, this allows him to regenerate health more quickly and allow him to absorb slightly more damage. Philza also holds some of the few enchanted Golden Apples on the server, granting him enhanced properties of the original Golden Apples, as well as a boost to his durability and resistance to fire.
  • Steak JE4 BE3.png Steaks: Philza's main food choice. To be eaten whenever he is hungry or needs healing.
  • Ender Pearl JE3 BE2.png Ender Pearls: Pearls that allow for quick and easy teleportation upon being thrown. Used normally to escape from situations or catch up to those running away.
  • Totem of Undying JE2 BE2.png Totems of Undying: A totems that, when held, can save holders from death. Because of him having only one canon life, Philza always keeps one totem in his inventory.
  • Ender Chest % 28S% 29 JE1 BE1.png Ender Chest: A chest that functions as a form of dimensional storage, always containing the same materials that are stored in it, useful for keeping valuable items and such. Philza has transformed his Ender Chest into a portable chest, allowing him to open it to gain extra supplies. Usually it contains a large amount of unique items that are important to him, totems, enchanted golden apple, various valuable resources and weapons.
  • Water Bucket JE2 BE2.png Water Bucket: A bucket of water. This is used to give him water to jump out of with his trident, or to be used as a fall-breaker, by placing the water underneath before they hit the ground. This technique is called 'MLG Water'.
  • Crow.png Chat: A flock of crows only Philza can understand. These crows follow him around everywhere, giving advices, supporting, or bringing some trinkets they find.

  • TNT JE2 BE2.png TNT: Explosives detonated by fire or redstone. Philza used it to blow up more of L'Manberg and to load up Dream's dispensers.
  • Flint and Steel JE4 BE2.png Flint and Steel: A set of tools that is used to light fires or TNT. Used during the Doomsday to detonate the TNT he placed.
  • Enchanted Crossbow.gif GUNZA: Philza's only crossbow. Enchanted with Quick Charge 3, Unbreaking 3, Piercing 4, and Mending.
  • Enchanted netherite hoe.gif Hoeza: A netherite hoe enchanted with Efficiency 5, Mending, and Unbreaking 3. Philza uses it to quickly tilling dirt and harvesting crops.
  • Enchanted Fishing Rod.gif POG ROD: A fishing rod enchanted with Luck of the Sea 3, Lure 3, Mending, and Unbreaking 3. Philza uses it to quickly catching fish.
  • Wither Skeleton Skull.pngSoul Sand JE2 BE2.png Soul Sand and Wither Skeleton Skulls: The two blocks necessary to summon a Wither. Philza used these in combination to bring forth Withers at the Doomsday.
  • Invicon Splash Potion of Strength.gif Potions: Various potions that grant various effects. Philza can and will brew as many as he can while preparing for combat. The potion effects can be as follows:
    • Strength: Significantly boosts the power of the affected, making so their strikes can be severely more devastating than they would be normally.
    • Speed: Significantly boosts the speed of the affected, making so that they move faster than they would be normally. This allows them to travel to places faster or strafe around enemies easier.
    • Regeneration: Boosts the regeneration of the user, allowing them to regenerate far quicker mid-combat and thus letting them last longer.
    • Fire Resistance: Grants the user a resistance to fire, allowing them to swim through lava baths with ease and completely ignore magical flames.
    • Invisibility: Grants the user invisibility, allowing them to sneak into secure locations or deal surprise attack to an opponent.
    • Turtle Master: Drasticly reduses incoming damage and the users speed, allowing them to safely engaging close combat.
    • Weakness: This applies a weakness effect to the enemy severely reducing their damage output, making them overall weaker in-combat.

  • Intelligence: At least Gifted. Due to his life experiences, he is one of the most knowledgeble people of DreamSMP. Philza is an expert potion maker, crafter, builder and is capable of creating complicated redstone mechanisms. He is also knowledgeble about the world and it's mechanics, like creating Ender Pearl stasis chambers. It is not clear how capable he is in a fight, but he is a good archer and is capable to keep up in sparring with Technoblade.

    Weaknesses: Upon becoming ghost their personality will be changed to an unknown degree.

    Note: Artwork by LucyLee.


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